From: Gary S. Gevisser
Thursday, January 22, 2004 7:32 PM
To: Woolf, David
Aaron"BrownNose" Brown; G Money Talks Hurst; William H. Jackson;
Subject: RE: Next Symposium (:) Inactive versus Proactive (:)




I thought I covered the subject of distraction rather well over the course of the past week altho I have yet tu place all my thoughts down “in print”.


Finally, the FBI as Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION tasked, yes u guessed right with ferreting out the C word, and yes u would have guessed wrong if they told me tu “We are on the way over tu Cut out your tongue”, now beginning tu pay attention altho u can bet your bottom dollar that the clam bake attended by Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. at the Kennedy compound that I began writing about on Tuesday, September 09, 2003 1:13 PM PST that in my opinion has so far cost Senator John Kerry nothing short of $6 million which is of course a drop in the bucket tu folks like Charles Engelhard or his designated “male heir”, my uncle, David Gevisser, my now thinking of exactly what tu say to my cousin David Moshal who could be the one responsible 4 our “bloc-buster” success?


The name of the game however, whichever way u choose tu slice it  is, CORRUPTION not that this should interrupt your golf game this Saterday, my just wanting tu c whether u would take another piece of bait, i.e. go off on another tangent forgetting possibly, go easy on the Aspartame, that my mind works much like a “grid” best described figuratively by the number symbol “#”, we r all at a cross-roads, agree?


Specifically, the hard, irrefutable evidence in my possession, of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party elite just a matter of hours from reaching Wall Street, now don’t go shorting any stocks, okay, everyone’s trades will soon come “under the spotlight”, ever thought about asking Jeffrey Malatskey his take on the state of the insurance industry, at this time?


My just beginning tu give more thought  tu my next email tu David Moshal, the time 6:45PM PST and I am very much under the gun.


The more I think about it, however, David Moshal may not be “principally responsible” 4 the 1 million plus hits per day we are receiving, on average, at just one of my 100 odd websites, can u imagine how many hits we will be getting once gets up and running?


Isn’t that word “run” enough tu make your mouth water, now of course if someone were tu cut out your tongue u would need more than 8 glasses of water a day tu compensate for the loss of 8 pints of blood, the point being that one should be careful with sum of the things I have tu say such as 4 every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, u know what I mean, jellybean?


Well, maybe not, so let me spell things out a little better. Water as u know is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom and if one starts tu mess around with either the hydrogen atoms or the oxygen atom going so far as tu get confused whether it is 2 oxygen atoms and only 1 hydrogen, u begin tu run into a number of difficulties, transposing things is sumthing I have possibly examined just a little more than other idiots such as myself who were raised in an incredibly dysfunctional environment such as Durban, South Africa, which is not tu suggest that the average “hole in the wall” household in our community growing up was more or less dysfunctional than say Dr. Sperm Donor JBS’ household out in the sticks of “Misery, St. Saul” [sic].


My thinking at this time of another cousin, Saul Goldblatt, the brother of Jack Goldblatt, the Goldblatts, the Barnets, the Levins, the Gevissers and of course the Moshals would probably on average score on say an IQ test perhaps a little better than most but then again we have someone like David Moshal, although sum might argue that Martin Moshal whose father isn’t a complete moron, smart enough to hire my father, John Moshal, most would say just another of the many genii floating around Durban, his son controlling sum 35% of the world Internet gambling, 4 sum reason may place in a whole number of folks’ minds that Martin is the person I should be most focused on at this time?


Butt then again, u would have tu be inside of my mind tu know the length, breadth, and depth I have gone tu in understanding one of the most incredible minds I have ever come tu know other than of course my incredible wife, David Moshal though has the direct genes of Dr. Michael Moshal, who I doubt a single person on this planet would have a bad word to say about, other than me of course, his decision in February of 1981 not tu join me as I took on the World Womens Rugby team a once in a lifetime opportunity will simply have tu wait 4 our next “go around” as Michael who I credit with doing much more than simply saving my life, giving me a reason 4 living, not simply taking up space, passed away sum 8 months later, at age 45, from lung cancer, never having smoked a cigarette in his life?


