From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 2:57 PM
To: Aaron"BrownNose" Brown
Cc: rest Po-Li Pollak; Kingdelmar; Arianna Huffington
Subject: Next Symposium :) Change is in the air!


Professor another awesum

 day here in Del where The Surf Meets The Turf, your “wild hypothEtical
” response has woken 4 all intent and purposes, from the dead, G-D-Nature, agree?


U r either incompetent, culpable, take your pick!


Now give me 250 pushups followed by 250 sit-ups and be prepared to in about 10 minutes do it in reverse without me having to spell it all out, the words “Go 4 it” b suffice, agree?


Knowledge is Light!







Neil Gevisser



 Sea Change is-si in the air?[1]


  0. C-hange     

  1. B-Square       

  2. A-Iways Be Cool

  3. И- =4chewnuts

  4. G-D-Nature!


  0+1+2+3+4=10=DIGITAL AGE






Built tTOo



J Gary S. Gevisser


Time to BAN, at least unrobe organizations such as the National Association of Broadcasters, agree?


Nothing quite like


E=mc², assisting in balancing things out in perfect harmony with


Pythagoras’, Number is the essence of all things, good or evil, 


Other than When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end” [sic]?


The power of 1, “Almighty D-G” [sic]?


Professor, time 4 sum Physical Training, hang on tight 4 a light journey geared toward empowering the kids to parent the parents who need the most help by using the likes of u so caught up in their own self importance blinded by their own reflection incapable of examining their life each time they look into a mirror.


Now after getting off your “phat” [sic] arse placing a mirror in front of the number 4… Go 4 it!


My now reaching out tu u in a last ditch effort geared toward helping u find a way out of your rut and get connected with the rest of us “a hole” [sic] lot more in touch with the universe than u and  Professor “Richhard Polioanthrpologizt Klein” [sic] who began a dialogue with me on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 10:54 PM ending the next day, Thursday, June 27, 2002 2:09 AM, the 4ever excavating professor informing me,


Dear Mr. Gevisser,


It's possible to see various patterns in the Blombos ocher

fragment, but to me, it''s essentially cross-hatching.  There are

similar things from like-aged sites in Europe, where they were

produced by the Neanderthals.


Best wishes,


Richard Klein



The last I heard from Professor Klein was back on Wednesday, July 17, 2002, 9:49 PM:


Dear Mr. Gevisser,


I did get your last message and this one, but I'm here excavating,

and I have only a few minutes a week to deal with email.  I

apologize if I seemed rude.


Best wishes,


Richard Klein


Interesting wouldn’t u agree how a world renowned communist newspaper like the LA Times got the spelling of Professor Klein’s first name wrong although the possibility exists that they issued a correction later,


Butt tu the best of my knowledge no one has come forward tu even suggest that the lines u were able to connect up by placing the #4 in front of your mirror represent more thancross-hatching, then again, perhaps Richard Klein is an offshoot of the Neanderthals


Or a hybrid of sum sort, agree? 


Don’t be blinded by your own reflection, and now would not be the time to think about your body itching although if u feel sumthing coming out of your anus without first experiencing a bowl movement GO… a-head of time, check it out, and


Y not scratch about as much as u fricken want, 4 the rest of the day, u now deserve a little break, remembering your Pilates, breath in to the count of 5 all thru the nose and out to the count of 5, again all through the nose, stretching your toes during the bicycle maneuver, keeping your bellybutton firm, flat, against the floor, agree?


Never forget that I have overwhelming evidence u are being watched, no different to each of us on this planet, now take that in your pipe and smoke it, not forgetting, however, to wash your hands 4 at least 20 seconds under warm tu hot water, no matter even if u find a porcupine, pretty much any soap though, will do.


Have u heard of Dr. Jimmy George, a gastroenterologist with an amazing practice on the upper east end of “Madhattan” [sic], catering I would think to both phatsos such as yourself and the anorexic, perhaps even more deprived?


The “mad” hyperlink reminds me that I have to be out of The Cave  by 3PM PST, the time now 2:28PM PST, Change in the air, getting my one programmer Adam, who is currently up in Huntington Beach tu swap out my laptop, on the brink of collapse, nothing like 2 worlds colliding, hi Ms. Huffington.


The LA X feature story was back on January 11th, 2002, titled, Carvings Spark Debate on Origin of Abstract Thought, quoting this Stanford Professor with the words, “Is it art, or somebody with a  stone tool just sitting there scratching their tochas” [sic]?


Which can b accessed along with a black and white photo of the object under discussion, Blombos Rock, on pages 1 & 2 of my flagship website simply clicking on the spinning G at the bottom of the home page, after of course reading our Mission Statement.


It is at the end of the day all about it,




Tons of it but u will have to work 4 it, more so it seems than an average Joe Blow such as me, agree?


