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Now Ms. Erma we are getting down tu as my mother would say, “Brass tacks” never tho to “kick a gift horse in the mouth” better yet my mother had this expression, “Don’t kick me in the teeth” as in “Don’t F… with me.”


With that said, me lady, answer the following question which I have now asked u time and again and again,


What do u recall as the conditions under which I agreed to rent u one of my prized possessions albeit the best unit located at 1431 Stanford?


And make no mistake the mistake Abner Weiss has made by thinking he can duck me by having someone as pitiful as u throw me a curved ball is going to cost him plenty and then sum.


May I also suggest that since u have so boldly chosen to contact the City of Santa Monica blah blah u also seriously consider finding yourself a very good lawyer, one who knows about the ups and downs as in putting his-her money into the “kitty” a far cry from anything u may come across in my mother’s best-seller, The Winking Cat.


Furthermore, I am copying Neil Wessel an attorney for the City of Santa Monica, Rent Control as well as a neighbor in the building next door to 1431 Stanford Street who works for the Police Division of the City of Santa Monica as well folks on my email list, a statistically valid sample representative of the world’s population.


Having “skin in the game” is what this life is all about, putting not just your money into the pot but something far more important, i.e. your reputation, nothing quite like getting under someone’s skin, agree?


Folks like u are in fact the most dangerous adversaries I face since u have so little to lose thinking u can play about “fast & loose” begging for a crumb here and there not even willing to take in a room mate, incapable of finding just one person on this planet compatible and yes of course u can be combative, why else would u have chosen to become a psychologist willing to listen to pitiful nonsense to mention little of what sort of advice can u really give folks who obviously pay u peanuts.


U pay peanuts u get monkeys.


Butt u can bet your bottom dollar I will go after u with the same zeal that I have exhibited in going after the likes of Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman et al including the folks who masterminded and rigged the recent California Gubernatorial elections, ad-infinitum, if necessary.


This email is short and the sweetest bit of communication u will ever receive from me, i.e. in the future direct all your communications to Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. who is tasked with handy if off to appropriate counsel if necessary, i.e. sending me one more piece of unadulterated nonsense will have u on the receiving end of a continuous flow of knuckleballs.


Have your master Professor Doctor Abner Weiss know that G-d willing I will be arriving in London this coming Sunday morning and he shouldn’t be surprised to find any day now a full-page color ad titled, MISSING, WWIII fully underway.


Good day,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Pisser


 Ps – The Bernie-Zena Gevisser clan “is-is” [sic] all copied on this email, my still awaiting my mother’s email address from my incredible father.



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Friday, July 25, 2003 9:11 PM
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Hi Gary,

Since relaying messages is what I'm best at, Rabbi Weiss has advised me that he does not give out his e-mail address.  I'm really not able to be an the future please find what ever other way suits you of communicating directly to him.

Regarding your request for an increase by the standard amount allowed under rent control, I have contacted Santa Monica rent control to learn what that increase is and was advised that it is 3% plus $11. in fees.  I have rounded that number out to $50 as a courtesy to you and it will be included in the next rent check of August/03.

Gary, I have not read "Numbers" from the Old Testament.  I'm also not aware of any legal secretary I might be able to refer...but will keep it in mind. 

Be Well,