From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, January 28, 2004 12:26 PM
To: R G McLusky c/o
Cc: rest;
Vicky L. Schiff – Wetherly Capital; San Diego FBI
Subject: RE: SeaCrest Cafe


Rob, and please forgive me if I am coming across as being too familiar but I happen to believe your conduct towards me and my wife make you much more than family and its not because of your "failure" to bill me a penny for your services now into its 4th year, yet, not that u should go “overboard” like the folks to mention little of the time it takes to read my missives?


I am not always mindful that I type faster than most fast talkers can spit out their utter garbage, my thinking at this time of my mother’s model, Penny Coelen, who was crowned Miss World back in 1958 and assuming she is no longer married tu her sugar-daddy, Mickey Rey, “Kane & Able” [sic] now coming to mind, Dr. Norman Kane a South African orthopedic surgeon possibly looking forward to the increased business I might one bring his way, unless I don’t “clarify” that Mickey Rey is a sugarcane farmer, my point simply being that Penny may simply be bored at this time wanting to try something new and different like opening up a “one of a kind” health spa, Ccrest not such a bad idea, especially when one can have ready, willing and able clients such as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. just lounging around, preparing to become the next King of England?


And let me tell you that Mr. JRK is not only much better looking in person than any photo I have of him with so much fricken charm that I refuse to allow our “Special Forces” to grant this “one of a kind” SCAL attorney access to our beach house when my wife is there without me unless of course their fingers are securely wrapped around their hair-triggered weapons fully loaded on automatic fire, its people such as yourself with your incredible good looks and so much fricken hair with enough charm thrown in that has me at this time doing nothing short of going ballistic, and to top it off the two of you are fricken a head and shoulders taller than “poor midget me” which is not tu suggest that either Mr. JRK or I or is the word me, are in the middle of getting divorsed, which is not to suggest that Marie and Mrs. Krinsk Esq. have not entered into some type of conspiracy that would have them dividing up the world equally, leaving you in the “pound seats”, agree?


And you thought I would never figure you out, you little rascal, agree?


I am just preparing you for what it means to go “to war” with my mother, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman and with time running out, the time 11:55AM PST with me having 35 minutes to finish this email, bath and shave, return to the beach house to begin looking for my drivers license and still make it for lunch with Mr. JRK at Rainwaters, I simply won’t have the time to place hyperlinks on any of the letters contained in my mother’s “one of a kind” name.


Familiarity does much more than breed contempt for such poor conditioning, in my opinion, may very possibly end up in the "jean pool" [sic]?


And if you were to click on that previous hyperlink to the author of The Diamond Invention you would realize how important I consider my good name, willing to take on the likes of father's first cousin, David Gevisser, who "blew it" with me when at a formal dinner he got a little too full of himself referring to me as "naïve" which is probably the kindest thing these folks on this email listing below would be thinking of me at this time.


From: Norman Lazarus
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 9:57 AM
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Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 11:43 AM
To: Zionist Office Elana
Cc: Beare Eric; Edmunds Sue; Eric Sandelowsky; Joel Padowitz; Lazarus Norman; Lazarus Ronald; Lazarus Sidney; Mirman Leon; Office of Gavriel Kleinerman; Selwyn Gerber; Silverman Robert; Stange Max; Tamar Lazarus; Weiner Shlomo; Zekry Pinchas



While responding to you I am also responding yet again to one of Ms. Carol Hess' "best efforts" a legal term I have explored at sum length which of course is only worth mentioning in light of my ever expanding audience.


Suffice to say at this time I did not receive a response yet from Margaret Moore, her actions though in depositing such monies with you which I would simply like you to keep in "safe keeping", hi Vicky “Sticky” Schiff, speaking volumes although I would have preferred she had got better with the program and used my cell phone that probably still has most of the 50 pounds in prepaid calls credited to my account, that once the 6 month window of non-use "expires" has such credit "going down the tubes."