Or by just clicking on the G hyperlink, all the way to page 16 and wait 4 the math=music tu download, grab a sandwich, not tu suggest that u and the wifey go dutch these days, looking say 4 a Dutch Sandwich to secure 4 yourself, hey, a nest egg in Timbuktu, good luck!


Take your pick, bearing in mind that u have my word I had nothing to do with such scratchings, as best I recall, although it is possible that u might find sum DNA sequencing of mine possibly on the rock itself given the distinct possibility that I might have tripped over it, ripping my pants and since I rarely wear underwear, well, u get the picture, my wife + I,  back in 1995, when Marie Dion was my “travel companion” in the midst of an incredible journey thru life, together, 4ever, not that I want to put u into an even deeper depression than the one u r in, your latest communiqué,


That's a pretty wild hypothetical, but I would tell Melvyn Weiss [my handler] that the appropriate was to be paid would be to demonstrate the value of the work performed. If the firm put significant resources into investigation and legal work, that should result in useful work product, and the firm has a right to expect compensation if the plaintiff prevails.

If there was no useful product, just time and money spent racing to get lead counsel status, then I would reply there's no point to seeking mitigation or reimbursement. It's a cost of doing business that you sometimes lose a race.


so incredibly similar in style to Melvyn Weiss’ too postings back on March 22nd 2002, 3 minutes apart.



SENDER:  mweissman

POSTED:  3/22/00  10:31 PM ET


I think there should always be one Chairman and CEO.  The borad and shareholders should vote on this one position.  There should neevr be two positions.  Liek the President or Prime Minister of a nation, there should always be one final say in all matters.  An elected official is the way to go.  Corporate governance is tough, but it gets tougher once you have to egos, along with their respective supporters, going at it.



SENDER:  mweissman

POSTED:  3/22/00  10:34 PM ET

I think that if Bill Gates will actually be an active Chairman then it will be tough for the CEO to act independently.  However, I believe that if Gates wants to rule MS then let him rule.  He is the best for the job, has built the behemoth and has the skills to enhance it further. 


Bearing in mind professor that my supposedly “wild hypothetical” was the outgrowth of my expressing clearly, unequivocally, that “I blew up” the lawsuit, entitling the plaintiffs in this lawsuit as well your handler’s law firm, Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach [MWBHL] the largest grouping of rapacious, dysfunctional attorneys on the fricken planet, tu receive a flat zero in “compensation,” agree?


Tu mention little of the inability of a handful of folks, quite well schooled in this area of going after white collar criminals, with IQs ranging from +-101 to those with Intelligence Quotients off the charts, tu make “head or tail” of the second part of your first sentence, the same with the gobbledygook slobbered in the second sentence, u moron.


Now if u r suggesting that MWBHL received more than a fricken penny I will drop everything else I am doing at this time, even put off my duty to make incredible love tu my wife at least once a day, buy out Jet Blue if all the seats are taken on this terrific airline, fly to the jurisdiction where the litigation took place, and be prepared to sit on the courtroom steps sitting patiently for the judge who presided over the lawsuit tu show up, naturally, when not running about chanting FAST-FARCE while wearing a sandwich board directing folks to other things of concern tu me, such as the ill-effects of Aspartame.


Time passing me by, having to now cut back on the hyperlinks, please forgive me, and I will check all this after the Sabbath, Go 4 it, remember to wash your mouth out with a little soap, check the ingredient of your toothpaste, not that u are using anything more than your short hairs to clean your teeth, serving no doubt also as a filtering system since I know it is highly unlikely u r in good enough shape to this mild PT routine without breathing on occasion through your mouth while never letting your heartbeat get above 60 beats, per minute, Hi Mathew Margo Esq.


Now before I continue mining this last communication from now until Kingdom Come, I will wait 4 a period of time 4 your response seeing if u r at least capable of spelling out precisely if u have any knowledge whatsoever of your disgusting Shareholder Rights moderator, i.e. Melvyn Weiss and/or his law firm receiving more than one American penny from their lawsuit against Splash Technology and/or its corporate officers and/or the insurance carrier responsible 4 “making good” on their Directors and Officers liability claims while pondering my next move in the event u choose to ignore my request, make fun of me, fight me, drool over Penny Coelen, Miss World 1958, u perfectly well aware that I have already won this chess game, u simply like a chicken having lost its head still able, however, to prance around, an amazing thing electricity, agree?


And by the way Yvonne Hulett who u c in the “Penny” hyperlink was another of my mother’s models, Zena Gevisser, as u can read about in the SOSIs below coached sum of the most successful businessmen to have walked this planet over the past 50 odd years, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN.


As best I recall, Yvonne is not related to Kirk Hulett Esq. a former partner at MWBL at one time “spearheading” the Splash Technology Corp.


