From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, June 09, 2004 7:41 PM
To: Rabbi Abner Weiss
Cc: rest; LJBlack; FBI
Subject: Next Symposium {:}...Sticks and stones break bones but words kill...{:}


Dear Rabbi Weiss ¨C The purpose of this communiqu¨¦ is to have u ¡°dig deep¡± and assist me not so much in revealing unhidden truths I think u will agree I have been doing a rather decent job in this category for some time now but in chopping off the head of the DeBeer Diamond Cartel by cutting off the flow of oxygen to all remaining members of the South African Oppenheimer family who saw fit given the dysfunctionality they observed in communities throughout South Africa including the Durban Jewish Community where u were the ¡°lap dog¡± of the Durban North Lazarus clan who in turn were the kaffirs of the Nationalist Nazi Party who in turn were the puppets of the Oppenheimers tT¡Þ cement their ¡°command and control¡± position after making out like bandits during WWII supplying Hitler with the necessary resources to keep his military machine producing weapons of mass destruction at a furious pace; the likes of the American Charles Engelhard choosing someone such as pitiful as my uncle David Gevisser to take care of his business affairs when he eventually ¡°bit the dust¡± as opposed to someone like David Gevisser¡¯s first cousin, my incredible father who bombed the crap out of the Nazi bastards coming in from a dizzy height, going low, one time his own bombs exploding crippling his landing gear to mention little of the damage to his tail plane, not really all the surprising, agree?


The most incredible breath of fresh air just blew into my studio here down by the beach in Del Mar, California, not that I suggest u get on your ¡°billy pulpit¡± and preach about the virtues of autoerotic sex, rather to reveal the truth about our Almighty Smart G-D getting increasingly fed up with hearing us tell the next generation of youth, ¡°You will have your chance to screw up¡±, nothing quite like taking a deep breath, one definition of truth, another, ¡°That which does not change.¡±


And of course I welcome your thoughts on this subject including whether u ¡°believe¡± versus ¡°know¡± I have with G-D knows whose help completed Albert Einstein¡¯s pursuit of a


Unified Theory

For inner-workings

Of the world.


As u can imagine Carmel College Alumni Neil Gould is not the only person in Hong Kong wondering why I copy not just one law enforcement organizations like the FBI [Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION] on each of my broadcasted missives but several such branches attached to top executive offices around the globe mindful of how incredibly effective such folks are these days in making certain nothing falls in between ¡°the cracks¡± to mention in passing another alumni by the name of Alan Hackner requesting that his name be added to my ¡°delete list¡±.


More interesting certainly, to pet owners seeking to avoid dealing altogether with the real ¡°wor.d¡± [sic] of ¡°suicide bombers¡± is that in addition to my beginning writing this missive in a terrific Italian [non-kosher] restaurant along the Golden Mile in Los Angeles where this incredibly good-looking hostess allowed my dog, Pypeetoe into the main seating area, so eager am I to promote such an establishment mindful tho of my ever expanding audience including government health organizations ¡°non of them¡± [sic] I suspect of inhaling Aspartame at this time thanks to yours truly now more than ever capable of following my train of thought even if I leave out word or tT¡Þ in making several points is that I am hours away in the space of time from offering along with a Mastercard Credit Card part of the services to be provided by a universal health care package geared toward all pets from cradle to death.


I have titled this speech dealing with the ¡°rise and fall¡± of suicide bombers given clearly by a very thoughtful Israeli scientist, ¡°Sticks and Stones break bones but words kill¡±.


While describing well,


¡°What is behind the suicide murders? Money, power and cold-blooded murderous incitement, nothing else. It has nothing to do with true fanatic religious beliefs. No Moslem preacher has ever blown himself up¡­ They promise them the delights, mostly sexual, of the next world, and pay their families handsomely after the supreme act is performed and enough innocent people are dead¡­


The only way to fight this new popular weapon is identical to the only way in which you fight organized crime or pirates on the high seas: the offensive way. Like in the case of organized crime, it is crucial that the forces on the offensive be united and it is crucial to reach the top of the crime pyramid. You cannot eliminate organized crime by arresting the little drug dealer in the street corner. You must go after the head of the "Family".

