From: Gary S. Gevisser
Monday, February 23, 2004 7:42 PM
To: Dad c/o
Kathy and David Danziger
Rob McLusky Esq.; Joe GrundfestStanford University; Deborah Sturman Esq.
Subject: Next Symposium

 Searching 4 weapons of mass destruction [WMD] & weapons of mass unity not tu be confused with Washington Mutual [WAMU].



Dad, the purpose of this missive is manifold, patterns of behavior beginning with the Almighty G-D so very important, so lets just begin with getting your thoughts on this design below and if uncle Dr. Leizer Molk is with u in Australia, then of course his insight always proves invaluable.



There was a program last night on CNN depicting what scientists think Joshka Panda, i.e. Jesus Christ, looked like much along the lines I recently expressed in another of my missives that seem tu be catching on like “wild fire” a number of folks tho, crying “foul”, a hired hand from one of Citicorp’s local attorneys, Paten Aude and Felix, calling me sum 3 hours ago at 4:16PM PST letting me know that Citicorp would settle a debt I have with their Credit Card Division by “chopping off immediately 20%” my reply,


“Lauren don’t tell me that Thomas Stephens Esq.




Lester Houtz Esq. put u up tu this,




Possibly Newell Starks, chairman of the Sterling Holding Company, one of Citicorp’s fronting companies that immediately upon u folks servicing me with a lawsuit seeking monies from me which I do in all likelihood owe, bearing in mind the $178 per month “unemployment insurance” u had me take out one evening as I was teaching our kids about a value system, that would then allow me tu throw into evidence the shenanigans played by Citicorp which in the end will result in the suspension of trading of all the stock markets, the likes of Tom and Lester hoping against all hope that somehow I will be distracted by all this




Could it be that Tom and Lester are so fricken shrewd




Possibly they have in fact a “conscience” and this is their way of handing Citicorp “tu me on a plate, hi Tom” [sic]?


Dad, like others on the receiving end of my knuckleballs these days who r so caught up in this “dog eat dog” world of “playing 4 scraps”, this lacky seemed tu have the chicken splinters also caught in his throat, the likes of Lauren who first said he would put me through tu an attorney in the firm but then refused by putting the phone down on me sounding just moments be4 I was done with him that he had coughed up his colon, so Dad, how is your health, the masses u  realized being forced more and more to “brownnose”, tu mention little of the amount of cash moving around in “brown paper bags” increasing exponentially as the “black market”, those in tune come more and more tu grips with the fact that “Black hands cannot lay white eggs”, more folks if fortunate enuf tu have a livable wage-paying-job “brown bagging” it these days?


And of course Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. is not in the least bit concerned about u predeceasing me, this one-of-a-kind incredible SCAL, my longer feeling the need tu always spell out his profession, Jeffrey very possibly thinking of taking a bike ride up north to San Francisco, catching a slow boat tu China before disappearing in to the Everglades, he well aware that your heart given the pounding it took on the back of my Ducati just a few weeks after your multiple heart by-passes makes u nothing short of the “miracle man” my just thinking at this time of the President of Homefed, Mr. Paul Borden who when not liking the direction my Status Report was taking back in December 1998 chose “to take me on a journey” first to Moscow where Homefed’s parent company Leucadia National Corporation [LUK] had this “one of a kind” joint venture with the “Russian Mafia” that had my pal Joe Steinberg the president of LUK ending up with cases of the most foul tasting Pepsi-cola “lucky tu escape” with $25 million “tu boot




Perhaps Mr. Borden mentioned these monies were returned tu Leucadia in a boot, Borden and his French-Canadian co-executive then told me “4 good measure” how they had dealt with another “non-compliant” in one of their real estate projects in Florida who “didn’t tow the line” never tu forget how I in fact got the “heads up” from my good friend and mentor Amos Wright who when Borden called up this former U.S. Marine and Navy Officer wanting a reference on me despite my having been recommended for the “management review” job by his fricken boss, Joe Steinberg, Mr. Wright’s response to the question, “Does Mr. Gevisser get on with everyone?” apparently falling on my “deaf ears”, Amos Wright’s tho patented, “Your ‘Yes Men’ will kill u!” further proof in my mind of their being “design” tu everything, agree?


And now bear in mind that on the day I completed my not-so-happy Status Report, December 31st 1998, the stock price of Homefed Corporation was tu the best of my knowledge well under $1 per share, I seem tu recall trades at the time as low as 20 cents a share, and u may already know that on December 12th 2003, sum 5 years later, at 12:57PM ET to be precise, there was at least one share of Homefed traded at sum $27 exactly, not a penny more, not a penny less, quite sumthing even with a 10 for 1 “reverse split” when considering this particular company is nothing more, nor is it anything less than a fricken “construction services” company run by a genius no doubt who speaks like Eichman did, more Hebrew than my Orthodox Jewish mother, pay back time, agree?


