From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2004 4:59 PM
To: Neil Gould
Cc: crest; Joe Grundfest; Bblack; FBI; Jeffrey Essakow; Vicky L. Schiff; William H. Jackson; Roger Robinson
Subject: RE: Next Symposium {:}... ejaculation...This world would be far better off...{:}


Neil, terrific to hear from u.


The last time I recall hearing your voice was at least 30 years ago, I was probably a couple of years away from finishing high school and u, ready to retire?


I am the one from Carmel College, I also know of no other Gary Gevisser.


That last hyperlink taking u to a ※foto§ [non-sic] of me some 3 days after I was born.


This photo taken the other night when our 11 year-old worked out, ※it*s all a game...less said the better


This one more than a handful of folks ※hanging their hats on§ that my extraordinary mother who chose your father as our dentist will join the mad rush to have me institutionalized, agree?


U not, however, the only one able to ※c thru§ the not altogether ※disjointed§ E-mail I sent out last evening that can now be accessed on the homepage of causing more and more folks from all over the planet using translation tools offered at websites like to translate my Afrikaans into their native tongues, as in,


※Master-Baas Oppenheimer,


How goes it with your perpetual motion money making machine, u still fcuking with us 12% mixed-race Afrikaners?


U don*t think all of us so stupid as Trevor Goldberg and Cliff Benn to smoke gaandi when kids altho when Trevor and his Lilly White Wheaty eating partners in crime stole minis I cannot explain for the life of me why the authorities such as Policeman Michael didn*t take the advice of Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser and throw the key away?


Did I hear, ※GET LOST§?


Not to suggest that Mr. Gandhi understood all the politics of the Indian totem pole, nothing quite like being the last to suck on the hind tit?


U didn*t have anything to do with the bubba posting up on the Yahoo Revlon Corporation message board?


Time for work out so lets begin before restructuring your worldwide holdings corporate as well as personal with a series of Pilates* stretches and when exercising the neck*s scalene muscle to prevent repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome which as in the case of Diana Henriques of the New York Times may be less injurious  to your health, certainly your mental health than the tunnel vision she is exhibiting to the masses including the slightly older generation like Gary Gevisser*s neighbor Sandy,,, remember to continue breathing in to the count of 5 all thru the nose and out to the count of 5 all thru the nose,,, terrific now lets stretch those toes.


Moving right along we hoor,,,,


No not whore, we hear from the gefisser some not all of us members of mensa, the geniuses amongst us the result of lots of mixing of blood,,,


No this is not about apportioning blame for the massacre of Blacks at Blood River but rather u Lilly White Wheaty Eating Oppenheimers saw us Afrikaners as your kaffirs which know is to most of us more distasteful than the word ※nigger§, agree?


Now is that a ※Ja§




A ※Nee§




A ※maybe§ as in ※I am not sure§?


Neil, before I forget is ※hkstar§ in any way connected with those hookers on Rush Street in downtown Chicago not that far from where Amos P. Wright back during the World Fair of 1933 learned everything about ※economics and inflation§ that would stand him in good stead the rest of his life to mention little of the night before last I ran by our neighbor Sandy who introduced me to the writer-producer-director of the movie Streetsweeper how she felt about us buying the SWAT vehicle used in the filming which I don*t believe comes with a cache of fully loaded South African streetsweeper shotguns and before Sandy who is taking me tomorrow to a meeting of a local chapter of Toastmasters could respond, I could sense her heart pounding, my partner-wife Marie Dion saved Sandy from experiencing a coronary thrombosis by asking me,


※Why couldn*t u just rent it?§


which interrupted the flow of things, my just minutes ago sending this E-mail to James, Streetsweeper*s writer-producer-director, should I get a response be4 I complete this email I will let u know since I am sure many folks would like to know what I plan to do with such a vehicle, the hyperlink within the last hyperlink should give u a clue.


And in the interests of full disclosure I should inform everyone copied on this missive that includes a statistically valid representative sampling of the world*s literate population that PW MD is fully responsible for suggesting,


This world would be far better off if women were on permanent PMS so that they wouldn't put up with any of the bullshit


Moving,,, right along, this IN-FINITY which is one of our logos says everything about what ※this is all about§ although, a more wordier version can be found in the Zquestion which PW MD and I put to Albert Einstein back on December 1st 2000 to coincide with the 29th anniversary of the death of Israel*s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion.


I should also add that I have zero concern about anyone stealing our intellectual property for reasons that I think are quite obvious, the deafening silences a dead giveaway, agree?