If part of the public supports it, others tolerate it, many are afraid of it  and some try to explain it away by poverty or by a miserable childhood, organized crime will thrive and so will terrorism¡­

The second ingredient is words, more precisely lies. Words can be lethal. They kill people. It is often said that politicians, diplomats and perhaps also lawyers and business people must sometimes lie, as part of their professional life. But the norms of politics and diplomacy are childish, in comparison with the level of incitement and total absolute deliberate fabrications, which have reached new heights in the region we are talking about. An incredible number of people in the Arab world believe that September 11 never happened, or was an American provocation or, even better, a Jewish plot¡­.¡±


And this is where the breakdown begins in what is otherwise a rather interesting dinner speech which some organizations perhaps even my friend Glenn Shapiro would pay a handsome buck assuming his clientele who attend his company¡¯s conferences are in the least bit interested in the truth, agree?


Rabbi Weiss I am going to give u the opportunity to respond giving your pennies worth and should u need assistance may I suggest u work your way ¡°back and forth¡± between my public communiqu¨¦s that began on October 18th 2000 to coincide with my incredible father¡¯s 77th birthday and my recent broadcast that can be accessed by clicking on the home page of and clicking on ¡°¡­ less said the better.¡±


U will also find some hint of the ¡°weak underbelly¡± within this Israeli¡¯s 5,000 odd word speech in the paragraph that begins,


¡°The problem is that the civilized world is still having illusions about the rule of law in a totally lawless environment. It is trying to play ice hockey by sending a ballerina ice-skater into the rink or to knock out a heavyweight boxer by a chess player¡­ The amazing thing is that all of these crooks demand protection under international law and define all those who attack them as war criminals, with some Western media repeating the allegations¡­¡±


Obviously this Israeli scientist has bought in the bs of Warren ¡°BO¡± Buffet when he goes on to say,


¡°The good news is that all of this is temporary¡­¡±


Rabbi, u surely recall this supposedly 3rd richest person in the world before going ¡°cap in hand¡± to the United States Congress seeking and being granted a taxpayer bailout of epic proportions unabashedly declaring to the entire world after his actuaries told he had come up short, the premiums from terrorist coverage he had collected and used to invest in Coca Cola stock were now insufficient to pay for claims in the event of another terrorist attack,


¡°Within the next 10 minutes and 50 years there is the certainty of either a nuclear




biological attack on one of our major cities¡±?


No doubt given your delay in getting back to me u r now fully up to speed that in Quantum Mechanics that govern Chaos Theory that is used in gauging risk, setting the price of things like insurance premiums there is no such thing as ¡°certainties¡± only ¡°probabilities¡±, agree?


Moreover, there is not a single actuary on the planet willing to engage me in open debate that there is any truth whatsoever of anyone other than a fricken nincompoop ¡°bought and paid 4 by the¡± [sic] likes of Warren ¡°BO¡± Buffet who would put out a memo suggesting that even if they could pull out of their anus a number in terms of when such a catastrophic event would occur it would not extend beyond the range of 3 years from when their gangster boss Warren ¡°BO¡± Buffet with quite the chutzpah to boot, pulled off in my opinion the biggest lie  of the 21st Century, on a par with the worst of the garbage put out by Hitler¡¯s Goebels, agree?


Now in terms of why Warren ¡°BO¡± Buffet is placed behind Bill Gates Jr., the second richest person in the world is something u should seriously consider as a warm up introduction when u next get to break bread with Dr. Jonathan Beare, Derrick Beare¡¯s uncle, who is the richest person in the world in terms of ¡°fire-sale-liquidated net worth¡±, not that Michael $5 billion Hedge Fund Steinhardt who came to u seeking ¡°absolution¡± isn¡¯t also feeling the pressure of tactics taught to me by my step-father, Alan Zulman, who u surely recall was perhaps the most successful Jewish fund raiser to have ever walked this planet, agree?


So don¡¯t u think us westerners although behind a little in terms of evolution when compared say to the Chinese have because of our more advanced weaponry a say in terms of how international law should ¡°adapt itself to reality¡±?