And so when I c people whine, especially those who sumhow cannot count their blessings, moreover think that I will sumhow fall into a trap, praying against all hope, such a trap will be of my own making, they are only fooling themselves, just like I would be doing if I focused on things like “averages” which is nice if everything were evenly “spread out” the complexities of G-D-Nature r in fact sumthing I have been fortunate sumwhat tu master, having been given no doubt a little of a “head start” the greatest gift as I have said time and again, besides 4 a command of numbers that my mother most of all felt would serve me best by my remaining “low” her “The tallest trees attract the most wind” resonating 4 quite sum time, ending tho at around the time, back in December 2001 when she sumhow seemed tu forget that an Indian woman, by the name of Fatima Meer, a Muslim from our hometown of Durban, South Africa, forgive me if I repeat myself my having less than 10 minutes tu complete this email which I will check 4 accuracy later, was “anti-Semitic”.


And of course I would welcome anyone who would agree with my incredibly gifted mother on this one particular point although my step-father, Alan Zulman, in seeing that I was not going tu let up on this not so small “faux paux” provided the necessary encouragement tu “ma ma” that she mumbled some form of an apology, not an easy task 4 someone who over quite the lifetime has “fumbled a pass” no more than 3 times, and I think u would have tu agree that I not only can count I have a pretty good memory despite having smoked a joint or too in my 46 years on this planet, this time around, that is.


Disturbing tu sum no doubt that I would compare myself tu someone as truly incredible as Pythagoras but u would have tu stand in my shoes tu really understand the level of doubt I exercise when it comes tu ferreting out the truth, just ask my mother, her telephone number is United Kingdom, 44-984-6-24088, and ask her what she thinks and then email me and be rest assured I will broadcast whatever my amazing mother has tu say absolutely 100% verbatim, rest assured, agree?


U c there was logic to what my mother had tu say about this virulent anti-Semite who I consider, however, no more anti-Semitic than either deceased Orthodox Jew, Gunter “The Pig-Not yet disgraced enough” Lazarus or his brother Bernard Lazarus who I understand lives just up the road from me, still.


Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman weighs things out “on balance” like just about everyone I have ever met the exceptions being at this time those within my “inner circle” best reflected in 3rd to last paragraph of the E-mail I sent an accountant long time friend of our family, Clive Gurwitz back on October 23rd of last year,


Wouldn’t you agree, notwithstanding conventional acceptance of relative morality, it is time to discard the old premise, i.e. conventional wisdom that black hands can lay white eggs.


My suggestion that, assuming u want tu take advantage of the ever increasing amount of time u have on your hands these days tu read that email, first starting at the bottom and then making your way up, and then go around once or twice, the mulberry bush u realize things r speeding up just as u read this communiqué that will bring ever more increasing numbers to our websites?


Butt then u would reasonably argue that time would slow down, notice how many of my foes are standing still at this time, just take a look at’s The Buck Stops Here, where 4 example do u think Arthur “Anus” A. is hiding out?


There today being a whole lot more space for the rest of us tu enjoy the wonders of the world, now go do sum figuring on your own, a mind a terrible thing tu let go tu waist, the waste buildup costing folks “an arm and a leg” not me or my Marie, since we r smart enough not tu carry stuff such as health insurance, that so favors the “average.”


Mistakes happen when u “cut & paste” butt tu help the FBI along, back on September 9th of last year,


at precisely 12:17PM PST I got off the phone with Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk after a 5 minute and 26 second phone call, Mr. Krinsk this past week meeting with Senator John Kerry on at least two occasions, one on Friday evening for a “leadership retreat” and then the next day Saturday, which is the Jewish Sabbath at 11:30AM PST for a “clam bake” at the Kennedy family compound where Mr. Krinsk had the opportunity to “brief” [sic] Senator Ted Kennedy.


