From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, September 16, 2003 6:59 PM
To: ''
Cc: rest
Subject: RE: ?If I am not for myself who is 4 me? And if I am only 4 myself, who am I? If not now, then when? --- and if u r still standing after reading what I have to say, u r a better man than I thought possible!



Merrick hello to you. Considering the "brain dead" email I once got, your email was pretty good.


I am on the fly right, it is going on 5:45PM PST, having less than 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete a series of emails before heading out to Dogs Beach that opened up yesterday where the dogs can hang out unleashed for the next 6 months or so, and I would think the one thing you found the most interesting in my other emails was my proposal that we allow the dogs to be unleashed all year round and begin starting to leash folks who play it “fast & loose” empowering young kids wanting to earn a bit of pocket money all the necessary equipment besides for a spiked collar to keep these characters in check including a whip, wouldn’t you agree?


Finding a house here in Del Mar close to the beach that will allow our two dogs a spot to stay during the winter months is quite a “beach” [sic].


I am watching my “Ps & Qs” a little more these days not because I am concerned about offending just anyone but my “circle of influence” seems to be spreading in “leaps and bounds” thanks in no small measure to the likes of you, and Ms. Laurie Black who you may have gathered is married to Robert Lawrence, the deceased and, might I add, disgraced former United States Ambassador to Switzerland who died on the job and of course there are the Seth Luboves of the world who as u can c from the previous hyperlink now have the message that when I mean business I mean, “let the fun & games now begin.”


Laurie Black sent me the following email on Sat 9/13/2003 10:20 PM PST after “my heart goes out to you”:


I have emailed to ALL..will someone please tell Gary to stop e mailing me and leave me alone and stop putting my name in e mails.  He needs help!!! him.  To have e mailed me such a horrible e mail, with my head "entrenched up my ass"... when I am dealing with my mother's brain surgery...While I usually delete...I am unable to with all the things he is writing and people are contacting me regarding his fantatial writings about me and my family.  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY ALONE!!!!!!!!!



In many ways it reminded me of the two postings on the message board back on March 22nd, 2000 at 10:31 PM EST followed by a similar “thought provoking” post 3 minutes later by the same poster who I contend is Melvyn Weiss of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach, the 1,000 pound law SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigation] firm, the senior partners only recently finding out that I “blew up” a not altogether insignificant lawsuit involving a company called Splash Technologies, in a similar business to “Peeriless Systems” [sic].


I am thinking about replying to Laurie with the following:


Laurie, if absolution is what you are looking for I know of a few Roman Catholic priests as well as a couple of former altar boys such as King Golden Jnr Esq that will listen to your confession and surely commiserate providing all the answers.


As u know I was raised Jewish Orthodox where action in search of truth speaks louder than false promises, transparency king.



So, Merrick, what do u think?


Now of course I don’t expect you to find stuff like my “back & forth” with Professor Brown interesting even if it is contributing to “BrownNose” Brown of the Yeshiva University in New York City having sleepless nights and don’t suggest that it is because he is having “wet dreams” thinking of having sex with my incredibly beautiful, logically-minded wife who jumped two classes at school because of her mathematics, still trying to figure me out, who would now if she were to read any of this make me jump through more hoops than you could ever imagine just to sit down for even possibly a “last supper” at her dinner table and enjoy the finest of meals you won’t find in any restaurant in the world.[1]


Although my hearing is going my eyesight seems to be getting better with each passing day fully prepared though if someone were to take out my eyes to get by with my rather good sense of smell, and of course u know I have an incredibly large nose.


I saw the movie Contact for the first time this week and I painstakingly took 2 evenings to get through this incredibly boring movie that could have done with a better script writer such as myself although as you know I have yet to publish anything other than a few articles in obscure publications such as the Jerusalem Post that will pretty much accept anything from anyone with or without a Jewish name and of course there is the one occasion when the writers at Insurance Marketing Service [IMS] saw little risk in putting out something of mine pretty much along these lines.


