From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, February 24, 2004 6:25 PM PT
Cc: rest;; Kathy Gevisser-Danziger;
Subject: Next Symposium (:) Searching...---... 4 the betterment of mankind...---...good news (:)



Summary: Sumtime tomorrow I will provide u with a more organized ¡°complaint¡± 4 u tu consider very seriously filing against Citicorp 4 in a nutshell, ¡°stock manipulation¡± of epic proportions and remember unlike legal complaints geared toward a selective ¡°bought and paid 4¡± audience, mine will appeal tu the masses (ad-infinitum), those fed up with organized religion, no different to organized political parties, no different to organized charities, no different to organized crime syndicates, who r just better organized, agree?



Jeff ¨C As u know I was up rather early this morning allowing me the ¡°luxury¡± of taking the kids to school, our resident-alien-English-French speaking Canadian, Bryan Taylor, whose name I sumtimes confuse with his Canadian French-English speaking very good friend Steve, ¡°home alone¡±, fast asleep, after a rather grueling day yesterday ¡°mending fences¡± that separates the beach cottage from the new west coast world headquarters of Manager Minute One,


Now waiting 4 our one insurance specialist buddy tu show up on the deck of The Plaza in downtown Del Mar, the time 4:33PM PST my having just purchased a $5 TEC DISC frizbee sold tu me by too young girls no more than 8 years of age helping out the ¡°Chocolate¡± store in this very upscale community.


Just be4 leaving the house Bryan picked up sum dog poo, seemingly 4 the first time, my telling him as he described the moosh and heat,


¡°Just think of it as warm chocolate that u r screen printing all over the breasts and stomach of the most beautiful woman imaginable!¡±


Bryan¡¯s response simply unprintable while mumbling sumthing about my imagery being enuf tu put him off chocolate 4 life.


Now if anyone were tu suggest that I ¡°mind my own business¡± in this ¡°God eat God¡± [sic] world I would very much appreciate it if they would do me the courtesy of giving u a call and be4 responding with the same type of ¡°knuckleball¡± u gave that person supposedly from Homeland Security, not tu suggest it was Rabbi Shneerson reincarnated hell bent on getting another ¡°hand out¡±, please be ever so gracious, mindful of using words such as ¡°fcuk¡±, perhaps ¡°fricken¡± on the rare occasion when u want tu lose your audience, ¡°akin tu¡± [like] a ¡°dimmer switch¡±, agree?


Few if any of the rapacious respond positively tu ¡°kindness¡±, their view of this ¡°me, me and me¡± world all about them taking strength from sum of our graciousness treating such ¡°overtones¡± as nothing more




Less than weakness, agree?


The message I left 4 u ¡°at the crack of Dawn¡±, those 4 words enuf tu give The Sperm Donor the worst case of ¡°bone cancer¡± ever witnessed by his colleagues at the pathology department of Sharp Memorial Hospital, on your voicemail 1-619-238-1333 extension 24 just be4 dropping off the kids perhaps not as ¡°clear cut¡± as I would have liked given my concern about what the too kids might read into me calling,


¡°4 the plug tu be pulled this very instant on those most responsible 4 spreading the worse type of cancers, fast balls thrown at




Near head not necessarily nearly as damaging as the bs these kids hear day




Night, yada, yada, yard¡± [sic], agree?


Our politicians ¡°born dnA bred¡± [sic] in each of our backyards, political skills, ¡°lying, cheating and stealing¡± talking ever so fast so as not tu get caught, thinking that they can stay ahead of the curve, the first skill developed by those raised in dysfunctional households leaving it up tu the schools tu handle the ¡°unruly kid¡± who later through no fault of his-her own becomes a ¡°dik¡± [sic], thinking that they can ¡°outrun the tide¡± and of course 4 good measure why not strap on another penis




Too just 4 good measure?


