From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 5:00 PM
To: Mr. George Money Talks Hurst Esq. attorney 4 Dr. HIM JBS et al
Cc: rest; FBI
Subject: Next Symposium {:}...---...Meet me...---...{}



Mr. Hurst – It is rather pitiful when one has to use one’s ex-in-laws to support your “poor habits” such matters “well covered” in the “skirt” hyperlink contained within this hyperlink to Robert Lenzner of Forbes Magazine.


Would u agree with Devin Standard the son of Kenneth Standard Esq., President of the New York Bar Association that it,


Looks like Ashworth is in a heap 'o trouble”?


Unsettling perhaps more so 4 u is the fact that it appears my former attorney, James Chrisholm Ashworth, who did a pretty decent job of beating the crap out of u and your client THE HIM on October 24th 2002 by essentially doing nothing other than stopping me from opening my big mouth, hi Jonathan “Man with the Midas touchBeare[1] , the Good Lord it seems having extended u all enough rope to hang yourselves, may not carry malpractice insurance?


So who do u think is the Devil, in disguise, as opposed to “Devil in the detail” pretty amazing how it was our JoNathan unaware at the time of how he and his elder sister had been “used and abused” came up with,


No Devil Lived On=No Devil Lived On.


Now the reason I bring up Ashworth’s possible lack of Professional Liability insurance is because there may be little




Nothing left of his estate by the end of the day to collect on, and I suspect that someone such as yourself who wears such expensive suits can still at this time afford a decent insurance policy if not with a triple A rated carrier certainly a B- which is a whole lot better in my estimation 4 anyone considering purchasing my claims than no insurance, agree?


Naturally, at the end of the day The HIM should, assuming he hasn’t been hit with additional malpractice lawsuits be supportive of any measures which would mitigate his damages although perhaps “apportion” would be better vocabulary when all the carriers get together to “wrestle” with who




Is it “whom” amongst u is more imbalanced as well as less to blame 4 this catastrophe, agree?


Yes, quite lame the excuses eventually become as I go about “triangulating” all the different pieces of the puzzle in to a “piece of art” that pretty much anyone will be able to get their “arms around” from your client protesting at Jonathan’s lacrosse game on Sunday, February 9th of last year [c and hyperlink] that the TRO he had illegally obtained had just magically “expired”, who can forget how when Devin Standard showed up, his collegiate achievements still in the record books, showing JoNathan and his teammates how to really “go at it” pretty much any sport one plays can result in injury nothing worse in my opinion than an elbow




Shoulder injury the result of baseball coaches not knowing what they are doing, to the most current protest of mine that should have the too Grand Juries investigating criminal activity by Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach so very eager to hear not only what I have to say but nothing quite like hard, irrefutable evidence, agree?


Thank G-D is all I can say that Jean Dion showed up one day at one of JoNathan’s baseball games diagnosing in a matter of picoseconds what his nephew was doing wrong causing Jonathan to hold his arm in pain after nearly every throw, and in a matter of tootoos Jean Dion had JoNathan not only pitching correctly but not a thank you word coming out of the mouth of the pitching coach who happened to be your client Dr. HIM although there is always the possibility that when Jean Dion and Dr. HIM have spoken in private since, Dr. HIM in seeking absolution from Jean Dion who 4 all I know could become the next Pope, over his dead father’s body, Dr. HIM said words to the effect,


“Please Sir while u bone me up the ass with your hockey stick,thank u 4 pointing my whipping boy Jonathan in the write direction” [sic].


Mr. Money Talks, the word “Israel” u should know by now given how meticulously u go thru my emails translates in to “Struggle-wrestle with G-D”, where we are taught to question everything including G-D while being mindful of His Almighty presence not everyone properly equipped to advance to up the ladder to the highest levels of spirituality, yet there were obviously Godly inspired men who wrote our Constitution, sum United States judges seeing fit to leave in their courtrooms words to the effect, In God we trust.


Again, the court records support every one of my contentions but we still don’t have the police records which may very well talk to your criminal complicity along with Dr. HIM et alusurping their limited authority” something which a good number of honest, hardworking folk find quite distasteful, something Mr. Ashworth Esq. was supposed to have taken care of as well as hire an expert on Internet law to nail down the extent to which u and your client “tortuously interfered” with my business.