Which brings me tu another purpose of this missive, pressing forward on a number of different fronts including having u provide my one attorney in England Mr. Rob McLusky Esq a written account of your understanding of my ownership interest in the Blue Waters flat/condominium in Seapoint, Cape town that has a “one of a kind” view of Robin Island where South Africa’s first legitimate President, Nelson Mandela spent a considerable amount of time during his 27 year illegitimate incarceration, the reaction to my recent communiqués regarding our neighbor Patty Pratt stirring a number of thoughts?


Perhaps the thing u r most interested in unless of course u like a whole lot of other single as well as married people seem to be in Patty herself assuming of course there really is something going on between her husband Steve and Oprah Winfrey more than a handful of folks responding to that “Different email” suggesting that Steve was nothing more than another of “Oprah’s puppets”, is the rather articulate email sent by Marie tu her siblings and mother in terms of “caring” 4 her father with minimal input from me other than the “or” section?


Sum too hours




So after we sent the “Beware of still water” email her father, Johnny Dion passed away with only his incredible youngest son Jean Dion lying alongside this “sole survivor” of a bomber crash during WWII, Jean only a half hour




So be4 arriving at their home in Vancouver, Jean who lives in Montreal Quebec, telling his “one of a kind” dad, just moments be4 Johnny Dion took his last breath, “Its okay u can now let go.”


A sad day on Friday, sadder wouldn’t u agree if Marie had not expressed herself so eloquently?


Dad, u too should make certain that in the event u don’t get run over by cement truck




Get smacked on the back of the head by an errant ax u don’t find yourself possibly at the hands of a “co-dependant




Too, nothing quite like being allowed tu get up “quick” soon after birth and knowing when it is time “tu let go”, having around u someone u know 4 absolute certain loves u 4 who u r, “warts and all”, u tho, having a daughter like Kathy-Louise-Gevisser-Danzinger not letting any “flake-fake” play God, at your final hours of need exposing their religious fervor, agree?


I am a little “mad” at the fact that I am sumwhat restricted in expressing myself as clearly as I would like at this time, few tho will have difficulty in understanding, however, how incredibly happy sum of us r that Johnny Dion did not suffer and I would welcome the opportunity tu debate anyone on this fricken planet that our words of “care” didn’t transmit telepathically, there always sum truth in just about everything us English have to say including the expression, “G-D helps those who help themselves”, agree?


The spirit of Johnny Dion now lives within those who really loved him who when they said words like, “Give Dad a hug and tell him I love him” they were heartfelt.


Marie as u know is a thoughtful and very private person and to have ended up with me at this point in her life is rather quite remarkable, wouldn’t u not only just agree but find it quite incredulous that her former husband told her at the time of their separation sum 11 odd years ago,


U will c how difficult it is tu get by in this world on a smile”,


Marie mentioning this tu me 4 the first time while enjoying lunch at Jakes around the time Johnny Dion said, “Thanks”.


And of course I would not support an invasion of Canada unless our great President George W. Bush made a good enough argument that it was all 4 the Canadian kids getting the same sort of pitiful schooling that we see here in the public school system where many of the kids have the attention span of a gnat, which is not as derogatory as it may sound given the fact that I could have told JoNathan last evening that his failure tu focus on an article I had found on the Internet about myths of early man reminded me so much of his Sperm Donor who while continuing to hold down a job at Sharp Memorial Hospital here in San Diego has forgotten his ABCs, as in Always Be Cool, especially when “under fire”, his going out and buying condolence cards quite pitiful considering his desperation in trying tu knock the lights out of me and Johnny Dion’s “favorite” stating in a declaration signed “under penalty of perjury” that he, the Sperm Donor, had the support of the Dion clan in his attempts tu “murder” both Marie’s and my good names.


The Sperm Donor’s “smile” declaration had as u would suspect zero impact on Marie at the time since she felt it simply didn’t apply to her, her skillsets in many well-paying fields, not simply a function of her good looks and a body to die 4, butt her mathematical-logical mind along with always telling the truth, tu mention little of a business degree worth a whole lot more than my fukukta business degree from the University of Natal South Africa that mostly catered tu fricken crybabies like Merrick Wolman, hi Merrick, provides her today with the wherewithal to respond “in kind” to anything pretty much anyone were to throw her way which is not tu suggest she




I have mastered the technique of living on 4ever, which of course each and every one of us do, time and time again.