The tide of ¡ø [change] fast approaching, those, however, with a so-called ¡°higher education¡±, in public watching their Ps and Qs while back ¡°at the ranch¡± chocking down on beer and wine, cheese ever so often just in case a photographer shows up, conjugating in the most vulgar language how they go about treating women in particular in the work place, such imbeciles continuing tu think they can manipulate the system better than the more in tune ¡°Kaffirs¡± and ¡°Niggers¡± who line up our jails, agree?


Not just here in the United States of America where every kid at the start of school says the Pledge of Allegiance bit while their counterparts raised on the wrong side of the tracks, those not necessarily in dumpsters but awfully close ultimately end up dead ¡°tu be used in a ¡°practical¡± 4 medical experiments¡± [sic], not tu confuse ¡°excrement¡± with ¡°instrument¡±, hi Deborah S.




Seeing no way out breeding more co-dependants that in time before finding their way into jail will line the pocket of the religious establishments, the Roman Catholic Church perfecting such practices almost without ¡°recourse¡±, the next Pope, assuming the masses don¡¯t pick up on this ¡°mens only¡± club¡¯s pitiful tardiness in cleaning up from years of utter bullshit, how about my brother-in-law Jean ¡°Rock Solid¡± Dion?


Even my homosexual cousin, Mark Gevisser, David ¡°I had my head so fricken far up the anus of Charles Engelhard I couldn¡¯t c exactly what my lilly-white-wheaty-eating crooked uncle Sol ¡®Little King¡¯ Gevisser was up 2¡± Gevisser¡¯s so famous son, may convert to Roman Catholicism, the sooner the better?


Jeff, I thought I would focus this missive by sharing with u the reaction of my one programmer Adam Tucker to the infinity sign within the ¡°perfect circle¡±:


The circle with the infinity sign inside is almost redundant to me. A circle signifies never ending and perfection, and the infinity sign is infinite. So I guess I would say infinite perfection.


Marie¡¯s reaction tu reading this rather insightful comment tu this ¡°contradiction, everybody has the answer from the beginning¡± not quite as heartwarming as that of JoNathan¡¯s who I had thought was sound asleep in our bed after I had told him that because I was still sumwhat ¡°under the weather¡± he could have the ¡°luxury¡± of sleeping with his ¡°one of a kind¡± quite brilliant, yet awfully humble and very caring mom.


JoNathan who has been in ¡°our care¡± since he was 18 months never ceases tu amaze us as well as everyone it seems he comes into contact with, our one friend Dr. John Pollard who is very careful with his choice of words has now on 3 occasions mentioned how JoNathan has ¡°the look¡± the advertisers r looking 4 and as u know as part of the condition 4 Judge Hendrix dropping the guillotine on Jonathan¡¯s Sperm Donor¡¯s head back on October 24th 2002 I am prevented from placing his




His equally photogenic sister¡¯s picture on my website which means exactly what when one sees both his name and photo in a local newspaper, the odds of someone reading this local publication and wanting a ¡°peace of him¡± [sic] more likely from within the community than say someone out in your former ¡°backyard¡± of Boston, Massachusetts, agree?


The reaction tu my email last night was nothing short of awesome, those more in the know focusing on the communiqu¨¦ to me from a former employee of Mark Weinstein Esq., not perhaps as ¡°earth moving¡± as those 4 numbers 1142, 4 sum reason this alone seems tu have captivated the attention of not just great mathematicians within my inner circle but folks who can barely get through the 8 X tables, and why the first diagram showed a question mark within the circle as opposed to an infinity sign is anyone¡¯s guess, my not ¡°fiddling¡± with anything, never, ever, paying any attention to the timing of when I send out an email although I am watching the clock ever more carefully these days then in the past.


What I failed to mention in that 7700 odd missive was the fact that Colonel Kroesch when upon retiring from the United States Air Force became a parole officer in the city of Oakland, California where the Beacon Self-Storage facility is located, the one referred to by a former Governor of California as ¡°That ugly building!¡±, Jerry Brown, who is now the mayor of Oakland perhaps not quite realizing at the time how his comments tu Mr. Mark Weinstein Esq. r just a matter of hours away from taking ¡°center stage.¡±


Quite a statement 4 a former United States prosecutor, a big-time Jewish Federation supporter, big-macha-wig in west coast real-estate ¡°engineering¡± and I believe today Mr. Mark Weinstein Esq. is a fully paid up member of the very Jewish Brentwood Country Club just a ¡°hop-jump-and-a-scotch¡± [sic]  from where O.J. Simpson slit the throats of too human beings?


