From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 6:19 PM
To: 'D. Todd Philips'
Cc: rest
Subject: RE: From Toni Atkins' Campaign


Attention: Todd Philips, campaign manager for Toni Atkins, councilwoman for District 3, San Diego, now seeking reelection.


Todd, thank you for being so prompt in getting back to me.


Currently I am rather pressed 4 time, the time going on 4:30PM PST, just this very minute coming across this E-mail, the subject: “Is this ever your kind of stuff !!” sent by my friend Dr. John Pollard, the date and time received on my computer Fri 11/21/03 2:58PM, showing however, that it was sent Sat 11/22/2003 3:01 AM. I don’t have the time right now tu read this WSJ article but I would be interested in your comments.


Ordinarily I would be at this time working on several emails but so as tu focus sumwhat I am restricting myself tu just too emails, bearing in mind that I still have tu prepare the butternut squash soup 4 tomorrows Sunset Party, which will be the second time I have prepared such an item tu mention little of me being quite the “nanny boy.”


Earlier I returned from the local Vons supermarket getting the tail end of the necessary food, produce and supplies, for what should be a pretty good party most of the purchases excluding the alcohol coming from Jimbos, the local natural-organic health food store and a little from the local Ralphs supermarket, crossing the picket line for the 5th time having given, however, very careful thought about what message it sends both tu those on the line as well as those workers now manning the checkout lines most, smiling from ear to ear, 4 the opportunity tu be working, which was not quite the look on the face of another shopper and her sickly young daughter who heard just like I did one of the “phatsos” [sic] call out just as she passed thru the entrance, “Kiss my ass.”


Naturally, I simply stopped in my tracks while heading back towards my Mini Cooper S, both hands full, looked about, thought 4 a few moments whether this potentially explosive incident would be enough tu get the likes of Kimberly Hunt off her ass and high tail it over tu our neck of the woods which isn’t exactly District 6, a suburb of Cape town, South Africa I am somewhat more familiar with than Toni’s District 3, District 6 once a vibrant “colored community” before the former Apartheid regime decided tu send in bulldozers making way for what is now undoubtedly a thriving residential community, always looking 4 the positive side of things no matter what oppression might be baring down, agree?


And of course just like I wouldn’t have wanted to have sex with any of these highly testosterone clad men, some of them even uglier than me, incredible as it may seem, doubtful any one of them were picking up on either me or this rather attractive mother and her girl probably around 8 years of age, certainly by the time I was done with the boys who are not exactly the type of “homy boys” you would generally find in a supermarket like Vons catering in many cases tu a bunch of wimps, u might have pitied them more than the kid having tu hear such vulgarity tu mention little of her mother who was just about in tears feeling terrible about crossing the picket line in the first place, the urgency of taking care of her sick daughter apparently overriding her concerns 4 pissing off these fatsos.


Us Del Martians, despite pretty much having it all, the turf, the surf, good looking women, blah blah have our fair share of obese and spoiled brats as elsewhere throughout the United States, never though tu forget that we are the hardest working people, those of us employable that is, certainly the most generous people on the face of the earth as we pollute the air with all our waste, nothing worse then of course my Jewish brother, Larry “Simpleton” King although I have not heard what Poli Pollak has had tu say on Network Television but if he was just once anywhere near as pitiful as he was back on September 26th in our conference call then I think there is every reason another pogrom can be avoided, which u know from having read the previous hyperlink is not necessarily altogether different from a government sponsored program, agree?


Understand, I am hell bent on driving out of Del Mar, the good looking men, the chances of anyone other than me, or so it seems at this point willing to “take it on the chin” from guys who would without the slightest doubt in my mind get a spot on any Godfather movie set, being nothing short of “slim and none.”


And be4 u tell me tu get “a grip” on things, may I suggest u go right now to the “PS” and then start reading backwards.


Naturally, there is quite sum method to the madness of the union chiefs at this time, the supermarket chain strike going on longer than the rank and file care 4, the heavy duty boys and girls, pretty hard to tell the difference, turning up the heat, nothing lost on those of us in touch, agree?