Prying into someone else’s life has never been part of my “make-upbutt given the “fallout” that is taking place around the planet my having sensed the need, no strike that, my being told more and more that my missives breed at a minimum “curiosity”, letting the likes of Patty and Steve Pratt know that I can


C thru it all, most people wouldn’t say how u put it; they would be more soft, more conservative, and it’s kind-a-like u r giving her a horror story… She is definitely thinking about a lot of things. SHE IS GOING TU GET YOUR POINT AND THAT IS PRETTY MUCH ALL THERE IS TO IT.”


And my point is that no one in their “wright mind” [sic] in this “God eat God” [sic] world is going tu invite a stranger into your house, yet they allow the likes of “Osprey Winfrey” [sic] into their living rooms time after time, us knowing exactly what about these talk show guests and their credentials, one person who was paying it seems more attention tu Oprah, commenting tu me that he thought on the one hand Steve was saying that oat meal was good and then when pointing later in the direction of a container of oatmeal saying words to the effect that it was “bad”?


Careful how we point when there r a number of fingers pointing back, tu mention little about the “deals within deals” the “deals behind closed doors” especially when it comes to selling books, my now putting out the word that I am very much looking forward to a cash advance of sum 8 million United States dollars which is what I understand Hilary RodHAM “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton received 4 her “All Tell” gibberish, leveraging her husband’s sexual misconduct, okay?


How little it means these days “lying under oath”, I assume u still recall quite vividly joining me and my attorney James C. Ashworth at the criminal courthouse in downtown San Diego on April 1st  of last year, the last time I heard directly from Mr. Ashworth who later I was told had been “hospitalized”, Marie and I on the way over to Chez Loma on Coronado Island this weekend going past Jim Ashworth’s grandparent’s house at the moment his aunt Liz stepped into the pouring rain my deciding not to stop 4 a number of reasons including the fact that such a conversation may have gone on longer than a couple of minutes and both Marie and I were rather ravaged.[1]


Right this moment I am suffering a little from perhaps a dose of food poisoning us deciding since Chez Loma was closed to eat in downtown San Diego across from the Medici restaurant where I met Mr. Dan Weinstein, an alternate on the all omnipotent California Coastal Commission for the first time in the summer of 2001, my now opening my hand out a little further making the likes of Professor Joe Grundfest and Deborah Sturman Esq. who are the only individuals on my email list besides 4 Mr. McLusky Esq. not blind copied at this time aware of a “one of a kind” business opportunity.


Mr. JRK Esq. is very possibly to busy managing his “inventory” at this time while being quite prescient in his timing in declaring last week that my property in Santa Monica was “under water” leaving me with a number of choices in “prosecuting” several cases I have “under my pelt” [sic], no doubt u like the photo of “Bonnie” killing the Rattlesnake protecting the “crown jewels” that lay on the floor of my Mini Cooper S, those documents containing a name




Too that should be sumwhat familiar, in addition tu the name Vicky Schiff, the name Gamecraft one of the Wetherly Capital Group’s handful of clients I worked on that had u on one occasion “clicking your heels” as Ms. Schiff had me provide Gamecrafts founder with a “real-tycheck”, the cover letter accompanying the Settlement Agreement from the WCG’s attorney 4 sum reason not making any reference tu my “stellar performance” on this “one of a kind” gambling client, the likes of Dan Weinstein best equipped in arranging conference calls with Indian Gambling chiefs hell bent on fixing” elections, quite surprising wouldn’t u agree that a nice Jewish boy like Jeff Rabin of the Los Angeles X so “hot on the trail” of Dan Weinstein, Mr. Rabin’s expose beginning,


An investigation by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office has raised "serious questions" about whether one of James K. Hahn's political fund-raisers improperly directed Native American tribes to launch hit mailers against election opponent Antonio Villaraigosa…


Be4 fizzling out?


Which brings me full circle to the offer that I don’t think either Professor Grundfest of Stanford University, a former chairman of the SEC [Securities Exchange Commission]




Our good friend Deborah Sturman Esq. who is a little more experienced than when I had her “carry the Revlon football” tu Melvyn “Mweissman” Weiss, can refuse, at least in “good conscience”, by “picking up the slack” and filing a “one of a kindShareholder Class Action Lawsuit not against the WCG, that is something we can address in “Jew Course” [sic] but against Citicorp, my having now responded to Professor Grundfest’s “gauntlet” when he stated back on April 23rd 2002, 7:42AM PST


 Could I stop you?


in response tu my emailing him earlier in the day,


Mr. Grundfest,


I have "smoking gun" proof that a group of business people in conjunction

with the highest-ranking members of the Democratic Party have hi-jacked the

political system.