U perhaps unaware that while helping ¡°run the show¡± at Alan Austin Company, mostly ¡°biding my time¡± observing the likes of our tenants like Baker Winkor ¡°spin their thread¡± getting ever so ¡°filthy rich¡± promoting the likes of Hollywood Stars as tho they were ¡°Gods¡±, there were several occasions when I broke bread with O.J. Simpson, Mr. Simpson and Alan Austin quite the great friends, Alan seemingly sticking by O.J. at least soon after he was arrested, my recalling seeing on TV Alan walking out of the prison after visiting with this ¡°one of a kind¡± champ who no doubt showed the likes of Alan Austin what he was all about not just on the golf course the day O.J. committed this ¡°one of a kind¡± foul act but surely u would have thought someone as ¡°on the ball¡± as me




Perhaps Alan Austin¡¯s longtime girlfriend, Jacklyn Smith




my very good friend Debra C who also worked 4 Alan Austin would have ¡°picked up¡± on how closely related those raised in ¡°anger¡± r a ¡°danger¡± tu society, (just one letter away.)


Debra and Jacklyn at one time not just good buddies but those ¡°in the know¡± credit the too of them with Jay Bernstein the producer of Charlies Angels coming up with the concept.


Back on October 19th 1987 while out on the town with too rather good looking South African girls, I ran into Jay at this one ¡°watering hole¡± just a ¡°hop-jump-and-a-scotch¡± [sic] from Cedars Sinai Medical facility and by the time we arrived Jay who carried along with his customary walking stick a gun in his hip pocket looked anything butt hip.


And of course there was no way I could stop him from wanting tu impress these rather too worldly women, Bridgette, whose aunt was a model of my mother¡¯s, in fact Madeleine Usher was a runner up in the 1962 Miss South Africa, Madeleine many would argue more beautiful than my mother¡¯s other model Penny Coelen who won the Miss World sum 4 years earlier, like most of those passing through the Zena Gevisser Model-Charm School, Madeleine ¡°married well¡±, standing, as I have said previously, very ¡°straight and tall¡± beginning first by taking on our world renowned Rabbi, Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss, who remains ¡°in seclusion.¡±


After pumping up Jay Bernstein who I had in fact met a couple of times previously once at a party of celebrities when my friend Debra C. was married to a big time Hollywood agent, watching very carefully that Jay did nothing more than stroke his pistol embedded with ivory, I had him sign this serviette that contained on the one side the poem I wrote that evening dedicating it tu the too women as well as my girlfriend Anne who had let me ¡°out on the loose¡± that evening as she did most Thursday evenings in the 10 odd years we were very much together, although I am aware that October 19th 1987 was in fact a Monday.


 The loneliness of the long distance runner


Man serves his master

in pursuit of mass harmony

his rewards correlate his non-threatening stature


Man serves himself

in pursuit of integrity

competency breeds integrity


The loneliness of the long distance runner



The oarsman who picks up the pace


GG ¨C October 19th 1987


Sumwhere in our new daytime digs is that serviette, my having last met up with Bridgette back on February 25-26th 2002 at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles just hours be4 leaving on a ¡°one of a kind¡± trip tu Machu Picchu, Peru, where as I have mentioned previously, Pypeetoe ¡°stole the show¡± getting the attention of non-other than Tori Spelling whose dad has that awfully big monstrosity of a home due north of 1431 Stanford Street that I assume u r in the process of refinancing,




R u waiting 4 me tu call Tori Spelling and tell her about this mini-series I have in mind that will blow the socks off a whole bigger audience than the idiots who watched Beverly Hills 90210?