Let me know if you know where the question marks you see on the previous hyperlink come from and please do yourself the favor and don’t show up uninvited at our rock cabin in PineCreek trying to peek in through the windows in search of a photo or too 4 the simple reason that you could be in for quite a “shocker”.


What exactly Bill “Wallpaper” Clinton was thinking when he chose one of the biggest real estate crooks in the United States to “pursue” United States interests in a country that provides safe havens to the likes of Marc Rich is perhaps something you may have some insight in2, and if not what about your uncle Sol Kersner, agree?


I have been sumwhat on Sol Kersner’s case for a while now, Sol being perhaps the biggest “brick & mortar” Casino operator in the world, to mention little of why you think 1 out of 3 children in the United States have “a weight problem?”


Do you think it might have anything to do with how our elected leaders such Gray Davis and now Mr. Bustamante, the Lieutenant Governor, kowtowing to the Indian Chiefs who use sum of their “gaming” gains to fund elections outside of their jurisdictions or do you think it may have sumthing to do with the “dark matter” wars going on right now?


Now I realize you live a world away but with The Internet when a butterfly flaps it wings it is just a matter of picoseconds, if not nanoseconds before the entire world begins to hear a different beat, agree?


And I assume you would agree that the Old Testament, at least the beginning, was the word of God since no English scholar would have started with a preposition; so instead of “In the beginning…” it most likely would have been, “When, in the beginning…?”


I am on quite a roll, still though trying to work off all the Somerset clottered cream we inhaled this summer while visiting our Seacrest Bed & Breakfast Café in Minehead, in the south west countryside of England, near the border of Somerset and Devon; if you are in the area please stop by and say hello to Margaret and don’t forget to tip her well.


Nothing quite upsets me as much as those who are hypocrites and nothing quite makes me so sad as those who have selective memory, my knowing that we are all on “borrowed time” which of course is no revelation if one is in tune as much as people like Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. who for all I know may have pitched a tent by now on Derrick Beares Folly Farm tennis court.


One of the things I remember about high school was a question in the English matriculation exam where the word “folly” was used and for the life of me I couldn’t work out what it meant and then to find out that I actually passed English given how I went “on & on” about absolutely nothing, and everything, was quite a surprise.


I use that last hyperlink as often as possible since it is a hyperlink we know for a fact my wife’s, at least twice divorced, former husband has used on numerous occasions to c what I am up to.


I was in fact most surprised that I received a high enough grade to enter the University of Natal even though the requirements where essentially, “If u r sumwhite bright…” which is something that was ingrained in me from an early age.


A “D” is what I achieved overall but the biggest surprise was that I actually passed, not just Afrikaans but English the one subject I would always turn to my mother for assistance when I needed to write “fiction.”[2]


I could though add pretty good from a very young age, my mother though from the earliest age impressing upon me, “The tallest trees attract the most wind” so much so that when Mrs. Smith, our rather attractive math teacher in junior school began to look at me differently once I blurted out an answer before the smart folks in the class, like Wendy Berkowitz, Noreen Kane, Marion Lazarus, Deborah Burman, had even begun to put “pen to paper” I decided from that point forward to “duck” and “dive” 4 cover.


Remember the smart males in my class all eventually went to Durban High School, such as Mark Hackner, Peter Chait, and Russel Jacobson, knowing that there was no way with girls such as those 4, they would be able to compete although there were probably better reasons for their departure to a school that didn’t cater to crybabies or where the likes of Gunter Lazarus had no say.


It is possible Mark, Peter and Russell were still around at the time Mrs. Smith got wind of the fact that I understood perhaps better than most “the angle of the dangle” but when did you ever hear of someone as ugly as me and brains to boot ever getting the prettiest of the girls and few would argue that Gunter’s eldest daughter, Marion, was the hottest, of the Orthodox Jewish girls which may have accounted for why I didn’t get as much out of Rabbi Weiss’ sermons as you, while I was constantly looking up at Marion her mother was “changing” like there was no tomorrow.