May I share it with you?



Not tu forget that back in the spring of 1999 quite sum time be4 the Enron “Smartest Guys in the room” fiasco, Mr. Bill Lerach Esq. of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach brought to the world’s attention the deep rot within the corporate world, sumthing not exactly unfamiliar territory tu our family, not tu forget that Johnny Dion not only read the nonsense of Peter Elkind and his good looking co-author but this man “on death-life’s door” understood the essence of it all, so go ahead dad, read this “one of a kind” book and tell me where u think Fortune Magazine journalist Mr. Elkind, slipped up “big time”, hi Peter.


I [Bill Lerach] addressed the “Business Weak” [sic] CFO [Chief Financial Officer] Conference in Phoenix. I spoke to 100 CFOs of top U.S. companies – major American corporations. After I had challenged the quality of current corporate financial reports, the moderator used an interactive question-and-answer system to ask the CFOs to respond anonymously to the question: "Has your CEO ever asked you to falsify the financial results?" Astonishingly, 67% said yes – and 12% admitted they had done it. I later heard the SEC had sought – and obtained – the attendance list for this Conference.


And of course one of the first questions u would know tu ask is exactly what the SEC did with the “attendance list” given the caliber of advice provided all members of the board of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies back in 1970 when Natie The Maze King Kirsch strode into Durban, South Africa and “stripped” a company built on the reputation of great people like your father Israel “Issy” Gevisser right be4 the very eyes of such incredibly sophisticated international business people?


Although I don’t seem tu recall if Dr. Jonathan Beare was around at the time, sum would argue though when he bought his family business after beating the Dutch in their own backyard there must have been sumwhat of a “sweetheart” deal along the lines Natie Kirsch




Was Jonathan Beare just another “lucky” guy, then again one would need tu know that Jonathan Beare didn’t exactly have the greatest relationship with his father who if he were in “full command of his senses” would likely have charged Jonathan Beare an “arm and a leg” although old man Beare may have simply derived great satisfaction in seeing his one son “grovel”, hard tu tell in these “one of a kind” deals exactly what was “under consideration” bearing in mind there is a whole lot of difference between businesspeople trading “private businesses” versus those that abuse the “public trust”.


Assuming both Deborah Sturman and Professor Grundfest are 4 whatever reason “reluctent” [sic] tu take on Citicorp I could in fact simply go to law school




Simply get a law degree over The Internet, become an e-lawyer, approach David Gevisser’s attorneys on Bush Street in San Francisco once again, fall on the sword, apologize for not taking them up on a “once in a lifetime” opportunity tu become nothing short of a “rainmaker” and have them file this “slam dunk” lawsuit that the likes of Mr. JRK Esq. know PERFECTLY WELL will bring tu an end the “gravy train” as the  stock markets as we know them today implode, eventually, however, freeing up capital for young entrepreneurs, those who have not had their sequencing much interfered with who in a nutshell r not “spoiled brats.


But then again even filling out a “mail in” law degree would take away from getting my book Manager Minute One into every fricken literate household in the world, my quite certain that my mother’s and Alan’s money will eventually run out in their quest tu keep me “under wraps.”


My goal at this time is tu find just one good man




Woman, who has been admitted to the bar in a jurisdiction where we can file the class action lawsuit to end all shareholder class action lawsuits since there won’t be any companies tu sue once our great President does the smart thing and suspends trading of public companies, my simply wanting to be kept advised of their “due diligence” and to be paid of course nothing more than my hourly rate of $300,000 per hour subject of course to court approval.


The option clearly not very realistic of following in the footsteps of Deborah Sturman not all that long after mom and Alan Zulman met her in a synagogue in Cologne Germany encouraging her to go to law school so as to gain more credibility when proposing that the German Government and their industrial machine should pay 4 the “work product” of mostly Jewish slave laborers during the Holocaust, Deborah’s expertise in playing the French Horn even if able play such a difficult “excrement using her anus” [sic], not sumthing I really want tu ponder much about at this time, my assuming, however, that Melvyn Weiss Esq. got himself more than an “ounce of flesh” be4 “tossing Deborah out on the street”, the need wouldn’t u agree 4 all of world Jewry calling for a full scale audit into what became of that $4 billion odd settlement, while people’s memories are still “fresh”?


