From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 12:04 AM
To: Ghurst (
Cc: crest; Devin Standard; FBI; Letters Washinton Post; Kathy Murry; King Del Mar; Vschulte-NAB; Matthew Margo Esq. – 60 Minutes;; Seth Lubove-Forbes; Rod Smith-; Jerry Spiers
Subject: Next Symposium {:}...tap...Director of the FBI...FOE...Bubba...Please use axel grease...{:}


Mr. Hurst,


What to do with someone who only wants to talk about what he-she wants to talk about?


Soon after sending this “mother’s milk” communiqué to Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown of I took the rest of the afternoon off relaxing listening to the waves thundering off the oshon and before returning to our beach house at around 9 PM PST I ran into one of our youngster neighbors coming out of the surf, Jared possibly the person giving my partner-wife Marie Dion the “heads up” the other week about a late night party.


Jared is in college training to become an elementary school teacher and so I took the time out of my hectic schedule to impress upon him the reasons for my optimism about the future, those naturally who have been steered from the youngest of ages not to allow their formal education




An over-controlling parent-guardian to interfere with their learning my making mention of Pfizer the pharmaceutical giant just last week agreeing to pay some $400+ in criminal penalties, which to many on this planet is proof of G-d’s existence, wouldn’t you agree Devin Standard?


So u can all appreciate the smile on Jared’s face once he got done talking to this old fart who assured him it is just a matter of moments in the history of time before the business models of the vast majority of publicly traded companies implode and with it will come rejoicing in the streets all over the world, agree?


U no doubt are capable of understanding that with the population growth drawing to a close those few well run public companies should have no fear for they will be at a competitive advantage relative to the capital that has been so smartly socked away, again one does need to have a somewhat fine-tuned mind to gauge what is happening on the peripheral, peripheral vision not essential, but harmless, hold harmless provisions in Settlement Agreements at times puzzling, wouldn’t you agree Ms. Vicky Sticky Schiff, what about u “Saul Tomson” [sic], just checking to make sure everyone is awake, nothing quite like being at a wake and no one shows up, to repeat,


The first most self indulgent act is thinking that the number of people at your funeral will be other than determined by the weather, the second most self indulgent act other than Autoerotic Sex, just checking that u r paying attention, is believing you can make a difference.


Now u along with our expanding audience who recognize that those with out of control deficit needs such as Mrs. Jeffrey R. Krinsk and her 172 odd pairs of alligator shoes seeing their communist run State in a shambles hoping that her husband has followed my suggestion and socked sufficient resources in foreign lands not to suggest that Mr. Debonair Krinsk was altogether fixated on becoming the next King of England will continue to have tremendous difficulty getting out of bed each and every day as our great President, George W. Bush with my help begins to get the truth out, better late than never, nothing like the bearer of good news to replace all the gobbledygook put out by our overwhelming communist inspired media, just ask Democratic Party Big Time fund raiser Mr. Debonair JRK where he invests his ill-gotten gains these days which is not to suggest that he would turn his nose up at being king of a highly profitable prostitution ring, agree?


In other words how much worse can it be then being one of Melvyn Weiss Esq.’s and Bill Lerach Esq’s prostitutes?


And the answer is quite simply, a whole lot worse if all u yoyos don’t get with the program in short order, now go ahead drink your soy milk then give me 5 pushups followed by 2 sit-ups remembering to always breath in to the count of 5 all through the nose and out to the count of 5 all through the nose and when traversing into the Pilates bicycle maneuver remember to always stretch your toes, which assumes after biting thru your toenails you stopped at the metatarsal bones.


Yes that “bones” communiqué from Mr. Debonair Krinsk was quite something considering his gross negligence in prosecuting the SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit] against the management of “Peeriless” [sic] Systems Corporation.


These lefties and their right wing blood brothers in quite the “war dance” the working and middle class chasing their tails, the righties the first to bloody their hands are the first to get eaten alive while the more educated lefties nibble away at their caviar pontificating on things like doing away with conventional wisdom, black hands can lay white eggs, to repeat;


It’s not class warfare that I am encouraging by questioning the fairness of the tax codes throughout the world that allows the rich to get richer, the poor when eventually dirt poor to be sent in “harms way”, its class welfare I am questioning and I am a member of the favored class.


