From: Gary S. Gevisser
Monday, September 29, 2003 3:31 PM
To: George G. Hurst Esq. – attorney for Dr. John Ben Stewart [JBS]

Cc: rest including Paul Tomson; Cliff Benn; Jeff Rabin; Matt Potter; Diana Henriques; Aaron"BrownNose" Brown; Po-Li Pollak
Subject: MOBBED



Mr. Hurst,


There are some additional “housecleaning” matters that you need to attend to and of course you will recall Judge Hendrix informing both your client, Dr. JBS and I, both of us being under the “spotlight” something we should have understood rather well even though we come from somewhat different perspectives, me having from a rather young age skated in ice shows where often times there was more than one beam of light shining from the “nosebleed” seats and your client who makes it his “currant living” [sic] looking through microscopes.


Yesterday’s “welcoming-bienvenue & goodbye-aure voir” party went off without a hitch right now I am still a little itchy from the haircut Marie gave me earlier today that once again has me looking pretty much like this without of course the highlights.


I just picked up JoNathan from school and 45 minutes from now we are off to soccer practice where I hope to impress upon Frost Bite the importance of “wave formations.”


Assuming I finish in time I will only get to check it tomorrow and provide you with a hyperlink showing any changes in green.


I picked up quite a bit about what is happening in the world from our rather eclectic group of friends and neighbors who welcomed in the new owners of Marie’s house on Barbados Way as the Gevisser-Dion household makes way, going to exactly where none of us can be absolutely certain at this stage, Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. though perhaps thinking of converting to Christianity having escaped me and my camera people at church this past Friday evening to mention little of the updated ad I am hoping to place in all the newspapers throughout South Africa a week or so from today, most probably on Yom Kippur that will in sum measure spell out the similarities between Jesus Christ walking on water and the parting of the Red Sea as the Jewish people escaped Pharaoh’s chariots.


You of course remember Mr. Krinsk Esq who has agreed to “review” the “filings-claims” in any “class action” we were to bring against you, your client et al, still the need though to get our “arms around” exactly what caused my attorney Mr. James C. Ashworth Esq. to become “hospitalized”, his status anyone care to guess?


The last thing I want to do is start a fire bearing in mind that water, once again, in the event you have forgotten, is, not only fireproof, butt made of up of two highly explosive gases, Hydrogen and Oxygen, my Bottoms Up Schooling [BUS], now beginning to make, perhaps, a little bit more sense to even an idiot like yourself as you continue, no doubt, not altogether stupid, to charge Marie’s ex husband, at least twice divorced, Dr. JBS, through the nose, agree? 


Quite insightful was our Judge Hendrix and of course who can forget you thanking him ever so graciously for having to pour through all the pitiful material you and your client submitted as evidence which brings to me to a number of things.


Before I forget there was unanimous consensus of all our guests that the recall efforts to replace Governor Davis of California who has not to the best of my knowledge been charged let alone found guilty of criminal misconduct is telling of how fed up the U.S. electorate has become, such a move almost unthinkable anywhere in the world including Banana Republics that continue to operate in places like South Africa.


And of course at this time the backers of Governor Davis responsible for masterminding and executing the rigging of the gubernatorial elections that granted them a second opportunity to “lay waist” [sic] to the 6th largest economy in the world are not only paying attention to every word I write but at this time may have even decided to stake out one or more of my properties located around the world, which of course only assists me more in getting the word out, never to forget my book, Manager Minute One.


Interestingly, a number of folks enjoying both the ambiance as well as the “high class” servings of the Gevisser-Dion households, are thinking about writing their own books including our next door neighbor who is a stay-at-home dad coming to grips with not only what most women suffer from in terms of sleep deprivation but the fact that no matter how much the best of us males may think we are in tune there can be no perfect substitute for a stay-at-home mother, most reasonable people coming to terms with the fact that men and women are different species.


The best of the pewter and crystal along with “my salad” were enjoyed by all including the very happy kids, your client though not invited, letting Marie know that he was not at all flexible in having JoNathan stay after 5 PM PST since,


I had made plans to go surfing with him at 5PM PST and of course he would prefer to be with me than his friends and neighbors who he will not be seeing as often in the future, blah blah” [sic].


and by now I would think you have made certain that your client, Dr. JBS, has in fact read very carefully the email Marie Dion-Gevisser sent him today and copied you et al, at precisely 8:19 AM PST which can be accessed in the “Marie” hyperlink contained in the second paragraph.


