To: Judge administering “trial-by-mail” 4 “moving violations.”

Subject: Speeding Ticket number 53569 RV – Date of violation 3-26-03

Date: June 25th 2003


To whom it may concern:


The question of my guilt in speeding goes beyond my single perspective of the truth. I should make clear right from the outset that this is not in any shape or form a solicitation as I am recently very happily married with too kids thrown in as part of an incredible package.


If I were, however, to be faced with having to face up to every sin I have committed in my 46 years none would be more crystal clear than what took place on March 26th of this year. There are tho extenuating circumstances which I would like the court to consider.


First, just prior to breaking the law I had pulled over to the side of Hwy 8 heading east to make a rather urgent phone call to my wife’s professor who had been telling me about his decision tu take on the responsibility of helping raise a young teenage girl as he glided past his mid 70s which no doubt will add more meaning to his life to mention little of color +++. Sebastian provides Marie Dion Gevisser with incredible guidance as only a master painter-teacher such as Sebastian Capella can.


I was raised on meat 3X a day being spoon-fed, “Can’t is not in my vocabulary, the impossible shall done, miracles take a little longer.” And so u might consider this my “Hail Marie” [non-sic].


To give u a better perspective of my location this incident took place on the hill just past the billboard with 60s-poster-jock Jackson Browne beckoning momworker63s, orphans, widows and pensioners tu make their way over to the Viejas Indian Casino to mention little of where working class folks’ bread money ends up other than in the pockets of the “Steve Wins and Sol Crosses” [sic] of the wor.d.


As I pulled away to get back into the flow of traffic I had a # of things to contend with. And believe me I was only under the influence of  the natural hi I get from being around people who only speak the truth, i.e. don’t lie, steal or cheat getting over rather quickly how fortunate, unfortunate I was having parents who got it all right by the time they had me, providing me with all the basic needs and then getting the hell out of the way to allow me to fly hi and free, never, despite growing up in the pot capital of the world, was I ever so dumb to indulge in any form of drugs, alcohol undoubtedly the worst which when combined with “uppers & downers” makes 4 a very rough landing.[1]


I would very much have preferred to email in my “pleading” so that I could provide u hyperlinks tu things such as pictures of Pythagoras whose Number is the essence of all things, good or evil, meant as much tu me as any nonsense I first heard coming out of the mouths of any member of my immediate family including my incredible mother a “miracle maker” in the world of beauty queens, a Miss World and Miss Universe tucked under her belt.


Altho it was her models who kept the trophies while my mother scored big time in every category u can imagine and of course she could both spell and write well to mention little tho of my father who despite the trappings of being born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth broke free and became while still a teenager a fighter-bomber-pilot with sum 71 operations under his belt by the time he was just 21, one shy of being godly, having to end his miraculous daily brushes with death above the skies of north Africa and Italy during WWII in order to return to South Africa tu be with his amazing mother who had become deathly ill.[2]


Each one of us takes a risk each time we step on the pedal whether it be a bicycle, a motor vehicle or if dumb enuf to step foot into a Space Shuttle where others oftentimes less grounded make decisions of “life & death” as if they were G-d risking others’ “life & limbs” to mention little of my wife’s incredible toes that were when she was age 4 squooshed under a truck, “Teflon Marie” is what I sumtimes think of my “out of this world” wife.


These rocket scientists who sum refer to as TOES are about to be brout into line much like others who think their urine don’t smell and I won’t get much into my “Risk Assessment” business other than tu say my marriage license spells me out as a “Problem Solver” and the secretaries of my one attorney-colleague refer tu me as The Pisser and I should add that I am not an attorney.


More importantly is the fact that I wont bore u to death with my Unified Theory of the Inner Workings of the Universe, all that I ask tho, is that u check out from time tu time that looks like a 3 year-old has been programming the website but please take a look at the mission statement and u will understand why, perhaps, I have painstakingly gone about building this website from the bottom up knowing just as certain as certain can be altho there is no such thing as a certainty in Quantum Mechanics only probabilities, how close Einstein was to breaking “the code”, moreover that all our futures are in the hands of our children and why the need tu empower the kids to parent the parents who need the most help who very often grow up from being poorly behaving kids tu “diks” [sic].