And of course I restricted my language tu simply asking each and every one of the 8 guys, my knowledge of “close combat” never tu mess with a woman in good shape,


“So which one of you phatsos has the courage to stand up and acknowledge saying, ‘Kiss my ass’?


Okay so u don’t like the word ‘phatso’ so then which one of you fricken cowards has the courage tu stand up and acknowledge saying, ‘Kiss my ass, blah blah.’” [sic]?


Present throughout most of the discourse was the store manager who I am all butt certain would support each and every single word I used but of course I never spelled out “fatso” and although it may be obvious why none of the females on the picket line decided not tu lend support I didn’t feel it necessary to test how much of the mens’ testosterone that was spilling out all over the parking lot made it into their veins, u well aware of the Newtonian principle that 4 every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is lost nor is there anything tu be gained by pushing every single “p.ick” [sic], hi Jeff Rabin, against the wall, agree?


Naturally, not a single one of these pitiful individuals, the epitome of an adult dik, my assuming u have now clicked on tu a hyperlink or too tu know that “kid” spelled backwards is “dik”, was close tu my midget size, in height and size much closer my wife’s former husband, Dr. “Sperm Donor” JBS,


Nor, should I add, that I left any of them a Manager Minute One business card, deciding tu drive out the backside of the parking lot sparing myself from the possibility of these miserable creatures seeing my license plate, “DOG KO” and then later, like right now, 5:28PM PST deciding tu set the entire 27th street alight, smart move, agree?


I have decided not tu answer either the house line, my cell phone batteries having gone dead much earlier in the day.


Were it not 4 our JoNathan going home with his friend Connor it is very possible that our 11 year old would have had quite a story tu tell his mom by the time we got home, the Vons supermarket just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from the Del Mar Hills Elementary School, Marie at this point, as I have said be4, cing possibly little benefit in divorcing me, perhaps, just biding her time, the possibility still exists that she has conspired with either one and/or both executors of my estate tu arrange “a hit” this Saturday probably as good a time as any, although as I may have mentioned in an E-mail this past Wednesday, even if the electrician Lowell isn’t involved in such a conspiracy the odds of this English antique crystal chandelier holding up as I swing from the bedroom ceiling where it is hooked in at this time, across a narrow opening leading into the living area, a distance spanning sum 40 odd feet, as high off the ground as 20 feet in one spot, “slim & none.”


I don’t “believe in G-D” since the word “belief” conjures up all sorts of mystical nonsense, rather I know G-D exists, providing each and every one of us with “free will” tu carry out “his will”, and although it is okay tu be stupid something which is allowed each and every day particularly in corporate America, specifically in public companies traded on the stock markets, that doesn’t mean, I can get away with being altogether stupid, my having arranged 4 the leather sofas tu cushion the impact, once I let go.


My thinking at this time of the CAT IN THE HAT starring Mike Myers, a pop-up ad I just saw on home page, my folks’ book The Winking Cat possibly getting a new set of legs, agree?


Be advised that not only is there a statistically valid, representative sampling of the world’s literate population copied on this email in addition to the San Diego Police Department and the local FBI office but I have empirical evidence, not tu be confused with the expression, The Emperor Has No Clothes, that the vast majority of people who receive my emails not only eventually get around tu reading each and every word, but examine them both “backwards & forwards” much like I have been doing pretty much all my life, having simply a “time advantage” over most of my peers, my focus at this time, the kids who have not lost either their spirit, the will tu succeed, but who can with a good command of Science, Mathematics, Art, Religion and Technology comprehend both the physics and metaphysics that keep everything in balance, my having just last night come across an article that talked about how scientists by doing a genetic analysis of body lice tu determine when such lice evolved, such creatures needing human clothing tu survive, have figured that humans started wearing garments, “72,000 years ago, give or take 42,000 years… Perhaps clothes really did make the man.