While enjoying the salad that simply required me having to mix 4 separate containers of the finest ingredients that had been prepared earlier by Marie, the same sort of meal that the kids and I partake in pretty much each and every day, i.e. if we didn’t eat so much garbage elsewhere we would undoubtedly die the healthiest people in the grave, I got a lesson in perspective.


One neighbor’s husband recently completed designing the trophy case for a game called UFO? or something that sounds very similar that is the follow on to Pokemon, the Welch owner of the American rights having already apparently made in excess of $700 million; Fred’s wife, Holly, explaining to me the virtues of this game that teach kids about, “trading and sharing” and then Ms. Nancy, a recovering attorney, and local school teacher explaining quite eloquently that this latest craze is anything butt a


Unified Theory

For the Inner Workings

Of the Universe


like its forerunner stimulates the drive of the kids to do nothing more than “steal.”


Now both Ms Nancy and Holly are not only bright, they could in fact both be right but who really cares when at the end of the day this ingenious Welch gentleman may be on to his 2nd or 3rd billion while the neighbors get caught up in someone else’s spin to mention little of my understanding that Arnold “Spineless” Schwarzenegger made some comment about no one should be paying attention to what he has said prior to throwing his “hat in the ring” for the next governor of California to mention little of what exactly has he said about his father’s Nazi past, since he only did what was required in order to make himself a “celebrity” which jives pretty much exactly with what Poli Pollak told Devin Standard and my self this past Friday afternoon in our 1 hour 12 minute and 16 second “dialogue” to mention little of why I would think you might want to seriously consider getting in to the specialty of “Brown Fields.”


No doubt you have noticed that Professor “BrownNose” Brown is taking his time in responding my posts 676-681 on The Buck Stops Here message board.


Now of course there are few if any folks once I get started who get bored my ability to cater to the brain dead although not as inspiring as the feedback I get from Marie that results in combined efforts such as MOBBED,









Which I have found is sumthing understood by both the least intelligent as well as the smartest amongst us such as Marie Dion-Gevisser who if she were standing next to me right now would probably be looking at me just like this and of course there is not much she can do about what I write, for one thing the fix is in.


Right now JoNathan is playing on the piano The Entertainer which I think is the theme song from the movie “The Sting” but I could be wrong.


And of course you know how your client keeps track of me, first he goes to the home page of, clicks on to “ground zero” that takes him to the “dark matter” email I sent to Professor Price of John Hopkins University before scrolling down the page to the “fish” hyperlink which then takes him to the “fishing expedition” email I sent to Patti Smith the assistant to Mr. Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister of Finance back on August 9th of last year, before clicking on to “my Jonathan” hyperlink which takes him all the way round to the “fix” hyperlink, which doesn’t simply take him around in circles since that hyperlink now contains the “4 the most current communication click on HERE!” which right now takes him toWhat’s up Doc?” which I sent to Jeff Rabin of the Los Angeles Times on September 16, 2003 8:50 AM PST which then takes Dr. JBS to “…Ethics inquiry urged…” which pretty much speaks 4 itself, me slowly helping the likes of the FBI et al connect up the dots and perhaps why you don’t hear the backers of Governor Gray Davis standing on flat bed trailers as Mr. King “Pothead” Golden Jnr Esq. did back in 1972 screaming at the top of their lungs,


“Show us the beef that this hero of us ours committed criminal misconduct!”


to mention little once again of Mr. Golden Esq, your client’s other confidant and next door neighbor failing to throw himself in to the crowd back on that fall day and save


“us from another 4 year term of the evil incarnate President Richard Nixon” [sic]


and once I have completed this email the “spring” in my Fri 9/12/2003 3:40 PM PST email to Mr. Rabin will have Dr. JBS springing back to this email, quite a slingshot, agree?


Much like David didn’t need an audience in taking on Goliath nor do I need more than a handful of able bodied men and women alongside, for the ride, to mention little of what you think of Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk feeling the need to take care of a rather miniscule matter like holding his automobile carrier in check when he has other much more important matters to attend to including giving the leaders of the Democratic Party a “heads up”?