Moreover, I doubt think anyone worth their salt has the courage, hi Po-Li ※coward§ Pollak, to take on the likes of my good friend Glenn Shapiro and the executor of my estate Mr. Devin Standard, both gentlemen as you may have gathered as fearless as it gets, which is not to suggest that Glenn will remain faithful to his wife waiting indefinitely to remarry for the umpteenth time until such time as someone perhaps, Ron "I suck Clinton" Burkle, the ※money bag behind the Wetherly Capital Group responsible for masterminding and executing the rigging of California*s Gubernatorial elections that were held on November 8th 2002, decides to chop off my legs below the knee, agree?


Glenn in many ways amirror image§ of Devin who can be counted on to read his father the riot act unless he gets with the program, Kenneth Standard Esq. perhaps, still, thinking of burning his Harvard Law School degree and to the best of my knowledge hell bent ※over my dead body§ to be sworn in later this month as the next president of the New York State Bar Association overseeing some 72,000 odd crybaby attorneys such as Melvyn ※mweissman§ Weiss Esq. and my other pal Bob Kaplan Esq, Bob along with Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk finally getting the courage after I kept booting them in their rear ends with repeated emails containing the Love That Pink Revlon make-up cartoon, to file the ※one of a kind§ Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit against Ronald ※The Finagle King§ Perelman of Revlon Corporation.


Let me just say a quick Hi Ken, hi Martha ※pretty good-looking§ Stewart, hi Christopher Byron, author-journalist of the New York Observer who first coined the phrase ※The Finagle King§ for this rascal of a human being who dares to cloak himself in Jewish Orthodoxy, shame, shame, shame on any rabbi




Member of Ronald Perelman*s synagogue located on 63rd Street in New York City on the upper east end of ※Madhattan§ [sic] who has the chutzpah to enter such a desecrated place of worship where the governing body are ※bought and paid 4§ [sic]?


In many ways PW MD reflects my great grandmother who was born in Poinsk the same tiny White Russian village where Ben Gurion came from.


As a child Nechie Badash saw her entire family slaughtered by the Cossacks, later contributing significantly to the raising of my mother, the epitome of the ※wandering Jew§, Dr. Sammy Sacks I believe was my mother*s gynecologist who delivered me, would u know




Do u care 4 me to look further into this?


The diamonds tho, implanted in Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman*s chest cavity not as revealing in their purity as my sinless PW MD who u may know when first and last attending confession told the Catholic priest,


※I hit my sister. I lied to my mother§


so as not to appear sinless, less said the better, unless of course we have someone who knows more than most about art!


Do u have any opinions on absolution?


Blue whites soon to boot so much easier if Great White Sharks would take a fancy to diamonds, the days of The Diamond Invention fast drawing to a close, substantive works of art to stimulate the minds of the mindless masses while getting them off their ※phat arses§ [sic] replacing that which sparkles with the blood of the masses, agree?


The abuse I raised last evening about the Lilly White Wheaty Eating South African Oppenheimer family pulling off the greatest coup of the 20 Century on a par with the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church getting women to ※grin and bare§ [sic] as their despicable men in the form of Senators Ted Kennedy and Democratic Communist Party Presidential nominee John ※Catheter§ Kerry put on quite a show of daring to tell our great President George W. Bush what and what he shouldn*t do next, causing it seems the dead to stir, agree?


The war on terrorism having nothing to do with enriching the likes of Vice President Cheney and Halliburton his former very likely out-of-control oil services company, blame lying directly at the feet of those ※well-healed§ liberals such as Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Krinsk, puppets to boot, hi Matthew Margo of 60 Minutes, hell bent on creating co-dependency of peoples around the world much like what u see in their own families, the audacity of ※Maria Shriver Kennedy-Schwarzenigger§ [sic] thinking because of her drawn out looks, a chin chizzled tough as nails, the legacy of the Patriarch, Joe Kennedy, as transparent as the rice pudding shoved in the faces of the masses to be keep them forever downtrodden, she is capable of fooling every single one of us logically minded individuals with her dribble,


Us Kennedy-Shrivers-Schwarteneggers stick together through thick and stick thin§ [sic], agree?


Earlier this afternoon I was pleasantly interrupted by my elegant wife just be4 she headed out the door to pick up our JoNathan from school modeling one of her latest incredibly sexy creations, there is a game at 5:00 PM so I will be speeding things up.