There is sumthing about “fresh kills” that has testosterone clad folk thinking their day of reckoning will never arrive, much like Dispelling the Myth about Early Humansalthough not living the short and brutish life that we once thought, did not live in a completely sustainable way either”, our “poor conditioning” going back it would seem tu the year dot, every so often, however, there appear to be those who break out of the “mold”, my hope is that Marie’s too kids, G-d being well, will with each us giving an Almighty Hand, be the exceptions that prove the rule, the rule of elitists fast drawing tu a close, my just getting a call from a Cindy interested in renting the one bedroom unit on Stanford Street telling me that she cuts the hair of Leon Janks, “a good guy… his wife very involved in the Jewish Federation, blah blah.”


In addition to stopping Cindy short in espousing the virtues of someone simply because she may know Leon better than me, u may recall Leon once tried to get the audit account of the Alan Austin Company, and no doubt sum would make the argument that if in fact I had any issue with Leon it is the fact that he has a whole lot more hair than I do, him marrying though one “rich chick” one of my sister’s best friends in no measure interfering with my ability to convey to Cindy who is probably a very good hairdresser, perhaps tho not as quick on take as say Peter Guber, Barbara Streisand former hairdresser, now a big time Hollywood executive, my reluctance to say to many good things about anyone unless,


 “I have slept with them a lifetime, examined their sheets both be4 and after sex, and only after they provided me with each of their financial statements since reaching puberty would I be willing tu ‘sign on the line’ telling someone who I don’t know other than the fact that his wife refers to him as The Rattlesnake perhaps sumthing that will impress, ‘a good guy… his wife very involved in the Jewish Federation, blah blah …”


My not, however, getting into disclosing tu Cindy who has a 6 pound dog of the importance that “conscience” plays in my life, making her abundantly aware that I could care less if her mother who would be co-signing on the lease were tu say join up with Michael Steinhardt and run off in a quest tu be buried alongside this “one of a kind” Jewish crook on Mt. Olives in Jerusalem she, Cindy, would not escape my “venom” unless of course say someone like Mark Weinstein were tu come along and decide tu chop off each and every limb of all of my tenants including their precious animals in an effort tu get me “off his track” u of course remember Mark although u were clearly more taken by his girlfriend Joy Chen, hi Joy.


Yes Dad, quite sumthing for a nice Jewish boy, former prosecutor, like Mr. Mark Weinstein Esq., a big-time supporter of the Jewish Federation in Los Angeles, tu have gone sumwhat “overboard” with Mr. Eugene Ortiz, would u agree?


And of course Mark is known to the likes of Leon Janks as well as quite a number of other Jewish people on my email list that numbers now sum 1500 names and growing exponentially as word gets out how I don’t believe in taking prisoners, allowing them an escape hatch, so that they can come back “time and again” and do their evil acts, the more they get away they more brazen they become, instead choosing to take the likes of Mark Weinstein, Dan Weinstein and each and every fricken person on my “Watch List”, hi Ms. Kathryn Murry, hi Mr. King Golden, hi Mr. Roger W. Robinson et al on an educational light journey, all part of what is needed tu empower the kids tu parent the parents who need the most help, agree?


My now leaving u with the following tu ponder:


I happen to know from where I come, and of course I cannot be more godly than the person next tu me, 4 one thing, how could someone truly godly use such “foul” language in expressing him-herself, the creation of a human being begins with a cell that starts dividing and dividing endlessly, much like the infinity sign, at the same time u r eliminated, starting from inside, this little cell affects the rest of the world, each cell is important, every individual should be aware of his-her surrounding, difficult tho when everyone is into “me, me and me”, few in the higher echelons have managed tu get there by not having “scratched the backs” of so many, clawed their way tu the top, not all that concerned about how they affect the rest of the world?


So much is lost in this “God eat God” [sic] world where human beings see a lot of things wrong but don’t quite know how tu get this energy of those people wanting to do the right thing into a positive mode, the world being so chaotic, hard tu c what is good and bad, there being greed everywhere, even in charities, cannot even count on charity anymore, the hidden cost of administration the tip of the iceberg, next tu government the biggest of businesses, the focus simply being on getting on top “at any cost”, so hard tu stay on top of it all 4 very long unless of course u r like me pretty well balanced, knowing exactly who to trust?