After cleaning yourself up, then take a look at the Summary Of Subsequent Incidents since I last E-emailed u back on November 22nd, beginning with the most recent one, as in LIFO, Last In First Out,


1. Rabbi Weinberg,

2. Baker Winokur Ryder,

3. David Berman, son-in-law of Michael $5 billon Hedge Fund Steinhardt

4. Michael Aurbach

5. Getting tu know u Weimer

6. Margaret “RotatorMoore,

7. The Black Prayer

8. Sunset Party

9. WAMU, Shark Bite,

10. “Restraint of God” [sic].


Not that it would make much difference with u or your handler so “quick” so into apportioning blame butt much credit is tu be given to Kirk Hulett who gave me quite a helping hand in resolving a matter of pride as well as money with Paul Borden the president of HomeFed whose stock earlier today, 12:57PM ET to be precise, traded at sum $27 exactly, not a penny more, not a penny less, reflecting it would seem management’s current effectiveness, Profit Margin: 40.47%, Operating Margin: 67.45%; Return on Assets: 40.59%; Return on Equity: 326.50%.


In other words, u moron, HomeFed had done rather well since I handed over my not-so-happy December 31st 1998 Status Report that could one of these days find its way on to one of my 100 odd web sites, possibly, agree?


Now, I cannot say for certain if there has been since then a “recapitalization of sorts” but at the time HomeFed was first “spun” of Leucadia National Corporation [LUK] in the summer, I believe it was of 1998, HomeFed’s stock began trading at I believe around 15 cents a share, agree?


At least agree, that  u will consider capitulating, handing over, this very fricken instant, all your and your partners rights and privileges to, i.e. all your fricken intellectual property, retaining though all your debts as well as contingent liabilities, agree?


I am, “remembering” [sic], only just getting started, not tu forget your great difficulty in attracting traffic tu your website, agree?


Naturally, I cannot stop u from thinking about suicide which u know is a crime against man as well as G-D, butt u should this very instant after u go 4 it, now is not the time to have a fit, then “fall on the sword”, first thou, may I suggest, u go, no wait 4 the right signal be4 getting on all 4s, idiot, and buy sumthing long, yes much longer than your penis, made of plastic, along with a tea cup that comes with one of those saucers with the inner piece where the cup sits raised so as tu absorb your tears, that could prevent your DNA ending up in a kid’s eye as u rant and rave, throwing your arms and legs hoping that just because my mother is certified genius, able to read tea leaves,




So she says, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman  would be able still tu read the writing on the wall, only u, not, G-D, can, thou, end your nightmare, good, luck, thou, in, trying, time, waits, 4, no, man-woman, in this wonderful, incredible Digital Age, the greatest G-D-Send imaginable, agree?


What goes around comes around, sumtimes with an Almighty vengeance, a woman scorned is no doubt something tu avoid, vengeance though, is sweet to the heart of an Indian, we today, have more evidence suggesting that my wife, Marie Dion, is not 1/64th, more likely 1/16th Huan Indian, who u might be able to confirm were apparently pacifists.


Again, in the words, of Mahatma Ghandi;


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.


The putrid performance of your eRaider Investment Fund probably not helping matters a lot other than the fact that I would guess your wife is thankful that she isn’t forced tu BANG u as you possibly once preferred, an amazing thing this testosterone, so incredibly easy to keep in check thanks due to the likes of me, The Rattlesnake, never forgetting tu thank the Almighty who makes it all possible, to keep the likes of u in check.


I think we can agree that your website needs a new “lease on life” serving from what I can tell nothing more than what one would achieve in walking through a roomful of mirrors without though the laughs, and, please don’t get the idea in your head to remove this posting on The Buck Stops Here lounge, remembering, again, my websites remain on track to be at least the number 1,2,3,4=10 websites on the planet, agree?


One last thing u should also not forget is Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. now over in Europe, possibly, even striking a joint-venture deal with your handler’s soon-tu-b ex-partner, Bill Lerach, whose secretary KL I will be following up with in short order, although it might have to wait 4 Monday.


Time running out, thinking of dropping off a hard-copy of this communication at Joe Steinberg’s west coast residence just up the street from our Beach house located at 227 27th Street, Joe though lives in the next town north, Solana Beach just south of the town of Leucadia, this morning at exactly 8:55 AM PST I left a 2 minute and 2 second message on Joe’s home telephone wanting to give this “one of kind” entrepreneur the founder of Leucadia National Corporation [LUK] and quasi-parent of HomeFed, a “heads up.”


And don’t worry about getting back tu me whenever since I will b continuing on other stuff all geared toward putting the finishing touches tu my book Manager Minute One, my assuming that KC will get tu read this communiqué which I told another intern at the Howard Stern Radio Show earlier today will being placed on your The Buck Stops Here concurrent with emailing this tu u.


KC who will only be back in their offices on 40 w 57th Street in Madhattan this Monday should not b confused with KC, our one neighbor in Pine Creek, where we have a rock cabin which Mr. Krinsk Esq. refers to as Stonehenge II.