Since you have recently been in contact with the Rabbi who was our family’s best friend I wonder if you could ask him two questions, my efforts to reach him falling on deaf ears; the first if he could provide u with a verbatim transcript of any and all sermons he gave from both the pulpit in the Orthodox Jewish Temple located on Silverton Rd, at the intersection of Musgrave road, as well as any speech he gave in any other public forum other than what he said privately when people like Bernie and Zena Gevisser and their 4 children, I am the youngest, were guests at his and Shifra’s private residence.


U do know that Rabbi Weiss wrote out every sermon before putting on an incredible performance that had me mostly in fits of laughter for the very fact that of course he made digs here and there at the ruling elite, and the Capos to his immediate right and below the pulpit, but at an IQ level that I guarantee you neither Gunter nor his brother Bernard or any of their sons would have been able to figure out.


And I don’t remember you being any brighter than Sydney Lazarus who now runs their “scrap metal” operation in Durban, apparently also living in a big house?


U may also know that my mother and step-father, Alan Zulman, had quite a hand in getting Rabbi Weiss to return from the United States where he was “rounding off” his studies.


Along with all the other things on my plate right now I am continuing to “stroke away” at the Carmel College list of students I was sent sum time back which you can now access on the previous hyperlink.


Would you agree that each one of us are suffering from strokes possibly from the time we are born, sum, no doubt more so than others?


Please, as I have asked be4, give me Jeffrey Malatskey’s latest email address. The one I have keeps getting returned, “on empty” [sic].


One of the matters I want to discuss with Jeff is Chapter III of my book Manager Minute One, dealing with my “BUS” and Jeff you will recall is perhaps more responsible for more incompetent and crooked accountants out there amongst us than perhaps anyone on this planet.


I remember this list of people he once showed me of those who had paid him to receive the exams papers “hot off the press” a direct consequence of Jeff having paid off the guys at the University’s printing presses to print one more extra copy for him.


Do u use extra butter? Right now my thoughts have gone back to Laurie Black although I cannot also stop thinking about something I heard on the news the other night when this one Indian tribal chief was asked why he was donating money to Lieutenant Governor Bustamante and the chief replied something along the following lines,


“Me Indian in touch with nature… and that’s why we want a casino on our sacred land, it’s so natural” [sic].


Suffice to say I seem to recall your name as well as David Levy’s name within the top ten of Jeff’s “paid up” list and David Levy I believe is the president of an Orthodox Jewish synagogue here in Southern California, that the likes of my other buddy Roy Essakow who made his “big bucks” working for Marc Rich in Zug Switzerland, has helped fund.


Now of course I wasn’t exactly kosher although Jeffrey never charged me a dime. Students, however, like Mark Hackner and myself didn’t need exam papers to pass courses for the mostly brain dead, we simply took the time out of our hectic schedule to visit with the Professors just before finals.


It wouldn’t be right for me to tell you what Mark told them that then allowed him and I to compare notes and figure out exactly what we needed to write down without either one of us coming across as being “exceptionally bright”, the same with why I only got a “B” for Hebrew in my final matriculation exam, Mr. Fisher, though, one of the very best.


What I can tell you is that I never offered any professor anything that they were not already thinking of themselves and of course you know enough what it means to have a family with the right connections, never once though by any stretch of the imagination using my family’s very good name to “butter up” a male professor and cum to think of it I recall many an occasion when visiting the Roy Cohen household when your family’s name came up as being staunch supporters of the Nationalist Nazi Government, agree?


One of the things “we” look for in SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigation] is not so much what a corporate executive has to say but what he-she fail to disclose.


There is so much cuc in your diatribe that even someone like myself who can pretty much start anywhere in analyzing bullshit didn’t know where to begin, naming one student Anton Harbor as if to suggest that people like the Baskins and Schmarmans could in fact find a safe harbor within the walls of the Durban Orthodox Jewish Temple or our private day school, Carmel College.


Shame on you, not for being so intellectually dishonest but for taking me to be a nincompoop.


I have no idea who helped you compile that email but if it was only the voice you hear in the back of your head may I suggest you get a new hearing aid.