So forgetful are these liberal elitists who allow the likes of Hitler to take form helped in no small measure by the inability of us stable Jewish people to unite, nothing tho should give us Lilly White South African kids more of a jolt than my questioning how our so-called liberal elite Anglo American-DeBeers Oppenheimer family managed to pull the wool over the eyes of so many including our supposedly Jewish parents, the utter bullshit put out when the Nationalist Nazi Party came to power in 1948,


※General Smuts was simply to distracted cementing his international statesmanship to pay attention to local politics§ [sic]!


So r u also giving more thought to what exactly it means to be ※Jewish§ as well as beginning to make better sense of the utter nonsense we were fed as kids that made going to the dentist fun, fun, fun?


Quite amazing isn*t it that someone so literate as my famous journalist-author cousin, Mark Gevisser, has yet to write an expose revealing the deep rot, the oh so fricken transparent plot that fitted in so perfectly well with the DeBeers-Anglo American business plan,,, a ※Yes§




A ※No§




A ※Maybe§?


So incredible that even our Professors at the universities of Natal, Witwatersrand, Capetown, Stellenbosch, etcetera etcetera that made the likes of Mark Gevisser*s father so attractive to the likes of American multi-billionaire Charles Englehard, a coca-cola addict, much like Warren ※BO§ Buffet, could not find it within themselves to raise the question for say a minute out of their hectic schedules how a rather sophisticated organization such as Anglo American-DeBeers Consolidated Mines having amongst its top ranks the best educated lily white wheaty eating testosterone clad men in the fricken world concocting, while having their daily cocktails, the most elaborate corporate cross-ownership structures that not one single human being on this planet it seems other than me worked out well before I left high school, made absolutely no sense other than to keep folks going around in circles, agree?


What do u think of this business plan that Mr. Debonair JRK prepared 4 Manager Minute One?


Perhaps, more importantly what do u think was going thru the heads of genius accountants like your classmate Jeffrey Essakow who I battled to explain the utter nonsense of one course offered at the University of Natal governing Deceased and Insolvent Estates, hi Ira, hi Jerry, possibly making perfect sense to Carmel College ※head boys§ like David Levy now president of an orthodox Jewish congregation in La Jolla, California, the next South African densely populated town south of us mixed-bag-folk in Del Mar, such a religious institution, to the best of my knowledge, funded in no small measure by Jeffrey*s younger brother, my not-always-so-good school boy friend, Roy Essakow, who thanks to Marc ※pardoned-Crook§ Rich can today hold his head up high living amongst hill-billys of Beverly Hills, California every so often coming down from the clouds to join in a fund raiser that I had my lady pal Ms. Vicky ※Sticky§ Schiff, co-managing director of the Wetherly Capital Group,fill in 4 me§ [sic] back in December 2001 as I began to ※nail down§ the ※cornerstones§ of what I see as a new world order based on total transparency from minute one, agree?


Neil, surely at some point u had to be asking yourself growing up what exactly was making those who scored higher than you in school so much ※smarter§ when the likes of u, so quick on your feet offering comic relief, got so often, thank G-D, booted out of class made to feel bad about being the ※class clown§, method to the madness, agree?


Namely to keep the likes of u and me from ever thinking to question how such smart individuals would allow just one man in the form of an army general schooled to follow orders somehow getting distracted with his fricken good looks wanting to be recognized by the international liberal ruling elite,,, agree?


Think, think, think and before responding may I suggest u take the time out of your incredibly hectic schedule to find a spot where u cannot be disturbed by people u know.


Not important that u find solitude in say a monastery where someone may be thinking of ※boning u up the ass§, I assume u r not the jokester who placed the bubba post on the Yahoo Revlon message board,,,, is that a ※Yes§




A ※No§




A ※Maybe§?


Then just let this all sink in.


No need for u to understand the utter bs of stuff like ※sunk costs§ part of the accounting jargon that makes these idiots so full of themselves in the past now ready to implode, i.e. keep your distance from all negative influences and within picoseconds, perhaps less u will find yourself beginning to look more like my incredible PW MD who before I can finish paying her a compliment, to some degree influenced by trying to get her to edit my missives, I am told in stiletto-like English, amazing French accent to boot, that I am going blind as well as deaf.


What will emerge as u go with the flow, the ※writing on the wall§, so easy to master, using all the distractions including the ever decreasing negative influences, is one of the most brilliant military strategies ever conceived by yoyos with Rhodes Scholar type educations, the Oxfords, the Cambridges, the Yales, the Harvards, the Berkeleys, the University of Virginia Law Schools, the Stanfords as well as the MITS of the world pumping out graduates hand picked by the likes of Anglo Americans-DeBeers that has no peer, agree?


