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Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 6:39 PM
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Subject: RE: Via Grimaldi

Marc, No thank u.


Please be so gracious and send me the best photo you have of yourself to replace the one u c in the “u” above, a cartoon rendering would also be fine and may I suggest u place the as one of your “favorites” on your Internet browser.


And check in from time to time to the spot where most peoples of the world including Americans are starting to get their news than from any other news service including ABC News with Peter Jennings.


Any idea of how Dr. JBS, a neighbor of yours, managed to come up with this description of me and have u yet taken a look at his “cut & paste” effort on September 11th of last year that were it not for the fact that he is a white male and doctor to boot, would have him at this time facing a rather stiff jail sentence, at least that is the opinion of a great number of folks properly tuned in, agree?


Could u tell me whether your partner-friend Mr. Weiss is Melvyn Weiss of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach and whether he provided any input to Dr. JBS’ “live-in-out” girlfriend “Dawn Killicut” [sic] who lost custody of her 3 children and was possibly looking for “one upmanship” when supplying Dr. JBS with an alternative path to simply doing the right thing which was to put in writing any and all differences he might with his one former wife, my Marie, to mention little of me?


Microsoft Word’s spell-check was trying to “force on me” the word “gunmanship” when I typed in “one upmanship”, so what do u think of my communications with Mr. Michael Moore who is copied on this email along with a representative sample of the world’s population?


Time to fly.


Gary S. Gevisser

The Pisser


Ps-let me know if you would like a signed copy of Manager Minute One. It will not cost u a dime more.




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Subject: Via Grimaldi


Gary & Marie,


Thank you for your continued interest in the property for rent at Via Grimaldi.  As you know the property is for rent for $x per month.  We agreed verbally to $x per month with a lease that starts October 1st, 2003 ending June 31, 2004.  No pets. This also includes a 2 year option at $x per month.  We plan to prepare the property for you ( landscaping, interior & exterior cleaning)  to move in Oct 1st if you so desire.  We have those plans in action and they will be done. 


I appreciate your desire to negotiate directly with the principals of the property and I have tried to all along to help out with communications to accommodate you and the rental of our property.  We do however have Cethron Management handle our leases and management of the properties.  All our tenants must meet certain requirements and provide us necessary documentation before the lease begins.  Cethron will handle this as well as the monthly rent collection and coordination of any maintenance.


Please let me know at your earliest opportunity your intentions a far as renting the house at Via Grimaldi and securing a leases for it. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you,


Marc J. Irmer