So to recap. Have Rabbi Weiss contact me directly and not go through you, at least not until such time as you have had a frontal lobotomy or perhaps better yet “Accept Jesus Christ” as your savior because I guarantee you that there isn’t going to be one orthodox Jewish rabbi in the whole fricken world ready to take me on and I make the same offer I made to professor Brown of the Yeshiva namely, I will be willing to debate “in the flesh” you and all your legions of supporters using all of your family’s fortune and I will bring no one along other than perhaps someone like Devin Standard and/or Jeffrey R. Krinsk to watch my behind, whispering a word or too, possibly in gibberish just to make you et al sweat a little harder, you idiot.


Why is it, you think, that only someone like Raymond Oshry has the courage to tell it the way it is-was?


In the event something were to happen to me before you and I next have an opportunity to meet, you should go up to the likes of Mr. Oshry and say, “Can I at least smell your farts.”


Good Day.


Gary S. Gevisser

The Pisser



Ps – you showed to the untrained eye quite a lot of courage in responding to me but I would have thought you would have got enough of a grounding in auditing 101 to have checked out my website a little bit better, a website that remains on track to be the number one website on the planet, the last hyperlink telling you everything there is to know about me and what drives me each and every day to do better, conscience.


Each and everyone one of us has made mistakes that we are not proud of but none of us should be burdened by the “sins of the father” or mother for that matter.


My hope is that you will find it within yourself to turn over a new leaf, at least place an advance order for Manager Minute One which, with or without your support will be a bloc-buster success.


It is very important that u et al take a very deep breath at this time and think carefully about what I said in the previous “1 on 1” communication that you forward my emails to your entire downline, since sooner or later they will all get to c my writings including this email.


While kids my age spent all their weekends just hanging out with their mates I made a point of spending time with the smartest businessmen such as Alan Benn who provided me with the insight in to why women should in fact rule the world, his partner’s wife, Hilary Hackner, Mark Hackner’s mother, perhaps the smartest woman in Durban other than on course my mother who could run circles around anyone of the very best bridge players and of course my mother at one time was a pretty good golfer at the Circle Country Club.


The fact that the men, not including my father, would poke fun at Hillary who they “held responsible” for them not investing with Donny Gordon when he decided to start an insurance company, I believe it was Liberty Life, was not something lost on me.


More importantly, it showed how a woman’s natural instincts about someone, assuming their sequencing hasn’t been interfered with is “spot on” and of course despite the series of strokes u have just received u wud agree that there is probably not much more than 12 standard deviation points of intelligence separating the smartest amongst us to the dumbest at birth, but environment, nutrition to mention little of poor conditioning account for the immeasurable difference between u and me, and I will leave it up to u to define “immeasurable.”


My dog, Pypeetoe, even though he is pretty smart would probably score less than u on an IQ test, at this time, but I wouldn’t be certain about what might happen tomorrow, although u mustn’t forget Pypeetoe alone is responsible for getting me “to & from” Machu Picchu last year, never once being checked by security.


Hilary Hackner probably never saw a “set of books” in her life and if her life depended on it wouldn’t be able to read a balance sheet, let alone an Income Statement and God forbid anyone were to believe today a “Statement of Changes in Cashflow” put out by a so-called “Public company” which brings me to the only reason I went to university which was to stay out of the army.


I knew everything there was to know about the insurance industry from the likes of Alan Benn who like Gerald Hackner was not simply a chartered Accountant but a “consigliore” to many businessmen including Sol Moshal who was responsible for doing a rather “dirty deal” on the Gevissers, no doubt thinking, being a Chartered Accountant himself, that the auditors and advisors to the Board of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies would simply “look the other way” which of course they did.


You may have also noticed how I have been taking issue with my uncle David Gevisser who was Sol Moshal’s “blue eyed boy” although u r just going to have to take my word for it, that not only was my father better looking, blue eyes to boot, but in all my years of playing it “straight, up & down the middle” while having a lot of fun in the process, never have I come across someone as genuine and smart as my father, Bernard Nathan Gevisser.