Interesting wouldn’t u agree that it took the FBI until last night tu send me such a gracious email, c below,


From: FBI - San Diego []
Wednesday, January 21, 2004 7:36 PM
Subject: Re: Next Symposium (:) "FAMILIES BREED CONTEMPT" [SIC OR NON-SIC]? (:) Seacrest=Ccrest


Please clarify to whom this email is addressed to.


Thank you - San Diego FBI


It immediately followed my E-mail tu u, my not yet, possibly due to the increased traffic on my one website able tu upload a number of things that give u a better perspective of things, including all the different ways I counted my blessing today, my now wanting tu show u the latest photo of my dog, Pypeetoe caught “strolling” sumwhat between Marie’s legs as Marie pranced around the upstairs balcony of the beach house earlier.


Just a matter of hours, in the scheme of things, from her being able tu toss me off the balcony into my new “digs” less than a “hop-jump-and-a-skip” from where I am this very moment, looking out from our bedroom into our wonderland, quite a garden of Eden which separates the house next door which I have now rented tu serve as the world headquarters 4 Manager Minute One that I could have sworn was the suggestion of Mr. Jeffrey “IncRedible Home” Krinsk Esq at 1:46 PM PST when our dialogue began, the call ending sum 6 minutes and 7 seconds later when apparently “Lou as in Lewis Sussman” was responsible 4 JRK terminating our call rather suddenly?


I thought I also heard JRK mentioning sumthing about this Sussman character being the treasurer of Senator John Kerry’s run 4 the presidency, of course he had tu be joking, agree?


Interesting all these fricken “runners” out there, so why of all the things u could have chosen tu bring tu my attention including what exactly my mother “shared with me” on that train ride from Zurich, Switzerland to Kitzbuel Austria in December 1967, u would vomit out


For the record I am a little Colder, blah blah [sic].


Shameful wouldn’t u agree, your incapacity, tu find the light within u so burned out, my making it patently clear,




So I thought, that u r a contemporary of my eldest brother, both of u sum 54 odd years old, not long enough in the tooth I hope tu cause yourself any more grief, worst of all u ignoring the rather simple question, 


Do you ever recall an occasion in all the times you attended synagogue at the Orthodox Jewish Temple in Silverton Road, Durban, South Africa or when you attended Carmel College, our private Jewish day school, when there was either one banner or a single speech by one of the many leaders of our Jewish community, protesting the policies of the illegitimate [NAZI] government that ruled South Africa with an iron first from 1948 when the State of Israel was formed, longer than the 40 years our Jewish ancestors supposedly spent wandering in the desert?


David, let me know also if u think JRK was “spinning me a line” my spin-spineless E-mail tu Ms. Laurie Black on September 17th of last year shaking a number of people, up?


Tell me, did u notice Ted Kennedy during our great President George W. Bush’s State of the Union speech the other night shaking his head, du know if he has Parkinsons, tu go along with his pitiful looks?


And no, I am not about tu tell u what I told Mr. George Money Talks Hurst Esq. later last evening but just in case u r having trouble with the hyperlinks and 4 sum reason never received that email, i.e. got confused between your “delete box” and your “inbox” not that u should feel boxed in, agree?


Now get on your hands and knees, and begin praying to the Good Almighty Lord for forgiveness, telling Him-Her exactly how u plan tu make amends 4 your insidious actions, agree?


And then give me, The Rattlesnake, 500 push ups followed by 250 sit-ups, remembering u idiot, tu breathe, in, to the count, of 5, all through the nose, and, breath, out,,,, u moron, again, all, thru your fricken nose, and, now, this very instant, jump immediately in to the bicycle maneuver and stretch those fricken stinky toes.


