From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2003 1:29 PM
To: Royer (
Cc: rest

Subject: Time-motion-space.


Attention: Doug Royer, Seltzer Kaplan et al


Dear Doug,


It has been a while since we spoke and my hope is that all is well although I know you know that hope is found only in a bottle, i.e. Love That Pink lipstick. In other words, The Meek WITH TEETH shall inherit the earth.


Right now I am taking a breather from our Sunday “touch rugby” game next to Dog’s Beach in Del Mar. It has been a while since I played with the boys some of whom are still good enough to play professional rugby. Before I left my new bride warned me about my propensity for injury usually though not much more than a broken rib or “tTOo” [sic] and today I found out that not only do we have a neurologist amongst the aging, not exactly “cry baby”, population but an internist to boot.


Now in the event Marie decides to divorce me before my Canadian Passport is issued I am somewhat comforted by the discounted medical treatment I might get from these guys who rarely if ever complain, who clearly work as hard as they play and of course these guys are further evidence of my “proof theory” that people with healthy minds age better than those who carry lots of other peoples’ garbage on their shoulders which naturally leads us to do a “quick & dirty” psychological profile of our neighbors without having to bother folks like the FBI. Soon I will be heading back to The Cave and who knows who I might meet along the way.


So what do you prefer as a name for the girls line of, or


Dan, the internist, spent a great deal of the game on the sidelines administering professional assistance to a patient while Jonathan, the neurologist, a nice Jewish boy who scored a try as I went lame, had earlier given me a refresher course in a not so common disease known as Guillan Barre which struck one of the guys not all that long ago. Our weekly “Let’s get on” has few rules other than no tackling of innocent beach strollers who have as much right to participate in what is often as rough as the real game of rugby,


Guillan Barre is a neurological disease that may originate from a virus and kills some 20% of the population who contract it although supposedly only 1 out of every 100,000 of us are likely to get it as bad as Derrick, no relation that I know of Derrick Beare, who has been on a respirator for quite some time but is likely to survive assuming of course he can get over the “$1 million hospital bill.”


As you may have read I don’t consider it prudent for a healthy person to bare the cost of insurance for reasons I have enumerated time and again but of course getting married to a French Canadian citizen is one form of insurance, wouldn’t you agree?  


I would like to get together with you to discuss certain substantive business and legal matters and of course I think it would be helpful in making certain that nothing slips in between the cracks that we finally get to meet, as in “press the flesh” but please don’t expect me to come out of the starting gates cracking jokes and don’t even think to ask me about bringing my bride along to massage your feet unless you “4k up big time” [sic] for the “snake oil.”


That “joke” hyperlink contains a joke I first heard when working for IMS, a marketing-publishing company that is one of my experiences that now has me sitting in the “pound” seats.


Please be advised that I will not be seeking your counsel on the communication I received from Anonymous IV who first contacted me when he thought that he had come across further evidence of “'far-reaching fraud' within his company that was already a subject of a SCAL which reminds me for some reason of a commercial I saw on TV the other day that had this guy from a Harley Davidson dealership here in the southland ridiculing those ignoramus leftists protesting against President Bush, “…Those who protest against the war be respectful of those who make it possible.”


Look forward to hearing from you. My batteries are about to run out.