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Rex, is, “Rev King” as in Reverend Martin Luther King or like others getting more and more comfortable with my style, especially the masses who haven’t let their formal education interfere with their learning when seeing the letters “Rev” recognize the stock symbol for Revlon Corporation and then connect the dots to the Revlon King as in Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman, another Orthodox Jewish person who to my knowledge has never been publicly rebuked by any Rabbi of standing, such as Rabbi Abner Weiss, who to the best of my knowledge never once gave a sermon that the Lazarus or Wolman families would have understood, suggesting in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome in “His” place of worship.


The Revlon “Finagle King” as you can tell from the first “Finagle King” hyperlink did a whole lot better than a pawn like Arafat and when you steal the “lifeblood” out of someone whether it is their “lifesavings” or the G-D given light that says “stand up for your rights, I am the Lord thy G-D who delivered thee out of the house of Egypt, out of the house of bondage, never to return, as slaves” that is as serious a violation as any, tantamount in my opinion to “murder.”


The destruction or attempted destruction of anyone’s name according to Jewish Law is tantamount to “murder” and so Mr. Solomon I take great care in how I go about ferreting out wrongdoers recognizing, Sir, that the folks I am up against, who I have chosen to challenge are not only very well healed, having stolen the lifeblood out of others, but there are many out there like Mr. George G. Hurst Esq. who have no care in the world how their client earned “his-her keep” as long as the barber will accept his dollars in payment, nothing quite like a “haircut”?


I have spent a lifetime amongst the very rich and the “dirt poor” and I have learned a number of tricks along the way to hold folks accountable in addition to not only working out what makes people tick but how the universe actually works and perhaps you will come across those writings if so inclined; suffice for you to know that I, alone, was responsible for the filing of the shareholder class action lawsuit on October 1st 1999 which you see in the second “Rev” hyperlink with about a couple of hours to spare before the statute of limitations ran out and you will just have to take my word on it and should any attorney who prosecuted that case were to disagree with me than you can be rest assured I will take that attorney-s to task with the same vigor that I have pursued Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman for sum 4+ years.


To repeat Devin Standard’s words,


Subject: Re: ?If I am not for myself who is 4 me? And if I am only 4

myself, who am I? If not now, then when?



Spot on!

Not much more can be said?

Any, and all moral highground is undermined if the minute one's proprietary

skin has been saved, one turns a blind eye to lesser, equivalent, or

greater evil. The fact that the gift of one's life has been spared

obligates one to, if not ruthlessly wield the sword of righteousness, to

at the very least, shine a light into the dark corners where evil

manifests. Otherwise you are abetting the Devil you've recently dodged. Cheers, D



The court system works just fine if you are as my mother would put it, “White, bright and over 21” + have bundles of cash in your pocket “just in case” Or unless you are fortunate to have as my wife and I did on October 24th of last year a very fair judge.


I live each day like it was my last although for the past 12 months my one spot, The Cave, has remained quite messy but that such come to pass, more important that I spend my time never giving anyone who does evil, a free pass, agree?


And so when you go on about Mr. Arafat and the piddly $300 million he is stolen it seems to me the biggest point you are making is trying to suggest that he doesn’t quite have the Yiddisha kop, the Jewish brain as say an Orthodox Jewish person like Ronald “O. Ring” Perelman who has stolen billions and then some or Marc Rich et al.


Mr. Solomon, get a grip on the realities of life as well as what it is exactly that constitutes death or a living hell. Both Ghandi and Martin Luther King were great men seeking peaceful solutions at a time when there wasn’t something such as The Internet and nor did they face the type of weapons of mass destruction that are around today that fit in little briefcases, the same size briefcases that have allowed the despots of the past to get rich on the backs of those who toil the soil.


I happen to have some very sound economic solutions for solving our worldwide economic crisis but it begins with having to build trust which means I have to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only do I always tell the truth but that I will stay the course, come hell or high water.


No matter what, the information that I have in terms of both our political as well as economic structures having been rigged will reach the masses even if I were to “slip & fall” and lose all of my marbles, and even cutting off my balls won’t help my adversaries since my dog, Pypeetoe, will still probably lick me and of course I cannot be certain that my incredible wife will remain with me just as I cannot be certain that tomorrow will come.


What I am certain of and remember in Quantum Mechanics there can only be probabilities, no certainties, is that the bell is now tolling for each one of us to stand up and do the right thing, man is in conflict with nature and G-d, and it is because mankind is anything but kind.


Shabbat Shalom,




Ps. I will give consideration to your request, “ Please remove the links from my name to any image on your distribution” .




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    I appreciate your first amendment right to express your opinion.  I do however take note of your remarks on personal character of individuals such as myself.  I assume you are genuine in your feelings, however that does not make them right.  It is obvious that you care deeply about this subject and have invested a lot of time in formulating these missives.  I do not have the time nor the desire to independently research your position. 


    You should be aware that your presentation does devalue your points.  It does appear to the neophyte to your emails, that your excessive use of hyper links, and especially the "nick names" you have bestowed on us [and the links to images that are our photographs] appears immature.  Give the style and substance of your prose, I can tell you are not.


    Please remove the links from my name to any image on your distribution.


And Shabbat Shalom




   Ps - As a complete side bar:  You might find it of note that one newsource [I can not remember which one I read it in today as I read a lot of them] estimated Mr. Arafat's personal fortune at over $300 Million USD.  I find it odd that a so called freedom fighter and humanitarian could amass so much wealth when he has held no other profession in his adult life, and when there is such massive poverty amongst the people whom he leads as their president.  I know that in contrast Mr. Gandhi [a very fine attorney] and Rev King, both far more successful leaders never amassed fortunes.