There being no words to describe, however, the look on Mr. James C. Ashworth’s face on April 1st of last year when he like me realized that u and your client Dr. HIM failed to take care of the “violation” that Dr. HIM had filed against me soon after he had illegally sought and obtained without the mother of the too children being consulted a Temporary Restraining Order, remembering just too points, this violation hearing along with seated next to me in files to my left and right are all the supporting documents of how much your insidious and reckless acts cost me in dollars and cents, and then there is the “emotional” damage which of course I see no need to “play up”.


Now whether the Dion clan who are copied on this missive feel “used and abused” by your clients declarations that he had their support in “fcuking” [sic] their daughter and sister, is neither here




There, whatever that means, butt I assume u saw the movie China Town where there is this incredible scene where Jack Nicholson is smacking Faye Dunaway across the face, back and forth and she is saying,


Daughter, sister, daughter, sister, daughter, sister.”


The shame I intend to bear on u all is going to be pale in comparison to the financial cost I could so easily extract out of each and every one of u bastards, never forgetting the fact that u used too innocent children in your repeated attempts to achieve your goals of dominating one of the finest human beings to have ever walked this planet, Marie Dion is in fact one of the kindest and most brilliant women I have ever met who in overcoming quite incredible odds is certainly not sinless, few, however, so highly tuned manage to make it as far as this without imploding in this “God eat God” [sic] world, agree u asshole!


Yes, I have “the goods” on a number of important issues of the day and whoever purchases my claims perhaps even someone like Jonathan Beare who operates on many “playing fields” although “killing fields” may be appropriate when competing against brain-dead South Africans, may not necessarily make “a killing” but will end up with sum dough in their pocket feeling real good about themselves, agree?


I must say, however, I am unaware “our uncleDr. Beare has ever invested in lawsuits and by now u would surely know about the lawsuit I had my friend and client, Irving Cooper invest in that not only resulted in Westinghouse the former owner of CBS, hi Matthew Margo, settling for $1 million in “hard cash” but “stepping back” in its claims to own rather important “laser-switching” technology.


And then there is this “connector” company that goes by name Trumpeter owned by none other than Citigroup’s Sterling Holding Company which brings me to the “note of Sorry notes” in my possession, that has, I would think, the current chairman of Citigroup being briefed at this time about my incredibly strong claims against Citigroup, not that the current Chairman and CEO of Citigroup took a poo immediately following his review of my epic complaint,


Nor is there is any guarantee that he dropped his pants in time, agree?


Surely though, by the time my pal Thomas Stephens Esq. of Bartlet Beck reads this missive Tom will not hesitate in moving things “further up the line”, this ingenious attorney well aware that although there is a genius English lit graduate running Citicorp Ventures Corp, the Shareholder hostile leverage buyout arm of Citigroup, Tom McWilliams is a little to long in the tooth to contend with me as I go about building up a war chest of epic proportions for this “showdown of showdowns,” not to suggest that u had anything to do with the disaster Broadway revival show,  Meet Me In St. Louis?


Quite a bit in those previous paragraph and don’t forget that although I have “issues” with immediate members of my family who is to say what goodies are contained within the birthday card my extraordinary mother sent me from 7 Hartswell Lane, Wivesliscombe, Somerset, TA42NE, England and why not give “Royal Mater” a call UK 44-9-846-24088 and c whether she as well as my uncle David Gevisser the quasi-male-heir of Charles Engelhard’s world wide estate would support “us” at this time,


And, If not now,


Then when?


If I am only for myself who am I?


If I am not 4 myself who is 4 me?


And what it will all come down to by the time “all is said and done” is the obliteration of The Diamond Invention along with the suspension of trading of public companies, freeing up capital for entrepreneurs who will no longer be dependant on the likes of Dr. Jonathan Beare who could decide at any time to just pack it all in and marry like my famous journalist cousin Mark Gevisser, an Indian.


Jonathan Beare is, however, a pretty good example of a rather well rounded financial engineer and a physicist to boot, understanding rather well the 4 legs of the 3 legged stool, hi former U.S. Attorney, Howard Finkelstein Esq., although I have no evidence of Jonathan having mastered as well as me the insurance industry.