Again, should you wish to join Mr. Krinsk and I for our Wednesday “chicken pot pie” lunch at Rainwaters the day after tomorrow, my feeling the need to inform you that today is Monday, the first day of what is going to be a rather grueling week for you et al, especially as you ponder what will be contained in the “ad” I plan to place, perhaps expanding beyond the borders of South Africa.


Of course it would be only “wishful thinking” that I would slip up at this time my being all but certain that once a member of the news media gets “with it” and of course I remain optimistic that Poli-Pollak is hard at work, digging deep, not farting up his place of work, preparing possibly to join a Jewish congregation not thinking though of fasting on Yom Kippur, the farce that it is, which had me for so many years while growing up in South Africa pondering when it came time for certain underage members of the community to leave our Orthodox Jewish Temple on Silverton Road, Durban, South Africa, when it came time for prayers for the so-called “dead” why Rabbi Weiss didn’t use that occasion to declare “loud & clear” the following:


As much as it pains me at this hour, particularly the fact that I may not be able to be with my family to celebrate the ‘breaking of the fast’ since it is unlikely I will get support from any of the other leaders of community when members of BOSS don’t simply wiretap my telephone but decide to arrest and then ban me, I am compelled by my read of the First Commandment, ‘I am the Lord Thy God, who delivered the Children of Israel out of the land of Egypt out of the House of Slavery, never to return’ which to me also means that we cannot tolerate the slavery of others which is what this Apartheid regime has implemented nationwide, no different to what the Nazis did during WWII and what the English did to the Afrikaner people during the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1900, to instruct each and every one you here today, parents and children alike, to leave in unison this place of worship that has been vilified by the likes of the Lazarus family who are all seated below me to my right as well as above to my left, and to remind you all what I have you read aloud, each and every Friday Night that is as holy as this day of Atonement, ‘Guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking vileMay the Lord Bless you and keep you, may he cause his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto u …” [sic].


Mr. Hurst, your clients initial complaint filed on September 8th 2002 made reference to a number of communications I had provided him back in the fall of 1999 which is really when the “hard evidence” started appearing about how out of control as well as over controlling your client really was, now having more than Marie’s word “4 it.”


His decision to unilaterally cut her alimony and child support payments followed up with, when confronted with this rather serious faux paux, to blame Marie in front of the kids in his loud mouth voice, “U never have the time to sit down and dialogue” [sic] was “it 4 me.”


And of course you must only love repeating to yourself at least 20 times before going to bed each evening Marie’s expression,


When the dialogue becomes two monologues it is the beginning of the end


which talks to how very bright this rather trusting woman happens to be, a “God Send” wouldn’t you agree and of course we know from our bible that that believing in “GODS” will be the “END” of us, the masses of the world getting more and more in tune that no longer are even Doctors godly, agree?


And I happen to be rather quick, as well, butt, slow to judge well illustrated in my decision on December 6th 1999 to give your client, a break, after he pleaded with me that if I were to confront his girlfriend at the time, “Ms. Dawn Killcat” [sic] who had taken a “leave of absence” due to “stress” from her “top job” at the 1,000 pound law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach with the fact that he had “set her up” with a “made up story” about me having called Dawn “a maid” would have her “going over the top.”


Suffice to say I had been ever so careful to have very limited “unsupervised” contact with your client knowing full well his penchant for lying and when caught to first go like any bully on to the attack before heading straight “4 denial” part of his modus operandi from a very early age, well covered in Marie’s declaration signed “under penalty of perjury.”


Which brings me to the point of the Italy trip he had committed to taking JoNathan and Danielle on, this coming spring.


Just the other day in violating Marie’s request that he only communicate with her via email or sealed envelope given to the kids unless there was some kind of emergency, Dr. JBS informed Marie verbally that he was having “second thoughts” about going on the trip wanting to know “What do you think of me changing my mind?”


And of course you recall Dr. JBS actually having the gall previous to this bizarre question asking Marie if she would like to join him on the trip, and one can only wonder what audience he was playing to when making such an offer, agree?


Marie, although quite used to the games of Dr. JBS for sum 20 years simply kept her cool and said, “Don’t you think you should ask Danielle. Who knows she may be even be sumwhat upset” [sic]?


