From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Saturday, April 12, 2003 5:17 PM
To: LJBlack
Subject: RE: The meek with teeth shall inherit the earth - Perfect Storm VII & Perfect Storm III unite


When you steal an election, when the vote of the mom-pop small business is not worth the paper it is written on, doesn’t everything else you have to say become oh so moot or is it that you wish for me to remain mute?


It is small business people who don’t hide behind corporate veils of secrecy not baseball owners, the so-called captains of industry who are the ones responsible stimulating economic growth to mention little of the creative juices that are then transferred to their offspring as opposed to those fixated on big government and boards galore, creating nothing more than a welfare dependant society.


And yes if Mr. Moore of Peregrine Systems cannot afford to build his own baseball park maybe he should just go play with the fishes and don’t even try suggesting to me about all the business the new San Diego baseball park, paid for on the backs of tax payers, is going to bring to small business owners unless you truly desire a lesson in economics 101 that would have you deceased father-in-law to mention little of King Golden Jnr turning over in their graves.


Now to be clear, the last place I want to go with all this is to revisit how Ambassador Larry Lawrence ended up in such a pit hole which brings only tears to my eyes for his grandchildren, your beautiful and innocent children who should bare no responsibility for the deplorable acts of their grandfather who was more than a liar and a thief for he destroyed what was once probably a very good name. The good thing is that you retained your maiden name and hopefully one day your children will not only have the choice but the good sense to change their last names and have the wisdom to think twice about blackening it.


Now I haven’t heard from King Golden in a while and so I assume he could be dead. Certainly he hasn’t asked to be deleted from my email list and the last I heard was that he was up cruising in San Francisco which reminds me that I must right this very moment call the manager of Beacon Self Storage up in Oakland to let him know what may be next in store him.


I [just]called but the answering machine picked up. They are probably closed right now but in the event I get distracted maybe you could call “Eugeneo” [sic] at 510-444-7867 first thing Monday morning and let him know that if his boss, Mark Weinstein, a former prosecutor, attempts to coerce or cajole him into staying quiet about the deplorable acts of intimidation, you for one, would be willing to not only help him find another job but use all your influence to see to it that Mr. Mark Weinstein receives the most severe reprimand possible under State and Federal laws. In a nutshell, Mr. Weinstein threatened to “trump up” charges if the man I hired and who performed nothing short of miracles didn’t go along with his game plan. As I have mentioned previously Mark Weinstein is not related to Dan Weinstein of Wetherly Capital, the entity, the instrument of the rapacious liberal elitists behind the hi-jacking of the Californian gubernatorial elections.


Did you ever notice that “Ugly building” on San Pueblo with the large billboard straddling the top of the roof where “tTOo” [sic] freeways intersect? I once commented in one of my emails how former Governor and now mayor of Oakland, Jerry Brown, supposedly spoke of Beacon Self Storage in what were clearly meant to be disparaging terms, but since I wasn’t with Mark Weinstein at the time and Mark could have been simply high from pulling off another illegal coup, not so uncommon amongst real estate tycoons, I wouldn’t know for certain. If you have Jerry Brown’s email address handy don’t hesitate to save me the bother of having “tTOo” [sic] spend another $1.50 dialing 411.

In a matter of minutes I will be finishing off an email I started about 3 hours ago as I pulled over to the side of the freeway before running out of battery power.


This next email should give you reason to think differently on a number of levels. For starters despite still feeling the effects of a rather bad cold my communication to Ms. Vicky Schiff will be as clear as a whistle assuming you are in tune with the times and of course I expect all your whistle blowing attorney-judge-friends to stand shoulder to shoulder with me, wouldn’t you agree?


Ms. Schiff is co-managing director of Wetherly Capital. Dan Weinstein, the other co-managing director, with lots of support from perhaps the biggest contributors in the country to the Democratic Party, not only masterminded but executed the rigging of the recent gubernatorial elections that now has Governor Davis once again sitting in the Governor’s mansion as the teachers and principals and more than a bunch of housewives and momworkers sharing your sentiments hunker down as opposed to getting out and saying, “Enough is Enough.”


