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Wednesday, October 29, 2003 11:58 AM
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Emile Myburgh'
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Subject: RE: 1431 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, California


Subtitle: Truth=44~Tribe=22=V 4 Victory~5,6,7,8 who do we appreciate, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Krinsk~Right Angle rotate~one man’s waste another’s treasure~Good morning Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown, the countdown tu Symposium II as in 4,3,2,1 is now ticking away.



Dear Emile – Emotions r running high, especially amongst those with deficit needs, those who have managed tu keep their wants in sync with their needs fairing a whole lot better at this time, the need though, 4 unconditional love, critical, certainly in the formative years, less so as we get older, parents though, assuming there isn’t a village environment tu help raise the children, most assuredly responsible for their kids from cradle tu grave, the level of anxiety brought about by Question 29 contained in the recent communication tu Susan Bailey while creating music tu many folks ears has creating quite a sucking sound coming out of the anuses of most if not all of my adversaries, my desire at this time to sell the 6 unit apartment-condominium project located at 1431 Stanford Street in Santa Monica, California, not quite as threatened as our rock cabin just east of the town of Alpine a mile or too east as the crow flies from the Cuyamaca Lake, u r possibly feeling sum on what I am talking about on the southern most tip of Africa, agree?


It is now 11:30AM PST and I must leave in 15 minutes so I will be picking up the pace, leaving a review of what I have written 4 another time, time as u know is endless, just like picking up after folks poorly conditioned, a shift approaching, ad-infinitum here we go.


Back in 1995 around the time that the ANC Government set in motion selling “down the tubes” what pittance remained of the heritage belonging tu the 40+ million peoples of South Africa, their hearts, minds and souls having been wrecked havoc by 4 sum 40+ years of the Nationalist Nazi Party rule, I had Marie, immediately upon disembarking on a horrific trip from California to Capetown, racing up Table Mountain, first though warming up by tackling Lion’s Head right above the Heron Water project we were staying at, my becoming intimately familiar with how incredibly sick the very rich had become as a gentleman by the name of Gerald Goet went about gobbling up “common property” while most of the other owners with the exception of one or too, including my parents, decided to take him on in a showdown at the Annual General Meeting [AGM] where my mother was absolutely brilliant, her monologue though falling on deaf ears, leaving me with little choice but tu read Mr. Goet the “riot act” as in,


“What else besides 4 looking at half naked women and selling bottles of whiskey and wine along with your fukukta water do u do with your time other than thinking of course it is okay to lie, steal and cheat, since you have built into your cost of goods, the cost of getting caught, blah blah” [sic].


Unfortunately his most recent foreign-owned girlfriend was not present tu lick him off, present though at that AGM was the widow of Mr. Dodo a pilot during WWII who got badly burned while bailing out of his exploding cockpit. Mrs. Dodo and her son were not the only dodo heads who elected tu keep Mr. Goet in the “pound seats” as he went about “co-opting” others into his shenanigans to mention little of a prominent Judge also part of those making the most of someone else’s reckless and careless acts.


4 all we know Stonehenge II as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. [JRK] refers to our very special spot, hi Chris Keeley, is now ash, the gold-tin goblet of my paternal grandfather, IsraelIssyGevisser a token of appreciation from Sol “Crook” Moshal 4 6 decades of service tu the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies having possibly “bitten the dust.”


Sumtime today I will make a determined effort to respond tu my one programmer, Adam Tucker, his plea 4 help very reminiscent of what took place on the Yahoo Revlon message board back on 6-11-99 when momworker63 came calling, never tu return.


Now more than ever u will begin tu c much more of thread between my broadcasted emails bearing in mind I do have to constantly plant new seeds, fertile soil still in abundance, a good example the green binder u see in JRK’s right hand, not tu suggest that we had time to discuss the last time we met this other very very important business matter, perhaps at today’s lunch, assuming Campbell Soup allows Jeffrey to leave the confines of their armed camp, he and I will get intu the “nuts & bolts” of just another endless party, nothing quite like “shooting fish in a barrel” right be4 a collapse of epic proportions, very possibly averted if our great President, George W. Bush gets with the program and suspends trading of the stock market.


Given the time constraints I am having tu mention just once again how very quickly my computer heats up leading tu significant delays in my reaching the worldwide audience of sum 6.3 odd billion human beings I am taking the liberty of inviting Kirk Hulett Esq. to our traditional Wednesday lunch down at Rainwaters in downtown San Diego, where the odds r pretty high Kirk has in the past got tu enjoy the Chicken Pot Pie, scheduled tu begin at 12 Noon, again, hi Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown.


Truth=44 though is very much in the air, music tu my ears, and while sum may wish me “sic” [sic] my command of numbers, an ability tu do more than “tie up loose ends” has a # of folks at this time not knowing what path tu take, no doubt without exception, at this time, my adversaries having decided to stay put, those, however, playing in the most rigged market under the sun, i.e. the stock market, today well aware of my prescient timing to mention little of my selectiveness in picking both winners and losers, most recently “calling” the exact moment when Vivendi and its 63% owned Vivendi Environmental went on a 280 day precipitous collapse sum $64 odd billion in market value “going up in smoke” so much 4 my poor conditioning.


And even if sum of my adversaries decide tu sock it tu me by burning down the 6 unit apartment-condo project located in the Peoples’ Republic of Santa Monica, a spot I consider as much home as anywhere else on this planet, I can only wish them “Good Luck” hi Seth Lubove, 4 the simple reason I don’t believe in “LUK” [sic] simply hard work, making good decisions, focusing on the moment, the task at hand, never ever ever choosing evil which is tantamount tu “turning a blind eye”.


I know u r awaiting a response to an email u sent me back on October 6th, there sum other items needing tu be put tu bed so as tu get the “highest & best use” out of u and your law firm’s services, hi William H. Jackson, bearing in mind all that is at stake here, folks like Seth Lubove who wrote the Hot Water Wars article that appeared in the June edition of Forbes Magazine caught between the “rock & a hard plate” his pitiful ending paragraph beginning with “Good Luck” quite an eye sore to those of us with heightened sensitivity, make no mistake the media moguls co-opting “hot heads” along the lines of JW August, the managing editor of the American Broadcasting Corporation [ABC], Kimberly Hunt, JW’s former anchorwoman, Diana Henriques of the New York Times [X], Dennis Prager, an orthodox Jewish rabbi and very much a “public figure” now all coming into my “spotlight” as I begin what sum may view as similar in many respects to the Symposiums going back to the X of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates.


It gets very tiring dealing with people who when it suits them they are out there like peacocks putting on a big show but when the heat gets turned up they run 4 the hills.

Things though will cool down and once the Symposium gets fully underway I suspect there will be more wagging tails and more tongue-tired folks.


Time tu fly.



The Rattlesnake





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1431 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, California


Dear Gary


I hope this address referred to in your subject is not being threatened by the fires raging in California at the moment.





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29 October 2003 03:59
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1431 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, California

David good …