And of course it is not exactly much of a coincidence that the zip code of Alan Austin Company in Beverly Hills is 90210, the Alan Austin Company a ¡°drop off spot¡± 4 the ¡°rich and famous¡± 4 many years no longer around, when the time came 4 Alan whose real name is Alan Rapaport, Austin his ¡°stage name¡± most people including my mother considered my ¡°pal¡± Alan Austin who actually took pretty good care of me, trusting me with his ¡°crown jewels¡±, the best looking man in all of Hollywood, Alan tho, was one to always ¡°speak his mind¡± and despite his brilliance as a businessman, he, like my mother, was not quite able tu replicate his success, leaving it tu likes of Debra C. who I helped finance in the initial stage of her business tu do nothing short of ¡°clean up.¡±


As u know the first one in to a market is not necessarily the one tu always make it big, the likes of Alan Austin and Zena Gevisser clearly too rather good exceptions, u possibly still wondering why someone like Aristotle Onassis would have a woman living in South Africa ¡°chaperone¡± a not very talented kid pursuing him like there was ¡°no tomorrow¡± seeing tu it that this kid coming from a very poor village in Greece got into a good art school, as if this ¡°one of a not-so-kind¡± shipping maverick couldn¡¯t find just one fricken individual within his worldwide organization geared toward running roughshod on any would-be competitor daring to take issue with Mr. Onassis ¡°on the open seas¡± where Maritime Law even today still runs supreme, unless of course Mr. Onassis knew just like every other top executive in the world ever to spend no more than a picosecond




Too with one of the very smartest marketing-advertising individuals this world has ever known.


¡°No such thing as bad press¡± as my mother would say, although I contend my mother should have completed that sentence by stating words tu the effect, ¡°Good press, also okay!¡±


By the time I am finished and done with Mark Weinstein Esq. who perhaps thought he could count on my friendship of sum 20 odd years tu ¡°turn a blind eye¡± I suspect all those liberals coming out of fukukta universities like the University of Berkeley will hold their head in shame including members of the Washington Bunch, my email tu Ms. Laurie ¡°Absolution¡± Black back on April 12th 2003 most if not all of them copied on that ¡°one of a kind¡± communiqu¨¦ calling on the likes of Ms. Black tu do the ¡°right thing¡±,


I [just] called but the [Beacon Self-Storage] answering machine picked up. They are probably closed right now but in the event I get distracted maybe you could call ¡°Eugeneo¡± [sic] at 510-444-7867 first thing Monday morning and let him know that if his boss, Mark Weinstein, a former prosecutor, attempts to coerce or cajole him into staying quiet about the deplorable acts of intimidation, you for one, would be willing to not only help him find another job but use all your influence to see to it that Mr. Mark Weinstein receives the most severe reprimand possible under State and Federal laws.


In a nutshell, Mr. Weinstein threatened to ¡°trump up¡± charges if the man I hired and who performed nothing short of miracles didn¡¯t go along with his game plan. As I have mentioned previously Mark Weinstein is not related to Dan Weinstein of Wetherly Capital, the entity, the instrument of the rapacious liberal elitists behind the hi-jacking of the Californian gubernatorial elections¡­


And yes Jeff, what tu make then of the deafening silence from San Diego City Counsilwoman, Ms. Toni ¡°Me so bloody proud tu be gay¡± Aitkin, following my ¡°interesting the likes of a District Attorney¡± series of communiqu¨¦s after she attempted soliciting from me more monies just like she and the rest of the vultures, pawns of the ruling elite did when I last broke bread at the Bob Lawrence and Laurie Black household where the liberal elite in the form of your former bosses daughter Ms. Lisa Foster, now a San Diego Superior Court Judge ¡°held fought¡± [sic] with their ¡°small talk¡± the last communiqu¨¦, November 21st of last year, just one day be4 u celebrated your 21st? falling like ¡°dead lead¡±?


So what the frick is it going tu take, do u think, 4 Ms. Foster¡¯s big-time politician husband, Alan Bersin, perhaps the biggest big shot in the San Diego School system tu open up an investigation into what exactly had the folks from WAMU so well poised tu do nothing short of throw more poison into the well of our so impressionable kids, hi Ms. Dobransky?