And as the old worn out saying of my step-father, Alan Zulman, goes,


"When I make a mistake I pay for it and when you make a mistake you not only pay for it now but there may not be a next time to make up 4 it" [sic].


My now casting my eyes towards a hard cover pink book titled, Penny Coelen and Yvonne Hulett on Beauty which I began paging through for the very first time just minutes ago going of course first from right to left, the last page, page 230, reading exactly as follows:


When we decided to finally sit down and write this book, our first thought was, well, what is life all about…? And we thought of that wonderful Jewish expression – La Chaime… to life. We thought about our own lives and how fortunate we have been and how in some way we could share what we have learnt along the sometime rocky road of life – a life, we believe, that you have to live to the fullest, but most important of all – to live it as a real woman.


By now we hope that you have thought about yourself as a real woman… the real woman you are… the woman you expose to the world, or the woman you keep secretly guarded… but the real woman is actually one:


  who keeps on her toes, and is a woman who lets the wind whip around  

   her face like the anger of a jealous lover,

  who lets her eyes be the mirror of her soul, if it is her intention,

  who keeps her voice low and lets her laughter tinkle like a mountain    

   stream over the cobbles,

  who lets her smile be one that melts the hardest heart,

  who when she walks, her legs are stretched forward and she moves 

   with the ease of a panther, and she is wickedly pleased when she is

   slavishy copied…


Be you… be you… love being a real woman!


I then jumped to the beginning of the book and read for the very first time the personal greetings to me from Penny and Yvonne both models of my mother Zena Gevisser, Penny writing


To Gary

  With lots of love



And Yvonne writing


To Gary

  With best wishes



What most got my attention was the “sy” greeting from Yvonne who I don’t remember as well as Penny which is not to say that my mother cared more or for that matter less for either of these two remarkable women who of course ate bacon and eggs for breakfast enjoying this high “colonestral” [sic] diet as much as both my father on the odd occasion he would indulge as a youngster and my mother on the many occasions I would assume she “at pig” [sic] when being raised in a very irreligious Jewish household in England, tu mention in passing my still not quite being able to get over the day just a few years ago my eldest brother, Neil Gevisser, ordered bacon with his usual 6 eggs a day on a stopover while touring the southwest countryside of England, causing my mother who got converted over tu Orthodox Judaism with the help of Fibrous my paternal grandfather’s chef with a whole lot input from Professor Doctor Rabbi Weiss who has now gone “missing”, beginning the process my eldest brother and I concocted sum time ago to have her eligible for a lobotomy without either one of us having to fork over a dime, at the time I don’t believe she was entitled free elective medical care, butt I could be wrong.


There are not that many things I miss about South Africa other than the incredible treatment I got from every one of my mother’s models from the very beginning for some reason they understood I needed “help”, although both my parents cared deeply for each of us 4 siblings never showing favoritism that would engender jealously, there never once being an occasion that I can recall where any one of us felt somewhat deprived both parents making it patently clear none of us would ever inherit “a dime” and now of course I want it all, since I believe I am best equipped at this time to “leverage” every item, particularly the sentimental possessions until Kingdom come, my reminded of this time once again of Robert Anderson a man very few people on this planet have heard of, whose trade for lack of a better term is “scrap metal” his artistry in twisting metal not quite as eloquent as his way with words, an ability to discuss the ways of the world while paying so very careful attention to a passing bird, just stopping by to say hello.