Not to forget the very few GEs of the world, there being, however, no other organization not even the OPEC oil cartel as insidious as these Anglo American-DeBeers the true Yellow Perils who invaded and desecrated not just the 40 million odd South African peoples of color, their tentacles allowed to spread throughout Africa like wildfire the result of their puppets in the form of the Nationalist Nazi Party coming to power in 1948, agree?


And the rest is history, u surely remember being told to beware of the Yellow Peril, the Chinese who work hard-play hard?


Naturally, I am not referring to the Communist Chinese bosses propped up by exactly who?


Don*t make the mistake of thinking for an atom-second our great President George W. Bush is to blame for anything other than spreading the word of truth.


Time don*t u think we not only updated the English language but the history books that continue to be dished out to our kids that contain, in the words of my incredible mother, ※garbage§, giving the likes of Hitler terrific ammunition, nutrition also and I am rather hungry at this time.


Never to forget the alligator shoes my one attorney-communist-indoctrinated-pal refused to purchase last summer while in Paris for his wifey, Mrs. Marcy Krinsk who most likely will not be including me and PW MD on the guest list 4 this year*s July 4th celebrations at 567 Gage Street, Point Loma, San Diego, the former palatial-mayoral residence of another Susan perhaps related by sexual intercourse to Mrs. Susan Bailey who as she reads this is wondering whether the next thing being broadcasted over the airwaves, reaching some 15,000 folks within 24 hours of me hitting the send button is that her hen- pecked husband, Mr. Susan Bailey, in order to get the answers to the questions I could very easily have posited in the minds of his professors at Harvard Business School as they went about developing questions that would breed more Bell Shaped Curved youngsters drooling to get in to such a pitiful communist breeding environment, how to enjoy autoerotic sex without dying in a bloody pool, worse than collapsing into a heap of tears, agree?


Please understand that not only am I using voice recognition software that gets interfered with when the dogs bark but there is a whole lot of ※cutting and pasting§ going on.


What turns things ※on and off§ has been my preoccupation for some time, the deafening silences very revealing in this ※God eat God§ [sic] world, capturing the imagination tho of pretty much everyone are some of the statements such as the STABLE perhaps, nothing more revealing to our inner soul than PW MD*s original thought,


※When the dialogue becomes t﹢ monologues it is the beginning of the end§ [sic].


Not to forget ※The meek with teeth shall inherit the earth§ my twisting it with


The meek

With teeth



The earth


The purpose of all this is to help get folks young, old, good, bad, rich, poor and mostly the indifferent to begin thinking differently about themselves, that they can in fact make a difference, that their voice can be heard and not to be afraid of putting things down in black and white, in the end the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be revealed to those who make it their business to stay in tune with the heartbeat of the universe.


G-D who art in heaven making good use of the deafening silence of all who interfere with the natural order of things, our Rabbi Abner Weiss while ※digging deep§ perhaps to some a little upsetting is in fact awesomely powerful given his standing particularly in my household, no other family I am aware of from Durban, South Africa as close to this rather special man whose intellect was so wasted on perhaps the most dysfunctional Jewish community on the fricken planet, where the focus was getting us kids to stand in straight lines for the bell to ring allowing us to enter the decimated school system breeding mediocrity of unparalled proportion, agree?


Not really all that much different to the Del Mar Hills ELEMENTARY School, perhaps the same where the kids in your neighborhood go for ※cheap babysitting§, agree?


And who can forget that one day in high school when we were being checked for the length of our hair, Mr. Botha asking those of us already reprimanded for having long hair, ※So where did you get your hair cut?§ and only after several people answered ※Neils§ did it dawn on our woodwork teacher that you were the one responsible for the mayhem which is not to suggest that I will be calling on you to return possible ※ill-gotten gains§ then again if you were paid to cut the hair of any of the Durban North Lazarus clan




any other such Jewish Capos who were so ardent supporters of the Nationalist Nazi Party the stooges of the anything but Jewish Oppenheimer-Englehard clans and were tipped more than what could be considered ※FAIR§ don*t wait for me to ask how much it ※hurts§ just give and give and give to the point that when you meet our maker u will be able to ※stand yourself§ realizing that u may not be standing as all your cuc is downloaded to determine your next fate, bearing in mind that it may help to place a mirror in front of u at all times to reflect on how such a communication might go, the past, the future all taking place in the present.