I never really got to explain to the too very patient California Highway Patrol officers sum of my solutions to solving the problems of the world that have nothing whatsoever to do with race, color or religion, simply poor parental religious teaching, including how just as I pulled back onto to Hwy 8 there was a vehicle in the middle lane who suddenly changed to the far right lane to take a close look at my license plates that read DOG KO and I happen to have a “knockout” dog altho Pypeetoe wasn’t with me at the time.


He is rather cute with all sorts of weird triangle markings including a universal sign on the back of his neck and hence the first part of his name which ties-in with Pythagoras and eventho he is almost 2 years-old he continues to pee on his toes.[3]


Of course being able to do things “backwards & forwards” is not a new thing, that supposedly one of our Presidents came up with A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaA Man A Plan A Canal Panama, tho, doubtful it was Jack Kennedy whose mental gymnastics it seemed were confined to swimming pools with the Secret Service turning a “blind eye” to mention little of my suspicions that if sumthing, G-d forbid, were to happen to our great President, Mrs. George W. Bush would be a whole lot more upset than Mrs. Kennedy appeared to be.


Moving right along, there is every possibility that Einstein who took Quantum Mechanics as far as the mind has reached in contemporary X may have concluded if not said, “How many coincidences does it take before it is no longer a coincidence?


And therefore there is a reason 4 everything, that in fact everything can be traced back to the year dot including language even the English language that was ripped out of the Latin by politicians which like Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic was one of the spiritual languages perhaps tho no quite as picture-perfect as mathematics which most folks may not think of as a language but it most certainly is and 4 proof of this we simply have to examine Pythagoras’ Proof Theorem, “This and this equals that” to speak little of Plato’s pontificating on the need 4 each one of us to constantly examine our lives.


Pythagoras was in fact the first scientist 4 he took mysticism and superstition out of the equation 4 the very first time in recorded history altho not a single record exists of his writings which shouldn’t really cum as a surprise since from the time of his reported death sum 500 years before Christ until the 1500s all Science Mathematics=Music and Art was lost.


Man tho started once again tu get SMART as he, like Pythagoras, began to embrace women into his inner circle allowing those more multi-task oriented, able tu balance more than one baby at a time, careful to rock the cradle ever so gently, back into the Sciences, Math and the Arts which in turn spurred creativity and Technology, TRAMS in reverse, again a basic element of Quantum Mechanics, i.e. able to go forward as well as in reverse, 10101 ad-infinitum.


I simply had no choice but to speed up and in fact altho my Mini Cooper S is not “supercharged” I very likely reached speeds in excess of what I was clocked at in my attempt to avoid what I thout was going to be a rather messy rear-end collision altho as I later found out the inhabitants of the SUV, almost identical to one we saw several weeks later in the exact same spot which had the license plate, “1 SIC SUV”, were just wanting to give me a “thumbs ups” attempting to get a closer look not at my license plates but the Piranha fish I had dangling in the back window to tie-in with my one expression, The Meek WITH TEETH shall inherit the earth which right now is in the final stages of design to be placed on t-shirts.


And of course there will be bumper stickers that I will handing out along with the sale of the book I am writing, Manager Minute One which is a take-off of the business book One Minute Manager.


I will also not bore u to death on the reasons why Ken Blanchard who wrote the best seller One Minute Manger before Gung Ho! decided to keep his entire executive team in place rather than hire me along with one or too of my A-team writers butt suffice to say most folks probably actually read Gung Ho! as opposed to using his first “claim tu fame” as book-ends.