I have known Robert Andersen probably not as long as most of my mothers top models who perhaps took a shining to me because even when looking serious outwardly I was smiling from ear to ear from within only beginning talking at age 3 and only opening my big mouth when I had something important to say, mostly watching as both my incredible mother and father performed nothing short of miracles in “operating” within such an incredibly dysfunctional society such as Durban, South Africa where the name of the game was “deception” 24/7 as in 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Such an environment brought out the very best and worst of people and no one, no matter how pure their soul could escape “black hands” but it was my wanting to get my “arms around” such “dark matters” in December 2001 that caused my mother to have nothing short of the biggest fit imaginable, her forgetting in her outrage how carefully she had nurtured me from the youngest of age to be able to stand up on my own two feet and “trade punches” with the very best, for my mother was without a question of a doubt the smartest white person I know of to have stepped foot on the African continent, one always though has to be weary of Interlopers, the architect of Apartheid was not someone “born and bred” in South Africa, but rather Hendrik Vervoed was a Dutchmen, much like Hitler was anything but Aryan German, an Austrian to boot, all the fricken way to Timbuktu and back again, and again we repeat the mistakes forgetting how simple it would be paying attention to the cardinal rules, not what a fricken Pope or Rabbi or Mullah has to say but what the very 1st Commandment states so fricken clearly, “I am…”


Truth being the word we all throw about haphazardly without really thinking about what this word really means much like the word “love”, there being less than a handful of truths pointed out to me the last time I met with Robert Andersen after I decided to leave my mother in her “misery” her not knowing what I was about to do next but well aware I had “stumbled upon” some very sensitive issues that given my command of lets just call it “numbers” I was able to “rock along” digging deep making a whole lot of sense while others were losing their heads, my mother dashing into the toilet not because she felt a “vowl movement” [non-sic] coming on butt hoping as well, against all hope my step-father, Alan Zulman, himself a rather brilliant and also very hard working businessman extraordinaire, would be able to assist in knocking sense in to the space between my ears that had suddenly got filled up with neurons firing endlessly with no possible escape, a perfect vacuum which has remained lit to this very day, my needs very minimal just the way my perfect mother and father had conditioned me right from the start, the way it should be for everyone, each of us programmed pretty much right from the start, up to the sum of us to c tu it that no youngster’s sequencing is interfered with, tu run interference for anyone identified as “in need” and to avoid at all cost “needy people”, agree?


I would like for you at this time to simply continue doing the terrific job and to impress upon Margaret the following two words, “Take Care”.


One of these days I hope to get the email address of a Mr. Jonathan Beare another name only a relatively few people on this planet have even heard of and few I suspect really know him as well as I do, although they say the only person who knows who u really are is your spouse and G-D, and Jonathan Beare is gay, possibly G-D, although quite honestly I doubt it, never married anyone as far as I am aware, certainly the two of us have never done anything more than shake hands, but we have “crossed paths” the most memorable one prior to the last time when we met a year or so ago in Beverly Hills at one of his family’s constant celebrations, which is really a cover for Jonathan tu engage in international conspiracies, which u know full well by now in modern times have been perfected by my uncle David Gevisser and my mother Zena Gevisser on behalf of their non-Jewish clients, Jonathan when reading this may also be thinking of a lobotomy, my having caused his heart rate to go from say 63 beats per minute to that of a humming bird, sum 1400 beats per minute and then down to almost zero thinking that he may not in fact be the richest Jewish person on the planet, so incredibly hard to please everyone these days, agree?


“Eespecially” [sic] those with deficit needs, Jonathan though I happen to know could survive with little more than the smell of an oil rag, although the expression may be sumwhat different, and it is not simply his ability to peel avocadoes given a new tool I recently came across in a local supermarket, his ability to make good conversation would always have me inviting him on to my TV Talk Show where I would be willing to pay him a nominal stipend, which reminds me of the joke I totally screwed up at Mr. JRK’s wedding a few years back.