I placed a “sic” since in all likelihood Marie would have been a whole lot more precise and never would she choose, unless very very upset, to tell Dr. JBS to go “fcuk himself” [sic].


I noticed in a German dictionary at The Cave the Germans are not in the least bit embarrassed about telling it the way “it is”, surprised?


Later last evening in the course of the theatrics Marie decided to investigate this matter and couldn’t find this 4 lettered word in the English dictionary we have at her house, although quite old and decrepit, but not as old though as the dictionaries I inherited from Anne L. Miller dating back to the 1920s most if not all in the most perfect condition.


And of course I miss this very dear friend of mine but when you have a plan that could address all the missing links in short order beginning with getting folks unified on a common goal such as clean drinking water, one cannot afford to miss out on the heartbeat of the universe made a whole lot stronger by Ms. Miller having made more than her fair of contributions never to forget the contribution I expect sooner, rather than later from Mr. Doug Royer’s law firm, certain tapes in my possession perhaps being kept from reaching the airwaves, assuming he and his partners do the “right thing” no doubt benefiting very little from the likes of Ms. Miller, thanks in no small measure to me, but certainly flush with cash, still, from the likes of the scoundrel former Ambassador to Switzerland and former owner of the Hotel Del Coronado who is, at least in my opinion, today, an enzyme in the colon of a healthy newborn, fighting his way up the evolutionary chain, not that I want to see Ms. Laurie Black crying, simply letting me know how she did at confession.


And of course since I never heard back from Ms. Black I will leave it to those as yet unnamed individuals who don’t have the courage to tell me exactly what they think continuing no doubt to “co-opt” the likes of Ms. Black and head trippers like Poli Pollak who in my opinion at this time, is simply fixated on using his “gift of the gab” to get laid, period.


According to Marie, Dr. JBS in his latest pitiful diatribe with her then started to bring up the cost of the trip preparing Marie for the excuse he had planned all along to give Danielle once he realized that this trip to see art, museums and architecture was not exactly “fishing.”


There is, however, no one I know more politically equipped to go on a fishing expedition better than your client or perhaps Mr. King “Pothead” Golden Jnr who is also copied on this email, as mentioned previously both Marie and I under the impression that Mr. Golden continues at least when in town to seek the company of Dr. JBS who in all the time I hung with Mr. Golden, Mr. Golden loathed your client’s company.


Have you heard the expression, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend?”


Once you inform your client that using the excuse on Danielle, JoNathan probably not all that keen to tag along, “this trip is costing to much” [sic], will ultimately fall on “deaf ears” it is very likely your client will decide to simply “bite the bullet” and do the best he can to soak in some of the culture, at least he will try possibly tu get a different perspective but I wouldn’t count on it based on what I understand he “endured” when visiting Paris for the first time with Marie in the “early days” of their relationship.


There is quite a bit of information that is starting to come out, a direct result of your client and you deciding to pursue the criminal route path in trying to keep a “lid on things” which now brings me to the fact that neither JoNathan nor Danielle are to the best of my knowledge, deaf, dumb or blind.


Both children have been informed by their mother that she does not “trust” their father despite Dr. JBS trying to make out that the past is not reflective of the future, that he could see no reason why Marie wouldn’t want to join him on the trip to Europe, dismissing for example what took place in judge Hendrix's courtroom, suggesting that the Temporary Restraining Order he “illegally” obtained against me simply “expired” somehow forgetting how hard you and he fought throwing up all sorts of lies in front of this very fair judge who still in the end ruled against you and your client in your attempts to get a Permanent Restraining Order placed on me from ever being in the company of the kids, you sickos.