Suffice to say the E-mail I sent out last evening tu the parents of the Frostbite Soccer says a number of things and although I wrote it in conjunction with 3 other emails, all said and done, them all taking less than hour tu pull together including adding the hyperlinks, the most time consuming aspect being who tu include, tu mention little of the dilemma which individuals tu “Cc” versus “bcc” as in blind copy, my method of communication overcoming just about any human condition and/or handicap, unless the individual is deaf, dumb and blind, i.e. more “out of it” than say a monkey, one critical key tu success is never being in denial as well as never, ever, ever allowing anyone within your sphere of influence who suffers from such a horrible disease get within an “arms length”, tu heck with whiners, agree?


As u may know English is a language that was ripped out of the Latin and last night while perusing the diary I kept sum 30 years ago while visiting Israel on what is called “Ulpan” designed tu give 15 year old a flavor of the “Promised Land”, forgiveness much like showing folks “kindness” most often interpreted as “weakness”, I came across a couple of what I thought were interesting notations, one being sumthing about a letter tu my Latin teacher, Mr. Braithwaite, no relation I know of tu Ms. Cowperthwaite, a Bank of America branch manager, who like the “Sperm Donor” and his attorney Mr. George G. Hurst Esq. are not invited to our party, and the other a personal note from one of my good friends at the time Roy Essakow who I have mentioned more recently on the odd occasion, Roy having made a “small fortune” while working 4 Marc Rich, the tax fugitive, to mention little of the nature of oil traders, nothing like a spot like Zug, Switzerland tu set up as a headquarters 4 trading with “the enemy”, Mr. Rich, u may recall, receiving a presidential pardon on Bill “Wallpaper” Clinton’s last day in office.


And of course I include Roy as well as his brother Jeffrey as well as the entire Carmel College Alumni on this email, hoping that they will, like, a whole number of other people calling me up interrupting my daily routine drop by and say hello tu Marie+me at our party scheduled tu start at the end of Forstbite’s one day soccer tournament.


I haven’t had the opportunity tu review more than too paragraphs of that 5,484 word email but one of the things I may have failed tu spell out was why someone as incredibly bright as Tom McWilliams, the top dog of Citicorp Ventures Group [CVG] would bring someone like Mr. Newell Starks, a “train smash” ready to happen, at pretty much any time of the day or night, to be their “top gun”, i.e. Chairman of the Board of the Sterling Holding Company, that I suspect on November 6th of this year got the “go ahead” tu gobble up Stratos Lightwave, a one time big fish hoping tu sell itself to the likes of IBM now nothing more than a minnow, Mr. Starks doing exactly what anyone with half a fricken brain would have expected of this “bull in a china shop”, agree?


Remember now Mr. Starks is not only a rather accomplished engineer in the conventional sense but in terms of his financial engineering skills he has to be, at least in my opinion, the best in the entire, very bloody, world, never tu confuse conventional wisdom with common sense and one has to include someone like Jonathan Beare when one is referring to a population group known as Homo Sapiens there being something in the order of 6.3 billion of us residing on this rather sickly planet at this moment in time.


Now one of the invited guests called me earlier today at 11:25 AM PST tu be precise wanting tu know whether the beach house where the party will be staged is “wheelchair accessible”, Joey, a student of artist-painter Sebastian Capella happens tu take care of a quadriplegic who injured himself in a diving accident.


In the course of this 2 minute and 16 second phone call Joey also tested the waters tu c if it would be safe tu bring along her dog, knowing that both our dogs, particularly Pypeetoe, our Super Italian Greyhound [SIG] is very friendly, pretty much willing to have sex with anyone, regardless of its gender or species 4 that matter.


Mr. Krinsk Esq., another invited guest had questioned amongst a number of things when we last visited for lunch this past Wednesday whether we would be serving sushi and without missing a heart beat I said, “No,” fully aware that he would likely bring along his fishmonger.