A good marriage is a safe harbor from the storms of life and

A bad marriage is a life full of storms for which there is no safe harbor


All beginning to fall apart as I was approaching the punch line,


I know in life there are always storms, ups and downs highs and lows but I feel confident that in this marriage there is a safe haven, heaven…” [sic].


when realizing that I had never been married and that for all I knew both Jeffrey and his wife Marcy whose code name is Campbell Soup, may have both been into their 3rd marriage, and so who should I blame for this incredible embarrassment I brought on myself, yes of course, why not my mother, which is why perhaps when visiting the United States my mother only calls me or so it seems when her jet is no longer flying in U.S. airspace her fear that I would use my influence on Mr. JRK to “strong arm” the Navy SEALs handing her a lawsuit so that we will have U.S. jurisdiction, agree?


You may know better than me as this time that the Navy SEALs as part of their daily exercise routine protect the Krinsk’s palatial residence in Point Loma, San Diego, address 567… while 4 fun dropping off a whale or too tu feed their “hangeroners” who by the time JRK and I r done with them, despite most if not everyone I have met over there being worth I would guess no less than $10 million, the average I would say probably around $50 million, feel only pity for either “poor Jeffrey” or “poor Gary” depending upon which one of us is “at bat.”


Finally, I come back to that “bat” email my incredible mother sent me on April 30th, 2002 some 27 days after attorney William H. Jackson had first faxed me and then sent me overnight delivery a Settlement “Services” Agreement that resulted me in sending this Stanford Law School nincompoop this knuckleball which he has yet to respond to for the simple reason that knuckleballs cannot be responded to, sumthing anyone even someone as unfamiliar as me with the incredibly boring game of baseball knows all too well, agree?


Now I bring up this matter involving this top attorney at the law firm of Percher Nichols and Meek Without Teeth [sic] 4 a number of reasons the most important being the fact that in sending my mother “a brief”, brief letter that is, you should bear in mind that the possibility exists of their being a “conflict of interest” i.e. spreading their wealth amongst every fricken English law firm, should she and my step-father not agree to the following which is simply put,


“Once we have exhausted our entire net worth in preventing our son Gary Steven Gevisser from gaining access to the public whether it be through the print or electronic media as we shuttle back and forth between our residences all over the world, if upon our death, this time around, there is anything remaining, whether it be those ever depreciating diamonds now embedded in my bosom or artwork we have collected over the years or even the ink drawing of me in my prime, which we do not leave to our dog, all and I-We mean everything else will become the property of my youngest son and his incredible wife Marie Dion, so help us G-D


DnA” [sic] just have them both sign and date it and,


Natur-ally [non-sic] I don’t need to remind you that such markings should be witnessed, no doubt the senior partners of Pircher Nichols & Meek not quite certain in terms of a number of things including what message would it send if they were to fire William H. Jackson Esq. or even reassign someone else on to this rather important case that in my email response to Ms. Carol Hess’ “non-response-response” I will be giving the FBI [Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION]  more of a “green light” to direct my missives further up the line perhaps even the Director of the FBI at this time as the world’s population begins tu “slim down” leaving it to your wildest imagination to figure out exactly what I mean, the RIFs [Reduction In Force] we are about to begin experiencing worldwide nothing short, at least in my opinion, of another incredible “Act of G-d”, my mother also impressing upon me from the youngest of age, “If you are not part of the solution than you are part of the problem”.


By the way Jonathan Beare who I hope will visit Minehead shortly was the first to call to my face that Alan Zulman “is mad” which then caused me to forget about my bathwater that I had left running on one of the top floors if not the penthouse suite of one of Hong Kong’s most exclusive hotels, a matter I have covered ad-nausea in other communiqués, Jonathan making a suggestion or too to the city council as to how to keep real estate developers such as himself from interfering with our incredible views while attracting more visitors to stay at places like Ccrest and eat regularly at our full-on vegetarian café once of course we get folks in charge who can maintain a natural smiley face such as Marie even when I have left this planet, again this time around, assuming once again Marie never gets hold of this email.