My plan to is send both Howard and Robin a t-shirt or too, Howard possibly the most in tune 50-year-young male on the planet, Robin no doubt Howard’s reward 4 having lived at sum point, possibly right this very moment in time, the most righteous of lives, telling it exactly the way it is, smart enough tu know that it doesn’t pay to let people around u think u r so fricken smart, not doubt his shit stinks, just like mine, guaranteed, not tu digress to much in to the pitiful state of California’s insurance guarantee fund, a game of “hide and seek” as in “stealing from Peter tu pay Saul” [sic].


Mr. Stern’s farts, I can assure u not as bad as how u are smelling at this time and I assume u evacuated your bowls at least 10 minutes ago, agree?


Never tu forget Mr. Warren “BO” Buffet whose classic statement,


“Within the next 10 minutes and 50 years there is the certainty of either a nuclear or biological attack on one of our [United States] major cities, Mr. President now send in the cavalry to bail me out” [sic].


Buffet’s greed only masked by his unadulterated nonsense although seemingly only picked up by me while visiting Machu Picchu in early 2002, more than being intellectually dishonest as this out of control monster, who happens to have a $6 billion joint-venture on the go 4 it, with LUK, then went “cap in hand” seeking Federal, tax payer, assistance on  terrorist policies he was already selling, taking folks’ hard earned “winnings”, invested sum in all sorts of fukukta financial instruments, while playing a game of chess closer though to checkers, actually another game which I cannot think of at this moment, not, however, on my watch, agree?


I played this rather interesting game that has an Oshon sounding name 4 the very first time this past Thanksgiving when my boy scored highest on our friend Gene’s roulette wheel winning the grand prize, quite a winner lately our JoNathan, to mention just in passing my having got the number 27 twice in a row, his mother and sister not with us that wonderful evening but very much in spirit, Danielle feeling, however, the brunt of being a teenager, so far pretty well protected by the likes of me and her incredible mother, my Marie, watched over, no doubt, by much mightier hands, the Hand of G-D evident for those of us able tu c, the shifts, ever so gradual, taking form, all in the wave, G-D, however, within each one of us, up tu each one of us tu protect every kid, that they don’t grow up tu be a dik, agree?


Nothing quite like the book



On The

Bounty, reading in





Thou, 4 the birds, agree?


Us so-called Jewish canaries who subscribe tu,


Can’t is not in my vocabulary, the impossible shall be done, miracles take a little longer”,


Must now stand tall, as the tide shifts, the arrogant, the over-controlling, rapacious characters now forced tu “sit”, bitten, paralyzed but not done, yet.


The pitiful notion, “Do unto your neighbor as you would want done unto yourself”, a concept so out of reach to most human beings I have met, that it should now take a “back seat”, mankind, having got so full of himself, phat, a whole lot worse than any wonderful beautiful creature such as a pig, so unkind man is tu G-D-Nature, no surprise he is nothing more than a human wrecking ball, swung about by a handful, relatively speaking, of out-of-control maniacs such as your handler et al, agree?


Those of us, however, in tune with the beat of the universe are beginning to feel what cannot be described as anything more than a twist, at this time, it all about preserving what we have, protecting most of all the young who are all our futures from the likes of u, Dr. Sperm Donor JBS et al, never tu forget Mr. King Democratic Party Old Poster Boy Golden


O the youngster Democratic Party Poster Boy, Poli-Pollak, hi King, hi Poli, both of u should let me know whether u will be attending Kenneth Standard’s unveiling of his painting at the Harvard Club in New York City, I believe it is this December 18th


O whether u will prefer instead of being around mostly crybabies such as Robert Kaplan Esq. tu attend a one time lecture at the Space Museum in San Diego on December 17th on what the skies over Bethlehem looked like sum 2003 odd years ago, and by that time Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. should be back from his voyage overseas, perhaps just checking out a location or too be4 throwing his hat in the ring to become the next King of England.


So, Professor, in the event u confirm, again, providing me with corroborative information that as a result of litigation pursued by Melvyn Weiss and/or his law firm, that he and/or MWBHL and/or any single fricken plaintiff received more than one American penny I could on the way over to the court house steps direct the pilot of my jet tu “Dive bomb” The Howard Stern Radio Show with no more than say 77,000 business cards, instructions coming possibly from both my father a WWII fighter-bomber-pilot as well our friend Tim’s father, one of the Dam Busters piloting Lancaster bombers who after the first wave of bombers failed in putting an end tu the Nazi bastard’s heavy water nuclear weapons program, got the job done; nothing quite like a hop-jump-and-a-scotch to keep one’s shit together.


My Bottoms Up Schooling [BUS] gaining ground everywhere, going tu miss Sabbath dinner with G-Dam, beautiful genius of a wife, keeping me grounded every step of the way, a wonderful time to be alive, agree?


