From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 7:07 PM
To: Diana Henriques, author and chief buziness correspondent for the New York Times.

Cc: rest including Mr. Devin Standard
Subject: Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists-with it all things are possible.


Diana – Thank u 4 your reply back on December 5th, automated as it was, reminding me so much of the responses I get from Valerie Schulte Esq. an attorney at the National Association of Broadcasters [NAB] the too of u so alike in so many ways, as beautiful as the day is young, agree?


My hope though is that u have a better man than Mr. King Golden Esq. tu keep u in check, not that I suggest u check out, like Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown u run the risk of also becoming oh so irrelevant in this Digital Age, my having an hour or so ago send an email to a poster on your buddies’ website, the boys from no doubt feeling the heat, so what’s your excuse?


So what will it take for u to take a leaf out author and journalist Ida Tarbell, her book, THE HISTORY OF THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY quite revolutionary, agree?


Quite sumthing that it would take a woman, a liberal arts major mind u, tu get John D. Rockefeller, the most rapacious businessman of the last century to step in line, nothing like making fun of the rich and famous that has them falling into a heap of tears, agree?


There is no need 4 u tu agree with me on everything while agreeing with my contention that you are either incompetent or culpable, take your pick?


U must agree though that I have quite prescient timing, so how many coincidences does it take in your estimation be4 it is no longer a coincidence?


Earlier today at 2:09 PM PST as I was paying my lunch bill over at the Il Fornio restaurant where my friend Davide works when not pushing his website I noticed the number 280 appearing on the TV screen on channel 269 which I understand is ESPN as a golfer was about tu tee off, the previous hyperlink taking u to a recent email tu a buddy of mine who knows a thing or tTOo about balance, Derrick Beare getting the concept of hard work, hard play, down tu a tee, never can either of us, however, forget one of the most memorable moments, that we can talk about, when he used an Avenger golf club much like the one u c next tu “my god” [sic], Pypeetoe, tu drive a golf ball into my elbow, all caught on video, my getting right now “figety” [sic] just thinking about it, never to forget that the Pitching Wedge u c in the previous hyperlink still in the custody and I assume “care” of Roger Hedgecock the liberal-conservative radio talk show host, depending of course what hour of the day u find Roger recovering from the ills no doubt ailing many a recovering, attorney.


Of course u have read ad-nauseum how I used that Pitching Wedge as a leash as my dog guided me through airport after airport on my way to and from the top of Machu Picchu at the beginning of last year, how time flies when one is having fun, at least let me know when u have collapsed into a heap of tears like Ms. Laurie Black, agree?


And 4 sum reason u don’t seem very interested tu want to get tu the bottom of how it comes to pass that I happen to have a safety deposit box whose number is 280, too keys issued, one tu me and the other tu Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff, the box containing her “lifetime” agreement with me that called 4 her tu pay me sum 10% of all her future earnings, bearing in mind that she only stopped paying me when as a consultant tu her and the rest of the yoyos at the Wetherly Capital Group, sponsored in no small measure by the likes of Ron Burkle who happens to be I would assume nothing short of your “sugar daddy’s” latest business partner, I began tu turn the heat up on those scoundrels, my not thinking that referring to Bill “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton as your “sugar daddy” would be all that far off the mark, agree?


Today after several months without watching any TV the beach house is finally getting hooked up, my wife’s parents visiting from Canada, her father “can’t get up”, quick thou in assisting his youngest daughter, my Marie, in keeping me on the “straight and narrow” although his wife, Rochelle now when I tell her that the price of gold could reach by this time next year $10,000 an ounce she doesn’t look at me in the least bit strange, her thinking though this time last year that I was stark raving mad when I said “gold will reach $400 unless of President Bush does the smart thing and suspends trading public companies blah blah.”


