To whom it may concern:


This communication is a joint husband and wife effort, but before getting in to the “knotty gritty” [sic] of why we are pleading “not guilty” to the offense of Maggie, our chocolate Labrador, LIC [License] # 177587 being “unleashed”




as written on the “traffic” ticket 146887,


D.M.M.C.    4.08.020 (A)



I, Marie Dion Stewart, would have far preferred to have paid the ticket of sum $160 in the first place, willing even at this time to pay the $450, the result of my current husband’s tardiness, so as to be done with it.


Again, speaking for myself, although French is my first language, my English when it, is, all said and done, is, very likely, superior in every respect to that of my husband, Mr. Gary, Steven, Gevisser, who is responsible for typing this communication his ability to type in excess of 130 words per minute perhaps the only thing I am certain of other than of course I love him, i.e. I trust and respect his judgment most, if not all the time, certainly, in recent times.


Stewart, the last name on my California driver’s license comes from my former husband, who has yet to recognize that this past April 22nd Mr. Gevisser and I were married, although “an accomplice” of his, Ms. Kathryn Murry, appears to have been responsible for Mr. Gevisser receiving an email on our marriage day that invited a dialogue between my husband and the local branch of the FBI.


In drawing further attention to themselves by suggesting that my husband was now on the FBI’s “watch list”, Mr. Gevisser immediately responded, setting the stage for putting them “on ice”, once again,


I very much appreciate the fact that you are increasing the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day. This is a very affirmative and positive step on your part that is highly appreciated.


Suffice to say the last name Stewart will soon to be rubbed out, as in erased, not to be confused with the English word for an eraser which is “rubber” a word North Americans often use for contraceptives.


Mr. Gevisser was born and raised in South Africa for sum 21 years, very much a “nanny’s boy”, again just my opinion, since I only “met him 4 real” [sic] after he had been living in the United States of America sum 15 odd years, he and I now having “co-habituated” [sic] for going on a decade.


To be clear on this point about meeting him “for real” I did bump into him twice before once at a funeral for the brother of his former pal-attorney Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq., King, not to be confused with the band Gipsy Kings despite having quite the melodic voice, King having, however, the penchant for melodrama, his pensmanship, different to his swordsmanship, rather good, again according to Mr. Gevisser, not that King hasn’t thought at least once of being the Queen of England, 




For that matter is Mr. Golden to the best our knowledge queer, Mr. Gevisser not tu be confused with his gay cousin Mark Gevisser, a prominent South African author and journalist currently tasked with writing the autobiography of Thabo Mbeki, the president of South Africa.


Gary now wanting me tu mention in passing The Gipsy Tea and Coffee Company once part of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies and it goes almost without saying that Gary would have me mention that “Gip” spelled backwards is “Pig” and now I have this “sigh” look on my face much like what u c in the “Armani tie” hyperlink were u at this time hooked up to The Internet reading this communication like the rest of the folks on Gary’s email list who he tells me is “a statistically valid representative sampling of the wor.d’s literate population” [sic].


At the time of Mr. Golden’s brother’s funeral I was pregnant with my first child, his “untimely” death, Mr. Golden’s younger brother that is, no need for me to get into the details of what caused the breakup of my first marriage to Dr. “Sperm Donor” JBS, the nickname “Sperm Donor” sumthing I think Gary only recently began using perhaps having picked up such a designation from the one co-executor of his estate Mr. Devin Standard whose claim to fame other than the fact that his father is a Harvard Law School alumni, currently president of the New York Bar Association trying to avoid a shark frenzy as Wall Street implodes, no one to feed off but themselves, is Devin’s terrific wife who looks very much like this great looking, very sexy actress we have now seen in “too movies” rather pitiful movies, as well as their 3 “one of kind” children.


Gary concerned that I would forget to mention how he had a speeding ticket dismissed despite pleading guilty after sending a 6 odd page document similar in many respects to this to:


Judge administering “trial-by-mail” 4 “moving violations.”

Subject: Speeding Ticket number 53569 RV – Date of violation 3-26-03

Date: June 25th 2003


Furthermore, Gary would like me to point out that Devin Standard besides for being a rather good top executive i.e. can take direction, i.e. excellent at letting his bosses think they are in charge, is quite the Renaissance man, speaking a variety of languages, understanding the makeup of a whole number of cultures, his French as good as anyone raised here in the United States although I don’t know for certain whether Devin’s parents like Gary’s parents in allowing their son to fly free and high from the earliest of ages, actually made Devin attend one day of school, Devin one terrific salesperson, the genuine article, however.


I, that is, Marie Dion, happen to be quite the skeptic well aware having been raised Roman Catholic how organized religious institutions cater to folks wanting to belong, much easier especially if one is logically minded to take the position, “I don’t believe in God, period.”


Living with Gary is not exactly easy but he does have a way of making certain you get a good nights sleep his mental gymnastics on a par with his aptitude for being a great lover, skip, skip, skip.


I am wanting to get Gary out of the house right now so that I can get on with doing other things while every so often thinking about how incredibly logical he is when making the case for G-D not only existing, that there is no such thing as coincidences but why he, G-D, that is, would have Gary give me such a pain in my rear end, only though on very rare occasions, and let me be very clear on this point of sex, not only am I always in the driver’s seat, I have him on the shortest of leashes and if he were to go so far as to place a nude photo of me on the Internet without my permission I will not simply “yank his chain” kicking him to “high heaven” but when he returns to the plains of Africa as nothing more than an ant I will have my herd of ant-eaters seeking him out day in and day out to the point that he would become so sleep deprived that rather than continue the battle working up the food chain ladder he would simply “resign his king”, stretch himself real thin and let the rest of the Lost Tribe of Israel walk all over him.


