From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, September 16, 2003 1:47 PM
To: Seth Lubove (
Cc: rest
Subject: FW: Les jeux sont fait - The cards are played - Perfect Storm III



Seth, u have 24 hours to get off the dime.


At 1:30 PM PST tomorrow I will cease all communications with you.


And of course you will bear in mind the sensitivity of the material you have received, i.e. you could very likely be called upon during the “discovery process”, meaning it would be pure folly to destroy any and all communications pertaining to these matters including the nature of any and all contacts with anyone in any “shape or form” connected with the Wetherly Capital Group.


By the way, don’t you think it would be a good thing if considering your access to the “airwaves” that just like folks involved in “top secret” matters needing security clearance working for companies such as SAIC [Science Applications International Corporation] that the likes of you, whose bread is buttered by those who seek the highest office in the land be subjected to polygraph testing say once a year opposed to when you meet with your maker and he downloads all your cuc and returns you to earth as say a pimple on an elephant’s ass?


Furthermore, I am just a journalist as you know sharing with you matters of the public record and I doubt you would be able to hide BEHIND any sort of “privilege” not quite “man to man” but more like “journalist to journalist” and of course you know that although God is all about love, our communications have nothing to do with me possibly seeing you as a substitute for my good looking and rather brilliant wife.


Good Day,





Ps -  I assume, despite your pitiful “Good Luck” article that appeared in the June 2002 edition of Forbes you have enough of an IQ to have at least forwarded all of my emails to Mr. Forbes.





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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, September 13, 2003 8:54 AM
To: '
Lubove, Seth'
Cc: rest
Subject: RE: Les jeux sont fait - The cards are played - Perfect Storm III



Seth, what's up? Do u think the hyperlinks would have tripped up someone like Ida Tarbell?


One more time, don’t fall into the trap of getting distracted by the other Perfect Storms-Chess Games going on right now including that with my wife’s, at least twice divorced former husband, Dr. JBS and his attorney Mr. George G. Hurst Esq. et al, nor should u be put off when I refer to Dr. JBS as a “” [sic] his recent offer to my wife that she accompany him and the kids, all expenses paid, this coming spring when he plans to take the kids to Italy, very much par for the course for a psychopath when one considers all the evidence deposited in the downtown San Diego Criminal Courthouse. I don’t have the file number handy but I am sure Mr. Hurst will help u out.


I would expect u tu have the latest “browser” operating on your system since I don’t think u r going to want to miss being one of the first, to browse through the evidence of Dr. JBS et al’s egregious wrongdoings on The Internet.


And if in fact your boss, Stephen Forbes, who I believe still has aspirations for the “high office” prefers to keep u “in the dark” by not providing his very best reporter with the “latest & greatest” then please contact one of my programmers Adam Tucker and he will do a terrific job of guiding u.


Remember, politicians such as Gray Davis are not born, they are raised in dysfunctional households lacking a value system, following the time honored tradition of fitting in within the “Bell Shaped Curve” that molds “losers” into “winners” by climbing on the backs of those that do most of the toiling, the “cat like” folk who scratch their way to the very top and when on top when the “sh1t finally hits the fan” [sic] they become unglued, toppling over, bringing everyone down in their path and of course they quickly lose their sense of humor; moreover those at the bottom of the pyrmid get the worst of it.


And why I choose to stay on the peripheral, the standard deviations the most telling, those off the radar screen the most to be feared, speak to Mr. Murphy of Intel and he will tell u just about everything u need to know about “paranoi” the difference between Mr. Murphy and folks like Devin Standard and me is that whereas Murphy waits around for technology to double every 18 months, using patent law to limit competition, we are far more patient knowing that everything is part of the design and the need to redesign a constant which led me to examine time and again how someone with the genius of Einstein whose both Special and General Relativity were almost as precise as Pythagoras’ “This and this equals that” could have not see the perfect symmetry between the cosmos and matter operating at the subatomic level; his downfall not embracing Quantum Mechanics, his “want” to fit in with the “Hollywood crowd” mostly dazzled by their own self importance handed gifts such as diamonds on a plate by the likes of DeBeers whose fortune was built on the backs of those who slaved the most who were content with their piece of track, on track to the promised land even if it meant them going to war with their fellow man on occasion.


U do know that 12 tribes of Israel did not exactly demonstrate, “brotherly love”?


Perhaps a trip to South Africa to report on the thinking behind the ANC Government’s latest offer to grant those that have stolen the most not even a “slap on the wrist” for having sucked the lifeblood out of the economy no simply during the 40+ year rein of the Apartheid Nazi Regime, the last decade nothing short of a “free 4 all”.


And of course we can point fingers at Cecil Rhodes but remember he is dead reincarnated possibly in the form of Nicholas Oppenheimer altho I don’t think Nicholas is gay but that would be something u might want to bring up with my cousin Mark Gevisser who is supposedly writing the autobiography of South Africa’s Prime Minister, Thabo Mbeki.


Why not take a leaf out of my book, examine the communications between myself and Mr. Michael Moore the “fatso” [sic] whose latest documentary Bowling 4 Columbine got such a loud standing ovation at the Oscars where the likes of me chose to be with my dogs and incredible wife rather than pay homage to idols.