Suffice tu say I am all but certain my book along with a whole host of other websites I have in various stages of construction will be a lightening rod to get folks to think differently not only about themselves and their purpose in being here other than to take up space but more importantly that if “U are not part of the solution than u have to be part of the problem”, that what goes around comes around perhaps best described in one of my “mathematical” expressions translated in English that seems to captivate most peoples’ imagination, which is a take-off of Etrade that in reverse reads, don’t, “moc.GODdnaNAME.


And it goes without saying that the mathematics proves out that God is DNA.


Some 64 day ago yesterday when I began thinking about what I would write as the deadline approached, “always pushing things tu the limit” [sic] my “significant other” of sum 9+ years, became my wife and it is her making those comments in quotes and I use the “sic” because I am all butt certain she would not misspell a single word despite her first language being French.


I can in fact spell somewhat okay never tho letting my formal education interfere with my learning having been born and raised tho in South Africa, “a hilly deprived society” [sic] during the last 3 years of the 50s, 60s and most of the 70s before I was fortunate, unfortunate to get an opportunity to come and live in the United States, never believing, however, in luck, but hard work and most all keeping my big nose clean.


Left out of the teachings of today is, however, the word “Religion” which altho not a 4 lettered word seems to throw a whole # of people off and of course the world is very sick right now but there is a silver lining everywhere one just needs to look, never tho can we forget that “Sticks and stones break bones but words kill” that until such time as we all pull together as 1 it will become nothing more than a “zero sum gain” which is sumthing I hope to explain in another of my “classes” knowing tho having been raised in an upper-class “part of town” that those often at the top of the class are not necessarily the brightest sparks but who know best how tu conform and later in life often perform like clowns.


When necessary I conformed rather well but just enuf so that my class mates wouldn’t take me 4 the class-clown flying free and hi most of the time afforded tu me  by having well balanced parents who when out of sync were kept in check by my elder siblings running interference when need be, leading ultimately to a profound belief in G-d.


Accepting G-d doesn’t mean anything short of my having worked the muscles of my brain endlessly day in and day out 4 sum 2404 odd weeks, 16,828 days, 28 being one of the very few Perfect Numbers and why the need to tread very carefully when introducing children to the subject of religion never forgetting to let them know that it is our “common laws” that keep us “in bounds”, Roman Dutch law never to be confused with the Romans morphing into the Roman Catholic Church with more than one Pope having his military wrecking havoc on society, just one or too with “the balls” to play it straight.


It is not often that folks floor me, mostly they bore me to death, intellectual elitists that is, but I found myself completely stymied when after asking 4 a break thinking that the CHP officers would be impressed with my twisting of Matthew 5.5,


The meek

With Teeth



The earth


the one officer with the straightest face responded, “Who says the meek didn’t have teeth?”


In nutshell, I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come with a pointed tail and pitched fork and so 4 me to ask 4 sum form of leniency just because of the fact that I don’t. lie, steal or cheat, seems pitiful.


I wouldn’t tho like to c my driving record negatively impacted nor my pocket book further indented.


So please help, help, help.


Sincerely yours,



Gary S. Gevisser .



[1] A “get” is what is required under Jewish law in order for a married couple to be formally divorced. My parents finally got their “get” after 30+ years of marriage, never stopping tho loving one another from the day they met. They simply couldn’t live together made more difficult by my mother’s decision tu live like a queen in England and my father who was born and raised in South Africa saw that flying “once a weak” [non-sic] to take cater to her needs was overtaxing to his system that was not confused between “wants & needs.”

[2] According to the Kabala, Jewish mysticism, there are 72 names 4 G-d, religious Jewish people often times replacing the “o” in the word “God” with a “-“ a reminder perhaps that we shouldn’t go around in circles, that as we know in mathematics there is no such thing as a perfect circle, that only G-d is perfect, that practice makes perfect never to forget that folks like doctors and lawyers only practice their profession, altho life is no dress rehearsal, it is the real thing.

[3] The “tie-in” hyperlink shows a picture of my wife wearing one of my Armani ties as a bandana with an expression that would pretty much sum up what she would say about this “brief” if she ever got to read it.