From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, September 17, 2003 2:17 PM
Lori Goetz - real estate (
Subject: Property located on "72nd" [sic] Street.


Attention: Lori Goetz, realtor, Stubbs Real Estate Company


Lori, at precisely 11:21 AM PST, almost 3 hours ago to the minute, Jim Newcomb from your office who represented himself as the “General Manager”, standing in for the owner, Mr. Stubbs who is apparently “semi-retired and on vacation” provided me with 8 minutes and 50 seconds worth of material for my book Manager Minute One that is further evidence that your industry is in deep trouble, most evident was his inability to listen which as you know is phenomenon specific to earth’s atmosphere, and of course you know that as a general rule, most men listen better than women give us credit for, agree?


So what do you think of my email to Diana Henriques of the New York X, at least try commenting on the, Question: If a man speaks in a forest and there is only a woman around, is he still wrong?


Mr. Newcomb appeared at first to be most interested in my concerns, i.e. that the owner of the property located on 27th Street in Del Mar get the “straight scoop” directly from the horse’s mouth although I wasn’t able to throw in, The Meek With Teeth Shall Inherit The Earth.


Around 6 minutes and 99 seconds into his monologue, “… the owner simply doesn’t want to have 2 dogs + 2 kids to pick up after…” [sic] I started tu get sick to my stomach threatening Mr. Newcomb that he would be hearing more about these matters including the fact that even before we went to look at the house, Margie, your colleague with mountains full of advice was informed that we have both 2 dogs + 2 kids, all potty trained.


To recap: The property was wide open for any bum to feel “right at home” those-it previously living there tasked over the years for caring for this property lacking in “tender loving care” must surely have enjoyed the barren landscape at the front of the house to mention even less when sitting down doing business #1 and #2 on the upstairs toilet weren’t in any way bothered by all the rust, the fraying drapery the big stain leading into the bathroom the result of either a dog not wanting to dirty itself any more or someone with perhaps a urinary track infection who couldn’t make it into the shower, in time, my sense is that it was simply a bitch “in heat” and remember sum of us males realize that the safest way to prevent drops of urine from falling on the toilet seat is to simply sit like a woman.


By now u wud have read at least twice that I believe the world would be a better place if women were in charge, women that is who don’t have elevated levels of testosterone.


Mr. Newcomb interpreted my threats of “one way or the other I will c to it that the owners of this property hear the entire truth” as being nothing short of “blackmail” and summarily put the phone down on me, perhaps the 4th person in the universe to have become so exacerbated with someone who doesn’t scare easily, perhaps forgetting who I am, just a prospect who knows how to keep his cool when others r losing their heads, agree?


Until such time as I hear otherwise I will continue to copy you on my “broadcasts” to the world taking the likes of Mr. Newcomb et al on an educational journey including my next email to Laurie Black who could at this time be thinking about joining the Peace Corp which is an organization the owners of this property apparently belong to, letting them know that Marie may still in fact be interested in renting their home, I haven’t really spoken with me since leaving her house this morning at around 10:30AM PST soon after sending out this email.


Please remember to forward this email on to your clients and although I am not an attorney, making suggestions as best I can, there remain certain fiduciaries you owe to your client-s including an obligation to tell them “the whole truth and nothing butt the truth” [sic] so help u G-d including letting the owners know the 1,000 batting average we have with


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Pisser