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Jeff Rabin-Los Angeles Times
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Subject:Police drop me from your email list 4 I feel MOBBED" [sic] - A Name From Here U Can Trust Over There!



Jeff hello tu u.


I returned a little earlier from a brisk walk along the beach with my dog, Pypeetoe, after the traditional Wednesday “chicken pot pie” lunch at Rainwaters.


At this very moment, the time having just struck 4:15 PM PST, Pypeetoe is cuddled up ever so tight on the back of my armchair squeezed in between the back cushion and my spine, Mr. Krinsk Esq. not saying a word about you also calling up crying, not really important at this time in terms of who got tu you, not tu suggest that u have been talking to ghosts outside, of the deceased former ambassador to Switzerland during the Clinton Administration Mr. Larry “Disgusting” Lawrence?


Suffice to say Mr. Jeffrey “Alla-din” Krinsk Esq. has had a hellacious week, Yom Kippur on Monday, no time to prepare 4 a deposition yesterday despite my letting him know, telepathically that is, that I was available “on call” to assist with the “Fish Network” [sic] to mention little of the  “coup de tar” by Republican “Guard Arnold step-hail Schwarzenegger” [sic] replacing Governor Gray “Ho Chi Min” Davis, Mr. Krinsk suggesting that I consider substituting in the tTOo Minute Manager 4 my Manager Minute One, be4 handing over to Mr. Krinsk “The Disk”, him later calling me an “Indian giver” as I “pulled back” which was preceded by him asking me about my “relations with the Indians” resulting in me reminding him that be4 he gets to familiar it worth remembering that my wife is 1/64th Indian and 63/64ths momworker and 100% sweetie pie, better than gold.


This is not tu suggest that my friend Jeffrey who wouldn’t even accept a $5 contribution from me 4 lunch knowing that I was going to have a hell of a time coming up with an additional dollar to pay for the $6 parking, sumhow knowing that I was in the process of closing down my one bank account, highly opposed tu writing a “bad check”, had anything tu do with the recent mishap with the tigers at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas although I could c his wife, Campbell Soup, now putting her foot down,


“Having The Rattlesnake and his dog around once in a while frolicking in the koi ponds is about my limit; couldn’t u have come up with a more ingenious way to get wild animals on the cheap” [sic]?


And, Mr. Rabin, be4 u suggest one more fricken thing how about chewing on this:




Having tu think about what to say to a nincompoop such as yourself took exactly 30 seconds out of my day, more importantly, causing me tu take a siesta before following through on my commitment to communicate once again with Mr. Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister of Finance.


And of course even u should be able to c the bright side of Part 8 of the 8 part mini series yet to be delivered to Diana Henriques of the New York X, not tu forget Mr. Jim Gibson, the Republican, I assume, still running for the California State Assembly, timeliness so very important, now is as good a time as any tu begin connecting up the dots…---…, agree?


Good Day,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake





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