Gary now reminding me to let you know that there is no such thing as a “generation gap” only a “credibility gap.”


He also feels it necessary that I remind you of my one expression which he seems to like a lot, “When the dialogue becomes two monologues it is the beginning of the end.”


According to Gary, King Golden’s brother was either not “paying attention” at an intersection out in Hamet just east of San Diego, or he, again, Mr. Golden’s brother was simply getting confused with his “lefts and writes” [sic].


Gary who is ambidextrous is now wanting me to say something about Shakespeare’s, “Romans, friends, country men, blah blah” but I refuse to allow him more access to my mind than that which I deem prudent nor will I allow him to throw in his insight into the problems plaguing the insurance industry at this time.


According to Gary there is yet another possibility of what caused King Golden’s brother to be “blind sided” that he was just thinking of how if his elder brother King was in fact Queen of England such a tragic accident could be “apportioned” to the British who drive on the wrong side of the road, and the reason Gary gives for King only possibly being elected Queen of England is because a Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq., a very close attorney-colleague of Gary’s is “currantly” [sic] hell bent on being the next King of England, apparently Jeffrey, like Gary, when he decides to do something I wouldn’t bet against either of them.


Gary now telling me that by simply constantly looking to one’s left and right, exercising the scalene muscle in the neck one can avoid repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, the pain in the wrist being often if not entirely “referred pain” coming from the neck, which has somewhat of a logical ring to it especially if one considers that before computers were introduced into the workplace few typists complained as they went about moving both their necks and their arms especially when using manual typewriters but then again perhaps back then there were not as many whiners around as there are today, Gary now wanting me to add the word “agree” at the end of this sentence, agree?


Now the other time Gary and I met before we got together in earnest was at King Golden house, Mr. Golden and I former neighbors, where Gary was wearing a shocking pink sweater belonging to the wife of Mr. Golden who I am supposedly credited with in helping get her PhD in early child education from Berkley University, and now Gary is wanting me to mention how Earnest Oppenheimer the kingpin of the Oppenheimer Diamond-Gold family from South Africa should be brought to trial here in the United States for violating our Anti-Trust laws, Gary now telling me that Earnest is long dead, and so apparently is his son Harry but that Gary’s former relation plays on a cricket team captained by Nicholas Oppenheimer who is apparently still alive and well living off the family’s ill-gotten gains.


Gary feels it necessary to point out that Harry Oppenheimer should not be confused with Harry Strous who Gary liked a lot, who was part of the Strous butcher family, Harry’s sister in law apparently once eaten by a pride of lions while vacationing at a local game reserve in Natal, South Africa, Gary’s former backyard.


Gary insists that I ask you if you have come across the 378 odd page deposition taken by Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq, a “skilled and experienced” attorney of a Mr. “Good day” [sic] a senior executive of Revlon Corporation apparently “co-opted” by Ronald “Capo di Capi” Perelman.


According to Gary, I have not read this deposition, not even certain if such an event took place, Mr. Krinsk who was not having necessarily his best day was having a bit of a problem in expressing himself to the point that the gentleman being deposed couldn’t ascertain whether Jeffrey was referring to his “yard” in terms of where he was subpoenaed or where he was parking his “yacht” and I am assuming given what I understand to be Mr. Krinsk’s wife’s expertise in sailing that Jeffrey knows at least sumthing about sailing, agree?


I don’t know exactly why Gary feels the need for me to tell you that he and I only recently become co-dependants, the result of Gary getting himself a dog, an Italian Greyhound who has a way of getting everything he wants, his facial expressions perhaps more telling than any single person I have met and being an artist painter, my preference to paint nudes, I tend to pay attention to such details.


Gary also feels at this time that for clarification purposes only that I mention you may have heard of Mr. Golden who he calls a “cry baby” perhaps the nicest words coming out of Mr. Gevisser’s mouth as it pertains to Mr. Golden in quite some time, Mr. Golden apparently while still in his 20s running for the United States Congress against a 30 year incumbent and losing according to my husband by just a few hundred votes, perhaps the same amount of votes that our great President George W. Bush won by in the State of Florida during the last Presidential elections, my husband apparently having a hand in that victory, him now telling me that the phone records to Mr. Golden and Ms. Valerie Schulte both glued to a TV set in Ms. Schulte’s Georgetown home on November 8th 2000, part of the strong circumstantial evidence in his, Gary’s, possession.


Please understand that Gary insists he is not trying to control me, like my former husband who got more than a number of things very much wrong in two declarations he signed “under penalty of perjury” including Gary having “bought me off” my leaving money around the house these days in all different spots just so that Gary not be embarrassed about asking me for money, although I know that if he were really desperate he would simply go to the “Loot box” where all the household change is kept including at least one $5 bill first using those monies to buy say a Thanksgiving Turkey, very likely feeding someone he met along the way before returning to the house often “empty handed.”


Gary further informs me that u may or may not know that Georgetown is adjacent to Washington DC where Ms. Schulte works as an attorney for the National Association of Broadcasters [NAB] which my husband believes should either be banned or at a minimum open their books to an audit to be performed by a Mr. Jeffrey Malatskey an “audirtor” [sic] with Ernest and Young based in Sidney Australia with input coming from The Rattlesnake, my husband recently taken on this infantile nickname.


My husband is also insisting that I mention that Mr. Golden back in 1972 was standing alongside Senator Muskie, the Democratic Party “front runner” all poised to take on President Nixon in the General Election, when the Senator losing his composure, my husband now suggesting that I throw in the possibility of the Senator having developed the runs while “crying like a big baby” apparently because his wife had charged “to much on her Citicorp Credit Card” [sic].