It is the damage one does to one’s own brain when allowing a “wrongdoer” a “free pass” perhaps even more disastrous than the power they get from overpowering those they come into contact with, using such power and oftentimes ill-gotten gains to build up more of their war chest to fight off the likes of those good people trying to keep them in check, folks like the FBI and the San Diego Police Department who like most Americans, like peoples everywhere are simply trying to make a decent, honest living, the more informed, though, knowing that it is going to be ever more difficult especially for those in the 1st world to make ends meet our manufacturing base having moved offshore but perhaps more importantly the fact the growth in the service sector is minimum wage jobs, the high tech jobs in places like India and perhaps even South Africa once Mr. Manuel decides to “kick arse” and stop with the farce, of giving those white “wheatie” eaters another “free pass”, the majority today of North Americans probably no more than 3 paychecks away from being out on the street, never to forget for a single solitary second which area of business is probably without a shadow of a doubt the fastest segment of U.S. based insurance carriers, those who underwrite, “foreign owned” entities, run by “out of touch” management in places like France and Germany who understand the limitations of their electorate who will not accept being worked to the bone, but willing to exploit our labor force, perhaps when going to confession and seeking absolution tell their Roman Catholic priest who should all start wearing fairly tight clad shorts just to assist a would be confessor examine their “body language.”


And of course us Jewish people know perfectly well why there is this “inbred” guilt within the Roman Catholic Church that has the Pope et al preaching no “sex out of marriage” making youngsters ages 6 and 7 lying, just like my wife, “I ate my sister, shouted at my mother” [sic] so embarrassed about being sinless.


And just before our Jewish friend Blema was recovering from the apoplexy hearing this all for the first time yesterday, I had to “burst her bubble” by letting this delightful psychologist know that while some Jewish people have this euphoric view of looking for the “Lost tribe of Israel” they would have to look no further than edge of each of our long noses to find that the other 10 odd tribes more likely than not wiped out not only that one “lost” Jewish tribe but anyone else who dared to interfere with them leading the “good life.”


Lies, lies and more lies are told from one generation to the next and hence why we have this incredible credibility gap emerging like at no time in the annals of human history.


Just this past Saturday on returning home from her soccer game, Danielle very proudly informed me of how well she played in the “thrashing” her team gave to the opposing team, I then asked her about the “screen name JBSTE” appearing on the home desktop computer questioning Danielle whether she ever used her father’s E-mail account


Upon responding to me that she simply but “very rarely” uses his “account” to log on to “I AM” which allows her to communicate in “real time” with her friends, seemingly a little frustrated with me for asking her such a question, I felt obligated to let her know more of the truth although it is very possible her mother had already informed her as well as JoNathan that the email I received from Dr. JBS on 9-14-02 “is now part of the public record, according to your father through his attorney sent by you to me, inadvertently, and told to a packed courthouse” [sic].


Danielle gave me one of those looks that tell a thousand words, “What the hell are you talking about?” Now I probably didn’t say “packed courthouse” having kept my “monologue” much shorter knowing her shortened attention span these days, although she and I as well as her and her mother are in fact getting along a whole lot better as she gets to see more in terms of what both Marie and I are all about, that the truth is the most precious element in preserving once balance, very difficult, tho, for someone bred 50% of the time on “negative attention.”


Which brings me back to the point of why your client cannot, MUST NOT, use the excuse of this trip costing “to much” because if Marie doesn’t feel compelled to tell Danielle who probably would do just fine in Florence et al along with her friends without her biological father and his grumpy face tagging along, I will have no choice but to inform Danielle that YOU don’t “cum cheap” [sic].


And course you know that if I were elected Governor of California I would change in one of my very first acts, the dog leashing laws, which reminds me that I need to have Marie fill out a form that will allow her to appear once again in court to contest the ticket she got for me having our chocolate Labrador, Maggie, off her leash.


Furthermore, no matter how much Dr. JBS may protest that he no longer uses whenever Marie sends an email to that account it has yet to be returned and of course I won’t go more into at this time his “teeth” email et al to Marie on March 19th of this year just 15 odd minutes before he unloaded,



Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 9:14 AM PST

Dear Marie,

Yesterday, I received a call from Jonathan's Principal, Mrs. Francis.  She had tried to reach you at your house and wanted your cell phone number.  She asked me to ask you  to call her.  She said that Gary had come to the school to meet with her in her office.  Please email me and tell me what this was about.

                         Thanks,  John Ben



I will, however, be covering this subject matter in quite sum detail in an email I will be sending out in the very near future to the manager of my apartment building in Santa Monica, and I will say the same thing I told Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown in the my post 672 which you may find a little easier to read by clicking on this hyperlink


It almost goes without saying, should there be just the slightest scratch to me, my loved ones and/or any of my properties you can be rest assured, you and your partners, would be in on the Top Ten suspects.”