The world is very sick, the excesses of money that bring about corruption creating all sorts of “inflationary bidding wars” and no where is it more apparent than here in Del Mar, California where the cost of housing is way out of the reach of the average hard working household, the comment by a housing commission board member who Marie and I ran into on the beach this past Friday on our way over to Jakes restaurant quoted in a local newspaper, Hershell Price displaying his surprise that so few people showed up at a planning commission meeting “residants so trusting of their board” [sic], telling Marie and I that he didn’t quite get my one website,,


“Other than your philosophy what r u selling? I trained my real estate people never to say anything even if it is the truth if it is not to believable” [sic].


Quite a statement wouldn’t agree about reading into the mind of your audience as if suggesting they are incapable of doing their own “due diligence




Could it be that so many of us having made it so big, don’t really want much investigation, u know of course that the California Coastal Commission got it start here in Del Mar just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from where King Golden Jnr Esq. and his wife, a “bigwig” at Head Start in Washington DC got “their start”, the Goldens just a “chip shot” from The Sperm Donor, nothing quite like


On Saturday once again Marie and I got a close up view of life not that far away from the insulation of Del Mar, downtown San Diego a different world, circled around the new baseball ballpark paid for on the backs of exactly who, these “prime time” developers now wanting tu attract money where the people with low income used to live now expensive housing, so where are these “low income” people going, into dumpsters




Could it be that they are now starting “tu circle the wagons”?


I am “taking names and kicking butt” and my message remains ever so clear, u r either with me




Against me, take your pick!


There is no government conspiracy, again the folks at the very top have no clue 4 the most part in terms of how tu share power let alone sit around a board room table and decide which one should sit in the chairman seat, so hard tu forget the first time the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies sat down in the chairman’s seat after Mr. Natie “Maze King” Kirsch had just cut an “inside deal of epic proportionswith Sol “Little King” Moshal as the advisors to the board “looked the other way”, my not only wanting tu know what outside auditors and such prominent local advisors had to say, some the same advisors to Jonathan Beare’s father when Jonathan did his one of a kind “Prefcor” deal that later “imploded”?


No surprise to people like u and me what becomes of those who sleep with dogs and bitches unless of course they are like Pypeetoe who has no hair to speak of and who is an excellent source of heat on those cold nights when the heating system doesn’t work and Marie forgets to open the flute of the fireplace in our one of a kind bedroom, right now Pypeetoe is lying out cold enjoying the warmth of his new daytime digs, last night’s rainfall quite dramatic having him curl up, this time as opposed to being in-between Marie’s legs he was high, up on her pillow ever so often stretching his clean paws my way letting me know that he hadn’t forgotten about me, altogether.


We have lost in many ways our search 4 solutions beginning with losing the basic elementary math skills which trains our brains to solve problems, if one doesn’t come up with the solution in a matter of no more than 1,2, or 3 very basic steps let alone having maybe tu think beyond tu say steps 4 and 5, G-D forbid a 6 or 7 step move, remembering 8 things all butt impossible, yet we know about 9 lives, their being no perseverance in searching for the solutions, Marie deciding not to take advanced math statistics in college since she knew she wasn’t going tu use that ever in the remainder of her life, a big mistake you would say given my very limited formal math, her realizing tho that such “basic training” is 4 training your brain to problem solve.


Kids today in so-called western democracies have very little attention span, everything so easy, “just go to and type in blah blah”, the kids today nothing short of being ROBBED









Dik [sic]


Our JoNathan coming up with the word “Diaper” tu replace the “kid”, Marie then adding the word “bum” 4 good measure, so tying in with my Bottoms Up Schooling [BUS] after further “drain storming” [sic] we came up with







Diaper bums


Us also liking










And then I heard and I could have sworn it was a French Canadian Accent, possible Jean Dion simply sending Marie a telepathic message, “A dik as hard as rock” be4 I showed Bryan our English Canadian on a “fast track” to becoming a “permanent resident” of the United States that his designed 4 MOBBED depicting a crumbling wall fitted in with what u c on the first few pages of, Bryan who is not that rock solid in math but very street smart starting tu think more and more about the question “How many coincidences does it take be4 it is no longer a coincidence?


There is simply far to much controlling taking place within our schooling system, the concern being tu contain the unruly kids while the well behaved kids will eventually lash out if deprived of everything because they have nothing tu lose, and then we all lose.


At JoNathan’s elementary school they have slowly but surely been taking all the fun out of schooling as if the way they teach math and science isn’t boring enough especially 4 gifted kids who pretty much get it way ahead of their teachers many of whom like Professors at University simply cannot make it in the real world, taking out their passive aggressiveness on those least able tu defend themselves, first they banned the playing of “cops and robbers” which simply caused the smart kids to change the name to “butterflies and rhinose” [sic] all because one kid happened to trip, not even hurting himself and now they have stopped the older kids in the elementary school from playing with the younger kids.


