EMAIL TO Dr. JONATHAN BEARE Sent Tue 10/5/2004 2:34 PM PT


Dear Jonathan,


I'm writing this e-mail to you with the single purpose of having you participate in my intellectual property well aware that you may not respond as you may have heard or think I have lost my mind.  I must add that I have not lost it but at times I have created that illusion to serve my purposes. 


Cutting right to the chase I know you have not lost your intellectual reasoning to appreciate the value of my intellectual property that you remain quite able to recognize the "method to my madness" seeing right through this question of my "lack of loyalty" to lies, deceit and wrongdoing in full agreement that the only way out of this incredible economic mess other than a worldwide economic collapse of unprecedented proportions is to suspend trading of public corporations.  


My long-windedness in most of my correspondence serves as a breath of fresh air to those in shape wanting to suck in logical reasoning, my decision to open my "big mouth" is simply because I now have solutions, painstakingly building my credibility amongst the handful of superrich, middle class as well as the dirt poor to address the problems of the world.


As a result of my experiences working with the likes of Milberg Weiss I began to realize all the deceit and corruptness in the world was dragging it down into a mess our children would inherit. For the past few years I have used my different web sites as well as my mailing list to expose this deceit.  I know in certain instances this has crossed over and interfered with my family and friends but I felt it was necessary to do the right thing.


I know you have heard my feelings on the Lazarus family and I must add that the Lazarus's were the most intellectually honest of the Durban Jews and I assume that this is why you were and are so friendly with them. As a result of my endeavors I have created value regarding these web sites and mailings.  My sites get in excess of 3m hits a day and I reach people all over the world with my writings.


In addition I have created our Clean Water Fund [CWF] project, which is a unifying universal common goal.  I attach a document that has been prepared and ready to be implemented.


Sometimes the truth hurts and I'm only trying to make a point in an effort to bring about peaceful change to make people do the "right thing" for the "general good" before the masses wake up from their slumber, unwilling to talk and simply begin chopping off heads beginning in no better place than the Republic of South Africa, agree?


As a result of my relationship and feelings towards you I would welcome your input and involvement. I have always valued your intellect and integrity. I would like your involvement as I know different to believe I am on the right track and can really make a difference. In addition I believe our intellectual property is extremely valuable and with your input can only grow.


Be well,