Finally, the week or so that I am going to be taking off is to prepare for more of my “dog and pony” show all geared toward my book Manager Minute One being one hell of a bloc-buster success, my command of “numbers” perhaps best illustrated in this perspective drawing by one incredible master-painter-artist Sebastian Capella but in the real world it will be seen in terms of my understanding a thing or too of real world issues such as how the 4 most important industries, Insurance, real estate, stock market and the clothing industries combine leaving most folks feeling left out in the cold, i.e. Emperor without clothes.


And to Mr. Tim White an attorney representing Citicorp who refuses tu give me his email address leaving me with little choice but to place this email on’s The Buck Stops Here I say,


Sorry about the delay. I assume that although you are only 24 years of age you could in fact be a genius attorney having completed law school by age 14 and with 10 years of experience tucked under your belt you are probably still better off in dealing with me than say an old fart like Melvyn “Pimp” Weiss Esq of the 2,000 pound SCAL law firm, Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach.”


The total amount of the monies I owe on my Citicorp MasterCard combined with all of my personal debt including sum $340,000 odd owed on my one property in Santa Monica doesn’t constitute at this time probably more than 1% of my net worth assuming I don’t have to liquidate assets in a “fire sale”.


And with that said, I have absolutely no intention, whatsoever, of paying off at this time any of the miniscule amount I currently owe Citicorp even if u were to offer me a 50% discount although your first offer of 35% seemed incredibly generous, at least to the “casual observer” you of course not forgetting too things, one being that a “Citicorp” representative interrupted me one evening while I was impressing upon my wife’s two kids nothing short of the value of having a “good value system” offering me “an offer I couldn’t refuse” my figuring that the $178 per month charge against my MasterCard although exorbitant given my intimate knowledge of the “risk markets” was something I just had to accept unless of course it was some incredible joke played on me by Mr. JRK to get me to become “unemployed” your client’s “unemployment insurance” a way for Mr. JRK to get me from Doing Business With The Enemy,


And tu my incredible surprise the $178 charge began appearing on my credit card statement leaving me with little choice but to become “unemployed” and go ahead find me one fricken person on this planet ready to hire me at my hourly rate of $300,000 per hour, moreover, how may honest businessmen and businesswomen are out there who would gladly pay me such amount given my stellar track record of performance, i.e. who are absolutely certain I wont uncover some “dirty laundry” which could have me turning on them unless they agree to do the right thing and own up, and make the necessary “best efforts” towards those who have been wronged, this going around in circles, pointing fingers, saying one thing one minute and then something very different the next, just biding time, like suggesting it really wasn’t Citicorp but a third party who had sold me the insurance blah blah only serves to put u, your law firm and most of Citicorp that much closer to my cross-hairs.


Second, I am continuing to work on preparing an epic SCAL against Citicorp Ventures Corp and one of its holding companies whose chairman of the Board, Mr. Newell Starks just happens to owe me personally a whole lot more than the total monies you folks say I owe at this time which I do not question, even though I haven’t examined one of your statements in several years, most folks who have done business with me over the years knowing full well not tu “short change” The Rattlesnake, who telegraphs his-her punches, my multi-tasking capabilities making me in many ways so well equipped tu address pretty much any issue a “rocket scientist” like Jonathan Beare were to throw my way, my wanting this “one of a kind” entrepreneur to think very carefully about how right he was when he said that I needed an organization beneath me in order to be truly effective which is why I now want Jonathan Beare to go to work for me, Jonathan to the best of knowledge to this day never having received something along the lines of a “salary” although he may possibly have received an IRS form such as a W2 so as tu be “in compliance” with the “rules of the game” that keep the likes of yoyos such as yourself thinking stuff along the lines,


Well, what goes up must come down and what comes down must go up.


A W2 form as you know can also be written like this, WII, and of course I expect Jonathan Beare to contribute heavily to the success of Manager Minute One as well as the 100 odd websites currently under construction including www. NexTraTerresTrial .com  and then there is my offer tu Citicorp that in exchange for them using my concept and name they will in addition to forgiving my debt which amounts to very little considering the taxable income that will