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake


[Word count 3875]



[1] Unless there is a SeaChange in the way we go about problem solving it is more likely than not we will in our lifetimes get to witness devastation that will take us back to the Big Bang, agree?


Now is the time to begin viewing things differently the United Nations representing supposedly individual nations made up of exactly who as we move closer and closer tu being one single species, each one of us in the meantime, hell bent on beating up the other, dying the richest in the grave, agree?


Time tu rethink a number of things including how we get buried, feeding the worms, quite laudatory, butt what about feeding the animals in oshons so over fished, agree?


And if not concerned with dying, going it alone, together, thou, we are, once we find a united goal, nothing quite like Einstein’s General Relativity, the theory, forget the math, over the head of most, but enough of a boost to have ignited the imaginations of many, Einstein’s discoveries, however, ultimately being put tu both good, as well as evil, E=mc².


Proof positive that man-woman is made up of action-reaction, 4 every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost, agree?


So why were we so quick to give up on Newton’s principal that m=mass was always a constant just because the precision of General Relativity had the likes of Einstein who considered himself not much of a mathematician, with sufficient genius thou tu refer to General Relativity as “The mind of God”.


Even such a “Godly man” as Einstein finally succumbed tu the glitz and glamour crowd so caught up in going around in circles smelling their own butts, and then the next persons, as they feel the need tu butter up, all eventually running up against only foul smelling odors that even someone as high and mighty as Einstein began to slow down, his mind turning to rot, farts nothing more than airborne particles of feces, the United Nations of the world all butt divided focused on their own indaba, Zulu slang 4 “own business.”


Where tu begin? How about “In the beginning”




Why not simply all get together and complete the work of Einstein in his lifetime quest 4 coming up with a


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


It is, up tu each one of us working together tu help fix the problems of the world, to restore balance tu our planet, a gift from what is clearly a “loving G-d” who despite man’s testosterone having got the better of him, so hard these days to differentiate between man-woman, make up, so much everywhere, so confusing, us resorting to sayings of Confucius, clearly Godly inspired but who was never quite as precise as the words of God whose actions speak loudest in that which we refer tu as Evolution, agree?


We all know the expression “A mind is a terrible thing tu lose” and more who follow my writings have heard of things I have picked up along the way one of the most important coming from a physicist-businessman by the name of Jonathan Beare who in referring to sum shenanigans going on within one of his business enterprises brought to his attention by his nephew Derrick Beare and me, said what I have repeated time and again to those who play it “fast and loose” never forgetting “u snooze u lose”, nothing quite like though, “Heads u win, tails I lose” agree?


The email tu Derrick Beare this past Saturday has created quite a firestorm even though I have no confirmation Derrick Beare read that or any of my emails in the past 6 or so months, our Perfect Storms taking hold everywhere, in sum places more so than ever, eventually thou, every fricken literate person thanks to search engines like will get wind of how relatively easy it is tu keep scoundrels in check, just by “cutting and pasting”, wouldn’t you agree Mr. George “Money Talks” Hurst Esq?


Those responsible for writing the Bible, however, may have made a few mistakes “here and there” beginning with a preposition much like sum folk think Leonardo De Vinci incorporated “errors” in sum of his designs, specifically his “weapons of mass destruction”, everything we can now all agree on thanks to Einstein, is relative, built in mistakes a way of avoiding the traps set by those in the pound seats who see someone else’s “work product” as theirs to grab on to as they please, agree?


Nothing quite divine as “ruling by divine authority” grabbing hold of a few displaced folks, nothing quite like a hungry army going on the prowl, the Crusaders not the first or the last tu think, of rape, an interesting conversation taking place one of these days between my wife and our too kids, part of the process of helping ensure that neither grow up tu become co-dependants, independent in every respect, respectful first of all tu their G-D-given bodies, healthy mind, healthy body, the mind and the body the only too things mutually dependent, agree?


Number is the essence of all things, choices kept to a minimum, do good or evil, good and evil mutually exclusive of one another, pride of ownership everything whereas those who have stolen the most who then will their ill-gotten gains, burdening their offspring so as tu continue “ruling from the grave” remaining sumhow aloof as their fricken bodies decay, their souls so burdened most ending up no doubt as bottom fishes unless of course they have been even worse to have been sent back tu earth as say an ant, the ants most would agree taking over, agree?


Remember there is balance everywhere, no matter what, sum fricken preacher might say, just give such snake oil salesmen a dose of The Rattlesnake’s concoction made up of an accumulation of the greatest minds to have ever walked this hell hole man-woman has created forgetting the basic tenets of how easy it is tu keep one’s ego in check when realizing there is an Almighty G-d who watches each and every one of our moves, good, bad, most of the all the indifferent, who simply take up space, the out of control so very few, the same with the very good, and why G-d’s job is so incredibly simple once one has worked out things like time, motion and space, much like a great artist painter, and to the best of my knowledge there is only one such person and his name is Sebastian Capella, agree?