In that email I will be spelling out why it is that I have been rather successful in the area of “risk assessment” my ability to see “patterns” perhaps a little quicker than the average “Joe Blow” and having a rather good command of mathematics and a “fair” amount of common sense is sumthing I now want to share with the masses so that they can get up to speed much quicker than in the past when confronting “monsters” like you and your client who because you can don a suit and tie although I have yet to see Dr. JBS in a suit other than what I seem to recall in the wedding photo his ex father-in-law used to carry in his wallet, to mention little of Marie’s father continuing to suggest that Marie invest in gold, may have a “better than most” shot of not only getting away with murder but with your “ill-gotten” gains have more in the “kitty” to avoid getting caught in another “go around” as those watching you get dizzier, nothing quite like having the masses “shell shocked” agree?


Sum South Africans who know me a little better than most and especially those on the Carmel College school list r much more “up to speed” on my capabilities to snare some of the most rapacious Wall Streeters who would make Poli Pollak farts seem like the waves created by say a butterfly when still in its cocoon when compared to say a million ton gorilla with a spear up its ass trekking through the shrubbery of Pigeon Valley in Glenwood, Durban, where I once lived.


Right now I am looking forward to receiving a response email to my buddy Paul Tomson, responsible for introducing me to Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff who prior to joining the folks at the Wetherly Capital Group [WCG] was quite interested in my take on CSI but because of other distractions was not able to capitalize on a business opportunity that could have given her and her partners a possible 100%+ return on their money without one dollar of leverage and of course you know now that I know a thing or too about leverage beginning with the lessons taught to me by my paternal grandfather, Israel “Issy” Gevisser who first began his trade, that led to the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, by pushing a wheelbarrow, and of course I am not asking you or Ms. Schiff to bow to me but to start thinking and acting according to whatever is left of your conscience.


And for new viewers I know you won’t object if I were to inform them that the WCG were the masterminds behind the rigging of the California Gubernatorial elections held last November 8th, Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff thinking enough of my services in extracting her from a rather tough situation, granting me sum 10% of all her future gross earnings that had my friends being “threatened” not with body harm but something perhaps even more devastating, their livelihood, you surely quite surprised, my ability to keep track of things despite my pitiful paperwork, that Ms. Schiff who in fact shared 30% of her gains from having built up as managing partner of Stor America a $100 million odd real estate portfolio would decide to go “south on me.” 


Yes, Mr. Hurst, there are a number of white “wheaty” eating South Africans who would like perhaps to feed me to the lions and of course I won’t bore you with the detail of how our friend Irwin Strous’ mother was eaten by a lion which will only give the likes of Merrick Wolman further opportunity to protest, “You have insulted many people from Durban…” and you may have noticed how deafeningly quite Mr. Wolman has been as of late, perhaps starting to fart a whole lot more than usual.


On the other hand Mr. Wolman may have decided like a whole number of people around me these days to really get in shape, and you know from being as thin as a rake, although you could have simply been wearing a corset whenever I have been in your company, that people in good condition seem to fart a whole lot less, certainly it has been my experience that their airborne feces don’t smell as much, would you happen to know of any scientific material in this matter?


Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall listening in to the conversations going on these days between Merrick Wolman, his elder brother and his sister-in-law, my tagging along on their honeymoon, & Sol Kersner, Merrick’s uncle, Mr. Kersner, like Mr. Burkle, the behind the scenes man of the WCG, not exactly “lightweights.”


But as you know Mr. fartface attorney, I don’t scare very easily, been there, done it, now perfectly primed to go at the likes of you, your client, the Kersners, the Wolmans, the Lazarus’ who I expect at sum point in the future, sooner rather than later to join me in taking on the biggest gangster out there one who has managed to stay off most if not all folks’ target list including the FBI, namely Mr. Warren “BO” Buffet.


And of course if you have intercepted the draft of my Part 8 of the 8 part minis series to Diana Henriques of the New York X you would have a pretty good sense of why every literate human being on the planet will be outraged once they have read “The Script” that I will have refined in “Jew course” [sic].