Sol Moshal, on the other hand, was a scoundrel, from start to finish and u may have come across what I eventually dished out to him on my very first trip back to South Africa in the early 1980s when no doctors here in the United States could find anything wrong with me, getting back though just in time to give “Uncle Sol” the biggest “send off” of his life before meeting his maker who no doubt has Sol Moshal burning in Hell, and hell as u know is only here on earth, so I will leave it to you to give me a suggestion or tTOo in terms of where Sol is today and of course I have thought of him as being a moth.


So do u think his “fast & loose” play was simply because he didn’t have any male offspring of his own taking a liking to David Gevisser who was the son of Morris Gevisser and Janie Moshal, Sol Moshal’s sister, or do u have possibly a deeper thought?


Now if u have a headache may I suggest u take two aspirin, sleep on this, and in the morning if u have a problem call Dr. JBS, but if mathematics comes to mind, don’t hesitate to call my wife on her cell phone number, 1-858-WIL-NEXT and tell her, “The Pisser said I should call.”


It was the same sort of liking that Charles Engelhard took to David Gevisser. Like Sol Moshal Charles Englehard had no sons. Quite impressive wouldn’t you agree that a “Goy”, a non-Jew of non-Jews who “hob knobbed” with the polo crowd such as the Oppenheimers, considered one of the most powerful businessmen in the world, certainly one of the richest, would choose a “Jew Boy” someone like David Gevisser, who to this day has one of the worst sTutters imaginable?


There is a lot for you to chew on today as well as others copied on this email who represent a statically valid sample of the world’s population.


I still though have aways to go in sending the email I sent you to the rest of the Carmelites but I suspect I should get through it all by my father’s next birthday, October 18th.


May I suggest that you don’t be foolish and take me for someone who is simply out to get rid of all the trash that is out there without a care about the innocent, particularly the children. Moreover I am looking constantly for ways to assist those who have stolen, lied and cheated the most to make good and the likes of Devin Standard and I have a number of solutions which we shall be putting forth in due course.


I may not be the richest person on the planet at this particular time but make no mistake there are lots of favors I have done folks over the years without taking anything in return, lest I should be faced with a taxable event, my needs have always been relatively modest and my wants very much under control.


I know quite a lot about the dangers of over controlling people to mention little of the fact that I am anything but arrogant.


I am though a pretty “good study” and of course I could do a better job of picking up around my work area and just like Hillary Hackner could pick up” that Donny Gordon “was not a good bet” so have I been very diligent in choosing my words ever so carefully and of course Hillary Hackners’ definition of “good” and mine may be somewhat different but Gerald Hackner and Alan Benn have in my opinion only Hilary to thank because if it was not for her and her wisdom, both Gerald and Alan would now be in my “† hairs” [cis] had they not followed her advice and invested with Mr. Gordon and become “stinking rich” not that I think Gerald and Alan have to worry about their next meal but certainly the last time I saw of both of them they looked like a diet was long overdue, and don’t think I am about to go on about the ills of Aspartame.


In a matter of days I will be placing up on The Internet the script I referred to in my communication to Professor Brown that may not come as that much of a surprise to you even though I know despite you being a Chartered Accountant and I assume a not altogether unsuccessful businessman you may know a thing or tTOo about how the insurance world works, very possibly Sol Kersner having sat you down in the same way Alan Benn and I would play Klabbios cards together on Saturday afternoon, informing u of the “ins & outs” of “reserving in offshore entities” not moronic stuff like “FIFO” and “LIFO” accounting which is all aimed at distracting the likes of idiots such as yourself who like Laurie Black don’t know when to shut up, unless of course it is your conscience tearing at you in which case let me repeat what I plan to have Laurie read unless of course King Golden Jnr gets to her first and says, “Hey Laurie, trust me u don’t want to hear what The Pisser has next in store for u”


Merrick, if absolution is what you are looking for I know of a few Roman Catholic priests as well as a couple of former altar boys such as King Golden Jnr Esq that will listen to your confession and surely commiserate providing all the answers.


As u know I was raised Jewish Orthodox where action in search of truth speaks louder than false promises, transparency king.