Nothing quite like picking away at negative space, being able to go in no matter how screwed up things are in order tu save a painting or too, no doubt the same sort of obstacles faced by G-D, each and every time he feels the need 4 an “inside out” maneuver, agree?


The number of brain dead folk around who have lost their sensitivity despite our thin skins the sign of the times, agree?


Nothing like the current level of obesity causing the world to go topsy, turvy, curvy, like never be4, what about the correlation of the fat content of human beings combined with fricken odorous farts wrecking havoc with the weather patterns, the days of business schools teaching kids exclusively how to take orders, collect a paycheck, be average fast drawing to a close, the Digital Age, the keyboard, an extension of the digits that distinguish us from the lesser animals so much more in tune, their lack of voice sumhow making us feel superior, patterns of bad behavior more easily observed than ever be4, agree?


Today it is all about though each one of us making the other feel better about themselves, the self-help books enabling folks to reach even higher in their quest to be bigger victims, nothing quite like heaping self-pity in keeping the haves from having to deal with the have-nots, agree?


Nothing like knowing a thing or tTOo in terms of how the system works beginning of course with the physical world, by the time a court date is in sight the plaintiff will be either long dead or broke, certainly a whole lot poorer than had he-she been able to “exploit” the fruits of their own labor without having to pay for the privilege of hiring an attorney, perhaps sum into S & M, possibly enjoying a little byte of homosexuality wanting to know how painful it is for a woman to go thru childbirth,




Simply wanting to feel like a woman, every so often, agree?


Nothing thou like giving folks an opportunity to be distracted to be able to say, “Hey Homy G what’s up with the butt stuff, u know of course u run the risk of losing your credibility?”


To which I respond,


“Better to be labeled deaf, dumb and blind, than end up worst of all dead be4 completing one’s work, the chances of remaining a paraplegic or a quadriplegic for any extended period “slim and none.”


Nothing like having the co-executors of one’s estate properly incentivized to throw one’s remains tu the fishes, so important knowing coming “out of the gates” one’s strengths and weaknesses, never though, tu be so foolish and leave the likes of me, Homy G, home alone, with a hammer and a nail, communists getting everything right other than be so fricken poor, in the execution, like despots anywhere a communist soon finds common ground with a Hitler and then sum, agree?


Given my command of numbers to choose ever so carefully my friends who know most of all the meaning of the word love, made up most would agree of too words, trust and respect, leads a youngster first of all tu understanding, what it really means to stand on one’s own too feet ever so watchful of an over controlling parent who be4 socking it tu u with his-her lefts and rights first applies the squeaky wheel approach one that worked in getting them to be co-dependants be4 blasting your ears to Timbuktu, agree?


Getting it right from the start, avoiding scenes like divorce court comes about from being “gifted” right from the start with parents carefully chosen by caring parents each generation learning from the mistakes of the past ensuring their offspring don’t become rabbits, donkeys a better choice, if one really has a choice, at sum point it up to each one of us sooner rather than later tu fly high and free, the innocent may die young but there can be no excuse for being naïve in this day and age, agree?


The need today, more than ever to get back to the times when it took a village to raise a child, none of us willing, however, to give up our indoor plumbing, bottoms up schooling essential, most of all to empower those kindergarten and elementary teachers who themselves may be so poorly conditioned,



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


Dun N Bradstreet may not be a household name everywhere in the world but their measurement systems in terms of peoples’ creditworthiness clearly in a need of a major overhaul given how incredibly easy it is 4 someone raised on the principles that “money talks” tu master even without going to business school the fine art of “lying, stealing or cheating”, the days though of those who have stolen the most, worst of all limiting the potential of the next generation, continuously borrowing against the youngsters’ inheritance who are forced to pay for the sins of not only both parents but that of society, again, fast drawing, tu a close as our worlds collide, agree?


And it isn’t going to be sum celestial object piercing the ever weakening outer protective of earth’s outer atmosphere, our garments speaking volumes in terms of how much things change so they remain the same, fashion, a state of mind, the best fashion statements seen in nature, us on a collision course with G-D-Nature, our species on the verge of being irrelevant, agree?