And of course you understand perfectly well my modus operandi, telegraphing my punches to any of my other adversaries who are getting the message loud and clear, “mess with me” and I will show the same level of “tenaciousness” in going after you as I am exhibiting in holding the likes of Dr. JBS et al “in check”, until such time as the “Good Lord” decides it is “check mate” time, but of course until such time there is nothing stopping you or anyone else contributing heavily to the “war chest”, the sooner the better, agree?


My most important asset is my “golden name” and as I have said previously if your client so much as makes a “silent fart” in my wife’s presence, I can handle such things perhaps a wee bit better than most folks I know given the fact that I was allowed by my parents to fly high from a very early age, I will unload on you, Dr. JBS et al nothing short of the wildest “class action lawsuit” imaginable that will have those sandwich boards “flying in the wind” not simply outside Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego but throughout Del Mar and wherever Dr. Michael G. Plopper resides and possibly outside Jim Mcfarland Esq’s residence, this past Saturday while assistant coach at JoNathan’s soccer game I couldn’t help but notice the “intersextion” [sic] between Mr. McFarland who is also copied on this email and Dr. JBS as if the two of them, so alike, were seeking both absolution as well as confirmation from each other,


No matter what anyone else has to say, us engineers are the good guys and all our wives, present and past will one day come to realize we were G-D’s gift to not only the human race butt women as well” [sic].


I must say though I was quite impressed with Jim McFarland deciding to come and join our party yesterday although it is possible that his incredibly beautiful and fast-getting-into-shape wife has a whole lot to do with Jim getting with the program, Mr. McFarland being in a rather good position to read your client the “riot act” when he saw him going down his “peeriless voyage” [sic] but instead encouraged Dr. JBS, surprise, surprise?


Although I might find it within myself, somehow, to forgive Mr. McFarland, who happened to witness Marie’s rather well thought through will, that was designed by me to hold every single over controlling parent “in check”, only his son can one day forgive him for having used his 9-10 year old as a “policeman” and of course Mr. Hurst any one of the neighbors first reading the complaint that your client filed on September 11th 2002 “under penalty of perjury” would very likely have called in all their children wanting to know “What if any interaction have you had with Gary Gevisser”? – WOULDN’T YOU AGREE?


And remember as frugal as I am not only do I have all the resources to stick with it even if I were to live to 240 years old, Moses I am told is said to have died at around 120, my penchant for doubling up when I know I am on to a good thing, becoming quite legendry, to mention little of how you must now be cringing deciding to use Marie’s will as an exhibit in court suggesting that I was plastering her address all over The Internet when in fact that will only became a hyperlink after your client filed his insidious complaint against me, aimed at knocking the lights not so much out of me but his primary target, “my Marie” on of all days, September 11th of 2002.


Never forget my attitude towards the likes of you who would attempt to destroy the good name of an innocent and why I have continued, sacrificing finishing my book Manager Minute One, to keep gathering evidence that not a single literate individual on the planet would have trouble getting their arms around as it relates to you and your client’s wrongdoing, in the same way I have painstakingly gathered the irrefutable “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, and of course I expect you to continue playing it “fast & loose” just like Mr. Poli Pollak who in our conference call this past Friday afternoon professed until he was blue in the face that there is no such thing as the Democratic Party.


Devin Standard though, the good Christian that he is, seems a little more optimistic that Mr. Poli Pollak will see the light, in the meantime though I will not be holding my breath, just the other day though while swimming amongst the fishes I was able to hold my breath to the count of 300, +- 5 minutes.


I also still know how to skate on ice although clearly not as comfortable on ice hockey skates as I once was, although I am pretty certain that if I were to spend a day, no more than too, at the local ice rink I would be able to get my rhythm as well as my stride back for the simple reason I think no differently to when I was 15 years old, in terms of my ability to add, and no more than 21 years of age when it comes to understanding the media business and the likes of Matt Potter, Diana Henriques, Jeff Rubin of the Los Angeles X to mention just in passing Christopher Byron, author of Martha Stewart.


And of course I copy all these folks on this email including Mr. Rubin who could possibly be out sick, or simply on vacation but when you look very closely at the first email I sent him on 9-12-03 just 366 days after your client filed his “false & misleading” complaint against me “under penalty of perjury” you have to wonder why this particular journalist, so hot on the tail of Mr. Dan Weinstein during the last Los Angeles mayoral election would want to miss such an opportunity to examine with his own eyes the “smoking gun evidence” whose,


 implications I can assure you are far more significant than Watergate which was nothing more than a bungled burglary by a bunch of amateurs followed up with a cover up which were it not for the tapes Nixon would likely have got away ‘Scotch free’… and I think most seasoned pros doubt the existence of “deep throat” very possibly a figment of those reporters’ imagination or possibly their wives-girlfriends, agree” [sic]?