And even if our friend Kevin, one of the owners of a pretty good local sushi bar catering mostly tu really hip folks, were tu give us his very best cuts, the odds of the sushi being fresher than what is served at the Krinsk household each and every fricken night is “slim and none”, Mrs. Krinsk, also known as Campbell Soup, by now, having entered into a binding, contractual agreement with the Navy SEALS located just across from the Krinsks’ sanctuary out in Pt. Loma tu drop off their “catch of the day” as they pass by, possibly having perfected the art of not even slowing down as they drop a 600 odd pounder intu one of the G-D only knows how many koi ponds, tu mention little of how back on August 9th of last year I had offered Mr. Krinsk sum of the sword fish our JoNathan had brought back with him from a fishing trip with his  “Sperm Donor”, Mr. Krinsk getting into the “kitty gritty” [sic] of how long this incredible fish lay in agony in the water with a harpoon in its belly before deciding tu pass, allowing me, however, tu give Joe Steinberg, one of the too top dogs of Leucadia National Corporation a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Mr. Krinsk’s concern for me ending up either a paraplegic or a quadriplegic no longer a “talking point” given the fact that he considers it nothing short of a miracle that I am still alive, giving me no more than a 50:50 chance of seeing out another day, to mention little though of my heart rate at rest approximately 40 beats per minute; given however, all the things on my plate, constantly on the move, it is more likely that if you come tu the party you will feel my pulse racing closer tu 60 unless of course u were tu challenge me tu game of chess in which case my pulse could drop into the low 20s.


Probably, by the time Mr. Krinsk arrives everybody could be in their “birthday suits” [sic], testing out my waveski to mention in passing a call I got earlier in the day from a Mr. Klein a principal it seems in a mortgage lending company by the name of Cambridge following up on my response tu a telemarketer who called my wife, Marie, the other week wanting tu know if she was interested in “refinancing” her home, my wife like me part of that “smart money” group sitting on the sidelines, which is not tu say I couldn’t do with more cash these days, which brings me closer tu the main point of me deciding to invest so much time in the E-mail I sent Toni this past Tuesday evening at exactly 5:48 PM PST.


I have just very recently decided, in earnest, while putting the finishing touches tu Manager Minute One, tu re-enter the workforce, and despite the difficulty I have in taking instruction, I feel comfortable that the likes of Mr. Krinsk will take great pride in the work product I will produce, again, assuming I continue tu defy the odds.


When, however, you have beaten the odds as Marie and I faced last fall when her former husband another incredible coward deluxe, 50:50 seems like a windfall, which should not have u thinking at this point that I am desperate tu sell my windmill painting, gifted tu me by my great friend, Anne L. Miller, who rests patiently, enjoying every moment as I go about doing my business, which is not tu suggest that u go over tu her grave and start peeing, agree?


The “Sperm Donor” chose tu go the route of a criminal courtroom setting rather than Family Court where he would have got even more torn apart “then” [sic] the lashing he ultimately received by a very fair judge in the form of Judge Hendrix, 4 the very fact that his too biological children, that we know of, could have in a Family Court proceeding been brought in as witnesses, where they would have confronted this despicable character with his incredible, insidious lies, and were it not 4 the fact that this “Sperm Donor” is white and a physician tu boot, he would, in my opinion, be at this time, in a penitentiary faced with the real prospects of being “boned up the ass by Bubba”, his crimes remaining unpunished, despite him now beginning tu finally “tow the line”, such an individual and his buddies such Ms. Kathryn Murry on notice, that they “stand still.”


Which brings me tu the folks from the Wetherly Capital Group [WCG] who were responsible for masterminding and executing the rigging, i.e. hijacking of the California Gubernatorial elections held last November 8th.


I happen to know a thing or too about how the likes of Ron Burkle one of the founding “financiers” of the WCG got off tu a “rolling start” in the supermarket chain business allowing him not only tu become one of the richest boys in the United States of America, funding many a political candidate but having the horsepower tu get the likes of Bill “Hilary lets leave the kitchen sink for that W fellow” Clinton upon leaving the White House, in such disarray, I might add, tu join Mr. Burkle in his all-mighty powerful Yucaipa Corporation, agree?


While Toni Atkins’ too opponents decide tu pick away at her about how she may be favoring gay-homosexual-lesbian business-play interests, making lots of “hey” [sic], by joining forces with me, interesting the likes of a District Attorney willing tu “take it on the chin”, in so doing differentiate herself from “the pack” tu mention little of doing the right thing, then I will consider contributing the same amount of money it has cost me installing a fricken chandelier in our bedroom for tomorrow’s big event, a total of sum $400, it improper 4 me tu tell you how much I paid 4 this a “one of kind” purchase out of an estate sale of a friend who passed away around this time last year.


