Notes taken on March 31st 2003, in preparation of a series of emails to Professor Bernie Black of Stanford University Law School.


We are coming down to the wire and I see it as nothing more than a battle of the sexes and those with the most common sense have, in my opinion more than a leg up on those of you who have allowed their formal education to interfere with your learning.


I may repeat more than a handful of comments I have made over the past 4 odd years to mention little of the rare instances where I actually slip up but I am in fact under the gun right now as I push a series of Perfect Storms on to the home front careful though not to distract tTOo much from the ingenious war being played out in the Middle East by highly inspired civilian leaders fortunate to have military personnel not breaking rank despite the clear disconnects that one would expect in a war where for perhaps the very first time in history our civilian leaders have been telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Were these notes to turn into an email it would likely end up being a little longer than my inner circle would advise but then again I am at this point in time beholden to no one other than to everyone who wishes to give me a helping hand and of course my hand goes out to you as well as Professor Grundfest who deserves a whole lot of credit for his take on The King of Pain article, “Butt what we have here is a shell game” [sic] which has been far more pornographic than anything coming out of say Penthouse Magazine where your east wing colleague, Professor “Mostly uncenteredDershowitz seeks justice while the masses of momworker63 busy bees get strung out and then when all hell eventually breaks loose he shows what intellectual midgetry is all about, wouldn’t you agree?


So who would you say is on the edge these days, me or you or do you happen to know anyone else who has been more on top of his game than me since December 1st 2000 wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps I need to remind you that Randall Kaplan was one of the co-founders of Akamai [AKAM] and the brains behind this “not-so-luky” [sic] company, Daniel Lewin, was in all likelihood the first victim of 911 as flight American Airlines flight 11 ploughed into the World Trade Center.


My track record of calling the plays has not only folks like you amazed but folks like Mr. Krinsk Esq. who unlike you have serious “skin in the game” when they go to bat wouldn’t you agree? I assume you are on a fixed stipend from the university’s “Special Endowment Fund for not-so-able” and don’t have the customary conflicts of interest common place amongst intellectuals on the left?


Now for all the little, actually next to nothing I know about you, you could be a supporter of both Senator Byrd as well as Senator Thurmond who seem in many ways good mirror images of the other? By the way do you know this DavidRollie Polie” [sic] Pollak character who may have quite sum fascination with Republican women?


Now I could go on about this group of characters which is what my adversaries hope I will succumb to, that I would push my luck over the border line, thinking that I will eventually lose my mind, and of course luck has nothing to do with my being able to topple morons, wouldn’t you agree?


Earlier this afternoon I met briefly with Mr. Krinsk, where we discussed certain critical matters of importance but mostly we played pong and only argued not over the very generous gift his bestowed to me, sunglasses to boot but the sudden sentimentality of his professional diplomas that out of nowhere his mother supposedly is showing an interest.


I rarely if ever question Mr. Krinsk and certainly I wouldn’t doubt his sincerity but there is something in the air today that may have him doubt me were I to say, “I swear to you I won’t use either the certificates nor the cheap wood framing to start a fire at Stonehenge 11.”


One of the items I hope to explore in some detail with him during our scheduled 40 minute meeting is a note I ripped off the entrance to the underground parking elevator [B1] where a lady by the name of Elisa Allen had written a note about her “LOST FLOWER VASE.”


I assume she is the daughter of the owner, “… very sentimental, in my family 50 years.” She was probably putting packages in the back seat of her car and had simply forgotten what she was doing. It is probably fair to assume that she is “Sid Allen’s” daughter for Sid Allen would probably only tolerate someone of kinship rather than marriage needing so much attention paid to her; probably too competitive for it to be a wife. His company’s letterhead ‘Sid Allen Jewelers’ suggests to me at least that he wouldn’t tolerate competition, that he is the head of the family. It isn’t “Sid and friends” or “Fred and Associates”, singular; the word “jewelers” is, however, plural letting everyone know he is the capo de capri” [sic].


The actual amount of time Mr. Krinsk and I will likely communicate one-on-one will likely last exactly 42 minutes and true to his word Mr. Krinsk will probably help pack my bags that contain the “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party before heading off to the Padres baseball game where he says is the only place he can go to in order to get “any work done” and I will be heading off to check on Mr. Ashworth who I now understand is in the middle of a move.


My vowel movements as his assistant Jodie Ruiz will attest to are not only controlled but exceedingly understanding and of course I expect any witnesses present to my not wanting to have a great person, an incredible lawyer, a member of a highly respected family, go over the edge.