Just 45 minutes ago at precisely 5:10PM PST I got a call from our neighbor Sandy M. who tells me that she has yet to complete the email u c in the “beach house” hyperlink which I sent her on November 25, 2003 3:37 PM PST soon after our amazing Sunset Party, and had Rabbi Weinberg sent me his request 4 money sooner no doubt there would have been a whole lot new faces coming tu my websites, and of course Ms. Kathryn Murry, Dr. Sperm Donor JBS et al did not show up, nor tu the best of my knowledge did the San Diego Police Department or the FBI who continue to be copied on my important emails.


Naturally, we have little or no concern of strangers showing up at our residences given the issues we have within the family, much like every fricken family on this planet who has an over controlling adult in their midst, agree?


Incredibly, earlier today I received a response from David Berman, my 34 word email to him back on December 8th, an unusually busy day 4 me, drawing a number of folks in tune with my game plan tu take quite a deep breath,


David hi, I am attempting to get hold of Rabbi Weiss’ email account. I understand from our former headmaster Mike Kessel that he was at your wedding to Michael Steinhardt’s daughter.




Gary Gevisser




David’s reply,


here it is

send him my love




Yes, Diana, having a good sense of the “id” within me, I can be brief when necessary and very much to the point, my email to David Berman containing not a single hyperlink but carrying quite a punch.


And of course u have heard of my mother’s “doctored” punch served to guests the instant they would arrive at one of her many parties, catered by the likes of Ivor Kissen going back half a century or so continuing up until rather recently when “mater” found out that I was about tu “spill the beans”, Rabbi Weiss et al no doubt wanting to be left alone, which of course I shall respect, my never once subscribing to the notion, “The means justifies the end” relying instead on the likes of u to keep Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss et al well informed.


The instant I hit the send button on this email I will be replying to David copying u et al on this rather important piece, part of the Next Symposium, letting David know amongst a number of things how much I would appreciate him spreading the “good word” giving sum thought to what it was that caused Richard Cooper to get so “uptight” tu mention little of how I don’t take very kindly to cowards who think that they can usurp their limited authority, agree?


Again, I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.


And of course I have not forgotten about the not so little faux paux of a colleague of yours Mr. Christopher Byron, his book, Martha Inc. revealing a number of “disconnects” his one article though in The New York Observer at the time Martha Stewart was about to go “public” forgetting to mention as he got so “warm and fuzzy” with this horrific woman who no doubt learned a trick or too of the stock brokerage trade when dealing with someone such as Michael Steinhardt to mention just in passing how u think it came about that someone so well schooled as Mr. Byron in the tenets of law would forget given his long pursuit of The Finagle King that Ms. Martha Stewart was a member of the board of Revlon Corporation going back to 1996 when Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman began tu wreck havoc with this “one of a kind” enterprise, agree?


David Berman is an alumni of Carmel College our Jewish Day School in Durban, South Africa as well as a graduate of Harvard Business School now married to the daughter of one of the most rapacious fund managers in the history of Wall Street, someone I have met only once but I know rather well, perhaps though not as well as Richard Cooper whose father, both a friend and client of mine, was a founding partner of the Steinhardt $5 billion Hedge Fund, Richard getting his short hairs all caught up in a knot when I simply asked him to comment on an article I received about Michael Steinhardt that even I, someone who knows more about the inner workings of Steinhardts incredible rise to riches beginning back in 1967 when he was just, according Irving Cooper, 27 years old found sumwhat troubling.


1967 was a good year 4 many but there were as there are today casualties everywhere, deciding however, what story tu go with is really not all that difficult especially if u want tu keep the working and middle class guessing, making sure those trains run on time, agree?


It wasn’t easy I can assure u to have impressed the likes of Irving Cooper who most would agree was not the easiest person in the world tu please, butt who knew a good thing when he saw it, in the flesh, and of course Irving Cooper was all man, strong willed and at the time he and I parted company, my deciding to “hang up my gloves” retiring “peacefully” to Del Mar, California, so as to retain my sanity in this “dog eat dog” world, it seems based on everything I heard from Richard Cooper prior to him wanting to also hide out in Saddam’s hole that Irving like my mother had tu have gone senile, what else could explain this one of kind, “iron fisted, no-nonsense, take no prisoners” businessman removing his one and only son as the sole executor of his estate and placing instead a bunch of wankers, one a top cardiologist who made a killing off technology funded in no small measure by Irving Cooper long after he had made his big bucks which came well be4 Michael Steinhardt got going, agree?


