From: Gary S. Gevisser
Thursday, March 25, 2004 12:40 AM
To: Po-Li
Cc: rest; FBI
Subject: FW:
Footsak required!


Po-li – The clock just stuck 12:17AM PST.


I’m am going to be up pretty much until the wee hours of the morning, very possibly waiting until sunrise be4 calling it quits, and no, doubt worry I will not be bombarding u




Anyone else with emails, my purpose is to gauge the shifts, the change in the tides, and don’t give me any bs u cannot feel the heat rise, go ahead u miserable creature and fart, right this very instant, now tell me whether u have come across our family’s brand of Gipsy Instant Coffee?


I am looking for more than a fashion statement out of Melvyn Weiss Esq’s prostitute, Professor Aaron BrowNose Brown.


My assuming u didn’t attend the Yeshiva in New York City, so then who else would u blame 4 your poor conditioning, so tell us whatever happened to that Brownfields [remember to start of the bottom of my missives] attorney girlfriend of yours, more importantly did u follow the x and y principal spelled out earlier in the “weak” [sic], getting second to her mother by first befriending her brother?


U will send out a missive as u did the last time letting us all know when u will next be on the Fox TV Hannity Talking Head show, agree?


Now, answer the simple question, did u




Did u not plead with Mr. Devin Standard your college roommate and son of the President of the New York Bar Association to help “get the Rattlesnake off my back” [sic].


Question #2. Is it true that u r now refusing to return Devin Standard’s phone calls knowing full well since the odds r that u can still read exactly what your mission is?


The point being should u choose to turn a blind eye, need I not remind u of Devin’s profound comments on the subject of “moral high-ground”, i.e. people who have got to hard skinned, and play the “ugly-duckling” game thinking that they can “duck in and out of the covers” and of course a wordly genius such as yourself knows we r not talking about the game of cricket, then don’t expect the Good Lord to help u in your time of need, just give George Money Talks Hurst Esq. a tinkle



Just email the son-of-a-bitch attorney who like the attorney representing the Chesterfield character found guilty of murdering a young girl chose when ducking out of the sights of Judge Hendrix in the criminal courthouse in downtown San Diego to intimidate Marie Dion, the mother of the children who had been used by their biological father, Money Talks’ client, as both a “spear and a shield” to knock the light out of their incredible mother, to get her to  side with Dr. HIM, and ask Money Talks while seeking direction to the nearest phone booth calling any number u find scratched even those etched on the glass pane asking whoever answers for absolution, what he thinks of Devin Standards opinions on the subject matter below including the findings by this report that apparently shows,

 The average prison sentence for a black person is six months longer than that for whites”

And if Money Talks were to agree with these findings then ask this son-of-a-bitch why he hasn’t done the right thing and turn his client in to the authorities at least whisper a series of irrefutable facts in to the ear of a District Attorney, and of course this assumes that Money Talks has any conscience remaining, remembering that in the courtroom where Devin Standard and one other friend of ours stood tall alongside Marie and I back on October 24th 2002, sum 17 months ago to the day yesterday, there was a placard above Judge Hendrix’s chair that read words to the effect, “IN GOD WE PLACE TRUST.”

Now maybe the word “place” doesn’t belong there but I am thinking about how much of the monies I advanced attorney Ashworth went on booze and how much on the ponies.

Wouldn’t u agree that once a D.A. gets wind that Dr. HIM first lied by filing a materially false and grossly misleading criminal complaint against me on September 11th 2002 signed “under penalty of perjury”, and second that members of law enforcement from the San Diego Police Department as well as the FBI were summoned to my residence in Del Mar based on not only the Temporary Restraining Order being falsely obtained, moreover that Dr. HIM had in fact sent me this Re RE email which later in court Money Talks and his client blamed on his 13 year old biological daughter such an email tho, so very similar in nature to this “teethDr. HIM sent to his former wife who he told at the time she told him to stay in the big pigsty of a house,

 “You will see how hard it is to get by in this world on a smile!”

such a threatening missive coming sum 5 months after Judge Hendrix in dropping the guillotine on Dr. HIM’s head told Dr. HIM that he would continue to be “under the spotlight.”

Point being that any District Attorney with any conscience, concerned not only for the children and their mother, who cares about me, not just now but when the kids will eventually find out the whole truth, the danger coming from such a build up of emotions enough to have wouldn’t u agree the District Attorney shouting one of these days “Bloody Murder”, the fricken writing was on the wall.”

My now thinking of the Dr. Death article on page 17 of the website, this “painful” doctor a member of BOSS the South African Secret Police during the reign of the Nationalist Nazi Party being found “not guilty.”

Good evening.



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Devin Standard []
Wednesday, March 24, 2004 9:49 PM
Subject: Footsak required!



The NEA terrorists, the racist Democrats and polie need a footsak:

Fixing this is why I need to get back on the path toward the BILLION. These poeple have intelectually and financially marginalized 45 million peoiple with theit SIC "do gooding"!





Report: Black, White Disparities Abound


Wed Mar 24, 1:10 AM ET


By CHAKA FERGUSON, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Black Americans are less likely than white Americans to own homes, don't earn as much as whites, don't live as long, and don't do as well in school, according to a report by the National Urban League.



The report, released on Wednesday, is a collection of survey data and essays by experts in race, social justice, health, psychology and civil rights.

The most conspicuous differences it found were in the areas of home ownership and economic parity, with black earning power about 73 percent that of whites.

"The wealth gap is significant," Urban League President Marc Morial said in an interview.

"There are a number of things we have to get much more focused on as a community: health, home ownership, estate planning, community economic development," said Morial, a former New Orleans mayor who was named president of the 93-year-old civil rights group last May.

The Urban League report found that blacks are denied mortgages and home improvement loans at twice the rate of whites.

About 68 percent of Americans own their homes, but the Census Bureau (news - web sites) has reported that ownership among blacks and Hispanics is about 48 percent. Nearly 54 percent of Asian-Americans own their homes, compared with 75 percent of whites.

The report also found that, 50 years after the Supreme Court, in Brown v. Board of Education, decreed segregated public schools unconstitutional, the performance of black students continues to trail that of their white counterparts.

The 2000 census found that 91.8 percent of white students graduated from high school, compared with 83.7 percent of black students.

"The as-yet unfinished process of implementing Brown has turned out to be nearly as slow as the process of tearing down the Jim Crow system that allowed the educational segregation challenged in Brown," Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree Jr. said in one of the report's essays.

The report also found:

_Teachers with less than three years of experience are twice as likely to work in predominantly minority schools as they are in predominantly white schools.

_ On average, blacks are twice as likely to die from disease, accident and homicide than whites; the life expectancy for blacks is 72 years, or six years less than that of whites.

_The average prison sentence for a black person is six months longer than that for whites.