And I feel it only appropriate to mention that Gary is my financial advisor having called the “ebb and flow” of the markets, both the stock as well as the commodity markets better than what he often refers to as the “average Joe Blow.”


Please understand I have no idea whether everything my husband has told me about Mr. Golden is the truth because I have never really been interested in politics having arrived in this country from Montreal, Canada probably around the time Mr. Gevisser emigrated from South Africa in March 1978, but unlike Mr. Gevisser I remain a French Canadian citizen living off my “green card”, my wits always strategically placed, my assets securely deposited and may I add always living well within my means, my wants really if ever having exceeded my needs, if only though Gary would be more handy around the house, although I can tell he is really trying to pick up after himself his backpack often containing his dirty laundry which he tries to get done when working at The Cave which is finally getting to look like its old self again, at one time Gary keeping this spot absolutely spotless, reminding me at this time of how the spider webs and dust that collects gives him not only a sense of whether one or too uninvited guests have been around snooping but he tells me he can gauge pretty much exactly who by the imprints they leave behind, which I happen to think is a bunch of gobbledygook.


My husband also insists that I say my coming to America was “tu escape” the English losers who fled north after the American War of Independence, a date my “too” [sic] American children may possibly know precisely.


I should further add that I have never been on welfare and it would be only right at this point before I hand things over to Mr. Gevisser that I tell you he has quite the track record of never “lying, stealing or cheating” or so he tells me, but then again it is my experience that one can never hide one’s true character indefinitely, eventually who you are will reveal itself.


Moreover, I have been in the room no more than 20 seconds at the tops while he has been typing away, now he is saying something about “mental telepathy” although he says he is just talking on his cell phone to Mr. Krinsk.


So in a nutshell, if you were to decide to impose such a fine without us being given “our day in court” that would be just fine with me allowing me to spend my time on more important matters such as raising my two children while getting my art career into “high gear” my 4 plus years studying under Sebastian Capella, perhaps the greatest master-painter-teacher of all times, certainly in our times, now beginning to pay off, Gary now wanting me to mention the fiasco with Washington Mutual who were recently paid off when I sold my previous residence but again that is a matter I would prefer simply be settled, even willing to pay interest on the monies that were paid off just so that I don’t have to deal with another, as Gary would say, “fricken peace of mail” [sic] although I too happen to detest lame excuses coming, from what Gary says “is the peanut gallery” whatever that means, my now feeding our SIG [Super Italian Greyhound] peanuts each time he gets his daily bath, this 4th child of mine getting more attention than me these days, Gary of course is my 3rd child.


SIG who is also known as Pypeetoe as well as Hoss as well as simply dog last night was handed down Gary’s last remaining cashmere sweater, G-D only knows what Gary has done with the rest of his clothes.


I should end off by acknowledging that I know from my husband that Quantum Mechanics that guides pretty much everything we do these days, including the Digital Age precludes “certainty”, dealing only in “probabilities” Mr. Gevisser’s command of mathematics and physics very possibly superior to that of mine despite the fact that I “skipped” two grades at school because of my analytical skills, Mr. Gevisser telling me that the only thing he couldn’t skip altogether while going to Carmel College the Jewish Day School in Durban, South Africa from kindergarten up to the first weeks of his final year of high school was constantly noticing how Jewish girls had more hair on their legs than someone like myself who he insists I throw in is 1/64th Indian.


Thank you, Marie, and u 2, whoever u r.


I am in as much a rush to get this over with as my incredible wife who did not hear my rendition this morning of “It’s a beautiful day” by the Irish rock group U2 and had u been at our great Sunset Party this past Saturday-Sunday u would have got tu meet my wife who is incredibly beautiful in the flesh as well as see one of her first works of art, a pastel, full frontal nude of someone possibly her elder sister who is tu the best of my knowledge also 1/64th Indian, my having only seen a nude photo of Danielle Dion from the waist up and I can assure you the breasts depicted on this “one of a kind” painting with all its flaws is nothing like those breasts in that one photo, Danielle Dion not tu be confused with Marie’s 14 year old who also has the first name Danielle.


I will begin from where Marie Dion [Gevisser] left off, “baring in mind” [sic] that while writing this communication I am also working on several other communications as is customary during these times when I am hard pressed 4 time, one of the most important communications possibly being a follow up email to Bill Doyle of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach [MWBHL], the 2,000 pound law firm specializing in SCALs as in Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits, deciding what photos to include as hyperlinks in this communiqué which is geared towards doing nothing short of “lighting a fire” under the belly of these rascals albeit them about to slim down, taking the most time.


Although in the world of “corporate workouts” the term is “getting a hair cut” which is very much in sync with a Jewish get, a get, as u may or may not know is the equivalent of getting one’s testicles chopped off during divorce proceedings, Melvyn “Wisemyass” Weiss the 1,000 pound gorilla based in New York City and Bill “Givemehair” Lerach in the midst of a rather messy divorce that they would both prefer remain out of the spotlight to mention just in passing from a young age my never having once got distracted by a single fricken spotlight despite having several shone on me when I used to appear in ice-skating extravagances one show, I believe it was Around The World in 80 Days requiring that I jump over a series of barrels starting with, I believe, 2 before working my way up until such time as I would fall, get up, reattach my front teeth, saw off whatever foot was lodged in the front row seats, using my laser sharp ice-hockey blades, first beginning using the flat end of the blades tu create enough of a groove before turning up the heat, i.e. finally applying blood, sweat, and tears using the cerated toe ends.