Up until now we have all been faced with few choices in terms of choosing our politicians who with very few exceptions and for the life of me I can’t think of one right now, all have to play the same game, i.e. deals within deals, deals behind closed doors but who would have thought it possible that the French aristocracy, having morphed into the likes of Vivendi would have so infiltrated our democratic systems of government that have been built so patiently over more than 200 years with more than a little blood spilled, wouldn’t you agree? Of course it makes perfect sense if you know anything about Feudalism which is the Democratic Party in a nutshell. 


Not only do I have the goods on “Ho chi Min” Davis who obviously distracted someone as sophisticated as yourself, your “” [sic] seats on the likes of the Regional Water Quality Control Board and Library Commission to mention little of your being on the board of Overseers at UCSD may very well have contributed to whatever formal education you had interfering with your learning.


As you know from the couple of e-mails I sent to a member of my very inner circle now is not the time to mince words. I tolerate those who sit on the fence no different to those like Polie “verbal-diarrhea-Pollster” Pollak. Polie is an up and coming Democratic Liberal and now knows a whole lot better than to mess with me since I caught him square between the eyeballs using his formal education to lay out nothing but nonsense and then some. As I have said before, when need be I can be brief and to the point.


My indirect communication with Mr. Pollak is just one instant where I if given the time, space and enough motion without commotion I am capable to knock the crap out of someone without even going so far as to bother with salutations most people expect with personally directed email.


If you need further explanation on this point, may I suggest you contact Polie Pollak’s one time buddy, Mr. Devin Standard who remains the chief executor of my estate.


Time is running out even for those who are no more than 4 pay checks from being out on the street, fortunately or unfortunately.


And all you need to do is click on to the last hyperlink that I sent out on July 23rd of last year that contained no hyperlinks and think about how little impact that very articulate and precise email had on all you do-gooders with your heads up your asses.


And of course I cannot expect our great leader George W. Bush and his equally well-equipped advisor, particularly the right Honorable Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, to deal with every problem under the sun when he has so much clean up to do after 8 years of his predecessor apparently [doing]  little good other than perhaps using his sperm to keep the wall paper in the White House from falling down, so much for your point about me “trashing people” although you were just really pleading with me to give” [sic] let up on Gray Davis who I believe should be brought before a military tribunal for using his military service as cloud cover for his acts which are nothing short of treason.


Laurie before you reply, know that I not only care about you, I happen to love you, no more so, however, than my love for Annie George with whom I shared an incredible life for some 10 years who thinks in many ways no different than you on most, if not all, issues. What separates us is my undivided pursuit of truth above all else and to assume that just because you are capable of reading and writing and communicating better than the average Blow Joe doesn’t mean the smoke you put out is lost on those few of us who have an innate sense of smell to mention little of what it means to have a quite extraordinary command of mathematics.


I know very well from whence I come and as good as my mother was in picking winners, playing to her strengths and knowing better than the average momworker how to mitigate her few weaknesses, her command of numbers, principally arithmetic was never quite up to my aptitude for figuring out highly complex mathematical structures even though my own formal education in mathematics was limited to high school, taught by mostly brain dead teachers to equally “brainne dead” [sic] students.


As much as people like you and Annie George remain in denial believing that there is more to life than Numbers you are fortunately or unfortunately, dead wrong. Without an understanding of numbers you are condemned to a life of going around in circles, worse yet you provide your offspring with false hope and again why I take off my hat to those folks who because they may not have figured it all out choose not to have children rather than contribute to the sickness in our society that has been plaguing us since time in memorial.


And of course I know full well what it means to be under the gun. Who can forget the most evil acts perpetrated by Marie’s ex-husband not just on me and my good name but ultimately on both their children’s namesake because both children too should have the choice of being proud to have the good name Dion attached to their first names. The attack on me back on September 11th 2002 should have been a wake up call to momworkers everywhere to stand side by side with me for one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out that the charges leveled against me where all about the level-headedness of Marie Dion Stewart, one mighty incredible woman.


