From: Marie + Gary
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 11:42 AM
To: Dion clan
Subject: ...---....A thought for Dad...---...Beware of still water...---...


To: Danielle, Jean, Paul, Andre, Rachelle.


I don’t think dad would have wanted to suffer, even for a second.




Why the need to wait for him to stir in pain before giving him pain killers as his lungs fill up with water?


We should check with the doctor about giving him morphine at regular intervals and in a dose that will keep him comfortable.


I don’t believe we should suffer hell on this earth.


Hell, he was not even a Roman Catholic!


This is about caring for someone else in a dignified way,


Not what stirs you to feel bad




Good, i.e. feel the need to suffer along with dad.


Place yourself in Dad’s shoes, what would you want?


A few of his last words, “Prenez garde de l'eau immobile!


I believe Dad is drowning.