Butt what, some might ask does this have to do with u, a simple, high priced, hourly alligator just trying to make ends meets by all means possible, does “The end justifies the means” ring a bell, my just adding a couple of dozen names to my email list after my beach pal Jerry owner of dot broadcasted a message to join in on the gas boycott called for tomorrow, interesting don’t u think it will be to see the reaction of his pals when finding themselves in a middle of “nightmare”, those of course who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning, so caught up in “quick fix, quick sex” routines that keep the rich getting rich and yes some of these mountain-lion bicyclists may continue to think they will be spared when the dirt poor are wakening with each tick of the clock that they have been had by one generation after the next so fixated on making ends meet, the idea of us Americans not paying our fare share of the pollution we create on the rest of the world finally coming home to roost, to repeat time and again my Endless Universe which the Editor of the Del Mar Times here in Del Mar, California allowed to be published just a couple of weeks ago:


Such a high price today we pay at the pump for mortgaging our children’s future never to forget the Yellow Peril and the counter revolution that caused the youth to “chop off the heads” of the educated even those elders who didn’t allow their formal education to interfere with their learning, agree?


When Marie Dion [Gevisser] called me yesterday at precisely 4:59 PM PST after being accosted once again by your client while watching our JoNathan at the baseball practice led by the “I have nothing to say to you” coach, cheered on by your client, the assistant coach, who provided the sperm that fathered our JoNathan and his sister Danielle, my first thoughts as Marie began relaying the “back and forth” between herself and your client also known as The Sperm Donor as well as Dr. HIM the pseudo names I use for Dr. John Ben Stewart a practicing pathological pathologist at Sharp Memorial Hospital located just off the 163 highway in San Diego, California, was that she was simply humoring me as I had “pulled her leg” earlier in the day as we drove back from Irvine, California after picking up my poor poor Mini Cooper S.


The possibility exists that whoever is tapped into our communications over the Verizon cellular network, hi lead plaintiff Mrs. Jeffrey R. Krinsk, may be keeping quiet about “moving things up the line” fearful that if their superiors get wind of how much fun they are getting out of listening in, a reduction in pay pale in comparison to being reassigned in order to make way for say a “favorite” of the Director of the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION.


This is not to suggest that members of the FBI couldn’t tap into the government’s Employee Liability Insurance [ELI] coverages, ELI considered by experts in the business of “risk assessment” as fast a growing segment of the domestically based insurance carriers as Foreign Owned Entities [FOE], it not taking a rocket scientist to figure out that Reductions In Force [RIF] which trigger ELI lawsuits will gather momentum as the FOE business begins to decline, agree?


In other words, Mr. Smarty-Pants Money Talks Attorney, when the collapse of the American economy begins in earnest the move beginning with real estate agents things simply not smooth enough to transition into selling insurance, does the name Warren “BO” Buffet and Prudential Real Estate ring a bell?


Such a meltdown assuming our great President George W. Bush does not suspend trading of the stock markets will carry with it such a momentous force propelled in no small measure by the Digital Age such that even the “dirt poor” will begin to think differently about being fodder for those who benefit the most from war, the book The Diamond Invention ring a bell?


Then again who will be able to afford all the new construction to mention just in passing utility bills, to mention little of the Hot Water Wars, hi Seth Lubove, something I have been talking about for the past couple of years ever since Mr. Rod Smith a colleague of mine provided former Governor of California Mr. Gray Ho Chi Min Davis on




Around December 28th 2001 with quite the White Paper, just a few days after I returned from England having bought Ccrest my one of a kind final resting spot in Minehead, Somerset in the west countryside of England, TA24SUN.