And u should know that I was not quite fully schooled in business to demand from Margary Chase the producer of these shows anything 4 my “sweat equity” contributions.


And of course this word Chase keeps coming up in my life time and again including my step-father once living I believe at in a home or on a street known as Chasely Place which tu sum is nothing more than another coincidence just like the number 280 which amongst a number of things including the number of days that Vivendi’s stock price went on a 280 day precipitous fall which happens to be the number of the safety deposit I just happened to own jointly with Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff who I can assure you is




Should be paying very careful attention to this communiqué as well as all my emails none more important than the one I sent her on July 26th of this year as I was leaving JFK International Airport on our way over to England and of course I feel the need to mention once again what a terrific sportsman my very good friend Derrick Beare, quite the athlete himself, is making of his eldest kid Jake who at 7 odd years old could teach any adult “dik” I know coaching or acting as assistant coach a thing or too about how tu properly communicate with kids so that they don’t repeat the mistakes of the former generations nothing quite like the sins of the father as well as the mother-s, careful to smother, agree?


Vivendi, by the way, through their U.S. Filter operation here in the United States finally found a way to gain leverage from the 42,000 odd acres of land they own in the Imperial Irrigation District [IID], the IID so critical in Governor Gray Davis being reelected Governor for a second term on November 8th 2002.


It seems only poorly conditioned adults appreciate the benefits of being lied to, being told only what they want to hear, quite different, however, to most kids I have come across, my 15,000 odd word communication yesterday with a neighbor of ours on 27th street pretty much spelling this all out, but of course u folks like the one Vice President of Citicorp Mr. Walters was not included since no one within the Citicorp organization seems ready, willing and able to provide me with a single fricken email address, to mention little at this time of how the very few people who were invited to our Sunset Party and who didn’t show up without at least calling and letting us know why, are like anything or anyone operating in “negative space” beginning to show up much like a sore thumb.


My mother once wrote a terrific poem titled, The Fingers of my hand, that spell out not only her great command of the English language, certainly at one time, but how very fortunate her 4 children as well as my father, her first husband, were to have someone as caring as Zena Ash Gevisser Zulman, Ash being my mom’s maiden name, and Zulman the name of her current husband, my mother being divorced once, married twice.


And of course there can be no absolute certainty on my part that my mother wasn’t married before she married my dad while she was still in her teens given how just the other night at our party when the midnight blue crowd arrived we got to hear how a woman, now a grandmother of sum 60 years of age mothered a child at age 11, then producing two children of her own in the same year, apparently just 10 months separating this “one of kind” twenty something lady with her brother, a lady who had the keen sense to alert us to strangers in our midst, her midriff, much like Marie’s nude painting very telling, particularly as it applied to what was computing in most healthy peoples’ minds.


Why bother you with all this stuff u may be asking much like what the judge must have thought when I pled guilty to the “moving violation” while speeding up to our rock cabin just north of Pine Valley, which was saved “by the bell” and in due course I will get into the drawbacks of the Bell Shaped Curve not that Alexander Graham Bell was a dummy but certainly not quite as in touch, having been possibly not as well touched as someone like me or Mr. Devin Standard or Mr. Derrick Beare and just a handful others I know who I consider in my “inner circle”




Without a doubt, not as “enlightened” as the greatest inventor of all time, at least that is how I c Mr. Thomas Edison, his light bulb, deciding to place a bell shaped glass tube around an electrically charged filament continues to this day to blow my head away, perhaps even more so than Albert Einstein whose Special-General Relativity is as most scientists would agree as close as it has gotten to understanding the “Mind of G-d”, Einstein though possibly never having invented, as I have said before, a single thing, his mathematics way over most peoples’ heads to mention just again it was a Mr. Grossman who provided Mr. Einstein with the ingenious mathematics, at this time I don’t have even the foggiest notion of what Mr. Grossman looks like, how about u?


In my final year of high school at Carmel College, Durban, South Africa, immediately upon being elected by the student body “Captain” of one of the school’s 3 sports groups which had the student body divided equally competing against one another, I decided to leave Carmel College and “test my mettle” elsewhere, my preoccupation with mathematics and physics only coming about in earnest in my late 20s early 30s at around the time my mother suggested after I had become “a millionaire” that I “hang up my gloves, get out of the rat race and open an ice-cream stand.”


There is a South African expression that goes sumthing along the lines of “I scream, we all scream 4 ice-cream” my still waiting for a Mr. Henry Rabinowitz the owner of the Gelato Ice Cream parlor on the corner of Washington Blvd and India Street in downtown San Diego to get back to me to at least hear my account of why I believe he has “lost control of his one retail enterprise” at least it is my opinion that the female staff who were running the operation this past Saturday when I showed up after calling in ahead of time letting them know that I was “running late”, at a minimum think so, why else would they run the risk of me reporting them for their pitiful behavior forgetting that although I may not be the easiest person in the world to get along with, not only am I capable of remembering to brush my teeth each and every day, sometimes 3X a day, but most importantly I am the customer, and I should add that I was not bare footed, wearing a clean shirt and nor did I have my dog with me.


Interesting wouldn’t you agree that my wife’s former husband, The Sperm Donor, once commented to Marie that I was her “bull dog” after I caught him “fiddling the books” i.e. deciding unilaterally to cut her child support-alimony payments and then when confronted by Marie this out-of-control monster proceeded to blame her for not having the time to listen to his gobbledygook his nonsense being heard by both their two children, and of course it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to then figure out why The Sperm Donor, a doctor to boot, would then proceed to try and knock the living daylights out of me, professing that he was doing so in an attempt to “protect Marie from me.”