I have thought very carefully about including Professor Grundfest on this email because the Lord knows he is a busy enough gentleman who always responds to my emails and phone calls, at least so far. Professor Grundfest is also a former Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC] and is aware that I have been calling for sum time for the President of the United States of America to do the smart thing which is to suspend trading of all public companies.


It is, however, also possible Doug Royer, the attorney who worked ever so closely with Larry Lawrence while not in a continuous “up & down” path “to & from” the toilet in his prestigious law firm in downtown San Diego is calling up Laurie Black and saying pretty much the same thing as King Golden Jnr. Esq, no doubt Doug who is copied on this email understands full well that if he were to do something as idiotic as that, he would really be spreading himself very thin, to mention little of perhaps the need for him to examine the “credit worthiness” of the insurance carrier that handles his firms’ “Errors & Omission” policies.


Merrick, remember now, Larry Lawrence is Laurie Black’s deceased father in law, today very likely one of those beetles pushing dung up a hill, possibly in your back yard. 


And of course I would let Alan Benn win most of our card games even though I had two things going for me that Alan lacked, one being a far better command of mathematics, counting the tricks rather well knowing even better how thin friendship really meant for those truly in need, nothing quite like pulling “tricks out of a hat” my parents always making a point of having me play with people like Lewis Barnet who didn’t come from a rich family but who had soul and wisdom way beyond his years, and second, an ability to play chess which no one including members of my own family had any idea about, never wanting to be boastful which somehow I knew would be the end of me.


My very close colleagues come from all walks of life, rich, poor, black, white, sum light on their feet, sum in need of support, sum very bright, but not all rocket scientists like Robert Anderson, most of all they all have a value system, able to c that I am on the side of “light”, that I never lie, steal or cheat and when I make a mistake I not only own up but do my “level best” to make amends.


There have been occasions when I have let slip, my rather fine tuned skills, when I have found for example a “loved one” in distress, the best example when I read “in between” the lines that my brother-in-law, David Danziger, who had done a terrific job in cleaning up the mess left by the old fart who started Price Line in Australia, was about to get “hit from behind” a good 6 months before he actually got the “ax”.


Not everyone cares for my style, in picking up the pace I am creating quite a dust cloud but there can be no mistaking the world’s financial markets are about to implode and I happen to believe I can make a difference.


As presumptuous as it sounds, yes arrogant perhaps, there is probably, however, not a single person on this planet who understands “risk assessment” as well as me and it has a lot to do with the fact that unlike many individuals who have to work for a living, hell bent, some of them, on dying the richest person in the grave, others content with their 2 weeks vacation per year, knowing that they are less than 4 paychecks from being out on the street, I have been blessed being surrounded by incredible people who give me all the rest I need to ponder the some of the biggest problems out there, the biggest being a lack of honesty and I know how to fix it.


Once people come to terms with how rigged the markets are, beginning with the insurance market, how so much wealth has been concentrated in the hands of so few who have no clue to solving anything other than continuing to hack away, they will very likely simply “stay home” and of course u have to know at least a wee bit about Chaos Theory to know that such actions are nothing short of a death nail to a capitalist economy, very different I should add to a “free market economy” which is the lifeblood of any nation, us all needing to come together at some point as one people.


The last thing the Warren “BO” Buffets of the world really want is for the Digital Age to reach the 4 corners of the earth, their options being very limited including, however, destroying the great plains of Africa, the rain forests, the oceans, the deserts of California, etcetera etcetera, remembering the real estate industry and the insurance industry are nothing short of “blood brothers” when the stock markets crash it is just a matter of time before the real estate market implodes and then real estate salespeople try their hand at selling insurance, and who needs insurance if one can stay at home and collect workers compensation benefits, here in California it can be over $400 per week and within 3 years over $800 per week.


And yes I have this thing about the skies being so cluttered with airplanes that not only consume vast amounts of gasoline but then there is the noise and visual pollution but I am certainly not calling for an end to passenger flight, not until such time as we have better alternatives, never to forget how easy it is to condemn and criticize all that is wrong forgetting that there are some very good things about the modern world, us risking throwing out the baby with the dirty water, and why the need to tread very carefully, which is what I am doing, never allowing my heart rate to rise above 72 unless of course I am exercising very heavily.