Remember now it was my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser, the quasi-heir of the American multi-billionaire Charles Engelhard who may have played a role in securing for his benefactor a number of big time scores, which is not to suggest that uncle David used the jute bags sold by the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies headquartered in Durban, South Africa to distribute Durban Poison to places like Amsterdam, Holland as opposed to New York where Charles Engelhard’s partner in crime, South African, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer had painstakingly avoided the long arm of the law of United States Justice Department officials while setting up right under their noses David Gevisser’s other relatives in the form of Codiam Inc., located on 47th Street just east of Avenue of the Americas whose “control person” was none other than cousin Stephen Cohen, hi Stephen.


Yes, Mr. Money Talks the smart money has not been exactly sitting on the sidelines waiting for the “market value” of publicly traded companies to fall below their intrinsic value as the bulls stampede for the exit, the tollgate keepers such as Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach [MWBHL] losing their grip on things in a myriad of ways none more so apparent then their equivocation in taking on Citigroup, hi Bill, in an epic of epic battles my having essentially developed the entire SCAL which scares the hell out of those who have made it their business to make momworker63 types life more of a hell, agree?


Few folks so shell shocked having lost their life savings in the stock markets r capable of figuring out the breadth and depth of the depravity of those such as SCALitigators who are much the same as the crooked executives who stole the momworker63s, widows, widowers, and pensioners hard earned monies in the first place, what goes around comes around with a vengeance, once one understands the force of gravity, agree?


Now tell me since u r so concerned with “looks” who looks more Jewish, me




Rabbi Schneerson?


U, Mr. Money Talks attorney obviously have quite some sway with certain members of the FBI given how quick they as well as Detective Jeffrey Steele of the San Diego Police Department responded to your “woolf cries” [sic] just a few days after your client on September 11th 2002 went about “covering his tracks” his filing of a materially false and grossly misleading complaint against me on the 1st anniversary of 911 not lost on me and at least his one former wife, agree?


Marie Dion though, in choosing yesterday not to simply give The Sperm Donorthe finger” much like she did with Ms. Kathryn Murry had Dr. HIM reveal more of his pathological mind, who can forget Ms. Murry trying to make up after her “dirtyfaux paux nothing quite so stinky as currying favor with a practicing, pathological pathologist, vengeance sweet to the heart of an Indian, and of course I continue to strongly recommend to law enforcement that we can save taxpayers a good chunk of change, avoiding the use of body bags by simply making your presence known.


It didn’t take long for me to get out of my “drunken stupor” not to suggest that we had more than a glass of wine each at lunch celebrating after recovering my poor poor poor Mini Cooper S from the service department of Bavarian Motor Works [BMW] in Irvine, California, United States of America, to realize that once again your testosterone clad, pathological pathologist client had pulled out all stops to harass my partner-wife once again, so revealing your client’s words,


I don’t want to receive emails from you. I don’t read them because you cannot write... they are hyperlinked to your bull dog’s website” [sic].


I understand that Marie Dion calmly responded,


Don’t tell me about not reading my emails. Tell that bitch Dawn never write to me again telling me how good a guy you are.... You are lying about not reading my emails. I have told the children and they know u r lying” [sic].


Then, again according to Marie Dion, your client upon hearing the word “Dawn” started to walk away slurring something about, “Dawn has nothing to do with this!


Mr. Hurst, the possibility exists of course that this interaction with your client was all a figment of Marie Dion’s imagination, remember when I am around your client won’t even dare to look her way, then again who can forget her display in court back on October 24th 2002 when none of the 2 female supporters of your client, Ms. “Dawn Castlemean” [sic] and Ms. Kathryn Murry along with his male bonding leftist pal King Golden Jr. Esq. failed to show up and then we have, thank G-D, the Digital Age that will serve as testament to all your insidious behavior, from now until eternity, my willing to bet my bottom dollar that u r still not prepared to engage me in debate about the existence of G-d, correct, u little sh1t?


My communications with you are going to get a whole lot shorter as I realize that time is not only short for all of us but those pathological such as Dr. HIM will unless the authorities rein him in resort to further violence, remember now, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to read Time Magazine which in a recent issue provided some decent insight into the development of a child’s brain,



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


Should there be a next time when Marie Dion appears to be alone and should Dr. John Ben Stewart the coward that he is approach her thinking that she like the children is defenseless you may be well advised to warn your client that besides for an Almighty Smart G-D that watches each and every one of our moves he may very possibly find himself on “Candid Camera”, agree?


