From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2004 7:41 PM
To: Anthony Unruh
Cc: rest; FBI; Detective Jeffrey Steele; George Money Talks Hurst;; Devin Standard; Kathy Murry; Roy Essakow; HPrice
Subject: Next Symposium {:}...I can't even believe that I am following through with this thought...{:}


TU – I have to be out of here no later than 7:45 PM PST but I am rather clear in terms of what I have to say tu u and besides throughout the afternoon I have been “cutting and pasting” different things thinking there was a real possibility it would all come to nought and you would email me saying something to the effect, “Just kidding...”


May I suggest you stop whatever it is u r doing this very minute other than reading this precisely 3743 word communiqué and begin by taking a very deep breath.


I could go on and on about a whole number of things you could be doing at this time including taking a crap making it all but impossible to follow my suggestion to the T, on the other hand you could have your incredibly beautiful wife continuing to clean up after you allowing you to raise both hands above your head before kissing your behind goodbye.


Naturally, while I subscribe to “hard work hard play” there is a constant need to find balance, Pie not round Pie R², the anus you would agree the closest visible item on our body to a perfect circle, c the connecting dots with 2 c M=E?


Notice I spelled “but” correctly, not a single “sic” in this communiqué, my having perhaps for the very first time read something I have written such as this missive from start to finish which means I have painstakingly eliminated wording that our 11 year old JoNathan would have trouble understanding.


While it is important to have fun, fun, fun since life is all a game, it is, however, very serious business and I for one do not want to see your business suffer as a result of you thinking that despite the possibility of you being more intelligent than Devin Standard and myself combined you can add much more at this point to my book Manager Minute One being a blockbuster success.


For the second time some folks apparently with America On Line [AOL] connections managed yesterday to convince my email service provider that I was a “nuisance” but it didn’t take very long after I posted this up on the BUD Yahoo message board along with having “friends in the right places” to get to rethink their policies, then again since I never actually spoke with president Peter Norman who could for all I know be just another “fictitious” president it is possible that I will have to thank such AOL folks once again with wording along the following lines should they once again usurp their limited authority.


I very much appreciate the fact that you are increasing the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day. This is a very affirmative and positive step on your part that is highly appreciated.


It has been a while since I spoke with FBI Agent Marc Culp who like you may be interested in Michael Moore’s “emotional intelligence” as well as yours perhaps checking in with my one neighbor Sandy McDevitt who is writing a series of books on this all important topic, agree?


It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Sandy reaches the conclusion my Partner-Wife and I arrived it during the most amazing breakfast after one hell of a night out on the town where one watering hole was charging $6 for valet parking, hello again Del Mar City Councilmembers, that it all comes down to one simple word, “lazy”, agree?


Marie Dion pointing out that not everyone first looks at patterns before translating them into mathematics hoping that by the time I spell out the English it makes sense that Gravity, one incredible force of G-D-Nature, G-D is one, hell of a lot SMART to keep man-woman constantly on the move, truth a moving target, standing still leads to nothing but rot, agree?


Michael Moore is getting a lot of attention these days but the “fictitious” email I sent him September 8th of last year is in no small measure thanks to you being read by an ever increasing number of people who beyond not letting their formal education interfere with their learning r coming to terms with why I have more difficulty getting the older generation to “lighten up” than the youth who r all our futures for the very simple reason that the more time spent on this planet the greater the likelihood that you have been “had” which is why I try my utmost to spell things out in “black and white” be4 folks get “tT∞ heavily” [sic] invested in lost causes.


My script may not be the easiest to read but then again if everyone followed everything I have been writing for the past 5 years, so important to follow the chronology of events, they wouldn’t be so dumb as to continue busting their backsides contributing to things like social security and pension funds such as CALpers, and then what would that do for Starbucks’ milk sales?


Now what I have just written may not be as exciting as autoerotic sex but what really turns on the likes of me, Devin Standard and my Partner-Wife Marie Dion is the “selectiveness” most common to folks who have been “had” the most.


Your decision to ignore my providing you with “one official in the US government who has a kid in Iraq” that ultimately led to Devin Standard filling in rather well reading you nothing short of the riot act,


“You seem very dissatisfied with something”


after you responded with


“Mr Colin blow jobber got injured while practicing/training to go to war.




Which now brings me back to when I mean business I mean business-personal.


Anyone who thinks they can talk nonsense one minute, act unconscionably the next, make light of their misdeeds, choose to ignore both their words and actions and still think I have enough monkey dna to be taken for a complete idiot as they throw words like “friendship” reminding me of my fricken history then they better be well prepared for lots of fun and games, war simply playing into the hands of the far right and far left, again and again thank G-D for our GREAT GREAT President George W. Bush.