What a bloody disgrace this ¡°State of Affairs¡± amongst the so-called liberal establishment, no ¡°backbone¡± while making out like they are the conscience of ¡°The People¡± and so I say tu them et al,










My reasons 4 being up so early today is that I still have quite a headache, the food at Jim Croce¡¯s on 5th Avenue not exactly music tu my stomach, aches and pains everywhere, even dreamt about sum folks jumping over our wall and wanting to ¡°bone me up the ass¡±,


And remember I represent that 60% of my generation of the Gevisser clan who r not homosexual, not everyone so in tune as me in terms of the inner workings of the universe




So it seems?


Joska Panda is a name that perhaps not all Jewish people are familiar with in describing Jesus Christ but one used pretty often by my father who never once has expressed anything derogatory against anyone else¡¯s religion, people of color seen as simply pretty tu my terrific father who is like the rest of the community I grew up pretty much brain dead at this time.


Naturally u could have a pretty decent conversation with him as u could with my mother, the same could be said about every person on this planet, one on one everyone is a good guy, the same with u, Howard and never to forget your doctor friend Dr. Paul Tierstein so easily distracted by red feathered friends, my not about tu repeat the mistake of others who came be4, my keeping my friends close and my enemies at ¡°arms length.¡±


I c no reason not tu make this communiqu¨¦ public, I am tired of overpriced chewing gum tu mention little of the blood that continues to be spilled as a result of mostly oversized egos coming from the Liberal establishment.


Time to get with the program, mate?


Math may not be your favorite subject, nor is it mine, my command, however, of numbers should in fact be suffice tu wake up ¡°the dead¡± including my brain dead family who r copied on this rather brief missive.


Begin may I suggest by examining my communiqu¨¦ tu my father from the ¡°bottom up¡± and when u reach the time I sent out this ¡°one of a kind¡± communiqu¨¦ u will notice  7:42, again my never watching the clock so as to sumhow make it ¡°more meaningful¡±, many coincidences along the way including the time when Joe Grundfest sent me his bullshit ¡°Could I stop u¡± [sic]?


The clock is ticking, time very much running out, 1142 r digits that will one day become more meaningful to those who survive the Next Holocaust.


I am not predicting doom, that is already written all over the moon, what I am certain about is the mood of the youth much like what the Black school kids in South Africa felt back in 1976 when their leadership did all butt sell them out, the likes of Mandela beaten to a pulp.


Drink your orange juice, take your vitamins most of all ¡°do the right thing¡± and everything else will pretty much fall into place.


I will not bother with lunch this Wednesday but if u would like tu join my insurance buddy and I for dinner later this evening where we will not be discussing much business then u should at least think of stopping by and bring the wifey along 4 it is my sense Campbell Soup could benefit from interacting with real people who ¡°sweat bullets¡± each and every day of the week as the kids who r all our futures suck more and more of the ¡°hind tit¡±.


JoNathan is very much ¡°it¡± in my book his parting words just be4 giving me the biggest hug and kiss was informing me,


¡°We were told just the other day over the loudspeaker system just as we were saying our Pledge of Allegiance that anyone who ¡®tackles¡¯ another kid while playing ¡®tag football¡¯ will be ¡®banned¡¯ 4 a month¡­¡±,


My response after counting tu 10 was,


¡°Back when I was at the Sharona Nursery school, less than a 100 meters away where all the kids from the Carmel College day school all the way thru to ¡®Metric¡¯ played on one field together, there being no concern about the elder kids playing it anything butt ¡®straight¡¯ butt then again while growing up in Durban, South Africa if there wasn¡¯t a ¡®Black Problem¡¯ we were told there would be a ¡®Jewish problem¡¯, just thank G-D, I along with your great mom taught u the ¡®Ins N Outs¡¯ of full-on rugby tackling when u were just a toddler¡­¡± [sic].