It is up to each one of us to support the other to ensure the safety of one’s neighbor, each and every person on my email list will have in my opinion some degree of culpability should Dr. John Ben Stewart, his on-off girlfriend “Dawn Castlemean” [sic], Ms. Kathryn Murry and Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq act out any more than they have already, agree?


Were it not for your client being Lilly White I doubt he would be practicing anything other than telling Bubba in bubonics, “Please use axel grease when boning me up the ass”, surely you agree?


Perhaps it might help your client get into reality check, remember we own,, by providing him with a transcript of what took place in Judge Hendrix’s courtroom back on October 24th 2002, his one former wife knocking him as well as you for loop after loop resulting in Dr. HIM making the most pitiful of excuses including how the illegal Temporary Restraining Order he obtained against me simply “expired” no doubt Marie Dion could have been more articulate in this recent communiqué by adding her brother Jean Dion into the first sentence,


“First you used my children, then your mother, who is next after Dawn?”


Again, both Detective Steele of the San Diego Police Department as well as the FBI who were contacted soon after Dr. HIM hired you as his “gun slinger” to intimidate me must surely understand the extent to which someone as pathological as Dr. John Ben Stewart to repeat time and again, a practicing pathologist at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego gets emboldened each time he gets away with harassing my partner-wife, agree?


At some point this will all have to end, the method to my “madness” in taking on the corner café operator to the biggest rascals on world street becoming more evident with each passing moment, again why not call my extraordinary mother, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman in Wiveliscombe England, 011-44-984-24088 and ask Mater whether she thinks she did a decent job in schooling me in the ways of the world from the youngest of age, okay dokey?


Repeating again, this E-mail to u of April 30th said in part,


“It may be missed on some not as familiar with the games your client Dr. HIM has played since only G-D knows when, not that he would dare take on a male his own size.”


And be4 I forget the clock about to strike midnight, there was in fact one hyperlink in one of sum 20+ odd emails sent by my partner-wife Marie Dion to your client, the biological father of her “too” [sic] children.


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake



Ps – And of course while DR. HIM protests that Marie Dion is incapable of writing her own missives below are 3 from Dr. HIM to Marie Dion, who we believe at this time is this practicing pathological pathologist’s second ex-wife.


  1. Error
  2. Teeth
  3. Please email me and tell me what this was about.



Not to forget the deafening silence from Dr. HIM-The Sperm Donor to Marie’s response to his “teeth” email




The equally deafening silence from Mrs. Francis the principal of the Del Mar Hills Elementary School after Marie Dion received email number 3 above, my partner-wife’s response,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding the art-fund raising project. I understand you called my ex-husband? Feel free to contact me via this email address.

suggestive at least to me that a good number of folks just like Dr. HIM-The Sperm Donor r going in to my websites to get their news on what is really happening in this “God eat God” [sic] world, agree?


The evidence, thanks to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, emerging for all to c the systemic rot amongst our politicians bought and paid for by “special interest” groups, agree?


How numb can we as a people be when a pharmaceutical giant pays a $400+ million fine rather than face prison time dished out by a “jury of their peers” that would have these rapacious business people and their prostitute doctors spending more time with the likes of Bubba, agree?


The lack of “equal protection under the law” is resonating more and more with the youth who are waking up to the fact that as a result of mostly the Democratic Communist Party leadership here in the United States made up of the most vile “blackened” hands when they come of age to begin competing against the Chinese whose culture is a little older than us Americans the restraint and poise shown by their counterparts in South Africa during the 1976 Soweto Riots may also fall on deaf ears, that instead of “necklacing” their own who conspired with the Nationalist Nazi Party that ruled South Africa with an iron fist for some 40+ years, our Black and mostly Hispanic youth will not have the rich heritage of the mostly Black South Africans who had a leader while blinded by many things during his 27 years in prison, such rich heritage afforded Mr. Nelson Mandela sufficient insight to deplore violence much as I do today.