Shame on those who defy the will of the people and as much as I know how politically incorrect it is today to say good things about President George W. Bush he is, in my opinion, nothing but a “God Send” having surrounded himself with the very best of thinkers, willing to make the cuts when he sees they are not doing the right job like he did with that idiot executive from Alcoa who went on a joyride to Africa with U2’s “The bone Head” Bono who has the voice but the intellect of a midget much like Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown.


So without much further ado, I look forward to your comments on the area highlighted in red contained within the email I sent Professor Aaron "BrownNose" Brown last evening to assist him "call in" the Sabbath.




Professor, this email will soon appear on The Buck Stops Here message board, possibly as post 667 following my post 666 unless u beat me to the punch.


The hyperlink below contains in addition to my post 666 with changes highlighted in green, Part 3 of the 8 part "ground rules" for Mr. Jim Gibson, a Republican who as far as I know remains in the running for the California State Assembly.


I have just returned from quite an extensive exercise routine with the dogs and my friend Gene who moments ago handed me the most delicious corn picked from his insecticide free vegetable garden as he headed out the door to play ping pong with another friend of his, probably 20 years younger than me, allowing me to take a breather as I knock one or too your way.


I must tell u I battled to keep up with Gene who set the pace by first doing 100 pull-ups nearby the area u see in the “ground rules” hyperlink which as u know doesn’t show up on your website. He is in his 89th year and is going incredibly strong, not an ounce of fat on his body which he made a point of letting me know provides him with a competitive advantage as I blew out 10 short of the 100 mark. Gene also thinks I have a good shot at making it to age 75 although he has not yet met Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. who as u know thinks otherwise.


While I think of it don’t u agree that the English language is in need of an update; for example take a look at the word “rescue.” Surely it would make more sense to spell it the way it sounds like, “resque” or what about the word “would” why not “wud” when there is a “u” involved?


I know u just love this distraction sh1t since it gives u a moment of peace, a moment nevertheless.


Please don’t feel any pressure to respond haphazardly and only do so after taking a very very deep breath and I impress upon u not tu light up a joint at least not until u have offloaded whatever remains of your chest, not to be confused with your pitiful treasure chest, on the shoulders of Melvyn Weiss and to be perfectly clear on this point nor do I think there was much going on between your wife and Mr. “Grit Teeth” Wilmott, your Oxford University mathematician, or was it Mr. Bumberger? who was doing all the sex talk, back & forth, nothing quite like the feeling u are being watched every step of the way?


I am also certain for every molecule of “joy” [post 663] currently within my body so am I certain right now that u et al are sweating bullets.


Now with that said I will “cut & paste” two sections out of the thousands of words I have written in the past few days which u received via your email account and please again respond only after at least an hour has passed since u last came out of the toilet just in case u at some point try using the excuse for your garbled nonsense that I didn’t give u a “heads up” that your farts, i.e. airborne particle of feces, were still floating within earth’s atmosphere at the time u hit the “submit” button.


1) In respect to Gray Davis, Governor of California, the 6th largest economy in the world, meeting with the top executives U.S. Filter, Vivendi’s water related operations in the United States of America, on or around December 28th, 2001, what do u make of this,



Vivendi, while offloading Universal, doubtful they are ready to give up on the Culligan Man, the brand they so sought when acquiring U.S. Filter in exchange mostly, I believe, 4 stock, the Bass Brothers of Texas doing rather well considering what they paid for those 42,000 odd acres, albeit in Vivendi stock, which most experts would agree began its precipitous decline on December 28th 2001 where it closed at $53.26 spiking up ever so briefly on January 3rd, 2002, reaching as high as $57.90 before plummeting.



January 3rd, 2002 is the day Marie [my wife] had her will witnessed by her neighbor Jim McFarland Esq. who later objected not only to his kid’s picture appearing as a hyperlink in my pdf file directory, Jim a “pal” of Dr. JBS [Marie’s former husband], but later apparently told his kid who I get on with rather well although we don’t discuss anything pertaining to his conditioning, to return to his home the instant I walked into Marie’s house, perhaps thinking that after “murdering” Marie, running off with her crown jewels I would in a rage then slash everyone I came into contact with, kinda like what kids see on the X Box although I think Jim’s son has the Sony Playstation.



2) In respect to the email I sent Norman Lazarus on Wednesday, September 10, 2003 8:21 PM PST what r your thouts?


Do you ever recall an occasion in all the times you attended synagogue at the Orthodox Jewish Temple in Silverton Road, Durban, South Africa or when you attended Carmel College, our private Jewish day school, when there was either one banner or a single speech by one of the many leaders of our Jewish community, protesting the policies of the illegitimate government that ruled South Africa with an iron first from 1948 when the State of Israel was formed, longer than the 40 years our Jewish ancestors supposedly spent wandering in the desert?



Finally, Professor, do u know Bob Kaplan of Kilsheimer, Kaplan & Fox, and if so, how well, and would u like to meet Devin Standard not that I think u wud be interested in joining Devin, Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. and me when next visiting South Africa?


Good Shabbas,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Pisser







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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 9:29 AM
Subject: RE: Les jeux sont fait - The cards are played - Perfect Storm III


Gary: Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. I'll read it asap. Regards, Seth


p.s. I can't seem to call up the hyperlinks in the text of the e-mail, so if anything is important, you may just need to past them into an e-mail directly so I can call up the web pages. Thanks.


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