Then again I have not spent all that much time in recent years with this rather eclectic individual who is as comfortable in talking with “tramps” such as me when I choose to be and the likes of the Rothschild clan who undoubtedly see Jonathan Beare much like I do, the White Don of Africa a little “over the top” but then again.


Sum number 1421 The Year China Discovering America, my having already written in sum detail the “flood” that took place in this posh hotel in Hong Kong where Jonathan and I were staying the day be4 I left 4 Beijing China in the spring of 1989 just weeks be4 the Tiananmen Square massacre, “Chinese walls” ring a bell?


Not to forget how back on March 28th of last year I made u folks such a generous black box settlement, agree?


Bye Bye 4 now.


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake


I Gevisser I


In memory of those 42 B. Geviseris 42 murdered by the Germans.



Ps – So many names to remember, remember this is just the credits rolling, and we do things from the “bottom up.”


[1] Jonathan Beare is expected to return from India after Passover and I am “instructing” his nephew, Derrick Beare using this missive to extend the 7 day “drop dead” period to invest $1 million in , to when Jonathan returns from paying respects to Pandit Nehru  there being no room to negotiate unless Dr. Beare names me with Derrick “co-executor” of his worldwide estate.


Worth noting in the “Man with the Midas touch” hyperlink published in the Natal Mercury on December 3rd 2003, are a number of interesting elements perhaps not all that meaningful to every single literate human being on this planet, including whoever is the reincarnation of Pandit Neru, mindful that Jonathan Beare is not the person referenced as the “Man with the Midas touch” but quite the “driver” is “our uncle” Jonathan which is not to suggest that Jonathan Beare cannot hit a golf ball straighter than his favorite nephew Derrick who has a 50% ownership share in a video in my possession of Derrick striking me with a golf ball using a “one of a kindAvenger driver off the tee, me collapsing into a heap of tears as the president of the Avenger Golf Company at one time part of the Prefcor-McCarthy Motorsstable of businesses” walked off seemingly without a care in the “wor.d” [sic].


So, my pink notes, much like what u c in the “one of a kind deposition” taken by a “skilled and experienced” attorney on October 17th 2002 follows:


“In five years during the1990s the discount store Game tripled its size and increased turnover from R300 million to R2 billion.

Behind the turn-around was a man with the Midas touch.

It was Dan Barrett, a 52-year-old accountant who arrived in
South Africa from England on board the Union Castle Mail ship in 1974. [My mother Zena Ash Gevisser Zulman arrived from England possibly on the same Union Castle Mail ship in 1947].

Barrett retires this year as deputy CEO of the listed group Massmart, which owns Game, Dion, Makro and other businesses and has an annual turnover of R20 billion.

He is fiercely loyal about
Durban and KZN and opted to retire at the age of 52 because he had earned enough money and didn't want a repeat of last year's 270 flights out of Durban International.

In Barrett's time he has kept the headquarters of Game in

People might question the significance of this. Quite simply, it has meant that the retailer's headquarters occupy about 8 000m2 of offices in the centre of Durban; it employs about 1 000 people here, and, by virtue of doing business from the city, has kept a steady stream of influential suppliers from around the country coming to Durban.

When Barrett arrived in
South Africa, he made his way to Johannesburg, but soon saw the end of his purse of R300, two weeks before Christmas. Scanning the papers the BSC economics graduate saw that chartered accountants "seemed to get pretty well paid" so he became articled to a firm which was the forerunner to KPMG.

Barrett studied through Unisa and qualified as a chartered accountant.

He then took up a job with Kirsh Industries working for Mervyn King and Natie Kirsh who controlled Metro Cash and Carry. [
Natie “The Maze King” Kirsh is the gentleman who came “out of nowhere” in 1970 with a crappy B.COM degree tucked under his belt to acquire The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies.  


Like Beares furniture stores company, the trading arm of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies was “in trouble” and needed “rescuing” but instead of being recapitalized which is what Jonathan Beare did with his family’s business, Natie Kirsh applied his formal business training, shut down the trading company that had been ever so carefully “run into the ground” by Sol “The Little King” Moshal and then liquidated the real estate holdings at quite a gain while sum of the shrewdest real estate players on the planet living a “stones throw away” from The Little King looked on “in amusement?”


Does the expression “What one loses on the round-a-bouts can be made up 4 in the swings” ring a bell?