Suffice to say I finally settled down for my final year of high school at a place called Damelin College that catered primarily to kids not quite that well adjusted to what the Bell Shaped Curve tended to mold in your every day establishment where the principal and the teachers were not only “bought and paid 4” [sic] with “Blood money” but the “Capos” whose responsibility it was to enforce the “code of conduct” instituted by the Nationalist Nazi Party that ruled South Africa with an iron fist for sum 40+ years had nothing short of a “free pass” to enter the school grounds wrecking havoc with the minds of both the student body as well as those tasked with supposedly giving us an education just like they sat in the best seats of the house at our Orthodox Jewish Temple on Silverton Road, the building I believe still standing right where Silverton Road intersects with Musgrave Road.


The Amtrak train that passes at the end of our street here in Del Mar has yet to repeat the same whistle Marie + I heard the other morning that was quite “charming.”


Charming is a word we all know and use quite often, and of course sum of us may in fact be very charming when we want to be especially if you were raised in a household where your mother was the “Queen” of Charm Schools, Zena Gevisser a rather famous personality in South Africa for sum 30+ years and even today manages to get quite a bit of press coverage for someone who is closer to 90 than she is to 50 years of age biologically speaking, the possibility existing that my mother is today 100% senile because what else can explain her childish behavior, her deafening silence when she is all butt certain it is just a matter of a few moments in time in the space of things when her 4th and youngest son, i.e. me will have out there on the book shelves perhaps the best seller of all time, Manager Minute One in its final stages of completion, at a minimum it is already guaranteed to outsell my mother’s and step-father’s The Winking Cat, foretelling things I have been recently writing about that is creating a very chilling effect on not only the worst of the transgressors but those so-called buddies of mine who I grew up with who are now coming to terms with the fact that was done to them was nothing short of being “fiddled” although the phrase I have now “substituted in” is,









Which now brings me to that “Phatso” [sic] who was responsible for my wife being issued a ticket even though I was the person in charge of Maggie at the time, deciding to take the leash off her as she “bathed” in the oshon, it being low tide at the time and Maggie who is a chocolate Labrador around 75 pounds was at least ankle high in water which brings me to a point and don’t worry I will finish off my thought about the “phatso” [sic] who like my wife’s former husband tried to bait me into a fist fight and ended up being socked “lefts and writes” [sic] by a very fair minded judge in the form of Judge Hendrix back on October 24th of last year.


While other beach goers stood around in amazement that the officers in charge were actually going to give us and another lady with a dog who was not in the water at the time but also unleashed, a ticket, a gentleman who works for the California State Government in the area of Environmental mitigation or so I seem to recall, advised me of a similar type incident that occurred by the San Onofre Nuclear power plant where just north there is great surf spot known as Trestles, and before I forget this gentleman and his wife had just adopted two incredible young Russian kids, a girl who was about 12 having to take care of her younger brother who was just I believe 10 at the time, their father having abandoned them very early in life and their mother, a drug addict eventually dying of a drug overdose, both kids though having quite a zest for life having even more fun than me making fun of the “phatso” [sic] and his friend who like any misguided person believe the universe revolves around them.


According to this very wonderful and very slender gentleman the United States Marines from Camp Pendleton who use the area for maneuvers were wanting the surfers to go elsewhere and when a surfboard without a leash attached to a surfer came on to the shore, they would simply confiscate the board, now I don’t know what they would have done if the surfboard did in fact have a leash attached to the surfer whether they would saw off the foot either above or below the knee but what this gentlemen told me made a whole lot of sense, this matter apparently ending up being litigated and the court ruling was such that the Marines jurisdiction ended at the “high water mark”, i.e. they would be committing a misdemeanor at a minimum, possibly a felony if it turned out that the surfer was not in fact an Islamic extremist or just as bad one of my Jewish brothers the likes of which murdered a recent prime minister of Israel willing to give the peace process a hand.


I don’t believe the wife of this very slender gentlemen probably no more than 50 years of age was with him and his two adopted kids them all only knowing one another less than a year, the daughter just months prior while back in Russia having to leave school, sell ice-cream in order to support both her brother and herself, both kids perhaps the best looking kids I have ever seen with physiques much like my wife who at age 40+ could get a multi-million dollar contract from the likes of Nike by me simply making one, maybe two, certainly no more than 3 phone calls, but I have my priorities.


And Marie has hers, along with the intestinal fortitude to send me packing if I were tu break a cardinal rule, and I won’t get into the subject at this point in terms of why the Pope looks so old other than to say nothing brings more money into the coffers than someone looking pitiful or the guilt heaped upon the young that some white dude, with a perfect nose, red lips, blonde hair, died 4 your sins on the cross, and then we have Hitler who was as Aryan in my mind as Mr. Devin Standard who remains as far as I am concerned as “Black as the ace of spades” like my Dad, I may very well suffer from “color blindness”.


Quite incredible wouldn’t you agree that Hitler who had pitched black hair, perhaps even shorter than me, dark eyes was somehow able to fool sum 100 million co-conspirators, perhaps the greatest magician trick of all time, agree?


Perhaps Adolph employed a Jewish chemist to provide him with the right mix of hair coloring that wouldn’t show up when he had sex with his dog, not to suggest that Eva Braun was anything more than a simple bitch, perhaps Mr. Hitler did nothing more to either his dogs or this bitch than scratch both their backs, again, I approach things from the “Bottom Up” observing first and foremost what comes out as in “Output” then examining folks’ actions in terms of what they do, say when the walk, be4 working my way up to the mouth and then by going “back & forth” I get a pretty good sense of whether they are all talk or whether in fact they can “walk the talk.”