I have been speaking about the Hot Water Wars here in California going back to early 2002 after securing irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, the folks who masterminded and executed the rigging of the California Gubernatorial elections later on November 8th 2002 are financed in no small measure by Ron Burkle one of the largest contributors to the Democratic Party, not that easy to ignore why Ron Burkle would hire a stooge like Bill Clinton soon after he exited the White House with everything but the kitchen sink, agree?


Getting down to more business-personal.


On January 25th 2003 at 6:45 PM PST I sent this E-mail to Mr. Jeffrey Essakow an ex-South African who like Devin would understand your South African slang “Ag” as well as the different interpretations of the word “shame”.


In this broadcasted communiqué was the following:


The information that I have about corruption at the highest levels of California's State Government involving the biggest big wigs within the Democratic Party in conjunction with a foreign conglomerate that has a history of wreaking havoc on the worlds masses will soon be revealed in its entirety and anything you or anyone else has to say that may get in the way of my delivering that message will be dealt with accordingly.


I have never heard back from Jeffrey Essakow who I know rather well from a very young age, longer in fact than I have known you.


The daughter-in-law, however, of the former United States Ambassador to Switzerland, Ms. Laurie Black, responded that very same day, Saturday, at 7:08 PM PST with the following:


Who are you referring to Gary? Also, I was at the Krinsk home a few weeks back.  He seemed nice as well as his wife.  Incredible home.


The next day, Sunday, January 26, 2003 at 1:43 PM PST I responded with


...- Who will all eventually emerge unscathed is the question I assume you are asking? Perhaps, more importantly, it is a question of who knew what and when did they know all about the Hot Water Wars and why someone like Bill Simon wouldn’t make [it] much of an issue during his battle with [Democratic Governor] Davis let alone how it came to pass that Bill Simon would emerge victorious against a sophisticated Wall Street player like the former mayor of LA unless of course Richard Riordan got rear-ended and consequently suffered a serious bout of whip lash.


Sweetie pie, I have to be careful about what I reveal at this time ... I am though more than happy to meet with you say today...


The evidence I have is more than simply compelling it is irrefutable to mention little of my track record in uncovering those who have a history of playing it fast and loose with the truth....


I have never been one to be blinded by the spotlight and nor do I seek it now. In fact it scares me to death although I have no fear of dying. It breaks my heart though that so many of us forget our humble beginnings and why photos like the one of my family’s shop in Vilnius are so important to keeping us all grounded. The dots tell it all to mention little of the gift of God that has now allowed for what I believe is the last time for light to penetrate our SCALs.


Jeffrey Krinsk is in fact one of a kind and I trust him as much as I do you to always tell the truth. Despite your current political leanings I believe you will eventually see how deep rooted is the corruption in our political system that you will have you make the decision to join me in my crusade to protect our children by empowering them to parent their parents many of whom have lost their way...


It is time for us to start leashing these out of control politicians and their crooked financiers and unleash our rows and columns of supporters. The Digital Age is upon us and it is going to take the very best “legal eagles” to summon up the courage to dismember themselves limb by limb while building nest eggs for their children’s future.


If not now then when?....




Ps – I just got a glimpse of the news that Israel has “sealed” Gaza ahead of the upcoming elections which ties in one way or the other with my One Perspective that I wrote some 2+ years ago...


My “friend” Laurie with incredibly high ties to the bigwigs in the Democratic Party did not take me up on my offer to present to her “The evidence I have is more than simply compelling it is irrefutable.”


Perhaps some background about Laurie Black not contained in the previous hyperlink-s is in order.


I have known Laurie and her husband Robert Lawrence for than 20 years, spending probably the same amount of time as I have with anyone I would feel comfortable with in calling a “friend”, the subject of “friendship” and “loyalty” is something I have already covered, I believe, rather well in previous missives.


Robert Lawrence is the son of the not yet disgraced enough former Ambassador to Switzerland during the Clinton regime, not that you should forget Clinton pardoning March Rich at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his presidency, to mention in passing Jeffrey’s Essakow’s younger brother who is our age making enough money doing exactly what I don’t know for certain working for Marc Rich in Zug, Switzerland to afford, however, a farm in La Jolla, California that drew so many South Africans and former South Africans to show their respects not a single person to the best of my knowledge, yet joining me in asking Roy Essakow to use some of those monies to write an “all tell book” that would poke all sorts of holes, make me the laughing stock for being so incredibly hung out to dry to contend that the activities of Marc Rich helped solidify the illegal-fictitious governments who make up the bulk of the OPEC Oil Cartel, the Saudis in particular who few would argue had at least something to do with Asma Ben Laden getting a little ticked off with us American to mention little of what exactly the decision by stooge Clinton did by preventing a full airing of Marc Rich et al as they had their “day in court” for those Jewish people who not only subscribe to the fundamental tenets of Judaism but painstakingly go about our daily lives in a search of the truth, agree?


