From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, January 13, 2004 2:14 AM
To: Ed Epstein
Cc: rest
Subject: Pool resources


Mr. Epstein – I recently came across your website while doing sum research of chemicals being imported into the United States on behalf of SCALs more commonly known as Shareholder Class Action Litigators.


I have skimmed through your Internet book although I realize that when Simon & Schuster decided to publish The Diamond Invention the Internet was nothing short of a “pipedream” and I assume you are still alive, an Oppenheimer offshoot hasn’t got one of his cricket buddies to place a pipe bomb under your car, yet?


I came across in Chapter 18 reference to “Engelhard arranged for Oppenheimer to buy a controlling interest in his far-flung empire, since he had no male heirs to take over.” It so happens that my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser, was, I believe, the sole executor of Charles Engelhard’s worldwide estate.


Sum 9 months after you first began researching your book I emigrated to the United States from South Africa first stopping off for a year or so in Chicago where I got to witness “first hand” the “trading patterns” of Joseph Seigal of Seigal Trading you very possibly covering this subject matter including the silver fiasco with the Hunt brothers before heading to New York where I hung out for a  brief stint with a diamond syndicate, Codiam Inc, run by relatives of my uncle David Gevisser whose name nor that of Steven Cohen, the main principal of Codiam Inc., I don’t believe, is mentioned in your “one of a kind” book?


My purpose in contacting you, sufficient to give certain family members a visit to a local emergency room where hopefully a board certified cardiologist might be on hand to stuff them with possibly a stent, is two-fold.


First, I would like to know if you have done any further research in to the affairs of Englehard’s multi-faceted businesses and if so would you be at liberty to discuss them with me, bearing in mind that my family have gone awfully quiet as of late in light of the book that I am very much looking forward to have published in very short order, titled, Manager Minute One, a take-off of the business book best seller One Minute Manager, all geared toward empowering the kids to parent the parents who need the most help, so avoid a “kid” turning into a “dik” my more recent command of Quantum Mechanics having me look at things both forwards as well as in “reverse.”


Without boring you with the details of what exactly has my family “up in arms” my pursuit of the truth of prime importance to me, more so than appearing on say a TV show like Prime Time or even 60 Minutes, although the “conspiracies” which I will be revealing go much deeper in fact than the one you appear to have so eloquently written about, my English grammar not quite as good as my mathematics although it is only lately with more time on my hands that I have vigorously pursued this particular discipline, my formal training, rather limited, I should add, in the business of my parents and those that came before them, traders at heart, my paternal grandfather, Israel “Issy” Gevisser and David Gevisser’s father, Morris Gevisser, starting the Durban Bottle Exchange on the streets of Durban, South Africa at the turn of the last century, Issy pushing a wheelbarrow, picking up broken bottles off the dirt streets, eventually merging with another Jewish family, the Moshals, in what became The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies.


David Gevisser was the “blue eyed” boy of Sol Moshal whose sister Janie married David’s father who died a few years before this rather well diversified public conglomerate was sold “from underneath us” David clearly distracted by other things going on his life.


Make no mistake my book is anything but “sour grapes” on the contrary were it not for Sol Moshal being a crook I would very likely be running this “one of a kind” company and with the likes of Nicholas Oppenheimer today running roughshod over South Africa I wouldn’t be surprised if I was able to gather enough support to have him join the unemployment lines, my well aware of the need to never be arrogant, the truth tho, not only sets you free, but it allows one to fly free and high, the earlier the better, agree?


I am, however, by no means the only competent trader in our family, my middle brother Melvin as well as my brother-in-law, David Danziger who lives in Australia recently joined by my father no doubt able to compete with the best out there, nothing quite like having a good family name, as well as the “killer instinct” which of course comes with good conditioning and then there is DNA, most folks seem to agree that,



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


DNB you may know is the credit organization also known as Dunn & Bradstreet.