I pay as much attention to the person with the loudest voice, the squeakiest wheel as I do those who are ever so quiet both groups very much cowards often getting folks “caught in the squeeze” to do their “dirty work.”


As much as I wanted to “hand” this “phatso” [sic] a big fat lip for being so vulgar on the beach and I don’t mean the fact that he was obviously so comfortable with being incredibly overweight since he didn’t seem to be handicapped in any way, certainly he seemed to have better use of both his arms and legs than our friend Michael who attended our Sunset Party in a wheelchair.


Michael is though, a quadriplegic and like my wife an artist painter using his mouth to paint these days mostly self-portraits although according to Marie Michael told her that he no longer uses a mirror.


My English spelling and grammar may not be as great as say sumone like Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff the co-managing director of the Wetherly Capital Group [WCG] who were responsible for masterminding and executing the hijacking of the California Gubernatorial elections sum 54 weeks ago this coming Saturday, but my command of numbers and understanding of human nature does in fact place me in sumwhat of a pivotal position “tu unleash fast balls at will” although the expression I most often use is my ability and those within my “inner circle” to do nothing short of “responding to fast balls thrown at or near head” which of course does not involve threatening someone with violence but rather  engaging my intellectual reasoning ability, i.e. logic also known as “common sense” to keep “out of control folk” in “constant check” as in



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


And just like my wife if she put her mind to it I can play a better than average game of chess given the fact that from the earliest of age my parents not only allowed me to fly free and high there was somehow a guiding light that had me never letting anyone interfere with my sequencing and of course if you have been on my email list since December 1st 2000 not only could you be a multi-billionaire at this time you would know that I happen to strongly “believe” that we are all pretty much born within 25 possibly just 24 standard deviation points, separating the smartest of us from the dumbest at birth, although in the past I have said something along the lines of 12 points to 12.5 points without throwing in possibly the phrase “Standard deviation points” perhaps also saying that 15 points separate the smartest of us from those not exactly dumb.


Over time as I have got more focused on such matters I have been refining my understanding of things of matter which for sum reason is also helping me to improve my “pitch” you also possibly being aware of the fact, at least according to my mother, that I only began speaking at age 3.


So you may be asking why since I chose a day like December 1st 2000, which happens to be the 27th anniversary of the death of Israel’s first prime minister, in my opinion, the greatest leader of the last century, perhaps since Moses, would I be bothering with trying to save sum fukukta $450 odd especially since my wife would be the one “footing the bill” and obviously since she must listen to at least sumthing I have to say the possibility existing that Marie, not my mother, is in fact the richest person on the planet, but for the fact that back on December 1st  2000 my mother, not Marie, in addition to being on my email list was most intrigued with what I had to say.


It is only fairly recently that Marie has got an email address and to the best of my knowledge has read no more than 3 of my emails possibly one, two tops.


These are things we simply don’t discuss just like I don’t know for certain how much she is worth, comfortable though to know for absolute certainty that she would only need to work if her needs began to exceed her wants to the point that she felt the need to trade in her private jet every say 6 months getting to the point of the President of the United States deciding that it would make more sense for him to rent Air Force One to Marie Dion and in so doing help take the necessary steps to balance the federal deficit although if our great president did in fact follow my suggestion at this time that he suspend trading of public companies, implement just a handful of programs I know would bring the western world’s economy into almost perfect balance in 7 or less, he could tell Marie to simply take a hike and have someone like Gene Requa our almost 90 year old friend, now preparing tomorrow organic Thanksgiving Dinner, orgasmic it will undoubtedly be as well, who while working for Studebaker designed several of their award winning motorcars, one that he continues to drive to this day.


And of course Gene was at our Sunset Party with his wolf that has cost Gene nothing short of an arm and a leg and I don’t mean the $10,000 he once handed over to a neighbor after the couple caught Nicky “red handed” shacking their award winning cat to death, there being today not a single live cat in his area of DeL Mar, that we now of, but rather the amount of money he spends on food feeding Nicky who is 100% wolf as well as other dogs in the area not that well taken care of, to mention little of Nicky not only having his own room in this “one of a kind” beach house but his own bed, getting his sheets changed at least once a week, Nicky only about 8 years old and make no mistake about it should anyone get within say 10 feet of either Gene or someone such as myself or Marie who he has got to know very well us all hanging out together nearly every day at the beach me spending perhaps more time these days over at Genes place than what we refer to as The Cave, G-D only help our insurance carrier responsible 4 our liability coverages.


Now obviously I didn’t get into all this with either the “phatso” [sic] who was responsible for summoning the lifeguards along with Police Officer Chase in the first place, apparently beginning his day walking down the Del Mar cliff in the foulest of moods with his surfboard possibly hidden underneath the rolls of fat making some comment about the dogs being an “environmental hazard”  and the people around including those who didn’t have dogs or bitches for that matter were sumwhat bewildered why he was this way other than the fact that this guy was so miserable with himself , i.e. pissed off at the world or possibly having just like I suspect my mother had while undergoing heart surgery, a frontal lobotomy, would he be so irritable, agree?


Naturally when I saw Officer A. Chase’s name I didn’t bring up my role in getting the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Chase Industries Inc. [CSI] to do the right thing for the stockholders of this New York Stock Exchange Company and resign but it is possibly sumthing I should have brought up when the “phatso” [sic] returned after the officers had left thinking that he could give me a hard time, to mention little of me being a good 3, possibly 6 inches shorter, sum possibly 200 pounds lighter but still able to play a pretty decent game of touch rugby when of course I am not injured which has been a while.