Those that have been getting richer and more powerful by the second using the media most of all to keep the working and middle class towing the line 4ever issuing warnings of either global warfare that no one individually can do anything about while having even the stay at home momworkers be ever so well prepared to stay indoors, God forbid venture out and actually vote 4 a sane politician, not likely, instead batten down the hatches with iron in the one hand a bazooka in the other, knives secured way in crazy hairdos, knowing it is just a matter of time be4 a home invasion takes place by one or more thugs entering her home, stealing all the gold, silver, platinum, lobbed out of the attic into a Brinks armored truck in the driveway, the roof opening up making the loading process that much easier as the dogs get whipped within an inch of their lives, be4 slicing their throats, their intestines thrown into a bowl of cold water, and then be4 raping the mother, one, most likely all of the thugs have her children eat from the bowl using only their mouths, their arms and legs already chopped off, and worst of all after leaving the mother to explain to the man of the house so consumed in his own little world when returning from a horrific day how bad a hair day she had, she has tu first of all hear all about the fricken the onshore winds having all butt blown out the surf, the hurricane off Baja California simply not producing enough force to provide the husband with more than half a dozen incredible waves, at one point forced tu catch an incredible wave all the fricken way into shore, exhausted, finding, incredibly, the most amazing naked 18 year old willing to lie about her age blah blah, agree?


Information, the great divide between the haves and the have-nots now being bridged by the Digital Age, nothing butt a G-D-Send, and yes given the unacceptable level of chaos in the world’s financial markets it is a good thing that men, women and children can pick up a Penthouse Magazine breeze through the centerfold page, going back and forth, and hopefully not coming across pornographic bullshit put out by the likes of Harvard Professor Dershowitz who writes the Justice Column.


If u don’t c what I am writing as being to your liking, go ahead, make my day, throw me the best of what’s left of your rotting head and if need be hire yourself an attorney who like many often forget that the privilege referred to as “attorney-client” privilege belongs with the client, that cutting deals within deals and deals behind closed doors has only come about since man-woman thinks this world is all about them as in “me, me, me” never bothering to think that maybe there is an Almighty G-D with a guiding hand gently prodding each and every one of us to do better smart enough to suffer the backlash that comes from being told all the him, “How to do this and that.”


Problems begin when we first stop asking questions, and why it is that kids turn into diks the instant they can no longer cope, most of all with the hypocrisy of their parents who don’t have the time to ponder their navel in this “dog eat dog” world. is the centerpiece 4 providing such folks with a forum where many of the problems each and every one of us face have already been chewed on, saving a whole lot of time, a fast way of problem solving without having to “knock heads”.


And it all comes down to great sex and what makes a good parent. The answer is a great lover and so the only question remaining is what makes a good lover and that answer, a good parent, is a little difficult to define.


The handle that rocks the cradle “back and forth” is the best equipped to “problem solve” but so very few women are interested in mathematics and sciences, man’s testosterone having taken over making the study of these basic elements necessary to become SMart so incredibly boring.


The art of problem solving requires examining things from not just one perspective and a parent in tune with the heartbeat of their kid, a universal beat of wanting to explore new frontiers raises issues best thought of in terms of protection and prevention, wanting to empower and at the same time wanting to prevent the mistakes of the past from being repeated.


This of course assumes a woman is a woman and a man is a man, man-woman so intertwined these days it is often hard to pull them apart unless of course they are in fact in-love.


The schooling of being a parent has been mulled on since the beginning of time, most folks now agreeing that be4 bringing children into this world they should first try their hand at raising a plant be4 moving on to see how they do with being the “alpha dog” when owning an animal such as a dog being ever so careful in terms of never breaking its spirit to the point that it will be too afraid to explore while opening up new possibilities in terms of its handler’s ability to “problem solve.”


All the answers exist within nature from its geometrical shapes, to its values and finally there is color the 3rd component in a painting, but if one cannot draw then one should seriously consider another profession than becoming an artist-painter since the likelihood of being able to make a living unless u r selling sex at the same time is both “slim and none.”


The study of the liberal arts though may make a decent alternative if getting an education beyond what one learns off the streets is one’s desire but that requires a strong sense of knowing who one is especially if one were to later end up in business not that one couldn’t stop all one’s formal education after encountering “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”, business school all about teaching the nuances of how to perfect the art of larceny since stuff like, “buy low” and “sell high” which is the only other thing taught in these institutions although the professors use the Queens English pulling out of their anuses expressions such as


“When the Marginal Revenues exceed the Marginal Costs it is wise to stop producing which 4 u ignoramuses like Gary Steven Gevisser in the back of the lecture room obviously in a deep discussion with Mark Oscar Hackner no doubt the too of u Jew boys in a conspiracy to control the world, means that when the additional costs of making sumthing up are more than the additional costs u will get from selling your best selling book then u should essentially just close shop, agree?”


If need be, I could make things rather short and brief but then again there are certain things that I don’t control at this time, one being The Mind of God, who in my opinion is leaving it up to each one of us to figure a thing or too out for ourselves without being told “How tu do it”, time and again, we keep hearing the same old boring tunes such as “this and this equals” eventually falling on deaf ears.


It is all about listening very carefully to a master painter, knowing a thing or too about filling in negative space and since we don’t know precisely how big the universe actually is, sum estimate we have at this time probably accounted 4 no more than 4% making the difficulty of extrapolating a whole lot more difficult, or so it would seem, please, disagree?