The Little King had a number of hang-ups including having no male heirs, his blue-eyed boy, David Gevisser, the son of his sister Janie, should we say, “possibly a little to preoccupied taking care of Charles Engelhard’s affairs”, The Diamond Invention spitting things out pretty “fair and square” although I would love to hear the author, Mr. Epstein’s take on a number of things that I happen to be privy to, bearing in mind that he as well as my terrific uncle David Gevisser may be still be mourning the death of Charles “phenomenally wealthy” Engelhard’s widow, which is not to suggest that Jonathan Beare,




David Gevisser had sex with either Jacqueline Kennedy




Mrs. Engelhard who according to the pictorial in a recent issue of Time Magazine help Ms. Kennedy-Onassis redecorate the White House and then to think that ex-President Bill Clinton then splashed his sperm possibly on the wallpaper of the Lincoln Bedroom assuming he was just practicing his golf swings with Monica Lewinsky who he had prance around, not to suggest that the not-disgraced enough former president is “well hung”, the possibility existing that when need be he would call in his golfing buddy, Vernon Jordon to assist, on occasion, to mention in passing Mr. Jordon as well as Ms. Martha Stewart both members of the board of the Revlon Corporation, the fronting company of Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman.


To mention little of my amazing mother coming up with the idea of that Love that Pink lipstick cartoon which was geared to light a fire under the tails of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach et al, us eventually getting that “one of a kind SCAL lawsuit” filed within a couple of hours of the statute of limitations running out, and then there is that SPASH Technology lawsuit I was responsible for “blowing up” that for some reason has Robert Lenzner of Forbes Magazine asking a pitiful question like


whats aig got to do with it” [sic]?


Lenzner’s and Ms. Emily Lambert’s deafening silence at this time speaking quite the audible, not to forget the “Trader Mater” quite the consigliore to the likes of Aristotle Onassis and then of course who else but my extraordinary mother would chaperone Robert Kennedy when he visited South Africa.


Never to forget how Natie Kirsh made his “big time killing” when shortly after kicking “The Little King” out of the chairman of the board’s seat, a rather direct way of letting this disgusting character know that the Maze King saw no reason to pay more than what had been bargained 4, a not altogether little deal in the works just prior to the very dirty sale of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies that had the Sternberg family, Martin Sternberg also equipped with a B.COM degree recently dying of throat cancer, walking away with Greenberg and Wallis, quite the freight forwarding company, which brings me to this internal memo dated March 5th 2003 the letterhead, FINKELSTEIN & KRINSK LLP




Now how trusted a fellow must I have been to have been handed such a document by Mr. Debonair JRK although there is something to be said for my being so generous in “leaving more than a handful of dough” on the table following the settlement of the Shareholder Class Action Complaint against Revlon Corporation, nothing quite like “double standards” so pervasive in this “God eat God” [sic] world.


Price fixing pretty much saying everything I wish to say at this time, other than how imbecilic the decision of Mr. Debonair JRK not to have first of all assisted in the refinancing of my piddly $340K mortgage of a property that had sum $2 million in equity, moreover his decision at the 11th hour and 59th minute to “hide under the covers” when I came up with an ingenious idea, flushing The Debonair JRK out once and 4 all, which would have had him introducing into to the court record the irrefutablesmoking gun proof” in “our” possession of political corruption at the highest levels of the California State Government, the dirty hands of leading fund raisers in the Democratic Party notwithstanding to mention in passing once again the cowardice of top figures within the Republican Party who made a conscious decision not to get their arms around such evidence that pretty much any literate human being on the planet would understand.


Quite something to think folks today can get confused with evidence that has so many of our ever so educated political leaders, members of the media no different to organized labor and religious institutions currently “ducking 4 cover”, no where tho to hide in this “Dog eat Dog” world where the likes of me r getting better and better equipped thanks to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send like none other to hold folks such as Money Talks in check without leaving the confines and comfort of our living rooms, folks tuning off more and more to the likes of CNN Larry King and tuning in to yours truly, The Rattlesnake.


Survival is all about water, life depends on this rather unique substance made up of too highly explosive gases which when combined is both peaceful and at the same time quite troublesome, Beware of still water!