Naturally, u would know the genius u r that had Irving Cooper let his $250K investment in Steinhardt Partners “ride” he and/or his heirs from that investment alone would have sum $200 million odd to argue about, Irving, however, ended up leaving an estate worth nothing short of pittance, $15 million odd, enough though for a rapacious cardiologist and an estate attorney tu want tu control, no doubt, agree?

Cutting tu the chase, 7 years and 7 days ago today I read Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards in the New York Times N.Y. that was later cited by Judge Jack Weinstein in his opinion overturning this landmark multi-million dollar decision, this rather famous judge crediting me with doing “the right thing” although in his opinion, the section Application of Law to Facts Judge Weinstein stated it somewhat more wordily,


National publicity followed the announcement of the jury verdict in December of 1996. See, e.g., Diana B. Henriques, Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards, N.Y. Times, December 10, 1996, at D1; Jon Auerbach and Laura Johannes, Digital Equipment Loses Verdict on Carpal Tunnel, Wall St. J., Dec. 10, 1996, at B4. The news of Ms. Geressy’s nearly $5.3 million verdict against defendant reached Gary S. Gevisser, Chief Executive Officer of Sunmed, Inc. (formerly known as Injury Evaluation Consultants (IEC)) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The information struck Mr. Gevisser as particularly noteworthy because, before the litigation had been commenced, doctors from his company had examined Ms. Geressy, prepared a medical evaluation on her condition for The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (the IEC Report) and, contrary to the jury finding at trial, had determined that her ill health was unrelated to her work. See Affidavit of Kenneth J. King, sworn to March 25, 1997 10, 11, Exhibit A (King Affidavit). Mr. Gevisser contacted Digital Equipment Corporation to explain his knowledge of the Geressy case and his company’s own information regarding Ms. Geressy. See King Affidavit 11. Defendant then subpoenaed the IEC Report and filed the instant motion for a new trial based on discovery of this evidence.


Diana, I cannot assume everyone reading my emails has the ability to read my hyperlinks, my audience growing as your newspaper’s sales hit nothing short of a wall, my goal, on reaching out to the 6.3 billion odd on this planet well within reach, the deafening silences coming from the likes of you so caught up in your own self-importance filling up the “negative space” like never be4 in history, agree?


Perhaps u r still waiting for the remaining 7 parts of my 8 parts mini series to u that began on September 1st titled Question: If a man speaks in a forest and there is only a woman around, is he still wrong?, my attempts to appeal to your funny side obviously not “boney enuf” perhaps if I had flashed u a photo of the lady in blue, a former Playboy bunny, who showed up with our friend Davide with too other gorgeous women in tow close to midnight at the Sunset Beach Party quite different to the earlier crowd though, ending with the youngsters partying across the street feeling very much at home at 227 27th Street in Del Mar, u would decide to come on down, take the high road or run the risk of forever being a “has been” returning u think next time around as exactly what, ready to debate me on any single fricken subject of your choice, go ahead make my day!.


Whatever it takes to spur u on to do the “right thing” is ok in my book not that a I want tu “floor u” with a KO guy like Michael Grant that may get your juices flowing, never forgetting 4 a single moment the likes of Dan Cohen, better yet, Ms. Kimberly Hunt a local TV anchor woman thinking possibly of taking her chances reentering earth’s atmosphere lucky enough to end up in Saddam’s hole, u no doubt heard the joke about how Hussein jumped over a fence with a nail sticking out, not so easy to hideout these days, the Digital Age, no doubt about it a G-D-Send, Ms. Hunt probably good-looking enough to be your sister, my MOBBED email tu u on September 30th simply my beginning to give up on u requesting that u dig so ever deep into your rolodex putting me in touch with one of your male colleagues who might have his testosterone in check, obviously falling on deaf ears, agree?