It is possible that Mr. Botha may have become the principal of Carmel College after we all left which would be quite fitting after Jeffrey Malatskey not using his imagination as well as me in getting university exam questions once in letting Mr. Botha know that being a ※joker§ playing it ※hot and cold§ has its limits, Jeffrey*s one of a kind stiff-arm rugby tackle impressing lacky Botha altho so very far down on the totem pole to come to grips with the notion as the paralysis set in why gravity continues to be quite the mystical force even to the smartest of the smart, that which goes up must come down, u wouldn*t by any chance have an updated list of alumni?


Naturally I could understand why u would consider becoming a Muslim but it might be tough making ends meet assuming u r a professional barber although I suspect u r today a major Hollywood celebrity?


Bottom line, when u cut thru all that I have had to say since first ※going public§ back on October 18th 2000 u cannot avoid noticing the prescient timing of my ※knuckleball deliveries§, hi Stanford Law School attorney Mr. William H. Jackson Esq.


Moreover, the degree to which I have managed to play these multiple ※chess games§ without any blood being spilled not exactly lost on the ※authorities§ my ※targets-victims§ having been very clearly, ever so painstakingly identified, agree?


Only a ding bat would be oblivious to the fact that copied on each of my broadcasted communiqu谷s such as this which again go to a statistically valid representative sampling of the world*s literate population r members of law enforcement, the ※carbon copied§ section pale in comparison to the numbers in the ※blind copied§ section who on average I estimate forward each and every one of my missives to another 10 individual, groups, private and public who can also understand ※evidence§.


Most folks well in tune with the notion ※The better the evidence the better the proof§, there being no such thing as ※certainties§ in Quantum Mechanics, only ※probabilities§ but such a ※search for the truth§ does in fact pay very healthy dividends nothing quite as rewarding as being ※in touch§ with ※The mind of G-d§, my ※risk assessment§ communiqu谷 back on July 23rd 2002 containing no hyperlinks I surmise could be understood by an 8th grader with 85 IQ points




More, perhaps a 4th grader with no more than 75 IQ points if ※home schooled§ by the likes of me and my incredible PW MD.


Nothing tho, should be as revealing as to the state of larceny that has enveloped our world than this information below which was broadcast back in the spring of 1999 by Bill Lerach Esq. one of the most celebrated Shareholder Class Action Litigators [SCAL] to have ever walked the planet.


I addressed [in the spring of 1999] the Business Week CFO [Chief Financial Officer] Conference in Phoenix [Arizona]. I spoke to 100 CFOs of top U.S. companies 每 major American corporations. After I had challenged the quality of current corporate financial reports, the moderator used an interactive question-and-answer system to ask the CFOs to respond anonymously to the question:


"Has your CEO [Chief Executive Officer] ever asked you to falsify the financial results?"


Astonishingly, 67% said yes 每 and 12% admitted they had done it. I later heard the SEC [Securities Exchange Commission] had sought 每 and obtained 每 the attendance list for this Conference.


Sidebar to Professor Joe Grundfest, former chairman of the SEC: So Joe, what became of that list?


Neil, later on October 1st 1999 I managed with the likes of this cartoon to ※force the hand§ of another group of SCALs to file a class action lawsuit against Ronald ※The Finagle King§ Perelman of Revlon Corporation with less than a couple of hours to go before the statute of limitations ran out, and to this day we don*t hear the likes of so stellar New York Times reporters Diana Henriques




Again, my other pal Joe Grundfest now a professor at Stanford University along with their comrades over at Forbes and Fortune Magazine never to forget Professor Alan Dershowitz over at Penthouse Magazine, hi Justice L. Thabane, hi Thabo-Trevor-Nicholas Oppenheimer-South African attorney Alan Magid, all screaming at the top of their lungs, calling for a suspension of trading in the stock markets despite the evidence we had well before the collapse of Enron that the majority of Chief Executive Officers have, at a minimum, not simply ※larceny in their hearts§ but have acted out on at least one occasion by trying to get their underlings, the Chief Financial Officers, to commit fraud against the companies* owners.


But nothing would have been more revealing had Bill Lerach Esq. who is now the target of 2 Grand Juries investigations, asked those CFOs who admitted that they had been asked by their CEOs to ※falsify the financial results§ whether they believed those CFOs who answered ※No§ were in fact telling the truth, bearing in mind just 2 things for the moment, one that it is my experience that within moments of someone committing a ※fowl§ act not only do they begin to start liking the smell of their poo but when they look in the mirror especially with the advent of botox they think of masturbating so in love with the reflection they see and second, I have, what the Americans refer to as a, ※1000 battling average§, i.e. a perfect track record in uncovering fraud in every single organization when I have been called in to conduct ※due diligence§ where the owners of the company have entrusted the running of their business to others including those organizations run by family members.


