From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 7:30 PM
To: Vicky “Sticky” Schiff

Cc: FBI; Diana Henriques-NY Times; Devin Standard; Letters Washinton Post; Mark Vomit Weinstein
Subject: Next Symposium {:}..---...Any changes to your contact info?..Give me a break..Clinton...foul up your mess...{:}


Vicky, wonderful to hear from you.


Don’t you think though, before asking me to update your address book requiring I go to the trouble of clicking the “update” button you first provide me as well as the FBI with all your contact information, phone records, emails going back to the most recent mayoral elections that caused quite a stir in the media to mention in passing your need to bring me in as your “problem solver par deliverance” [sic], you take the time out to write me a check covering my percentage, 10% as best I recall, of all monies you have earned since you cut me checks numbers 459 and 460 back on October 23rd 2001, so important a date October 23rd that keeps repeating itself time and again going back how long, u think, I got stupid?


Now if you take issue with me pinning you down not to get into the origin of words like “heckle” but for God’s sake give me a break with you now participating in A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE LOS ANGELES CITY ETHICS COMMISSION?


So how does Dick Heckman the founder of U.S. Filter figure in on all of this, interesting though, how the Imperial Irrigation District ended up with those 42,000 acres of “prime agriculture real estate” once owned by Dick never to forget a prick like Jeff Rabin of the Los Angeles Times?


Hard to say who is the pimp and who the prostitute in this “God eat Dog” [sic] world, agree?


And of course such 10% commission in perpetuity is in addition to the retainer monies and commissions earned by your main employer, the Wetherly Capital Group, still due to me, agree?


I received earlier today this E-mail from one of my programmers and was wondering if you might be able to assist?


Come on, show us all how extraordinarily hard you work these days, my truly extraordinary mother never really frowning on sex prostitution suggesting in no uncertain terms it was one of the more “honest businesses” out there, then again my mother was not only rich to begin with but she married well, her one client though, Aristotle Onassis, well that is a whole other story.


To think, that I thought the word “mankind” was the oxymoron of all time and then I come across this A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE LOS ANGELES CITY ETHICS COMMISSION?


Butt know” [sic], my partner-wife, Marie Dion, felt the need to come up with the infinity sign within a circle.


Lets c how well u do with deciphering the mathematics of IN-FINITY, just think, “Pie not round, pie Rē.”


Now would be a good time to enroll in my “dog and pony show”, akin to the Gong Show without the bloody internecine fighting but with the likes of u running around in say a circus ring as I crack the whip, agree?


U know of course Mr. Debonair JRK’s wife, the lead plaintiff against Verizon, the cellular phone company, was once married to the chief whip in the Florida Senate, before he bit the dust, a Republican I might add, then again I have yet to triangulate such findings, Mr. Debonair JRK so far the only source and I doubt he is talking as much these days.


Can you imagine the hoops Campbell Soup is putting him through just to get a blow job although they have this one dog, pretty much the same situation going on with Dr. HIM, my working right now on another E-mail to a Mr. Genz pronounced according to Mr. Benz like, “Mercedes Benz without the B” which I will be happy to include you on unless u wish to be added to mydelete lict” [sic]?


So sick this “competition byte” [sic], then again what else could have brought about this Digital Age, A G-D-Send, especially if one doesn’t believe in G-D although I would suggest a good argument could be made that it would have happened a whole lot sooner if women hadn’t been pushed aside in the mathematics and the sciences for sum 2000 years from the time of Pythagoras the very first scientist-philosopher to take mysticism and superstition out of the equation until the middle of the last millennium, agree?


U would agree that the “teeth” email from Marie’s former husband’s email account to her pretty much nailed his coffin, my now beginning a follow up Email to this one sent by Marie this past Sunday to her former husband, Dr. HIM and his attorney Mr. George Money Talks Hurst Esq, Dr. HIM’s earlier phone message, before granting his girlfriend, DawnJohn does not have the ability to print emails” Kilicut, access to his email account was, “I cannot receive emails from your email account”, not exactly falling on deaf ears.


Awfully smart my partner-wife in being ever so patient, vengeance is sweet to the heart of an Indian, by putting her “too” [sic] children’s best interests ahead of the “greed factor” now places my beloved Marie in the “pound seats”, not a trace element of greed, however, in her being, not to suggest for a moment she is sinless since I cannot be certain what goes on between her and my dog, Pypeetoe, when I am not around, agree?