My dad has his own “kiss-and-never-to-tell” love stories just up the road from where you met with Benjamin Bonas back in June 1977, although Cann in the week of February 8th through the 14th back in 1945 was probably a little chilly to be out and about unless dive-bombing real and decoy targets from a dizzy height, the “2 D/H + 1 FAIR MISS” coming from my father’s logbooks quite telling of this rather remarkable fighter-bomber-pilot who during 71 operations knocked the crap out of the Nazi bastards.


My formal business schooling actually started ahead of probably all members of the Gevisser clan of our generation, the year 1967 sumwhat of a watershed year involving a number of things, sum well laid out in your book, my coming of age in December 1967 when I took a train ride with my mother from Zurich, Switzerland to Kitzbuel, Austria where my “one of kind” mother unloaded “the motherload” resulting in her only wanting me once I had made enough “to live on” to open “an ice-cream shop” the greatest gift tho each of us siblings received was being told we would never inherit a dime.


I hate whiners and loathe to buy into any conspiracy theories given my own experience with “top dogs” not a single person I have known falling in to such a category able to keep their “ego in check” willing tu share the “top dog” position with anyone other than their “mirror image”, i.e. the perfect “married couple” sumthing I have yet tu find, as well, but I remain very optimistic about all our prospects including the ability of folks such as u to get your message out and let “the chips fall where they may”, i.e. if for example it turns out you are a “virulent anti-Semite” for the simple reason I saw the word “Jewish” appearing on one page, then one would then be able to make the argument that u could possibly have been “bought and paid for” by the likes of the Oppenheimer family, akin to “my enemies enemy is my friend” which would simply mean the need to do more “Jew diligence” [sic], agree?


I should also mention that my uncle David Gevisser has for the most part only shown me “generosity & kindness”, once though at a rather formal dinner where I was not present he referred to me as “naïve” which may or may not be true and were he to have described me as such to my face, which he has, then that would also be okay, because I could choose to simply look the other way, particularly so if there were a mirror behind me allowing my uncle David to look at himself in the mirror and reflect ever carefully as someone like Plato would suggest, each and every one of us examining our lives daily as if each day was the last day of our life, agree?


My looking right now in a mirror I have placed directly behind my laptop computer, grinning from ear to ear, something ingrained in me from when I was a little kid, going back to that one day in December 1967 when my mother shared with me nothing short of the “crown jewels” a day or so before my rather ingenious mother having lost her handbag for no more than a couple of hours, sufficient time, however, to have done serious brain damage, today Special Forces personnel watching each and every one of my moves, surrounded though by lots of family pictures.


Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman I can assure you even if she were say today 99% senile, a real possibility, could still run circles around any single businessman or woman not simply emerging out of the bushes of southern Africa, Z RAG Z was born though in Blackpool, England, but anyone I have ever known on the planet, a “one of a kind” mother who undoubtedly was responsible for David Gevisser giving me two letters of introduction, one to a gentleman living in La Jolla who was in the timber business in South Africa, David Gevisser being possibly the first English speaking South African to have graduated with a degree in Forestry from Stellenbosch University where the courses would very likely have been taught in Afrikaans, to mention in passing “horses for courses” Mr. Engelhard quite the horse racing fan, my uncle having one of the worst stutters imaginable unlikely to have breathed a word to anyone including his one son, Mark Gevisser, who is quite the author-journalist like his dad still living in South Africa, nothing quite like “kicking a gift horse in the mouth”, not tu forget the other letter of introduction to David Gevisser’s attorneys in San Francisco who did nothing short of offer me a corner office to “watch the rain come down” knowing full well I had no intentions of furthering my formal education my content with the designation, “A failed university business tutor.”


The chances of the business faculty of the University of Natal, South Africa offering me a full-time lecturer position back in early 1978 had I gone on tu complete the Honors program being “slim and none” my take on business school being all about teaching kids who didn’t have parents or grandparents tu coach them around the dining room table and who didn’t pick anything up off the streets, not willing obviously to go out and get a job, wanting possibly to study art to further their education but incapable of drawing therefore not likely able to make a living, not taking my advice to say study the Liberal Arts as in “Oh what a tangled web…” the only option other than opting out altogether would be to remain with me in my tutorial class where I would show folks the “in N outs” of perfecting the art of larceny, “Here at business school we teach you the fine art of how to lie, steal and cheat” [sic].