Which reminds me that Gene brought along a roulette wheel to our party, telling me later that our friend Dorothy, also an artist-painter, when spinning the wheel got the number 36, the highest number of all those present, which reminds me of a number of things where this number and its “transposed” number, i.e. 63 appear time and again.


None more important than any other, momworker63, however, appearing on the Revlon Corporation Yahoo Message Board on 6-11-1999, the catalyst in me deciding to “pull out all stops” in getting the SCAL filed against the most rapacious of my so-called Jewish brothers other than perhaps a Mr. Donny Gordon, an insurance mogul from South Africa, Revlon’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman while wrapping himself in Jewish Orthodoxy is nothing short of an insult to pigs if I were to call him a “pig at the trough” that class action lawsuit being filed on October 1st 1999 with less than 2 hours to go before the statute of limitations ran out just sum indication of my perseverance+++.


Dorothy has immersed herself in helping out the recent fire victims here in San Diego county giving of her money, most importantly, however, her time, which as far as any of us know cannot be made up 4, at least this time around, not embarrassed to go out and buy things like underwear for these people many of them having not only lost their earthly possessions, in the case of one gentleman who I shall refer to simply as Bill, all his intellectual reasoning capacity, but a great deal of them having lost their spirit incapable of getting out of bed, their pride non-existent, such a strategy I have been implementing on a global basis for sum time in getting the most rapacious out there to “stand still”, only the most pathological of our species have no pride, unless of course they are like so many of these fire victims brain dead, nothing like someone who remains in neutral revving up his-her engines, why may I ask are so many folks so afraid to telegraph their punches?


There is a time and place to blame oneself if one has not been most of all honest with oneself, but if one has done one’s best, not “lying, stealing and cheating” or climbing over overs in this competitive world, competition being both good and necessary, co-opertition perhaps spelling it out better, getting back into stride avoiding the path of blaming others, working hand in hand with others never though allowing oneself to be used by supposed religious elders who make a mockery of the word of G-D-Nature that we are each born with a guiding light, none of us better or worse than the other but by working together we can piece together all that is wrong while understanding the puzzle of life, the need to stretch, a constant reminder, never anything to be gained if the good Lord were to be telling each and every one us every step of the way, “how”, agree?


We know that when one muscle is injured other muscles, equal and opposite “kick in” the pain a constant reminder to fix, to allow the healing process, not only to begin but for each of us to also take a deep breathe and examine most of all our value system.


Change is not only good, bringing out the best from within, but most importantly change builds character.


Earlier today while going for an extended bicycle ride with Pypeetoe on his leash on my way over to the lifeguard station to c about arranging a beach wheel chair for my father-in-law who will be visiting next month, please G-D, I came across a group of youngish looking people who I had seen being given a “warning” because their one dog as best I could see was not on its leash as the lifeguard in his gasoline powered truck cruised by, my decision to stop at this group partly to confirm what I thought I had seen but at the same time gauge their age.


A week or so ago at about the same time of the day I came across an elderly couple who I have often run into on the beach letting me know that they had just got a ticket for committing the same offense that had today’s group getting nothing short of a “free pass.”


There may be a variety of reasons 4 this “unequal justice” most of my experiences with lifeguards nothing short of a breath of fresh air, the lifeguards in particular providing an invaluable service especially for those kids poorly conditioned having parents focused on having them be co-dependants not insisting on them first learning how to swim before tackling the oshon, thus continuing this ever pitiful cycle of what amounts to nothing short of “violence” internecine fighting as we all know, the bloodiest of sports.


When, however, we combine the knowledge of their being significant fiscal deficits at every step of the way from the Federal level where the folks have the right to print money like there is no tomorrow to a local municipality like Del Mar who have nothing short of idiots in government soon no doubt having these lifeguards wearing high powered binoculars wanting to tax surfers for every fricken wave they catch, one can only wonder, what next tu expect, agree?


So instead of drawing the “phatsos” [sic] attention to my one website, , footsak being South African slang for giving someone a “kick in the rear” where he could read all about CSI I did the childish thing of farting without even thinking.


And when “phatso” told me he was with the FBI, soon changing his tune when I asked for more particulars, “I work with people in law enforcement” and later his pal providing “back up” while both of them walked away in a puddle of tears shouting down once they were halfway up the cliff, that I should “bow” mentioning sumthing about this “phatso” being “a Marine… protecting us Americans” I became even more infantile and instead of being smart and directing these too fellows to more of my 100 odd websites I turned around, faced the oshon, lowered my shorts and bowed to the setting sun, failing thou, tu inform these fellows while giving them my name that my wife was still a Canadian Citizen.


I did, however, make it clear that I was very proud to be an American Citizen and for sum reason this didn’t seem to ring true with them, even though I was able to recite a thing or too coming from the Constitution about each of us having the right to “free speech” as long as what we say doesn’t incite a riot in a crowded theater unless there is a cardiologist like my first cousin Dr. Barry Molk present and such statements are truthful, making it patently clear as our JoNathan who heard everything later pointed out, that just because this “phatso” [sic] didn’t like to be called fat my statements were nevertheless “spot on”.


And please remember I didn’t start this incident, at least apportion sum of the blame on my wife 4 my testosterone being raised that has me now distracted from implementing a game plan to solve all the problems of the world, us hearing a number of terrific suggestions at our Sunset Party, the invitation following this pretty much says it all, the problems as we c it, having nothing to do with race, color, religion, sum economic opportunism, but mostly poor parental religious teaching.


I have traveled quite a road in coming to realize that not only does G-D exist but he is very well and content to c how we go about at least this time around making good on the inheritance he bequeathed us going back to the beginning of time, at least this go around.