The diffraction we c when placing a spoon in the medium of water suggests that the speed of light at least in this particular medium is not a constant, much like the Red Shift effect which allows us in measuring light waves coming from other stars and galaxies to conclude that from our perspective the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, again just from our perspective.


Truth as we know from Quantum Mechanics [QM] is all about going “backwards and forwards” improving the odds, increasing the probabilities, there being no such thing as “certainties”, as we find in Einstein’s “Mind of G-D”, E=mc such an expression, “The mind of G-D” that is, causing, in my opinion, Albert Einstein to have made the biggest error of his career, getting so caught up in the “limelight” dispensing with QM, the mathematics behind this alpha numeric expression, mostly “alpha” is E=mc, being so incredibly precise proving out time and again in “direct experiments” that this genius of a man could not accept QM which has links to things past and future.


Going back first to Pythagoras, the first scientist whose Right Angle Triangle [RAT] Theorem took for the very first time mysticism and superstition out of the equation, whereas the RAT Theorem has the Hypotenuse equal to the sum of the opposite too sides, squared, QM has the Hypotenuse equal to the difference of the opposite too sides, squared, the future that which we c in the cosmos best described in a mathematical equation that has only 1 numeral, the number 2.


Quite different to Pythagoras’ x+y=z that demonstrated “true balance” between the “sexes”, men and women during the time of Pythagoras working harmoniously within his “inner circle” to “problem solve”, my wanting to open up a dialogue with “anyone of worth” to prove me wrong, my not subscribing to my mother’s more recent declaration, “I only debate people who agree with me.”


Women by their very nature r better at “multi-tasking” their nurturing capabilities far superior to men, most of them more in tune with the heartbeat of the universe, their kid within the womb keeping them up, kicking during pregnancy forcing them at times to remain deadly still, us men on the other hand more single dimensional wanting to have things “our way




The highway,” willing more often based on historical data to “up and go” fight wars, rape and pillage, there of course being the “favorites” during the time of Plato who may have in fact protected the women and their daughters from even more “rape and pillaging” it taking undoubtedly a village mentality to raise children.


The end result has been with elevated testosterone coming in no small measure from “us” gaining courage in spilling the blood of others, first of course we sue the crap out of each other, leading to an imbalance that now sets the stage for a total “meltdown” our value systems having us “hell bent” on grabbing as much as quickly as we can, willing to lie, steal and cheat, in our quest to die the richest person in the grave, gray matter meaning less and less with each tick of the clock.


Men and women beginning to look so very much the same, the gentler sex eventually being turned away from the math and sciences to the point that we have as perfect an expression as E=mc coming about in a “man’s world”, how much quicker if women hadn’t been so beaten to a pulp, pulp fiction, the movies a reflection of our chaotic sick minds.


So few folks at the top echelons of the scientific community willing to examine such an expression for its “truthfulness” in a non-vacuum environment as within SpaceShip earth that is tumbling thru Deep Space where matter and anti-matter cancel one another out, no life forms we know of despite the trillions spent on researching the endless possibilities, really?


That get dimmer with each tick of the clock given what we know from the Red Shift Effect, time tho is all relative and when we do in fact reach the speed of light, sum 300,000 kilometers per second, when everything is supposed to stand still,




So the evidence strongly suggests, at the same time, at such a moment everything becomes “mathematical”, time clocks go out the window, agree?


We know imperfections exist everywhere, nothing quite saying it best as my Marie’s Infinite Perfection on the homepage of and its not just Microsoft Windows that crash, even their admirable competitors are now “running into walls” much the same with our calculations pertaining to gravity that were at one time “sacrosanct” much like Newtonian’s principle that mass remains a constant, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, action-reaction, nothing is gained




Is it lost, but then came General Relativity which essentially tossed out mass being a constant which brings us back to the “Hand of G-D” different to “The Mind of G-D” which few of us would dare to argue with Einstein’s “sacrosanct” formula that has E=energy and M=mass both “variables” capable of changing with C=speed of light being the constant, the 4 digits 1421, the start of good things to come, 8 as perfect as it gets and there being in fact a limit to the numbers when added and multiplied together one ends up with the same result, endless possibilities to do good




Evil, not really!