Then on March 21, 2003 at 9:08 PM PST Ms. Black ignoring my “irrefutable” evidence broke her silence with this;

Lisa Foster is now a superior court judge....May want to just leave her out of your stuff.  She is a terrific lady and one of my best friends on this ethical as one can be.  She just stepped down from the Ethics commission to become a judge.
Shabat Shalom



Then on Wednesday, April 09, 2003 6:55 PM PST, Laurie Black followed up with this;


I completely disagree with you Gary.  I have worked in politics most of my career and what motivates me is the opportunity to make the world better for my children and their children.  Sitting on the Regional Water Quality Control Board helps to ensure that their water is safe...sitting on the Library Commission I can ensure that their libraries have books and that a main library downtown will not only be a destination but also a place for the arts and a place for learning....sitting on the board of Overseers at UCSD I can try and make sure that our educational institutions are the best in the nation if not the world.  Please do not be so cynical Gary and think that people in public service are ALL bad.  Everywhere there are the good, bad and ugly


And then 4 minutes later not altogether deaf, dumb and blind Laurie Black followed up with this;


I just do not understand where you want to go with all of this....


In order to assist the thousands receiving this missive over the course of the next 24 hours as well all those who will eventually get to read it on at least one of my approximately 100 websites to mention little of how the folks reading what I have to say on websites such as BUD, Revlon, Citigroup, entombed, etcetera etcetera, let me make it crystal clear that up until Ms. Black informed me at 6:55 PM PST on April 9th 2003 I had no idea she was a member of the Regional Water Quality Control Board.


So Mr. Unruh when you state as eloquently as you did in your below,


“I can't even believe that I am following through with this thought”


it reminded me of the email Laurie Black sent me on April 14th, 2003


.... Frankly, I am stunned to find myself so angry
Gary, but… I know the truth Gary... judiasm, joy and miles and miles of smiles…” [sic].



TU u would also do well to read my response to Mr. Richard Cooper who like anyone who has invested their emotions in a worthless cause eventually comes up “empty”, nothing worse than to have one’s conscience depleted, bearing in mind that Rich Cooper is the son of Irving Cooper who provided the seed capital for Michael Steinhardt, MS like most crooks who wear expensive suits managed to use such monies to build into his “cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” with the help of an Israeli banker to boot, agree?


Up to each one of us to hold the next person accountable unless of course we have handed over such right to our communist brothers and sisters amongst us, so hard to tell “friend” from “foe” but thanks to the Digital Age and our ability like never before to keep track of things, your most recent comment, “Bill at least knew the art of language” incredibly uplifting 4 those folks tuning in more and more to spots like where the truth is setting them free, agree?


There were many positive things I picked up while working with the most rapacious and successful Shareholder Class Action Litigators on the planet none more so than fine tuning my skills in the art of examining not only what people say but what they fail to say and once one appreciates better why it is that people like Milberg Weiss and Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk while having quite the command of the English language perhaps though not quite as good as my Partner-Wife whose first language is French, support with their incredibly “hard earned” dollars the Democratic Communist Party when if they were really interested in a “stalemate” they could just as easily give to Republicans so as to keep “out of control” Government in check, agree?


So u will begin to see the extent to which not only u TU but a whole lot of “brainne dead” [sic] Jewish people no different to yourself have been “had” and until u have a halfway decent grasp of the numbers don’t waste your breath putting aside the brain damage as your airborne particles of feces enter your brain your eyelashes simply not enough at this time to hide your eyeballs seeking refuge in your spine-spineless-spin.


And to suggest the money coming in from “big business” goes to the Republicans simply means u have yet to figure out how small a business are those opposed to tort reform, then move in to the next big entitlement arena of your choice be4 finding yourself paying more attention to grocery prices than ever be4 as real estate prices provide u surely with enough of a sense to appreciate the smell of the most fictitious economy in the whole fricken world currently resides here in southern California, agree?


Remember as well as u inhale the delicious fruits we enjoyed in Peru that Arnold Schwartz just moved to the capital of California and Arnold is in bed with exactly who?


Not to suggest that Warren “BO” Buffet cares who this beefed up actor-bodybuilder who probably downed one of South African Breweries laagers when doing his salute to exactly who at the time he was made to feel so at home in the Oppenheimer controlled Nazi Republic of South Africa, agree?


So what that he is now into gropers, The Fish Rots From The Head Down agree?