What should be interesting to every single human being on this planet not just those who are literate is again and again the deafening silence coming from the likes of Bill Lerach*s law firm, Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach as well as other law firms such as Finkelstein & Krinsk who have in the past had to pay a ※toll§ to MWBHL who are known by those of us in this incredibly lucrative business as the ※toll keepers§ specifically as it pertains to the complaint I have single-handedly developed against the largest banking institution in the world, the ※smoking gun proof§ of Citigroup*s highly illegal insidious actions is slowly but surely being placed up on The Internet on a variety of websites.


Perhaps, things beginning to make a little more sense why the authorities like the SEC have yet to pick up the phone and place a call to 1-858-SEL-NEXT thinking that folks like FBI will get to me first, agree?


Nothing makes for better TV than to have Talking Heads like Po-LiNew Poster Boy for the Democratic Communist Party§ Pollak pontificating with another puppet on his immediate left which is to his extreme right, pal Roger W. Robinson providing enough tension in the dialogue to have the audience at home unaware of the game being played away from the camera in terms of who ejaculates first, so intense is our focus on which branch of government ※failed to act appropriately§ in leashing in someone such as myself who was spoiling their fun, fun, fun, being pigs at the trough, ※cops and robbers§ ring a bell? Hi Roger, say hello to King!


Everyone can pretty much understand sex but it is not enough for me to reach folks only with 30 points above genius IQ like my PW MD, I have 2, no strike that, I have to, if I am to reach my target of every single literate human being on this planet be able to explain in 5th grade English the highly secretive nature of the ※management friendly§ business which is simply a sugarcoating for ※shareholder hostile§ that has been kept off the radar screen of those such as SEC tasked with protecting the moronic, no strike that, the investing public not tuned in to which is not to suggest that Cliff Benn*s father who taught me everything I needed to know about the insurance business by age 15 is a complete idiot, but an idiot nevertheless, agree?


To think that a whole number of acts of kindness can make up for the rogue acts of violating the trust of an Almighty Smart G-D that above all else impressed upon our elders that they instill in each one of us the means to feel comfortable in questioning everything and anything including G-D him-herself, agree?


Sidebar to Professor Grundfest: And it doesn*t take a rocket scientist to figure out exactly why u r so quiet Professor the shame that u should feel for responding with,


※Could I stop you?§


when I asked u,


※May I share with you "smoking gun" proof that a group of business people in conjunction with the highest-ranking members of the Democratic Party have hi-jacked the political system?§


Your pitiful answer should be cast in stone upon your tomb, the same with u Professor Bernie Black, the same with all of u ※bought and paid 4§ academics never to forget the media who work for organizations such as my pals Arthur Carter, Veronica and William Randolph Hearst VI, Mr. pitiful Hearst nailing it, however, when he said,


※The public are only interested in tits and ass!§


Neil, my Bottoms Up Schooling first began to take shape when I was a tutor at Natal University tutoring first year business-accounting students, many if not most in my tutorials were engineers looking how to ※make money§ which is spelled out somewhat in this draft Chapter III of my book Manager Minute One written several years ago and may in fact be as outdated as my mother*s booklet The Importance of Being a Woman but what it lacks in finesse is made up for in substance, and to the extent that the intelligentsia remain on the sidelines doing the bidding of the ruling elite so will their fate be sealed in the next ※go around


Time to fly.




Ps - Please send me photos of yourself and family and don*t forget to forward this to every single person on your email list who will eventually read all this courtesy of others who see fit to place my missives up on The Internet, just type my name in to one of the major search engines and let me know if you don*t see at least 3 other missives displayed, my plan is to acquire and develop our own search engine which will at a minimum keep the others honest.


Again if there is anything I have written that u have issue with, in terms of both accuracy and relevance please don*t hesitate to let me know.


Ps I 每 I think it is time I followed up on my 22,000 odd word communiqu谷 to my other pal Trevor Manuel, South Africa*s Minister of Finance, so if u can think of anything I should say other than whether he would like to join me in New York City and test out this Malaysian restaurant that David ※Crazy§ Altman ate at last night as my PW MD picks up a Porterhouse steak for my dog, Pypeetoe, over at Le Cirque, I will be all ears.




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Hi Gary

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