The better the evidence the better the proof, more and more folks tracking my writings coming to the conclusion in repeatedly asking themselves the question, How many coincidences does it take be4 it is no longer a coincidence?, concluding that Number is in fact the essence of all things,






Good, design everywhere, G-D within each one of us, encouraging us via our conscience first to think SMART because without being logical it is all butt impossible to make the right decision, and the more we write things down getting others to critique what we say, not so much how we say it so we can get that much closer to the truth, G-D is Truth, G-D is DNA, Name G-D DNA?


Should in fact a “shift” occur within a non-vacuum environment which allows sound as we know it to travel much like what we experience when hearing a train move back and forth, the Doppler Effect in many ways a “mirror image” of the Red Shift Effect leading back to us questioning whether c is in fact a constant within our SpaceShip earth, that when looking outside of what is taking place within say a vacuum tube a “light bulb” goes “off”, the vacuum tube resulting in the Digital Revolution that is pretty much everything driving our western economies today other than the war machine?


Us becoming more and more dependant on government that grows well beyond what is “tolerant” given the benchmarks which suggest we r about to implode, the need to look at things differently going back once again to the distinguishing features of what makes each of us tick, light being ever so important in causing things to grow, the energy resulting from having mass remain the constant proving out to sum degree Evolution, the love of a possible Almighty Hand controlling the “dimmer switch” as we race in our hectic lives towards what purpose in this merry-go-round of “God eat God” [sic] world.





Built tTOo





Next tTOo

Breeding is everything.


Everything is a function of gathering evidence, again, the better the evidence the better the proof, bringing me to our one of many websites geared toward getting folks to think differently have them feel empowered that it is within each one of us to make a difference,




How about,


all a “take-off” of the stock trading website


We know enough about the deficiency of our eyes not to “believe everything we c” but when combined with our other senses and our ability to communicate at light speed thanks to The Internet we r able to gather as much of a full perspective of things than at any time in history of our species, at least this, “go around.”


There is truth in many things we say, remembering language is an evolutionary process that may very well have “The hand of G-D” playing havoc with each of our minds, the purpose at least to me, is to appreciate the genius of one Almighty G-D testing our “willpower” empowering each of us to think ever so smart, stretching things to the limit without going overboard.


Worst of feeling the need to be part of the maddening crowd, congregating in religious establishments, hearing some yoyo give his-her commentary, instead to listen ever so quietly to that going on around u-we, each of us part and parcel of a miraculous New Beginning, each and every day, just like the waves each one refreshing different to that which just went by, opportunity to make anew, one step at a time, mindful of everything.   


Who knew what and when did they know it? A phrase taught to me by a rather brilliant attorney by the name of King Golden Jr Esq. who had he chosen to stay in politics would have been one son-of-a-bitch very dangerous President far more dangerous than Bill “Wallpaper-Kitchen” Clinton and his big “phatso” [sic] wife.


I am very well equipped to keep my writing along my command of mathematics and science at the highest levels constantly taking the “high road” but until such time as everyone of us “gets on the bandwagon” it is unlikely we going to be able to achieve the peace that is needed, at least not in my lifetime, constantly aware of the bloodshed being spilled throughout the world knowing that as sickening as it is to watch and see, I have to compete in the “real world”.


Each and every one of us responsible 4 the mess we r in, our media most of all giving encouragement to those who commit atrocities a forum to portray their landscapes of the future which in my mind don’t call for there to be any rulers other than the One Almighty Ingenious G-D, the evidence of such a Being getting stronger with each tick of the clock, those of us in tune, those of us who have not allowed our formal education to interfere with our learning most of all keeping our deficit needs in check, such needs brought on by the fear of losing that which we have acquired, few if any fortunes having been made honestly.


And without me getting into the lunacy that gripped this world going back thousands of years ever since man decided that the land was his and his alone to do with as he pleased never mindful of their being an all omnipotent being watching each and every one of our moves, keeping at least as good a record of events as say someone like me who has hasn’t had an assistant of any sort to speak of since August 1989 when I left the “sanctuary” of a relatively small business which was mostly “manned” by sum incredibly competent women, most still in their 20s, then u can only imagine how fine-tuned is The mind and delicate hand of G-D, who keeps ever so careful track of everything including our pulse having designed the landscapes, road signs everywhere, “has-ids” [sic] to avoid.