So my china TU just kick back and listen to the video streaming of last Monday evenings “work study” conducted by the Mayor Ernest of Del Mar and let me know how many times u heard the word “realtors” who create absolutely nothing more and certainly nothing less than “inflationary real estate bidding wars”, agree Hershel Price?  


Mr. Price was incredibly talkative on Monday but who could now be holding his tongue?


Those, however, like David Berman, an ex-South African who also attended Carmel College the Jewish Day School in Durban, South Africa have a little more sophistication than u in knowing when to call it quits, and being the son-in-law of Michael Steinhardt the nuptials presided over by my family’s closest friend Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss, u surely are not surprised why DB, not to be confused with the great Derrick Beare went deafeningly silent after I hit him with this knuckleball back on February 11th of this year, David Berman perhaps with “guidance” from Steinhardt and his hound dogs smart enough to know where I was heading, agree?


Not to forget the 5 month jail sentence of Martha Stewart quite appropriate for someone who no matter what will always be known as a “liar”, Ms. MS having learned her “stock brokering tricks” from the maestro of masters MichaelWarton Business School Grad” [sic] Steinhardt.


Be4 you start labeling anyone either a “liberal”, “right-winger”, “Nazi”, “bumblebee” blah blah make certain at least in the future to gather more facts and perhaps take a refresher course in reading and understanding English, agree?


Your suggestion that somehow having a German name just like mine is “through some screwed way, Jewish, in our case”, enough to keep one psychologist tenant at 1431 Stanford Street gainfully employed were u to seek further assistance in addition to possibly contacting Laurie Black finding out how her “absolution” is coming along, agree?


Nothing worse than folks who protest so much while suffering from repeated bouts of “selective memory”, agree?


The communiqué I sent earlier to Glenn Shapiro who is assisting me with putting the finishing touches to my book Manager Minute One which will I believe be of help to your kids who may have more patience than me at this time to keep wrapping you in bandages, agree?


And of course I remain hopeful you will come to your senses and join our band kept in tune by folks whose feet are well planted on the ground, each one checking on the other, the Digital Age dispensing with the need for “bought and paid for” higher ups, and the fact that our GREAT GEAT President George W. Bush may not have the “whitest hands” on the planet simply reinforces that he is in fact one of us and not Jesus Christ in disguise, agree?


When and only when you compare each and every one of us to the next person can you really gauge a person’s true character and so I beg of you one last time examine the events that took place in South Africa during the summer of 1966 when Attorney General of the United States of America, Mr. Robert F. Kennedy spoke privately with my extraordinary mother, Zena Gevisser, again her number in the United Kingdom, direct dialing from the United States, 011-44-1-98-46-24-0-88.


Good Day


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake


Ps – Be sure to let me know if you




Your kids




Your clients come across my uncle David Gevisser and/




His son, Mark Gevisser’s email address, ok?



-----Original Message-----
From: Antony Unruh []
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 6:55 PM
Subject: Re: web


Gary, I just got through sending your friend Devin my thoughts on your (and

his) e-mailing diatribes, and suffice to say that I find some of your

writing and musing interesting I requested that you remove this from any

connection to a web leading to our firm. It seems obvious that this "virus"

might just be too difficult for you to remove and that you have so much

pleasure in inflicting your disease on others. Now as for your referral of

me being your friend when you continue to put to words the following (I will

include the e-mails you have submitted to the world) I have a difficult time

considering what your interpretation of friendship would be. Your naiveté as

to what my interpretation and family involvement in SA was prior to leaving

the country further raises that questioning, especially since you and I have

never ever had a conversation on SA politically. Just to give you some hint

Unruh is a German name and also through some screwed way, Jewish, in our

case. My father had to escape the Nazis pre the war because of his political

views, He was assulted by the Nazis because of his involvement with the

Jewish youth movement, and then was later under surveillance by the SAP for

his involvement with the ANC in the 50s. I on the other hand have avoided

any political affront other than listening to the minor discussions about

dear lone liberal Helen Suzman who has actually stated that the blacks were

better off under the apartheid government than they are now under Mbekie. I

am astounded to see that you are such a right winger in your political view

but I would choose to leave those views alone rather than inflict my leftist

views on you. Your Devin e-mailing earlier  


"but at least we don't have democrats in the white house, or we would have surrendered after 9/11. We would be taking orders from the French and the UN, we would be disarmed in our homes and we would be arrested for "hate

crimes" if we disagreed with homosexuality for religious reasons." 


How pathetic! I can't even believe that I am following through with this

thought. Anyway as I was saying....... that I obviously have a far different

point of view of what is friendship and obviously have a bit more respect to

what privacy means to others. So while you feel this great desire to

continue assult me I guess I should in kind say what your dear religious

Devin said, that he prays for me, except I believe that it is not to my God

to whom he prays.


Mindful ...