Rather make a rule and not be involved with the parents, addressing instead that certain unruly kids need special education that the school is not willing tu provide, wanting to avoid putting out any more energy, “not our problem, it’s the parents’ problem child”, then it becomes society’s problem, postponing treating the disease rather than prevent the illness in the first place, so it is passed on from parents to society and by that time it is harder to spot the dysfunctional kid, how this problem child evolved and became a “worse person”?


Making a rule such as separating the “old” from the “young”, it is just a matter of time be4 the kids who play by the rules feel “tricked”, they r punished, so they don’t play by the rules because it doesn’t pay?


This is what we r teaching our children, basically cheat which is what is happening in society. There is no basic set of values that everyone should respect making it easy 4 everyone tu know what u-we are dealing with, no one really knows who the frick they married let alone who their neighbor is, wouldn’t u agree King Golden Jnr. Esq., what about u Mr. “Money Talks” Hurst Esq. and the rest of u dysfunctional-lighties, hi Poli-Pollak, any further thoughts on your comments going back tu your thoughts on 9/26/03 that there is no such thing as either the Democratic




Republican Party which I am beginning more and more tu agree with u, these yoyos, u and old Democratic Poster Boy Golden being prime examples of why we r all better off in putting our faith in a benevolent dictator, my vote at this time being our great President George W. Bush?


Dad, immediately after running in Hershel Price who makes a point of always greeting me on the beach, Marie and I ran into Dwight Kroesch who I haven’t seen in well over a year, Marie who met Dwight for the first time quite taken by his mental alertness, his incredibly bright disposition and of course she couldn’t help but comment on his fricken good looks, a tall upright body walking briskly along the beach looking nothing like his 85 year biological age.


U recall Colonel Kroesch is the American pilot credited sum 46 years after the Normandy Invasion with dropping the very first Allied paratroopers behind enemy lines on D-Day, Dwight perhaps the only fighter pilot of your generation other than u so incredibly humble retelling 4 Marie how he would fly over his English girlfriends house after each operation letting her know that he was “safe and sound”, once when running out of fuel he ditched in the oshon near Boston, England, no doubt the neighbors as happy as his good looking female friend, Norma, who he later married baring 4 children, I believe 3 boys and a girl all pretty much separated by 18 months just like your kids, his youngest Gary being just a few years older than me.


U realize of course the question of “normal” was brought up by Judge Hendrix back on October 24th 2002 when Marie and I supported by too good friends finally had our incredible “day in court” the judge in simply commenting on my “abnormal” emails which The Sperm Donor and Money Talks have gone about “cutting and pasting” also commented in the same breadth that I may be something along the lines of the “smartest guy in the world” my deciding, however, not tu respond because we had already worked out, remember, Marie has genius IQ and Jim Ashworth Esq. anything but a dummy, that this very thoughtful judge was no slouch, having begun the proceedings by essentially reading The Sperm Donor and his Monkey 4 an attorney, Mr. Money Talks Hurst Esq. nothing short of the riot act, letting both The Sperm Donor and I know at the conclusion of those proceedings which should have had each and every normal thinking person on this planet up on the rooftops screaming at the tops of their lungs, “Thank G-D-Nature Almighty, peace at last, peace at last” making a point




Too about each of us now being “under the spotlight.”


Pypeetoe, my “god” [sic] who is resting quietly on the 4 poster bed in the new west coast world headquarters of Manager Minute One, is undoubtedly the main attraction that has folks coming up tu me time and again, “new arrivals” generally first asking tu pet his incredibly soft skin, the old timers though still in awe of not only his good looks but his incredible speed, today after eating more than a pound of freshly killed, cage free, lean turkey, continued whining 4 several minutes thinking that such pitiful negative behavior would work.


And if Marie would not have been around of course I would have continued contributing tu his co-dependant behavior, there being naturally, method tu this madness bearing in mind that when Pypeetoe is teamed up with Marie as she prances around in the nude, such events, possibly, I first typed inoops”, causing the earth tu move as frequently as it does here in California, although u realize that a major part of this “dog and pony” show has tu do with selling Manager Minute One, every so often folks coming up tu me asking for a handful of business cards that they can give tu their friends and family.