Mr. Ashworth is much more than one of my bank of attorneys all prepared to fight the battle of battles once things get stabilized in Iraq and of course my hope is that before our forces have to venture too far off course I will be in a position to lay out a strategy that will stop folks from panicking once they realize that their lifesavings have essentially gone down the tubes, that “poor house” people like Sammy “Shame” Haim will soon be out celebrating as the richy rich folk come tumbling down including possibly good and hard working people like Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk and his partner Mr. Howard Finkelstein who for the very first time in the 4 odd years I have been frequenting their offices has files stacked 18 inches high all over his desk.


As I poked around the offices this particular display of hard work stunned me more than some of the material I gleamed off Mr. Krinsk’s desk when I just a few seconds ago darted in as he went off to the water cooler, “Apri… care… Judge…Sun-people… sum $42 million...Mar…” and of course I we might even find the time to discuss a variety of matters as they relate to the “son” [sic].


On the day of his marriage Mr. Krinsk received a diagnosis by his Icelander friend who happens to know a thing or too about Intellectual Property to mention little of his brother being the chief investment officer of “sCALPERS” [sic] of being bi-polar although the only thing I believe that Mr. Krinsk and his partner have in common is a single-minded pursuit of the truth; nor do I believe anyone of us 3 guys suffer from bouts of depression although since I don’t sleep with neither Mr. Krinsk or the best man at his wedding who I think was simply referring to himself, I cannot say for certain more than what I already know.


As you may have read at one point or another in my email communications or when visiting the website I subscribe to not only to the principals of Quantum Mechanics, i.e. probabilities where there are no certainties, but in addition that the only person who knows who you are is your spouse-significant other and of course God. Some 92% odd Americans who have survived the onslaught of mass uprising nothing more so comes to mind as the wiping out of the bison that essentially helped knock the indigenous Indians off their feet, apparently believe in God.


Mr. Krinsk also supposedly believes John Kerry is the man to beat in the next presidential elections and although I don’t disagree I happen to also know for a “fact” that the odds of us seeing through November 8th 2004 is less than the high probability of my being able to walk over the moon although there is an equally high probability that I will be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the recent gubernatorial elections held on November 8th 2002 were rigged by none other than folks who are fixated not so much on John Kerry being elected supreme commander but them being supreme, whoever sits in the White House, and of course who in their right mind would want to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom given ex-President Clinton’s farts now imbedded in the ceilings which after crystallizing drop off to feed the bed mites.


I could have waited until tomorrow, April Fools Day before communicating with you but that is just Another Fricken Day wasted as jokers go at it with their fists and barrels full of laughs mixing and matching hoping to distract the masses much like we will be doing with our new line of clothing courtesy of I have less than 5 minutes to our scheduled meeting and so I will be speeding things up and perhaps you know by now I only check the following day what was written the day before which means that since I live each day like it was my last there is the possibility that my last day was a blast and so far this remains the best day of my life.


No doubt I am feeling better as those around get fitter and stronger. Now my only hope is to find a spot on the space shuttle as the new folks in charge of NASA go about confirming that the speed of light does increase-decrease as it passes through a vacuum.


Equal in importance is my “travel companions” breakthrough “stain” concept which you may have heard is well on its way to igniting the imaginations of the masses. Mds and I are now 9+ years on an incredible journey through life, pitching and bopping along the falls of Igazu to the top of Machu Picchu although for all I know these events could all be figments of my rather prolific imagination.


Anyone, however, who has met me in the flesh let alone tested my mettle knows why folks like Jeffrey Krinsk allow me to interrupt their afternoon of tennis as their less deadly alligators lap up the dogs of Wall Street with lefts and writs and whathaveyou? Nothing but a complete melt down in the stock market as the bottom fishes all with any brains left to their credit sit on the sidelines, righting checks to their lobbyists while waiting to cut deals with management all stressed out while the shareholders are being stretched all the way to Timbuktu never though to underestimate the importance of the insurance companies whose “check is in the mail” routine is expanding exponentially, much like what occurs to youngsters who haven’t been the subject of too many train smashes but in reverse.


The War in Iraq as I commented in an earlier email would probably be over by now if in fact we had simply let Israel be first at bat and although the Israelis are not known as great cricketers there are a few of them who founded the Israeli Air Force who would not only have done things no different to the brilliance displayed by the current 4 Star in charge who isn’t afraid of taking risks when there is only dollars at stake but knows his strengths and weaknesses, none more so than the training of our grunts who unlike Israelis are for some odd reason first “broken down” with the idea being that one can always build someone back up, forgetting all the horses for courses, of gentile nurturing routines to mention little of what caused Humpty Dumpy to take a great fall as the Wall of China is the one that came crumbling down sucking up all our manufacturing, the dumb shit Perot of Texas couldn’t figure out, no doubt geography was never part of his formal education which only goes to show that some education is helpful.