Perhaps what bothered Mr. Rubin was my having left out the words, “the spring” which I have now marked in green and again as soon as I have sent you this email I will have it as a hyperlink in my email to Mr. Rubin, again and again, what goes around comes around, and to repeat for the umpteenth time the expression I first learned in French from Marie, “Vengeance is sweet to the heart of an Indian.”


Below is the full text of the email I sent Mr. Rubin on 9-12-03


From: Gary S. Gevisser
To: jeff.rabin
Sent: Fri 9/12/2003 3:40 PM PST
Subject: Follow up to "Ethics Inquiry Urged..."



Mr. Rabin, I doubt that you have heard of me but you can be assured there are more folks out there besides for Judge Jack Weinstein who have found what I have to say “above average” in terms of credibility to mention little of my prescient timing. I am also probably above average in terms of intelligence and my intelligence gathering techniques are in fact slowly being “leaked out” all part of my strategy to market the book I am now completing titled, Manager Minute One, a take-off of the business book, One Minute Manager that mostly ended up on folks’ bookshelves serving as book ends, not more than a few pages read, at least that is my opinion.


To cut to the chase, I have “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the California State Government, specifically the rigging of the last Gubernatorial elections by non other than the folks you first wrote about back, I believe it was, in February 7th, 2000.


Since I don’t have my credit card handy to purchase the full article you penned, “Ethics Inquiry Urged: Election: D.A. declines to file charges in probe of Han camp’s role in hit ads paid for by Indian tribes, but suggests city might take civil action… Within day, one of those tribes, the Soboba Band of Mission Indians, sent $100,000 to a San Francisco political consulting firm to produce mailers that attacked [James K. Hahn]’s opponent, [Antonio Villaraigosa], as lenient on child pornographers and sexual predators. Hahn defeated Villaraigosa in the June mayoral runoff…” I cannot say for certain it contained the name Dan Weinstein but I would be most surprised if it didn’t although I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no reference to the Wetherly Capital Group, Dan being the co-managing director.


Suffice to say if you interested in getting to the truth of these matters, the implications I can assure you are far more significant than Watergate which was nothing more than a bungled burglary by a bunch of amateurs followed up with a cover up which were it not for the tapes Nixon would likely have got away “Scotch free” [sic], and I think most seasoned pros doubt the existence of “deep throat” very possibly a figment of those reporters’ imagination or possibly their wives-girlfriends, agree?


I have painstakingly gone about protecting myself and those close to me by being very careful in terms of how I have gone about handling the evidence letting “my opponents” know that their best course of action is to plead “insane” or should I say that when I get “in the stand” [sic] their defense lawyers would have me agreeing that I must be “mad.”


And of course I am, especially when you consider the incredible life I lead without a “care in the world, brilliant and beautiful family, two dogs, blah blah” but no picket fence.


I have also though this thing called “conscience”. Other than my fingerprints being on the original documents you wont’ find a single shred of documentation in my possession that would be construed by any court in the world as, “self serving” which is not to say the perpetrators of these crimes haven’t been hard at work trying to “cover up their track, cut & paste, shred if need be” but the reality is that there is nothing they can do about it given how methodical I was in ferreting them out in the first place.


The axiom, “you make your money in real estate at the time of purchase” has taught me a thing or two but nothing quite like being first out of the starting blocks as long as the race is only a few meters giving my rather short, but pretty strong legs, the spring, not really wanting to see my legs chopped off below the knew, the site of blood makes me queasy.


Should you be interested in discussing these matters further please do not hesitate to reply, the sooner the better.


Gary S. Gevisser



As you can see there was only one hyperlink which should please Nirogas who is slowly warming up to me; u buster, better continue to keep your distance, the same with your client Dr. JBS et al, never to forget as Rome burns Nero gets MOBBED” [sic].


Try and be good.


Good Day


Gary S. Gevisser

The Pisser



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