And so u want now tu know when the income stream will start flowing so that u don’t have tu be dependant on uncle Leizer to supply you with a fresh box of Viagra twice a month, my only recently realizing why my sister Kathy thought it would be best that u have your own apartment 5 minutes from their house in Melbourne that she and David built, providing u all the privacy any single person would need, my incredible sister not realizing at the time that my one niece would eventually grow up and begin asking questions along the lines,


“Mommy, you know Papa Bernie who despite the little scar near his heart which he may use tu get the sympathy vote when coupled with uncle Leizer has so many lady friends, no different tu when they first starting hanging out together back in 1948, that “swing” photo with Leizer on the far left, Papa Bernie on the far right with uncle David Gevisser in the middle saying everything about men understanding The Importance of Being a Woman, I was just wondering when u r long dead, my incredible father, David Danziger, having worked u tu the bone, whether he will expect me tu wash his sheets each time he has sex and what do u think about me one day having an affair with South Africa’s current Minister of Finance, Mr. Trevor Manuel who my “abnormal” uncle Gary Steven Gevisser once had him sign the photo contained in the “one niece” hyperlink, in-blood” [sic]?


One other thing please let both Kathy and David know that if there is just a whiff of anyone from Price Line Australia




Those bunch of jerks still running this Australian company from South Africa providing any type of retribution whatsoever as a result of my taking the “Mickey out them” tell them in no uncertain terms that “Mickey Mouse”, my willingness to change names at the “drop of a hat”, my following so well in my incredible mother’s footsteps, will send them a whole lot more than a series of “knuckleballs” along the lines I sent the WCG’s attorney, Mr. William H. Jackson Esq. from which there is can be no way I know of in terms of recovery, other than of course a full on frontal lobotomy, my balls tho, being as rock hard as Pypeetoe’s, allow me tu respond tu such yoyos at my own pace, time, motion and space all quite relative, u realize as well that when they “fixed” Pypeetoe they actually chopped off his balls.


We are all so used to “kowtowing” tu the “rich and famous”, the name of the game especially amongst the media who r all bought and paid 4 by big time corporate clients is tu feed their “Money making machines” by exploiting the people with no willpower, and yes us Americans are used tu being spoon fed, having so much fricken difficulty getting off our big butts to go get our food, no doubt us Americans as a society may in fact be the most deprived of “Individual Rights”, our young, poor and hopeless the least able tu defend 4 themselves barely able tu afford much of anything no chance in hell of getting a proper education being fed mostly junk food because it is fricken cheap, because we are so fricken used tu being indoctrinated primarily by the liberal elitists, hi Washington Bunch crowd, that government is the answer tu all our aches and pains, that it is always someone else who will take care of us, ring a bell?


My reminded of too things at this time, the one being the marriage picture Johnny Dion kept in his wallet even after Marie had been divorced from the Sperm Donor that showed The Sperm Donor looking anything but happy on his marriage day, my asking Johnny Dion when he last visited over Xmess not why he kept it, it obvious that the Dions were at one time impressed with the Sperm Donor’s doctor credential and possibly his one-time Nation of Aryan looks, but rather, if he recalled when exactly that “one of a kind” photo which I would just love tu place up on the “” website was taken, Johnny Dion responding with his patented smile,


Right after I told him that if he once steps out of line he will have the Dion clan tu contend with


And of course Dad, we know of what becomes of “idle threats”, Mr. Johnny Dion, however, only finding out the full extent of how well he taught his youngest daughter to stand on her own too feet from the earliest of ages, i.e. vengeance is sweet tu the heart of the Indian.


The timing of Marie and I sending the rest of the Dion clan the Beware of still water email is rather significant, the numbers 11:42 being as far as I know a rather rare 4 number combination that when u add them up individually




Multiply them the end result is the same.


5,6,7,8 who do we appreciate, Derrick Beare, Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq., Devin Standard and the list is growing exponentially.



Of course u will let me know if u come across anyone infringing on our “intellectual property”, the possibility of course existing that someone else has already been using such a symbol as the one above, my not, however, willing tu spend either the time




The money worrying about those who choose tu do battle with me, The Rattlesnake




My Iron Dog, Dr. John Pollard feeling the need it seems tu no longer coach me in math and physics while informing me, “Riding a 3000 dollar bike in the rain does not simultaneously qualify as training for the swimming leg of the race. You'll have to do that separately.”


Dad, have a wonderful day and please don’t forget tu provide Mr. McLusky Esq. with your account of my one remaining property on the great African continent so that he can best prepare a “missing” report 4 my incredible mother and step-father Alan Zulman.


And of course we welcome your comments on the ZQuestion.


Love u.






[1] Sum 58 years prior on April 1st 1945 Bernard Nathan Gevisser completed his 60th operation flying “fast and low” over the rooftops while “dumping” on the Nazi bastards “big time”.