We are all in for a big fall when we accept the old routines that get passed down from one generation to the next without realizing that many of the mistakes get passed along not in the genes but in the conditioning and why perhaps our fixation with hair which is the only thing common to each of us in terms of no one with more than a tuff of hair having to deal at least once in their lifetime with a bad hair day which occurred this morning with me as Mds and her 10-year-old boy poked fun at me.


On the ride over to the offices of Finkelstein and Krinsk I came across a number of interesting signs but none more so than the writing on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcyclists which read just like the real acronym for the Drug Enforcement Agency:


                  D              E                A

          Drink                            Every                              Afternoon


Which brings me to an E-mail I sent earlier today to my attorney, Mr. James Ashworth, tasked with bringing to justice the father of Mds’ two children who in his efforts to duck and dodge what were nothing but flimsy lobs ended up using the two rather gifted children as his shield no different to what despots everywhere attempt to accomplish when allowed from an early age to run rampant.


It is no wonder, to me at least, that we have finally found ourselves at a crossroads but for reason I am incredibly optimistic about the future and of course it helps when one’s fortune cookie from lunch reads, “A FRIEND WILL SOON BRING YOU A GIFT” which I will gift to Mr. Krinsk depending of course on how generous he is to me.


Upon entering the incredibly modest 12th floor offices there were all smiles from Mr. Krinsk’s abundance of secretarial staff who for some reason saw me today as their savior even though I had left my dog “Tippytoe” [sic] all heartsick behind in Del Mar. Their entreaties, “Please create an emergency that will take Jeffrey out of the office so that we can also enjoy the serf as much you do” [sic] was in my opinion sincere.


To appreciate how much the staff care for Jeffrey one has to always maintain a relative position, i.e. you should hear not only what they say when Howard who I have only seen twice in the office in the immeasurable times I have visited but when Pypeetoe is with me all work in the office comes to a halt as he goes about his exercise routine naturally never forgetting to impress upon Howard what is meant by when he means business.


A fool you know I am not “butT” [sic] simply a pain in your back; not one, however, to stab anyone in the back let alone someone esteemed as yourself who may very possibly have assisted Mr. William H. Jackson of Pircher, Nichols & Meeks obtain his law degree from your prestigious Law School for the brain dead, wouldn’t you agree?


Mr. Krinsk just got a call from 60 Minutes about the Halliburton case which is something I mentioned in an email the other day and of course there is always the possibility that this is simply an ego trip by Jeffrey to upstage me knowing that I have a connection with a top legal dog if not the top legal dog of 60 Minutes, although I seemed to hear the name Stephen “Weiner” [sic] which rang somewhat of a bell.


Some of what is going on to day is undoubtedly nauseating but the path to righteousness is not for the feint hearted, but nor should we ignore ignoramuses like Peter Arnett who said his reporting "helps those who oppose the war."


The last thing I want to do is to get everyone panicked especially given the fact that I have more than a pot full of solutions including coming out in due course with our EmanANDdog credit card program for dog lovers everywhere and of course even those folks who don’t really know how to take care of birds let alone realize that it is cruel to starve snakes to death although Dr. Stewart might argue how the fact that being a pathology specialist did not equip him to know that one of the house-pet snakes would attempt and succeed in escaping out of its cage on several occasions, one for an extended period of 9 months.


I happen to believe that one can become desensitized to both animals as well as humans if one is not tasked properly in taking care of the ever so sensitive creatures, i.e. humans to leash.


Life is all relative and our dominance over other species is all about time, motion and space and the need for balance and of course my writings can be “endless” but it has little and nothing to do with LUCK but staying true to course of never going around in circles and never allowing others to knock you off your center of gravity, never, never, never.


I am certain that Marie Dion Stewart has not only played it straight every step of the way I am equally certain she will remain resolute in her determination to put her kids first and foremost just like I have been trying to do for some 9+ years.


I have one other meeting scheduled before the evening is up beginning at 10:00pm PST at the Il Fornio bar located at the Del Mar Plaza where I will be welcoming anyone and everyone who wishes to serve me with their best and I will gladly pick up the tab and of course I invite Detective Steele whose warm handshake, once he got with the program, I knew was heartfelt as was my Christmas gift to Mds’ 13-year-old daughter with Part II parked ever so carefully.


Detective Steele may be interested to note that my take on Peregrine Systems was rather prescient although not much more than a 1 on a scale of 10 in terms of my other rather good timing where luck is simply not part of my vocabulary, the impossible is possible especially once the rest of the TOES get with the program that the light speed barrier can in fact be broken, and it is nothing short of a miracle that we exist today given the chaos in the world that has the smartest minds in the world pulling their hair out trying to figure out simple things like defining what were at one time very basic concepts like “cashflow.”