My never forgetting to many things including your best selling book The White Sharks of Wall Street much like your “tongue in cheek” article about Mr. Stoller one of the co-founders of, a man at the center of another of my Perfect Storms although Mr. Stoller like Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown’s handler, Melvyn Weiss, another buddy of yours, agree, is really the one “calling the shots” these days, agree?


Although Melvyn Weiss is the moderator of one of eRaider’s more active message boards, The Shareholder Rights Lounge, Professor Brown contends that Melvyn Weiss had yet to post that he, Aaron Brown, a professor at a Yeshiva, a supposed higher educational institution catering supposedly tu Jews in tune with The Ethics of the Fathers would have someone such as poster mweissman masquerading to those of us very much in tune as none other than Melvyn Weiss, insisting that as far as he, Professor Brown, is concerned, having received assurances from Melvyn Weiss that this 1,000 pound gorilla is all holed up in his apartment, at this time, simply not having the time, patience, and/or courage to post despite almost 1300 posts since the dialogues began on December 8th 1999, a bunch of gobbledygook?


This December 8th I sent Mr. Devin Standard a one day late Happy B Day greeting which I think u should read very carefully.


It is rare that I forget anything once it is placed “on my plate” and never being “a pig at the trough” while having sat from the age of 3 with some of the biggest alley street fighting cats albeit it in a shtetl such as Durban, South Africa, having a rather worldly mother giving me each and every day a glimpse of what makes people tick, most importantly men although as u well know once a women has a taste of testosterone she very likely may end up in bed with someone such as yourself, your makeup very much falling apart at least to someone such as myself so well schooled in Charm School, nothing though like having inherited a penchant for numbers that today has a number of you scared nothing short of “shitless”, my Bottoms Up Schooling capable of even waking up the brain dead, those however, with uncontrollable deficit needs will make no mistake end up in a heap of tears, their ability to mount a counter offensive against me at this time, slim and none, and with each passing tick of the clock so is the opportunity to make good, the world’s masses getting more in line as folks like u step more and more out of line.


Yesterday, while following up with a commitment I made to myself tu see if I might have possibly contributed to someone having an unnecessary “bad hair day” I contracted the local health food store tu c if a customer or too had complained about damage tu their automobile the result of my careless act, a shopping cart leaving my care as I unloaded goodies into the back of my Mini Cooper S when purchasing stuff 4 our Sunset Party.


I was put in touch by the manager of Jimbos with an employee of the Chevron gas station in the same shopping center as Jimbos who had submitted an invoice totally $700 the result of damage done tu his Honda, a “Compaq” [sic] vehicle which was definitely not the vehicle the shopping cart under my care landed up against.


Giving Kevin, the owner of the compact vehicle every opportunity to be a rogue by my presenting the facts as I knew them in such a way that he could manipulate the information that could at a minimum leave me possibly in doubt I was pleasantly surprised by Kevin informing me how my shopping cart would have needed to travel sum 100 meters over at least two dividing barriers, crossing all sorts of traffic, despite Kevin having to deal with the hardship of the financial loss, plus the fact that no one owned up for what was clearly a faux paux, doubtful the offender was hell bent on adding more misery on this planet, the Devil u know if such a pitiful fellow were to exist would relish the opportunity to be here on earth which tu many is nothing short of a hell hole, agree?


And of course I could be less wordy but then again my objective at this time is to have the likes of you and your Wall Street buddies such as Newell Starks, the current Chairman of the Board of Sterling Holding Company which “merged” in to Stratos Lightwave in perhaps one of the most hostile takeovers I have ever witnessed in recent years from doing further damage, there being as best we know it just 24 hours in a given day, Mr. Starks as u will have read by now quite the financial engineering genius, agree?


