From: Gary S. Gevisser
Thursday, October 30, 2003 1:55 PM
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Richard Cooper'
Cc: rest
Subject: RE: 1431 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, California


As I have said before, the next person who strikes out at me, given the fact that I have painstakingly telegraphed my punches, never once threatening anyone with anything but the truth, furthermore never would I support any form of violence, will, at a minimum, have me most upset.


Moreover, you may very well have been the first since my wife’s ex-husband, Dr. JBS, to have crossed the line.


And my suggestion is that you, therefore take a hard look at the court records down at the criminal court buildings in downtown San Diego, examining in as much detail as your pitiful mind can fathom, all the declarations made “under penalty of perjury” and don’t hesitate tu send me a copy of the transcripts resulting from our victorious day in court back on October 24th 2002.


The fact that u state in your previous email tu me,


Gary, you are fucking with the wrong person I have kept many of your emails and they could be quite damaging to you.


places you, in my opinion, right up there with the worst of them and perhaps why your father in his ultimate wisdom decided not tu have you, his only son, an executor of his estate, tu use your father’s often used expression, you are nothing but a “chicken shit”, again, this is all my opinion.


The fact that u came crying to me for help and I was forthcoming, now that all I want is tu get your input on some highly derogatory material I came across about a man who helped put a whole lot of chicken soup on the dining room table for you and your sister and others feasting off Irving Cooper, has u crying like a crybaby, talks volumes, agree?


Make certain when you contact the “the appropriate people in lapd, blah blah” that u give them this email as well and while you are at it, suggest to them that they first contact Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq of Finkelstein & Krinsk, not his wife, Campbell Soup, his telephone number is 1-619-238-1333 before bothering me.


Do not, however, waste any more of your precious time calling him or me.


Furthermore, if I hear one pipsqueak more out of you I will simply respond with what I once responded tu an obscene emailer which later resulted in me being put in touch with the FBI.



I very much appreciate the fact that you are increasing the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day. This is a very affirmative and positive step on your part that is highly appreciated.


Good day,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake



Ps – Rest assured your email address is now permanently deleted from my email list, and should an “Act of G-d” take place and u end up getting an email from me, I am fully prepared to suffer the consequences; just do me one favor, and that is, get sum help, not visiting with a AMA approved psychiatrist or too, but listen tu the voice within, examining in the minutest detail who really is the very, very big, bad, wolf, and you won’t have tu look very far assuming u use a mirror tu shave in the morning.


And of course, it is doubtful you will be on the list of invited guests at our next beach party celebration.






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Thursday, October 30, 2003 12:58 PM
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1431 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, California
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thats it gary. I am also calling the appropriate people in lapd that deals with internet abuses.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003 2:58 PM
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Emile Myburgh'
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