What I can tell you is that when he gets up on the morning he runs around from my side of the bed to her side, French kisses her, jumps in between us assuming there is the minutest amount of space, stretches his long legs, almost without exception, kicking me in the ribs, otherwise he just plants himself in between her legs, so u figure?


Perhaps, more importantly, who else’s name appears at this Special Meeting of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission, none other than your attorney-pal Mr. William H. Jackson?


Although it is of course possible that Mr. William H. Jackson Esq. of Perkins blah blah who sent me this cover letter along with a whole series of Settlement & Confidentiality Agreements to sign back on April 4th 2002 could be someone else in which case please advise me as well as the FBI on what must be surely one big mistake, agree?


Just like there is no right or wrong answer in “How many coincidences does it take before it is no longer a coincidence?” so can we not slip up when examining all the evidence in getting at the truth, the better the evidence the better the proof=truth, agree?


From what I can deduce given just a superficial look at this website address you as well as Mr. William H. Jackson Esq. appear to be members of the Board of Airport [LAX] Commissioners in many ways as “out of control” as the California Coastal Commission and I assume your co-managing director Mr. Dan Weinstein continues to remain as an alternate on that all omnipotent commission, not to forget how fricken easy it is to go from the dog house to you now being a member of the Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System and Jackson a member of the Fire and Police Pension System Commission, Christ Almighty give me another break and send me the cash pronto,




Else what?


Did u hear anything about Judge B. Jackson the rather famous defense oriented judge getting smeared recently and can we assume that Diana Henriques of the New York Times is just a little afraid to call you, hunkered down exactly where, do u think?


A lot has happened since you and I first became acquainted in December 2000, my book Manager Minute One just moments away in the space of time from becoming a bloc-buster success, agree?


U will agree I shouldn’t have that much difficulty finding a good editor, what about a no nonsense prosecutor-District Attorney wanting to join in with the fun and games, now fully underway.


Time for eating the delicious leftover of the vol-au-vent, after of course quick run on the beach with the dogs.


To repeat, ““When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end” [sic].


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – I can only wonder when attending this special meeting of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission the thought occurred of this being the perfect opportunity to spill the beans on your colleagues at the Wetherly Capital Group who masterminded and executed almost to perfection, thanks to yours truly, the rigging of the California Gubernatorial elections held on November 8th 2002, does the name William Simon “ring a pell” [sic]




Did loyalty get in the way, what about the dollar signs?


So has your one handler’s partner former President Bill “Kitchen-WallpaperClinton made a foul pass and if not why not, how else are u making it in this world without me around cleaning up your mess?


Ps I - What to make of you and your co-managing director Mr. Dan Weinstein somehow failing to advise your attorney Mr. William H. Jackson Esq. of that so very very important meeting that took place in the board room of your one group of handlers back on February 8th 2002, although this time round no member of the board




Senior member of Arden Realty Group Inc., quite the New York Stock Exchange REIT, was present, enough of us with rather good memories to light up any Grand Jury member who might have got bored with the “roundabout games” that are played each and every day so as to keep the masses going around in circles, the pitiful rules at our elementary schools as the likes of WAMU make such a mockery, an end to the hypocrisy as my “back and forth” combined with my Bottoms Up Schooling about to become the conventional wisdom of the day, black hands cannot lay white eggs!


Mr. William H. Jackson Esq. going to have a rather tough time finding himself an O.J. Simpson jury who would consider me racist not to forget Mr. Jackson not doing an altogether stellar job while I was out and about in extracting you from the clutches of Mr. Mark “Trump” Weinstein Esq. a former prosecutor who is also going down.


U surely didn’t forget to once again to tell Mr. Jackson Esq. when he was drawing up the settlement agreement between yourself and Lilly-White-Wheaty-Eating-vomit-face Mark “Trump” Weinstein that MTW threatened a very good Hispanic gentleman who had saved both your asses with “false accusations” in an effort to keep the lid on how easy it is for several hundred million dollar real estate fortunes to be made in the “blink of an eye” and to think that u of all people knowing me rather well that I would let Vomit Face get away with even thinking Mr. Ortiz to be a turkey?


So careful Mr. Jackson Esq. in placing a “hold harmless” provision in that one of a handful of settlement agreements that would protect the Vomit Face and you in the event I were to decide to go after both of you independently.


Time running out.


The Meek With Teeth Shall Inherit The Earth.




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