Diana it is time u came tu grips with the fact that more and more folks out there have now caught up with u and your “funny business” of acting like u are out there providing protection and backup against rapacious monsters who don’t know when enough is enough but u r very much part and parcel of the whole packaging that has the rich getting richer and the poor poorer, your dancing days, being able to “skirt the issues” fast drawing to a close, again the Digital Age now has u folks in nothing short of “check mate.”


Mr. Starks doesn’t simply owe me a few buck in a rather strange looking document that he put together but it so happens that my wife in following my advice tu unload her stock portfolio at the most perfect time retained a share or too of Stratos Lightwave that has Mr. Starks and Citicorp’s most hostile defense law firm in the world, Bartlit Beck, nothing short of shaking in their boots, agree?


At least agree that u have heard of Mr. Starks who along with his partner Dennis Stanfill a very seasoned top corporate executive formerly the Chairmen of MGM were so very eager to raise funds for Sunmed without so much as a single dollar advanced, and u should have read by now how Mr. Starks before becoming an officer of Citicorp Ventures Corporation which is the “control person” of the Sterling Holding Company after inventing the notebook computer while at Texas Instrument made “the mistake” of not taking up the offer to become the “3rd leg in the stool” when the too co-founding partners of Compaq Computers sought out someone so brilliant as my former pal who I was so kind to help out in a time of personal need, the monies I lent Mr. Starks although enough to feed a family of 4 say in a place like Peru for well more than 40 years barely covered one month of Mr. and Mrs. Stark’s living expenses, including psychiatrist-psychologist bills to mention in passing the insurance premium payments, a generation skipping tax technique for idiots like Mr. Starks and folks you drool over each and every day, agree?


The really smart money, you idiot, has not only left the stock markets long ago but those really operating at the highest levels of the financial markets fly not fricken high in their own fricken lear jets or charter their own planes instead they fly fast and very low, way below the radar screen, your communist bosses though at the New York Times know everything there is tu know about this world where there are no fricken conspiracies, these men and women having far to big an ego to share the spotlight with anyone, rarely if ever would u see one of them on the board of a fricken public company although my uncle David Gevisser the sole executor of Charles Engelhard’s world wide estate, to repeat, an estate that at one time controlled the world supply of platinum did, however, become the chairman of the board of a public company involved in the building industry, a company, however, controlled by family members, well after my uncle had secured away sufficient resources in the event someone such as myself or Devin Standard or Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. were to come knocking insisting, diplomatically though, “Please Sir, can I have sum more” agree?


Mr. Devin’s Standard’s father u may have read is having his painting at the Harvard Club in New York City unveiled tomorrow, quite amazing how in less than 100 years a black man can achieve such lofty goals bearing in mind that at one Harvard Law School graduation Kenneth Standard who is now the President of the New York Bar Association catering to a whole bunch more wankers especially those who see the good old days of having insurance companies foot the bills for the malfeasance of corporate officers, fast drawing to a close, was told by one of the first if not the first black men to have graduated from this pitiful establishment that attracts the likes of Penthouse columnist Alan M. “bushbag” Dershowitz, that when he, the old timer, attended Harvard Law School not a single civil word was said to him by either a fellow student or member of the faculty.


Now give me 250 pushups followed by 500 sit-ups remembering your Pilates, breath in through the nose to the count of 5 and out through the nose to the count of 5, now get on your hands and knees, kiss the floor, practice for when you meet your maker who is going to ask u when it comes time for our great president George W. Bush to meet his maker, u along with the King Golden Esqs and Polie Pollaks of the world be ready willing and able tu lick every speck of dirt off the man so inspired to do the right thing.


