From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 4:29 PM
To: Larry Winokur, Paul Baker, founders of Baker Winokur Ryder
Cc: rest including Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq  (; Devin Standard; Melvin; Po-Li
Subject: Next Symposium :)


Larry-Paul hi – I am coming up to Los Angeles tomorrow with possibly tOO potential clients that you can first c on the home page of my one website which so happens is on track to be the number one website on the planet,


And without boring you with sum of the other facts that strongly suggest that a couple more of my other websites including as well as, Footsak as you, Larry, well know is South African slang for giving someone, “a kick in the rear”, r expected tu follow suit.


Both these two prospects I believe could, if “pitched write” [sic] set the world “alight”, bearing in mind that I am in the process of taking a whole number of folks on a “light journey” at this time, all part of the “road show” geared toward promoting my book Manager Minute One, a take-off of the business book best-seller, One Minute Manager, that we should all be our own managers from minute one,


Tu mention just briefly one other website also under construction, which spelled backwards, as called for in Quantum Mechanics is [don’t] moc.GODdnaNAME, much deeper thou in terms of “under construction”, as in allegorical, a word I only picked up recently from one very close attorney-colleague Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. whose deposition on October 17th of last year should be required learning 4 every idiot thinking of taking their law degree and actually practicing “medicine” [sic], something the too of u were smart enough to figure out ahead of time, Timing is the essence of all things.


U can c from the E-mail I broadcasted yesterday Jeffrey Krinsk is not your typical attorney playing in the major leagues of SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits] 4 he only decided to practice law having already “set himself up 4 life” while sharpening his teeth at the likes of Hang Ten International before running a rather successful public company, not that I wish to promote Jeffrey and his good looks, at least not yet, my wanting to do nothing more or less 4 that matter, than have Jeffrey now “hang up his gloves” and join me and the rest of my “inner circle” as we go about helping get the world back once again into balance




intTOo sum resemblance of order, beginning with rethinking a number of things, including Matthew 5.5, “The meek shall inherit the earth” versus


The Meek




The earth" [sic],






The loneliness of the long distance runner?


And, naturally there is one other website thought up by my wife, Marie Dion, that is geared toward keeping everyone, including me, grounded, not tu forget that this universe is all about electricity, from the magnetic fields with their positive and negative forces keeping every object in both the cosmos as well as matter at the subatomic level cruising along, the earth, u might agree traveling at least from our perspective, at sum 178,000+ miles per hour, “axcelerating along”, my having spent the past decade or so since we all hung out together looking at ways to put into practice the words on my English folks’ answering machine, “We are out solving the problems of the world, please, blah blah,” all butt certain, a lot of crap to clean up, hence my Bottoms Up Schooling.


Both of u though have only met my incredible father, WWII fighter-bomber-pilot, Bernard Nathan Gevisser, who despite 71 operations tucked under his belt, referred to by Dwight Kroesch, the man credited with piloting in the first Allied paratroppers behind enemy lines on D-Day June 5-6th 1944, as the Miracle Man; my dad, as u know, although the “life of any party” while not all that well schooled in matters such as art, besides for being the most amazing father, never 4 a single solitary second over-controlling, is most of all, a most humble man.


Not that my mother is altogether different, no doubt Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman, a certified genius, who could, I can assure u, teach u, Paul and lady partner Ryder, a thing or tTOo about PR, her model agency and charm school business nothing more than a front 4 as I mentioned in my now much talked about email to Mr. Krinsk yesterday, in getting her foot in the door coaching “the most powerful men in the wor.d” [sic] THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN.”


Of course u both remember Michael Grant in the “hang up…” hyperlink.


I got to run, at least too more emails to get out be4 calling it a day.


Please let me know, I could always swing by either of your houses be4 heading out to Big Sur on Friday. My telephone number is 1-858-SEL-NEXT [735-6398].






Ps – Please don’t be put off by the “teeth” hyperlink which links you to the co-executor of my estate Devin Standard, although able to hold his own both physically and mentally with the likes of Jeffrey R. Krinsk the other co-executor of my estate at this time, Devin, is someone who has his own stable of professionals who could do possibly with a hand from the likes of you two, and u know how much I really like you fellows, never to forget that prick executive from Epilady USA Inc. who dared to speak out of turn, a relation of this rather stinky fellow, now married to the owner of a restaurant here in Del Mar that Marie + I frequent quite “a byte” [sic], u both perhaps unaware that I finally tied the knot?


Never to forget Mr. Craig “sweeting bullets” as I went to work in the fall of 1989 ferreting out the “wrongdoing” following my little speech at the start of the Epi assignment first letting these yoyos know that I was there as a “resource tu assist u all, butt please don’t forget the old adage, ‘O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice tu deceive, the best form of defense is to have at least sum offense+sum fun” [sic], this yoyo a good example of why it is so important that we never allow anyone to get away with a foul move, simply giving the likes of Craig more resources to play more foul, a “chicken shit” as Irving Cooper would say, few folks I have come across who recognize “graciousness in victory” choosing instead tu see kindness as nothing more than weakness, agree?