So why not get down on the floor right now and give me 100 push ups, followed by 250 sit ups and when I am eating out tonight knowing that the food at home is a whole lot better as well as healthier, wanting however to help push the economy along until we have all our ducks lined up, u should be out on say a 15 mile run followed by at least a 20 minute swim.


And of course I am nuts given what a luxurious life I could lead and of course it is a joke when I say my hourly rate is now $300,000 per hour, but it sure stops people from wasting my time.


It is just a matter of time before the whole world finds out how it has come to pass that the rich have got richer, fatter and uglier, while the poor have got poorer with all but the light from above just managing to keep their souls alive knowing full well that the richer have not got any smarter nor do they really contribute that much to the betterment of mankind.


My last suggestion is that you take the time out to read all of my emails including the hyperlinks and if there is anything of substance you disagree with please let me know, pay very careful attention though to my next email to Laurie Black as well the remaining parts of the minis series to Diana Henriques of the New York Times as well as Mr. Jim Gibson who may or may not be running for the California State Assembly; certainly if Mr. Gibson doesn’t do the right thing which is to simply agree to my “ground rules” for a meeting the chances of him being able to raise enough money to get elected will in my opinion be “slim & none.”


I have been wrong before but not when it has come to reading the markets and the fact that I don’t take myself all that seriously allows me to smile a whole lot. The sun is about to set. Go to go.


Take care,





Ps – I will check this email tomorrow and if there are any changes I will highlight them in green.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 1:21 AM
Subject: Re: ?If I am not for myself who is 4 me? And if I am only 4 myself, who am I? If not now, then when?



Hi Gary,


I see this is addressed to me, hence the reply.


I have read with interest some of your other e-mails, and whilst some of

your comments are more relevant to the USA, I have found them interesting.


I think that growing up at Carmel and at a time when Abner Weiss was the

Rabbi in Durban, there were numerous occasions when individuals within the

community took brave stands against apartheid. Rabbi Weiss in particular

was extremely courageous in expressing his views from the pulpit, in

lecture halls at Natal U. and at many public demonstrations. He was

harrassed by BOSS and other state organisations for his view and he

recently told me that his phone lines were tapped on a regular basis.


I know that the debates which took place at Carmel were always of a liberal

stand - now whether that constitutes vocal support against apartheid -

probably not enough, but it did produce enough people who stood up to the

regime - Anton Harber, being one who comes immediately to mind. Anton was

the editor of a strong anti-government newspaper and was arrested on a

number of occasions for his views. If you are asking, did we as individuals

do enough, then I think that it is up to each person to answer this

question honestly.


However, in summary, I believe that under Rabbi Weiss and then Rabbi

Franklin's leadership, we as a community did make a stand. Clearly there

were others within the community's leadership who frowned on these views

and did not.


Look after yourself,










[1] The “don’t” replaced the words “if you were to” in the original email. The hyperlink shows a photo of my wife, Marie Dion Gevisser, on the sidelines of a soccer field telling Ms. Kathryn Murry, “Don’t even try!” when Ms. Murry tried her trademarked, “Hi there!” approach on my no-nonsense wife a short while after Ms. Murry provided Marie’s former husband, Dr. JBS, with a declaration, signed “under penalty of perjury” which goes to the heart of the need to rethink the leashing laws.

[2] I should also point out that my final year of high school had me finally hanging out at Damelin College after leaving Carmel College the day after being elected by the student body Captain of Samson, the entire school body being broken into 3 athletic groups, Wingate, Maccabi and Samson. My first “port of call” was another school for “dimwits” who were oftenX more in tune. I forget the name of the school but I don’t recall more than 5 students in total, Raymond Oshry being one of them, Raymond, perhaps the brightest person at the time in our entire school body, a chess player to boot who was quite the athlete although he wasn’t fast enough to dodge a bullet coming out of his brother’s pellet gun, that I seem to recall eventually made its way to his ear lobe.