Our boy exited the car just as the song ¡°Catch me as I fall¡± played on the Mini Cooper S¡¯s CD player which just the other day started up on its own, the folks at Brecht Motors having quoted me several hundred dollars to repair the unit, ¡°more likely it will have tu be replaced with a new $600 odd system¡±, hi Mr. Tom Brecht, hi Vianka Remon.


Love is in the air, butt 4 how long?


There is a guy in the insurance world whose last name is Long, the possibility existing that Mr. Long might also be interested in doing ¡°the right thing¡± once he becomes fully up tu speed on how corrupt the 4 legs of the 3 legged stool r at this time, few other than a handful of us, u included, fully aware of the deep rot, that has the likes of u, u the most honorable SCAL I know, caught ¡°between the rock and a hard plate¡± knowing PERFECTLY WELL that once the word gets out of the systemic rot that has first the insurance companies propping up the stock market, their under-reserving catching up like never be4, just moments be4 their remaining collateral, i.e. real estate takes nothing short of the biggest ¡°dump¡±, agree?


I know where it is all going but I cannot predict exactly when it will happen, only the Almighty G-D is capable of that, each of us his messenger, sum of us more in tune than others.




Ps ¨C Sumtime tomorrow I will provide u with a more organized ¡°complaint¡± 4 u tu consider very seriously filing against Citicorp 4 in a nutshell, ¡°stock manipulation¡± of epic proportions and remember unlike legal complaints geared toward a selective ¡°bought and paid 4¡± audience, mine will appeal tu the masses (ad-infinitum), those fed up with organized religion, no different to organized political parties, no different to organized charities, no different to organized crime syndicates, who r just better organized, agree?


Truth emerges when one has a singled minded fixation on problem solving, proof when the masses start screaming from the rooftops, most people understanding evidence when they c it, the better the evidence the better the proof, nothing quite like The Fiddler on the roof, a ¡°work of art¡± gifted to my step-father and mother by my eldest brother Neil that now hangs on the front outside wall of their Wivesliscombe enclave.


And yes it is just a question of hours be4 the masses wake up in terms of how ¡°developers¡± don¡¯t come anywhere close tu paying 4 the cost of developing real estate anywhere in the world, time soon enough tu reflect on both my Next Symposiums as well as the first, the likes of Plato having got a number of things right, none tho said it as eloquently as Pythagoras, Number is the essence of all things, good






My hating 4 u tu feel the need tu prove me wrong that 1431 Stanford Street is ¡°underwater¡±, how about getting ¡°the sheeps in wolves clothing¡± tu begin a debate with me giving them the opening hand by them providing the arguments that G-D does NOT exist and by the time I have dispensed with these intellectual midgets I will, with of course G-D¡¯s help, G-D within each one of us, knock them from here tu Timbuktu and back again and again and again and again while providing fully tested economic solutions in saving this incredible planet from a very fiery end, agree?


Check the tide charts ever so carefully as u help guide others tu do the ¡°right thing¡±, like me, their very next move, could be their last, my living each and every second at this time as thou it were my last.


My head is spinning, doubtful I will be get out tomorrow at the ¡°crack of Dawn¡± on my waveski, just a rather simple uncomplicated wave-trader is me, what about u?


The man just arrived.


I will check back with u on your decision tu move forward on this ¡°one of a kind¡± lawsuit, the ¡°mother of all lawsuits.¡±


And of course I welcome all checks in the mail benefiting this social cause 4 the betterment of mankind.


Ps I - A most beautiful lady, very well put together, just showed up, clearly attracted tu my very good friend, explaining how he should take the sunset without a flash, handing both of us, just tu be polite, her interesting business card with the words in gold print, Massada Crown, her card also reading, ¡°Public Relations/Writer/Consultant¡±, her first name, Vangel, coming from the Greek Evangeligos, ¡°good news.¡±




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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Monday, February 23, 2004 7:42 PM
Dad c/o Kathy and David Danziger
Rob McLusky Esq.; Joe Grundfest ¨C Stanford University; Deborah Sturman Esq.
Subject: Next Symposium


Dad, the purpose of this missive is manifold, patterns of behavior¡­