So when dealing with “negative space” and in the case of Deep Space where there is both matter and anti-matter which most scientists I believe would agree cancel out to zero, the job of “balancing out” the rest of the landscape is really not all that difficult, especially when one looks at the “knowns” and the differences that exist between Deep Space which is one perfect vacuum and the only non-vacuum environment we know of so far, i.e. SpaceShip earth, sound being one, the other of course gravity that continues to confound and battle the experts despite our rather good grasp of sciences and the mathematics.


Mathematics, the ability to measure and express things of matter although incredibly precise is not flawless beginning with why 2 times 2 is not 2 when 1 times 1 equals one, although who amongst the English would be surprised that the French don’t use the word “times” when “multiplying” choosing instead the word “fois”, the best I can make out means “repeat” which reminds me simply of Bill “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton and his “is-is”.


And then there is the square root of a negative number which causes every calculator I have used to issue nothing butt an error, yet we know for a fact that there must exist such a number given that fact that we know light can be measured just like sound in waves, their being both positive and negative numbers throughout the so-called cycle, mathematics though does provide us a ‘way out” of this quandary given the fact that most kids, at least where I went to school which mostly catered to lily-white wheaty eating brain dead kids of “dik-s” [sic] having to repeat the most ridiculous of songs nothing more juvenile and cruel than the one at the end of the Passover Seder titled, “ONE KID, ONE KID” which can be accessed in the previous too hyperlinks and read in both Hebrew and English


Not tu forget the pictures almost as bad as those images one sees in a Roman Catholic Church of Jesus Christ with blood oozing out everywhere, the guilt factor no doubt contributing perhaps the most 4 what led to such an incredible decline in spirituality from the time of an enlightened person such as Pythagoras who had women in his inner circle, the first of the scientists with his “This and This equals That” to the point that woman so squeezed out by men wanting to blow things up using such explosives such as TNT, taking the genius of man, a gift from a loving G-D, in the form of E=mc² to build weapons of mass destruction, forcing women to go even deeper into their cocoons beginning sum of them to act like men with elevated levels of testosterone incapable of applying their superior and overwhelming problem solving techniques more often than not empowering their “weaker half” to become just like them co-dependants and the too going hand in hand enabling their kids who after a while stop asking questions.


U r who u associate with.


In the beginning there were just too of us, today we are alone, together, sum still have the will to carry out His-Her will, whether or not G-D is a man or a women is not the biggest question, yet, the most important is tu get both women and men better aligned, nothing like a T Square to help draw parallel lines, the Right Angle Triangle describing graphically, i.e. figuratively, the RAT Proof Theorem of Pythagoras x²+y²=z² spelling out literally how man who is very single dimensional, reliable in getting the job done without much “fanfare” and woman who is multidimensional each having what it takes to work together, to attract one another, nothing quite like the Angle of the Dangle to explain the RAT PT to a woman like Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown’s wife.


There has been so much “mixing up” going on for ions particularly in our educational system that instead of teaching mathematics using far more art forms, explaining the origins of things like the number system that could have emerged from how we saw the shape of things from the stems of plants to the circles within the stems, going “back and forth” as opposed to “streaking” ahead showing off our exposed genitals as opposed to the brain between our ears.


“Hear o Israel” should ring a bell for many folks, Jews, Christians, Muslims et al but nothing should begin the healing the process then getting folks around a Unified Theory for the Inner Workings of the Universe that spells things out rather clearly in terms of the “hand of G-d” at work leading us back to reexamine things like the meaning of life something my wife and I took a “stab” back on December 1st, 2002 with the Z Question.


Man only becomes an enigma one he starts believing the whole world revolves around him-her and the sooner we begin to hold in check those kids who have turned in adult “diks” the sooner we can begin providing our youth who r all our futures that which we were all gifted “one time round” at the beginning of time.


This Sea Change is designed to help folks wanting to get in touch with themselves, wanting to avoid the pitfalls of previous generations stop losing whatever spirit remains given the amount of interference that has already taken place with their sequencing, each one of us programmed pretty much dead-right from the start perhaps no more than 24 possibly 25 standard deviation points of intelligence from the smartest amongst us to the those less than 90 IQ points who can help each one of us given my “certain” knowledge that there is “design” everywhere, everything having its place, our choices made quite simple by our ability to measure things ever so carefully, Number is the essence of all things, good or evil.


Man has become quite capable of adding and subtracting and the Good Lord knows he is a genius at dividing, no one more equipped in this particular discipline than a person with a formal education particularly an English literature graduate who has allowed his-her formal education to interfere with their learning.


And no one at this time comes more to mind than Ms. Diana Henriques, Federal Court Judge Jack Weinstein referencing her article in the New York Times, making me aware as CEO of a medical device company how I might be able to “make a difference” in a rather important landmark multi-million dollar jury award.