If time permits I will be following up with Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown, a professor of finance at the Yeshiva University in New York City, and co-founder of the website, feeling very much the heat, my Bottoms Up Schooling [BUS] gaining ground with each tick of the clock, time very much running out 4 the wicked, which reminds me I still need tu get oil for the gas lamps. 


I implore you, do not ignore this email.


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake



PsAlso copied on this email is Alan Viterbi, the son of the co-founder of Qualcomm. Alan knows sum of the players of the WCG rather well, perhaps though not as well as his attorney partner whose name I forget but who will no doubt remember me from when he, Alan, Vicky “Sticky” Schiff, the one co-managing director of the WCG and I once “broke bread” at the Pacifica Breeze Café over at the Plaza in downtown, Del Mar.


Alan had emailed me back on May 15th asking “tu be added tu my delete list” [sic] although he may have simply asked tu be “deleted” from my email list which in my mind amounts tu the same thing.


Alan, who I believe is heterosexual, was at one time the mayor of Hollywood, California. My plan is tu respond at some point directly tu Alan, who is also invited tu our party this Saturday as long as he brings along the son of the other co-founder of Qualcomm and of course I would anxiously await their suggested solutions tu solving the problems of the world, not tu forget of course my Part 8 of the 8 part mini series tu Ms. Diana Henriques of the New York Times who knows that when I mean business I mean business, recognizing that it is just a matter of a small amount of time in the scheme of things before the “cat is out of the bag”, how it comes tu pass that a man like Warren “BO” Buffet so very much “in bed” with a Mrs. Graham the former owner and publisher of the Washington Post, a Democratic Party “stronghold” is now the “chief financial advisor” tu Mr. Schwarzenegger, my having the most incredible difficulty putting the designation “Governor” before this “misfits” name.


More importantly, perhaps, how it is we have so much superficiality in this world best illustrated in our choice of presidents, the Democrats clearly the smartest in this category picking in more recent times the likes of John Kennedy versus say Lyndon Johnson and then there was Nixon and Muskie, the Democratic Party frontrunner until Mr. King Golden Jnr., failed to throw himself in the crowd, blah blah, the peanut farmer perhaps the smartest president in U.S. history, from an IQ standpoint, a blithering idiot nevertheless, not tu have worked out, how dirty tricks are played in the “real world”, Georgia not exactly Wall Street, which brings us to the Democratics bringing in their “big gun” Clinton, from of all places Arkansas, knowing everything there was tu know about this yoyos baggage, his inability to keep his dik in his pants, legendary, much like his temper, and of course it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist tu work out that such an individual would never surround himself with the “A team” only “Yes men” who in the words of my very great friend, Mr. Amos Wright, “will kill you” in order though, tu take on the first good looking Republican to make it on tu the scene since Reagan started suffering from Alheizmers, many would say in his first term of office, wouldn’t you agree, Roger Robinson?


But what tu do when there is boy like George W. while following in his daddy’s footsteps, is G-Dly inspired, never having let his formal education interfere with his learning as opposed tu the likes of Poli Pollak, a Democratic Party poster boy who uses his education, good looks, tu nail “bar flies” much like the older look-alike poster boy, Mr. King Golden, showing such women their “tender side” as in


Although we are Kings of the universe, capable as say The Rattlesnake of making ungodly fortunes we choose tu be with the poor brothers and sisters, now cum and suck my kid” [sic].





-----Original Message-----
From: D. Todd Philips
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 1:56 PM
Subject: From Toni Atkins' Campaign




It was good to talk to you today.  Please forward any questions/concerns you

may have about Toni or her campaign to me and I will be more than happy to

address them.






D. Todd Philips

Campaign Manager

Toni Atkins for San Diego City Council

619-233-3085 (office)

619-398-5916 (mobile)



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