I won’t bore u with my rendition of how close Albert Einstein came to producing a,


Unified Theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


Suffice to say that by now having folks make arguments to support the notion that G-D does NOT exist given my rendition of how E=mc² strongly supports a contrarian viewpoint, i.e. that such an ingenious equation is not only proof of Evolution but the “Hand-Mind of G-d” to boot, we have such elitists in nothing short of a “stand still” position, i.e. neutral; others including my wife, Marie Dion, having had quite a hand in assisting me, Marie Dion keeping me grounded every step of the way during the past decade, contributing greatly to my current peaceful state of mind.




As I articulated in my email yesterday to our one neighbor is there any conspiracy going on anywhere in the world involving politicians, business people or religious heretics, none of these folks ready willing and able to do much more than bask in their own self image thinking like any spoiled brat that the universe revolves around them, not willing to give an inch in their quest to die the richest in the grave, something I have said repeatedly in recent times is my goal at this time, and in so doing taking all of these pitiful folks out of the running.


Be advised that my 100 odd websites, the hub being are all geared toward making Manager Minute One which is a take off of the business book best seller One Minute Manager a bloc-buster success, and a take off of just too of the websites still under construction, never tu moc.GODdnaName, the basic rules of Quantum Mechanics being that one should be able to go forward as well as “in reverse”, careful though when looking through a rear view mirror the past not necessarily indicative of what lies immediately up ahead, “backups” a good thing when it comes to one’s computer, sumthing I have yet to do, but in so far as relying on either human beings with their built in weaknesses seeing others more than “backscratchers” is likely to lead to great disappointment, the world though I can assure you is endless, much like housework, the need tu pay ever so careful attention to “negative space.”


Like a good painter-artist the less “brush strokes” the better, the more we combine, while giving one another a “fair amount” of space, the more we understand that the sum of the parts is greater than the individual part, no need 4 organized religion in order to be in touch with the greatest master painter ever.


The more we can be as Mohammed Ali said, “Me We” the more likely this great planet earth will not need tu go thru another “inside out” move much like what we see in a figure 8 which when doing a Right Angle Rotate looks very much like the infinity sign, and in the words of our JoNathan, tu infinity, ad-infinitum.


Good Day.


Gary S. Gevisser



Ps. – Should you feel that I broke even “the spirit of the law” by having my dog unleashed bearing in mind that were it not for the “phatso” [sic] making such a big deal Officer A. Chase was only going to issue us with a warning, please give sum thought to contributing generously tu our cause that the sooner we all become transparent the less likely we will be prone tu want tu go tu war with one another and the quicker we can all celebrate, our next Sunset Party is scheduled for the spring, if not before.


One final thought is that involving the “prone” position something I have only done once in my life during a Yom Kippur [Day of Atonement] Service when both my middle brother and my father, Bernard Nathan Gevisser, were present.


I cannot remember if my brother like me did this “prone” thing something that Jewish people, as best I know, only do just once a year and only on this supposed holiest of days, but I am certain that my father who bombed the crap out of the Nazi bastards during WWII, did not get on his hands and knees before lying flat on the rather dirty carpet.


I never bothered to ask my father, “Why not” because there are certain things he, like me, like anyone of us brain damaged people on this incredible planet cannot always explain, my reason for doing it was simply to get a sense of what Muslims do several times a day.


When one has been raised in such an ugly environment as Durban, South Africa, one would have to be a complete nincompoop to subject oneself in such a manner knowing that the leaders of the community were nothing more than a bunch of cowards and thieves, that their “hand picked” Rabbis simply didn’t have the guts to do what I have now been suggesting for sum time which will soon be aired to the masses of South Africans if not the entire sick world.


Such a sermon coming from the likes of Professor Doctor Abner Weiss should have been as follows:


As much as it pains me at this hour, particularly the fact that I may not be able to be with my family to celebrate the ‘breaking of the fast’ since it is unlikely I will get support from any of the other leaders of community when members of BOSS don’t simply wiretap my telephone but decide to arrest and then ban me, I am compelled by my read of the First Commandment, ‘I am the Lord Thy God, who delivered the Children of Israel out of the land of Egypt out of the House of Slavery, never to return’ which to me also means that we cannot tolerate the slavery of others which is what this Apartheid regime has implemented nationwide, no different to what the Nazis did during WWII and what the English did to the Afrikaner people during the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1900, to instruct each and every one of you here today, parents and children alike, to leave in unison this place of worship that has been vilified by the likes of the Lazarus family who are all seated below me to my right as well as above to my left, and to remind you all what I have you read aloud, each and every Friday Night that is as holy as this day of Atonement, ‘Guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking vileMay the Lord Bless you and keep you, may he cause his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto u …” [sic].


I should mention at this time that Durban was one of the best surfing spots in South Africa, Bay of Plenty, as I have said be4 not quite Jeffrey’s Bay which is closer towards Capetown in an area along the Garden Route.


It would have made a whole lot more sense to me if someone were to have suggested tu me that another benefit of lying in the prone position other than preparing oneself in the event one were to be arrested for having say an unleashed animal, one of my ideas is that we leash all white collar criminals and let the dogs run free, was to get a better view of women’s private parts those sitting up in the balconies above the men the Lazarus women putting on quite a fashion show, particularly on Yom Kippur,




Better yet, such practice being part of G-D’s design tu simply avoid the farts of the elders, remembering that not only does hot air rise but a fart is nothing more, certainly as best I can tell, nothing less, than airborne particles of feces.


Consequently, I would have considered biting my nails all the way past my wrists, gnawing thru my elbows stopping though at my shoulders but only after I had finished feasting on both my legs.




Gary S. Gevisser       Date               Marie Dion [Stewart] Date