No one, however, other than two individuals who knew right from wrong, as well as my Marie showed up at the courthouse. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was more than enough for the forces of good to overcome evil; but make no mistake I knew that I had tight band of supporters waiting just in the wings if in fact things hadn’t worked out quite so well. But make no mistake it was nerve racking and I know full well what I am about to put a handful of folks through over the next several hours, days and weeks and perhaps in a few months everyone will smell the coffee a little differently and think about cutting back somewhat.


If others as well equipped as me in understanding numbers were to disclose such knowledge to the masses without a game plan to lead them out of the abyss, it would be long over and right now I am hard pressed to get more into the knitty gritty of it particularly since my dog is howling in the car just outside the restaurant where I stopped to recharge my computer batteries and get something to eat.


Suffice to say, as goes California so goes the rest of the World. Thanks in no small measure to your leader Mr. Bill Clinton who you may remember I voted for, we lost most of our manufacturing base to the Chinese leaving us, specifically here in California with two industries, real estate and entertainment and before agriculture comes pops into your mind think water.


I don’t think, however, I need to tell you how crooked the real estate industry is and what water means to developers let alone animals who got here first to mention little of the trees that are dying before my eyes to mention just in passing what conflict of interest test is there for members of the omnipotent California Coastal Commission?


By the way did you know that up here in the Cleveland National Forest the July 2001-June 2002 rainfall year was the driest since instrumental record keeping began in 1849 and that the majority of trees affected are Jeffrey Pine.


I have been saying for some time that the youth who are our future shouldn’t be trusting anyone over age 22 which is no more ridiculous than those liberals in the 1960s who said not to trust anyone over age 30. Again, the difference between me and those who like Bob Dylan blew a lot of hot air with a horrific voice to boot is that I have a game plan that goes well beyond getting high from drugs and booze. In a matter of hours, perhaps just a few days, God willing, I will be responding to Professor Aaron Brown of where I will share with him what took place during a rather intimate Succoth-Tabernacle dinner some years back that my Annie George will remember well.


Were it not for the fact that Bob Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan was so incredibly trashed even before dinner was served which was well before he downed a quart of straight vodka although perhaps our hosts were responsible enough to replace the alcohol with water, I would have taken him on an educational journey just like I am doing with a lot of disconnected folk.


Perhaps it was old Bob’s misguided pursuit of Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Herbalism, Verbalism, Hinduism, intellectual disjointism or should we simply blame it all on poor parenting, God forbid his disorder attributable to having lived in a “ten-foot cell” with “Perelman” that contributed to him aging so horribly, wouldn’t you agree?


Good afternoon and of course Good Shabbas but as you know I believe that only God deserves rest on the Sabbath, the rest of us plebes should be busting our butts and to hell with kissing “butt” [sic].


Love you.




Ps – If I didn’t feel the need to respond to you I would probably have finished my write up on “love” as well as my take on the “10 Commandments” for my good friend Jeffrey Krinsk who I hope is visiting the graveside of my very special friend Anne L. Miller.




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Folks like Governor Davis who happened to fight in Vietnam shouldn't, however, be allowed a free pass for their misdeeds; on the contrary he should know better than to think he could get away with “murder.” At this time I have no evidence that Governor Davis has committed the ultimate crime against humanity but what do you call it when you play it fast and loose, when you surround yourself with a bunch of crooks, when you have your hand out wanting to be elected at any cost, when you fail to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, when school kids now suffer as a result of budget deficits brought on as a result of a legislature “bought and paid 4” [sic] not by the average mom and pop small business taxpayer but by folks like Vivendi, the French Conglomerate who like any corrupt organization are made up of individuals who hide behind corporate entities, offshore companies who when called to task suddenly announce simply a “head change” with the rotting heads simply going back to their households with their ill-gotten gains declaring that as “private citizens we should be allowed to live in quiet and piece” [sic]? Not, however on my watch.

if you spent this much time on making sure the world was better than trashing people who fought for our country....never mind
Gary.  I just do not understand where you want to go with all of this....

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