Each and everyone of us should c fit with proper guidance to appreciate without being told by sum nincompoop, how to do look at this and that, coming up with our own solutions, being part of the solution as opposed to being part of the problem, problem solving is something we should all embrace, separating constantly the negatives who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail




Pitch fork, in a nutshell.


And the time will eventually come when what I have to say and others perhaps far more literate such as Margaret Wilhelm, the author of Pythagoras’s Trousers, eventually ripping through to the masses who should very much take a leaf out of the book of Mr. Mahatma Ghandi,  


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."


U must notice the deafening silence coming at this time from Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown of, BrownNose a professor of finance at the Yeshiva University in New York City, ever since my posting message 828, relying on this character TCO blasting away with this and this, those in the know well aware of my nailing down at quite sum speed, not that u would want me to build u a house, a number of hats on those playing it “fast and loose” message 1293 on the Shareholder Rights lounge on 3/20/04 8:49 PM ET pretty much saying everything I have to say at this time.


Business models like real estate have no value if one doesn’t have tenants-customers “of worth”, there being no doubt that as “truth” spreads, as folks take “deep breaths” smell the roses, feel invigorated by the splendor that remains despite mankind being ever so hostile to our environment so will the decision to simply produce offspring much in the same way as the “beasts” who seem to do a whole lot better job caring for their young encouraging them to stand tall right from the start, than us “beastly mankind”, their “built in” culling, whether it be “survival of the fittest




Homosexuality quite apparent, perhaps no different to our own species, the need now more than ever to become transparent, the Digital Age quite the Power of 1, ever so important to look on the “extremities” to c where things r headed, the female breast very telling.


Statistical analysis, however, will ultimately prove out how the rate of population growth is in fact slowing down, exponentially in my opinion, no doubt those within organizations such as the Democratic Communist Party and the Roman Catholic Church whose business models are based on keeping the masses “subservient” having them feeling “entitled” made to feel that it is only right that they “suffer” along with Jesus Christ while filling up the coffers, Christ no doubt would have looked at the Roman Catholic Church and all its high ceilings and wondered perhaps like I did when first visiting St Peters, my now looking at a rather miserable photo of me and my mother in front of St. Peters when was just 10 years old, thinking about all the hot air accumulating and the damage it would do to all the frescos.


The signs on the wall so evident of a problem developing when u have leaders whether political




Religious, all pretty much one and the same, getting “their kicks” by putting down a “competing force” clear evidence that they have a weakness




Too within their business models.


Within a year of Barrett joining, the group's acquisitions included Dion, Checkers, and Russells.

He spent the next three years consolidating the assets of the listed companies and was then appointed group financial director of the furniture division, which included Russells, Joshua Doore and Dion.

Barrett undertook the first of a number of turnarounds that would come to distinguish his career.

"This process always involves pain. It means you have to cut your cloth according to what you can afford. It means being clear about how you operate," Barrett said during an interview on the 11th floor of his office, with near panoramic views of

"I never understand businesses in trouble trying to grow turnover to match expenses. That's not a solid basis for growth."

In 1997 with the first turnaround under his belt, Barrett saw interest rates shoot up and Natie Kirsh sold out to Sanlam.

Barrett was then approached by one of the bankers for the group, who offered him a 25% share of an office furniture business in trouble, in return for running it.

"A few years later I realised that being a minority shareholder is fine until you disagree on major issues of strategy. But we parted amicably."

That was 1990. Barrett saw a gap in the market for knock-down computer furniture and he sub-contracted the manufacture of different components and packaged the product for retailers.

Entrepreneurship was an interesting avenue.

Barrett remembers rather fondly winning a tender to re-seat a school auditorium in
Mpumalanga. He sub-contracted, but "the guys messed up and I had to fix all the seats myself - it turned out fine though, the school paid me".

Three years after start-up Barrett says he realised the business was growing. "You can't stop a business from growing. You have either got to carry on growing or die."

Barrett was at a crossroads: he needed a partner to invest and help carry the workload, but didn't fancy the idea of a partnership.

After a hijacking in front of their
Johannesburg home, Barrett and his family decided they didn't want to live there. He sold the business.

Within a couple of weeks Durban businessman
Terry Rosenberg offered Barrett the job of running Game, then 100 percent owned by McCarthy retail.