What should be the punishment for those wrecking the lives of billions of people around the world who remain as a result of being misinformed, invested in pension fund schemes just hours away from the biggest wakeup call of their lives, quite a frightening experience to suddenly be tuned in to CNN watching dumbstruck as your lifesavings go down the tubes finding no comfort in anyone but your pet who will continue to love unconditionally as long as u can afford feed, agree?


U will do yourself a favour and put off reading for say a week the 5 books of Moses and examine very carefully my discourse with Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown co-founder of and professor of finance at the Yeshiva University in New York City, see ¡°gauge¡± hyperlink, his deafening silence at this time the result do u think of an attorney




tT¡Þ shaking in his-her boots along with Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach, agree?


In my humble opinion, the number one danger to the world today is not Iran it is our inability to deal with the truth about our own misdeeds and until such time as we begin to clean up our own backyards we don¡¯t have the right to question even those mullahs who fail to send their own sons and daughters to their death while indoctrinating the less educated to ¡°shoot their poison tipped arrows¡±, agree?


I happen to agree with this Israeli scientist that,


¡°In order to win the war it is also necessary to dry the financial resources of the terror conglomerate.¡±


How we go about defining what we mean is so very, very, very important, agree?


While some might agree, ¡°I have no doubt that the civilized world will prevail¡± I for one cannot be that optimistic even though I ¡°know¡± as opposed to ¡°believe¡± in a higher authority who must surely be fed up with all the bs, agree?


The tide is, again, in my humble opinion, ¡°twisting¡± rather than ¡°turning¡±.


And, ¡°The meek with teeth shall inherit the earth.¡±


Deborah Sturman¡¯s ¡°upset¡± response to my ¡°living well¡± communiqu¨¦ continuing to resonate, not at all difficult at this time to have several other emails open my thinking of hitting the ¡°send¡± button on each the instant after I complete this one geared toward getting u, perhaps not the most internationally recognizable name on my email list but none I know of who the super rich turn to when seeking absolution, which is why I copy for the last time Ms. Laurie Black until she




the Feds say otherwise, agree?


So important are the visuals in maintaining folks¡¯ attention these days unless of course one were to receive one of those ¡°get rich quick¡± emails from say a Nigerian who conducted exhaustive ¡°due diligence¡± in deciding that today was going to be you ¡°Luky Day¡± for him to communicate an ¡°URGENT BUSINESS MATTER¡± much like Norman Lazarus¡¯ URGENT PROTEST, agree?


So what do u think I should do next, the choices being;


  1. Wait for David Wright Esq., Amos Wright¡¯s son to call me back following up his call to me earlier today when I was once again back at the Federal Building in west Los Angles waiting in line to collect my renewed American Passport, my thinking just moments be4 David called to stick my head in to the FBI offices who I am really not certain r located on the 8th floor of 11000 Wilshire Blvd




  1. Reply to Deborah¡¯s ¡°upset¡± response giving her a couple of minutes to give me her suggestions, there nothing tho, to stop u should u be online to give me your thoughts in terms of how I should respond to this incredible woman who I think u would agree deserves to have got one-third of the $4 billion odd slave labor settlement from the remnants of the Nazi Military Machine enough I would think to at least cover her expenses while working for Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach




  1. Return tomorrow to 11000 Wilshire Blvd to say a ¡°quick¡± hello to the Feds leaving behind a handful of my business cards hopefully not forgetting to jot down a hyperlink




tT¡Þ leading them to certainly this missive,




  1. Wait until I visit the White House in a couple of days where I could be4 walking in to the Oval Office show a secretary




tT¡Þ a handful of my previous communiqu¨¦s to the FBI including suggestions contained in other missives where I recommended that they ¡°move things up the line¡±, not forgetting the Director of the FBI?


Now of course I could have added other choices but since it is close to 7:30 PM PST and I have yet to visit with my partner-wife I must now end this communiqu¨¦ rather quickly, checking it perhaps tomorrow, if time permits.


What I have to say about the law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach and what may be holding up the prosecutors in being granted an indictment by both of the Grand Juries investigating this out-of-control mafia syndicate playing their role in wrecking havoc on the lives of momworker63s, widows, orphans and pensioners doing their level best to keep their heads above water in this ¡°G-d eat G-d¡± [sic] world may not fall on deaf ears in Washington, DC, agree?


Once one ¡°knows¡± the ¡°Mind of G-D¡± not only should one take nothing for granted, u will notice soon enough how the word ¡°luck¡± slowly but surely is removed from the vocabulary, mysticism and superstition being taken out of the equation 2,500 years ago soon after the destruction of the 1st Jewish Temple, Pythagoras, I don¡¯t seem to recall, however, part of our Jewish studies, agree?


Interesting wouldn¡¯t u also agree that this ¡°Poodle¡± lady I emailed yesterday is apparently doing the makeup of John Kerry and his family here in Los Angeles for a story in both Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, agree?


More importantly as it affects u personally I heard yesterday late afternoon that former President Bill ¡°Kitchen-Wallpaper¡± Clinton has finally found his niche, focusing his efforts when not trying to catch his tail racing all over the globe to speak to adorning audiences, on the epidemic AIDs crisis in Africa, so please share with me your comments on my draft proposal for a ¡°love fest¡± featuring you, Tom Cruise, David Gevisser and Kenneth Standard Esq. on the Oprah Winfrey Show.


Such enlightening material gathered on the John and Ken Talk Radio Show which may have me now add Clinton¡¯s name to the roster while on the way back from dropping a couple of ¡°rich chick¡± kids at a party in only G-d knows where, feeling that I was once again in a tropical forest, these kids possibly unaware that southern California is a desert, agree?


So much knowledge I gained after deciding that it was not all that important I visit with the FBI housed in the same building as the Passport office in Los Angeles located at 11000 Wilshire Blvd, agree?


While communicating this missive I also added another ¡°tT¡Þ¡± [sic] paragraphs to the Perception email I began sending out on May 27th to a pretty well known San Diego sculpture-artist, what do u think, bearing in mind that it is not just u, Laurie Black and one office of the FBI copied but rather a statistically valid representative sampling of the world¡¯s literate population including the Berzack family of Durban who I understand continue to sell sewing machines to South African Clothing Industries which u know was started by mother¡¯s second husband, Alan Zulman, which is not to suggest that Abe Dubin used his secretary Mrs. Simpson to sew the diamonds Cliff Benn had illegally purchased in a ¡°sting operation¡± into his tonsils that could have burst if members of BOSS had decided to ¡°tap¡± around, agree?


Quite surprising that u r not staying in touch with Mater especially when one considers how carefully my extraordinary mother made me pay attention to everything u had to say, again, nothing better to remind me of the ¡°writing on the wall¡± than when my throat got scarred by hot ash coming off the bonfire some 40 odd years ago when u first koshered our home.


So what exactly does a worldly, rather well educated rabbi such as yourself do for an encore, surely u r not retired?


I for one don¡¯t know of any retired priest, mullah



Rabbi, so please let me know what u r doing with yourself these days, bearing in mind by simply clicking on to the ¡°Poodle¡± hyperlink u can find out pretty much everything about me from when I first came into this world right up until this very moment, time don¡¯t u think for u and I to join forces, never to forget mom?


U may not be as familiar with me on subjects pertaining to rather boring matters such as the tax codes and how the likes of Michael Steinhardt not really any smarter than u in calculating that in order to make ¡°ends meet¡± one has to make a profit, i.e. sell your goods and services for more than it cost u in the first place, taking into account any storage, shipping and handling as well as what it costs to ¡°borrow¡± monies, but I ¡°know¡± not ¡°believe¡± u have great wisdom to impart, things like ¡°return on capital¡± can in fact be explained to 5th graders although my plan before meeting up once again with my maker is to be able to explain such stuff to 3rd graders, what do u think?


I look forward to hearing from u?




Ps ¨C Do u think any member of the South African Berzack family is capable of going more berserk reading this material than say Senator John Kerry who may think that it is time to simply quit, possibly make a move on Gary ¡°Stink¡± Glass¡¯ 28 year old girlfriend who I understand is a ¡°pretty hot horse¡± capable of getting at least a place in the next Durban July Handicap, according to a number of guests at a recent family barmitzvah, this stud all over Gary¡¯s former wife and her friend Caroline who apparently commented to Lynne Bentel, ¡°U don¡¯t have to worry about this one she¡¯s a dyke.¡±