I hope this communiqué does not have you exhausted although I must say it is one of my shorter emails as of late, my mother these days relying on that 1% brain matter that supports I would assume my step-father’s contention that she is not altogether “brain dead”, i.e. a perfect vacuum between her ears, asserting that I am “mad.”


One expression that I picked up that I often use is “G-d gave us two ears and one mouth so that we should listen twice as hard as we speak” not quite as profound as my wife Marie’s expression, “When the dialogue becomes two monologues it is the beginning of the end” although my one website which remains “under construction from the bottom up” typifies the work I have been doing since about age 27 when I came to grips with how easy it is to make money in a “controlled” environment such as what we have in Deep Space the only other perfect vacuum we know of where anti-matter and matter cancel out to nothing short of the number zero, careful to mock, GODdnaName, agree?


Knowledge is Light, the letter “K” quite interesting when “flipped about” looking a whole lot like the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet א to mention little of when dissecting the letter “K” we see the number “1” and the letter “C” which when combined looks again like the Hebrew first letter known as “Alef” when written in script, the speed of light, represented by the letter “c” of particular interest to me at this time, the Digital Age, nothing short of a G-D-Send, G-D, I happen “to know” is DNA, the nature of man neither good or bad, each one of us has the power to move in every direction, gravity a force to “behold” all geared toward making us “grounded”, G-D-Nature, silence very much “golden”, the silent treatment as damaging to both young as well as old no different than having say a “baseball” lodged into the back of one’s head, important to know one’s surroundings, the fear of the unknown, surely drawing to a close.


Number, as Pythagoras said, is the essence of all things, good or evil, less said the better assumes people are not only listening but have figured a way out of their rut, the likes of the Oppenheimers and Charles Engelhard quite pitiful in their roundabout maneuvering the section where you talk about how Harry Oppenheimer would arrange for the floodlights to be turned as the wildlife approached their observation posts so oblivious to what is not simply in the best interest of the wildlife but with each tick of the clock their shenanigans get more exposed to the point that it is in my opinion just a matter of not years, months, days maybe just hours of their business model imploding which I can assure you will have zero impact on the world economy that is a matter of hours from imploding assuming those in the “pound seats” don’t get with the program and start “back tracking” as if there is no tomorrow, what goes around, I can also assure you comes around but with an almighty vengeance.


Those of us raised in English are clearly at a distinct disadvantage to those taught in the more spiritual languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic, English simply ripped out of the Latin by politicians hell bent on keeping the masses guessing, mathematics the most pure of all languages, but it is the so-called “pure breeds” that one has to be ever so careful of, leading not simply to inbreeding but in the case of Nazi Germany we have just one example of how easily the masses can be manipulated, education not much insulation especially where there are “potfulls” i.e. loads of poor conditioning, problems beginning when we allow our formal education to interfere with our learning, the Oppenheimers, the Englehards like any fricken person on this earth able to go back tu some point in time when their ancestors were supposedly Jewish, Jesus Christ born, lived, died and was buried I assume according to Jewish custom agree?


It is unusual however, for Jewish people raised according the tenets of Judaism to avoid being questioned, the problems of the world having nothing to do with race color, or religion, simply poor parental religious teaching, economic opportunism not necessary bad.


Ordinarily I am sound asleep by 9pm but today I slept most of the afternoon at the beach every so often woken by my dog who would nudge me with his nose causing me to take very deep breaths, visual awareness helping tu appreciate fully a master painter at work, the power of the waves when combined with sunshine and the bluest of blue skies enough for me to pinch myself thinking that I maybe I had died and gone to heaven, heaven on earth, soon.


Now need to snooze.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Gary S. Gevisser