McCarthy shareholders were Anglo American, Rosenberg, Jonathan Beare, and Brian McCarthy. Game was the
ugly duckling of the group and accumulatively, since it was started in 1971, had never made a profit.

It had always been based in

"It was a demoralised business and everybody was pretty down in the
dumps. In these situations you have to put a plan in place quickly. Then you have to execute it quickly."

Barrett reduced store space, retrenched and faced a major strike.

But he stuck to his guns.

"We did all the bad things we had to do, to protect all the other jobs. To increase turnover we introduced new departments."

Key among these was cellular phones. Through
luck or strategy, or both, Barrett got in on the ground floor of the cellular revolution in South Africa.

"We hit the market and we hit it hard. We got a new deal every week and splashed it across the papers. We gave away shopping vouchers and cellphones free. People who had never stepped into a Game store before now had a reason to be there." Between January and March 1995, Game sold 30 000 contracts.

A beaming photograph of Vodacom chief
Alan Knott-Craig that adorns Barrett's office today bears testimony to how pleased the network was with Game's efforts.

Barrett says this was one of Game's turning points.

The retailer also introduced extended warranties and revolving credit.

"The key thing to any business is not one person, but its people. I tried to make the company transparent, a place where people felt free to come up with new with ideas, a place where people thought fast. That creates a buzz that feeds on itself."

Barrett says he also rid the organisation of politics.

"I figured that if office doors were shut, people must either be politicking or they didn't have enough to do, so I opened their doors. Most people enjoyed the transparency. Getting the morale right is vital."

Barrett says he was decisive, figuring that a good m
anager would have a hit rate of 70% good decisions and 30% bad. The bad ones, he says, could always be fixed and were better than no decisions.

Barrett says he visited stores on Saturdays and spoke to staff.

He also offered incentives to the entire workforce, from shelf packers to m

"Over Christmas periods, some sales staff earned more than I did through commissions. I thought that was great, the better they did, the better I looked. That issue is critical. The more you share, the more you make."

In his first year at Game the company made a profit of R7 million. When Game was bought out by Massmart in 1998, annual profits were R80 million and the "ugly duckling" was sold for R755 million.

Barrett says that a relatively simple thing also helped turn Game around: he disciplined store m
anagers if they ran out of popular stocks, more so than if they were over-stocked, a key but often neglected rule in the mass discounting business.

Apart from physical improvements, Barrett says he constantly talked the business up.

His "aeroplane speech" became legend. "Whenever I had the opportunity to talk about the business I did. I was often on planes and I chatted away to the person next to me about Game. Invariably two or three people heard the story and I was always positive."

Barrett says the fun of Game's expansion (from 11 to 33 stores and venturing beyond KZN's borders) generated more enthusiasm.

"Those five-and-a-half years were the best part of my business life."

Barrett says his approach to business was influenced by his own circumstances, as a family man with four children.

"My wife Mavis and I always involved partners in
work events. It created excitement about the business and it was a lot more palatable for families if the husband or wife had to work late."

"Without Mavis' total support I could not have achieved anywhere near as much."

In 1998 McCarthys ran into trouble and flogged Game to settle debt. Massmart, then a non-listed group headed by Mark Lamberti, bought Game and Barrett got the job of merging Game with a direct competitor,

And so began another huge challenge. It involved closing down all Dion stores, except those in
Gauteng. Many Dion stores became Game stores and Dion was reduced to 11 stores.

Barrett, on a five-year contract, became chief operating officer of Massmart and then deputy CEO, in total responsible for about 18 000 people.

Massmart listed three years ago at R12.50 a share and now trades at R29 a share.

The operations were m
anaged from Durban. Barrett notched up 270 flights in one year. He faced living in Johannesburg again.

"You can't continue to enjoy what you are doing under those circumstances. We had already made a lifestyle decision as a family to move to
Durban and I asked myself: how many corporate ladders am I going to climb? I realised that for me and my family, this was the right decision."

In May Barrett announced his decision to resign. He leaves his office at the end of December, but will remain on the board of Massmart as a non-executive director.

In the time he has been in
Durban, Barrett has fallen in love with the city and describes its prospects as "mind boggling".

He says he has been made some work offers but is in no rush to decide. "I want to spend some time m
anaging my own portfolio, and spending more time with my family and pursuing our interests." - The Mercuryco