Nothing at this time is more bothersum to my ever dwindling number of adversaries, relatively speaking, who see that not only do I have a rather good command of the things both in the physical world as well as an “above average” understanding of the metaphysical world, at least able to explain a number of things that make a whole lot of sense tu folks with Intelligent Quotients ranging from well below the average of 100 IQ points to those well off the charts, but to the greedy, those in denial my recent postings on the the Buck Stops Here Lounge, specifically my being in a “command and control” position at Homefed back in late 1998 when its stock price was well below 50 cents a share, now $27 when last I looked, enough to knock the fricken wind out of the sail of any fricken monster wanting tu go tu war with me or my friends, my 6 week assignment at Homefed the result of my impressing most of all Joseph Steinberg the CEO of the “parent company” Leucadia National Corporation with my “revolutionary” ability tu think “under fire”, agree?


Leucadia National is a company becoming more and more a household name, thanks partly due tu yours truly, nothing quite like having prescient timing, most of all knowing even when sitting drinking Russian coca cola overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a one of kind property with possibly the smartest Jewish man ever dumb enough to be a top executive of perhaps the most successful highly diversified financial services company on the planet, tu keep my ego in check, Joe Steinberg’s dumbest move tu date though in my opinion, far more aggravating I believe to our maker in not backing me up as I “went to bat against the idiot still running Homefed, again my opinion, is that Paul Borden is an idiot, nevertheless, who didn’t know when tu keep his big trap shut, Paul Borden’s ability tu speak a few words of Hebrew the least of the things that so aggravated me, hard though tu forget my last breakfast meeting with Joe Steinberg whose decision tu enter into a $6 billion joint venture with the biggest blabber mouth, cry baby on the fricken planet, Mr. Warren “BO” Buffet could lead, again in my opinion, tu the unraveling of Leucadia [LUK] on quite a roll these days, agree?


My stay at Homefed may be considered nothing more than a Brief Moment In The History of Time, time though stands still 4 no one especially those of u so fricken out of touch, agree?


Now I say to you one more time, as well, get off your hi-horses, and begin to do your job, following in the footsteps of one grand lady, Ida Tarbell and if it makes u feel good to simply put down tu coincidence that I received a  few months back three letters sent from a person whose last name was Tarbell that ended up in my Del Mar post office box 307, no doubt a friend-family member of sorts vacationing in this one of kind spot where the Turf Meets The Surf so be it.


It would be so much easier tu simply say how smart I am but that would not only be dumb, no one cares much 4 the arrogant, it would also be untrue, not everything in this world can be explained, that is what makes it so exciting 4 people like me who don’t have their heads implanted up their anuses who realize that the eyes, the nose, the ears and the mouth r nothing more than an extension of the brain, made up of unimaginable treats, nothing worse though than sugar coating sumthing even one’s shit, agree?


I have no doubt that the number of coincidences in my life r no more than the person sitting next tu me, my dog though is the only person in the room, blah blah.


Focus if u will on the number of times 42 shows up in my life, to mention little of October 23rd being so very important in too seemingly unrelated events the one being the Revlon class action lawsuit that I had quite a hand in getting filed within a couple of hours or so be4 the statute of limitations ran out, October 23rd 1998 a day a rather important meeting took place between the top dogs of Revlon and CVC who entered into nothing short of a conspiracy tu defraud shareholders and October 23rd 2001 my first meeting “spearheading” the Wetherly Capital Group’s California Agricultural Partners, the WCG at the center of my Perfect Storm III, a storm u and your weak-kneed colleagues are hell bent on avoiding knowing perfectly well that once the evidence is in the hands of the public your days of “ducking and diving” will end quicker than it takes this email to reach those on my email list to mention little of what the likes of Paul Tomson will do with it, Paul being counted on at this time to disseminate this email much the same way he went about broadcasting Norman LazarusURGENT PROTEST email back on July 1st of last year, not tu forget my waiting six months be4 depositing 3 checks all dated October 23rd, one in fact 18 months old, all clearing the bank.


I make it my business tu telegraph my punches, my ability to keep track of things getting better with each tick of the clock, the current upward tick in the DOW is the last hurrah, the entire stock market rigged from beginning to end, that for every single dollar made at this time someone loses at least a dollar, remembering there are commissions to mention little of what sleep deprivation the result of being









Can do tu one’s equilibrium.


Time tu fly.


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake