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Dear Rabbi,


Would you say there is a difference between “believing in” G-D and “knowing” that G-D is both Almighty and very SMART?


I deeply regret a number of things that I believe were severed by a good number of us some time ago which is why I am painstakingly going about being as precise and concise as possible, my wishing to comply with the request of a former executive of Simon & Schuster who is “kicking my flank” that I “get with the program” and assist him in editing my Work-In-Progress [WIP] book, Manager Minute One [MM1] a take-off of the business book best-seller, One Minute Manager.


My focus up until has been besides for doing my level best to stay “out of the line of fire” to fire off missives “left and write” [sic], my shell-shocked adversaries beginning to come to grips with there being precision guided “method to my madness” not knowing at this time what is “up and down” in many ways like my Dad a fighter-bomber-pilot who when push came to shove while bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards was smart enough to evacuate his bowls well ahead of scrambling.


Egged buses come to mind and you may have heard this joke about the Durban, South African financier Eldred Savell who after taking investors for a ride, fled to Israel and was last seen driving buses, once again taking folks on rides to and from Beersheba, a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from Kibbutz Sde Boker, my old stomping grounds, agree?


One of the websites to support MM1 is which to some is a take off of the .com trading company, more akin tho to TRAMS=SMART keeping in sync with Quantum Mechanics, the need to go “back and forth” examining things ever so carefully as in 10, 01 conscious at all times that the subconscious only plays tricks on those who have no conscience, the Digital Age in my opinion is a G-D-Send, G-D-Nature, interesting the attached photo showing me in Mom’s arms along with my siblings, Penny Coelen probably too cold to pay attention to the lettering on the side of the rowing boat DNA?


A lot has gone on since November 1st 1972 when as a 15 year old I sat cross-legged in front of David Ben Gurion, my focus at this time to help lift the rug and expose all the dirt others have swept going back only G-d knows when, agree?


Who knew what and when did they know it?” is a phrase I first picked up from an old attorney-pal of mine, King Golden Jr. Esq. as well as his wife, Sarah Golden, attending Kathy’s wedding that was held at your Beverly Hills house going on 15 years ago, there being a critical need, in my opinion, based on the distinct possibility I could become a household name should I ever be called to provide the 2 Grand Juries referenced below the irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party that we now focus on the truth, that which does not change, the better the evidence the better the proof, agree?


Best wishes,




Ps - By the way, Michael Sagorin, a Carmel College Alumni who u may recall used to sit with his brother and sister just below and to the right of your pulpit in our Orthodox Jewish Temple in Durban, corrected me not so long when I failed to replace the “o” in God with a “dash”.



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Dear Gary,


Yes, I believe in God.


Unfortunately, I don't have your mother's contact information. I deeply regret that our contact was severed some time ago.


Best wishes,


Rabbi Abner Weiss

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Subject: Hello - I am not your man from planet Mars!

Rabbi, do you believe in God?




Gary S. Gevisser



Ps – I only have Kathy and Melvin’s email address, could you please forward mom’s if you have it.


Ps IDevin Standard who is also copied on this missive is the executor of my estate.


I have been sitting patiently for the past 3 hours since bringing home my partner-wife’s 14 year old from Torrey Pines High School here in Del Mar thinking that it was just a matter of moments in the history of time before I would be given the “green light” to call Devin’s father, Kenneth Standard Esq. who is scheduled to be sworn in as the next president of the New York State Bar Association this coming June 18th, the information in my possession when delivered to the 2 Grand Juries investigating Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach will set in motion the necessary steps leading to the suspension of trading of all stock markets around the world freeing up much needed capital for entrepreneurs such as you, me, and the likes of Michael Steinhardt’s son-in-law, agree?


And of course I don’t subscribe to the notion of son-in-laws,




Even daughter-in-laws, let alone sons and daughters responsible for the sins of their parents, having no choice whatsoever in their biological parents, agree?


Ps II -  You must recall our mutual good friend Deborah Sturman being the catalyst in getting Melvyn Weiss Esq. to do the “write thing” [sic] and hold the remnants of the Nazi-German War Machine accountable for their atrocious acts of slavery, blah blah.


Ps III – Perhaps, you didn’t know that I am now very happily married and I can only hope and pray you feel the same way about your partner-wife as I do about mine.