My hope is tu explore, ever so briefly in this communiqué what I believe tu be the distinctive differences between Roman Catholicism and Judaism bearing in mind that I am beginning to move on at this point at least in my mind, on tu another Next Symposium or too having got a rather late start today, watching Julius Caesar on video last night, Marlon Brando, seemingly at his peak, the dialogue tho, knocking all 3 of us “out 4 the count” my being well rewarded this morning, 4am I seem tu recall, Pypeetoe tho, getting through the entire night without making me feel guilty about him not getting his 100 odd ounce steak at Rainwaters yesterday, courtesy of Mr. JRK, him getting up, my “goD” [sic] that is, I recall just once tu flap his ears.


There being drawbacks tu everything in life, including the heat buildup that takes place when 4-legged animals are allowed tu snuff up close tu at X ice-cold incredibly beautiful French-Canadians who with 1/32nd Huron Indian blood running through their veins have me feeling the need, at times, tu come, tu bed, armed tu the hilt, nothing quite like having a wife like mine as backup when confronting a single mice that we found at our rock cabin this weekend with its neck snapped, its quick death so closely resembling how Mr. JRK seems so fricken incredibly certain how my life will end, at least this “go around”, agree?


Marie thinks, Marlon Brando, at the time, tu be quite the hunk although her incredible command of English despite it being her second language would have described this so dam honorable man gifted with “Greek Dog” [sic] looks in far more flowing terms which is not tu suggest that Marlon Brando is anywhere near as good looking as Marie’s 63 year old uncle that the rest of her incredibly good looking family keep making a point of, perhaps their way of making me feel not so uncomfortable about my “ugly-duck” looks.


Marie at this moment 7:24PM PST is back downstairs speaking French, with her folks back up in Canada, now off the phone preparing another of her gourmet dinners, her needing thou tu kick back 4 all of 10 minutes a little earlier during which time she was “licked tu death” by Pypeetoe who feels that she obviously didn’t get, enough, from the too of us beginning at the crack, of dawn, until well after noon, getting up, after her short nap letting me know, “the windows need tu be cleaned”, so concerned my incredible wife is about the neighbors view, my thinking as she began spraying water from the outside about going “long”, on telescopes, at least having say the kids set up a stand on the corner of our street and highway 101 where they can offer discounted telescopes given their low overhead?


Butt what do u think about them offering too Manager Minute One books 4 the price of one, my reminded of how back in 1932 when the world started going off the Gold Standard Amos Wright was attending the World Fair in Chicago, Illinois, along with his buddy, getting too prostitutes for all of 75 cents, 37 ½ cents a pop, a lesson in economics and inflation tu boot, that will stay with me the rest of my days, and then sum.


Yes with Roman Catholicism u are forgiven for your sins and meant to suffer on this earth, not exactly solution oriented and truth seeking, agree?


Not very proactive, rather, inactive, agree?


Again averages can be misleading, u have sum folks finding balance in their lives by weighing all the good around them versus all the bad and so all in all things are pretty good, not realizing how misleading averages can be that all it takes is just one evil person tu sway the masses much like Hitler and yes u guessed right Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus, agree?


And so my eldest brother’s big time “china” get off your fricken high horses, and give my 500 push ups followed by 250 situps, blah lbah.


No need tho tu suffer in silence since u were raised Jewish, as u would know basically being forgiven for all sins doesn’t push u tu be really truthful because there is no one trying to make u do the right thing and if u do the wrong thing u are forgiven, Roman Catholicism rather weak, best suited 4 a drunk like Ted Kennedy, who doesn’t always watch where he is driving, wouldn’t agree?


Nothing quite like having loop holes, an escape route, never made accountable for what u do, again inactive versus being more proactive, u got the drift, agree?


Boring tu repeat ourselves, agree?


Again, what a shame u couldn’t find the light within u, tu light up your own tochas, my making it patently clear u r a contemporary of my brother sum 54 odd years “Cold” [sic], not long enough in the tooth I hope tu cause yourself any more grief, worst of all u ignoring the rather simple questions, of always pursuing the truth.


My wife now telling me, “u r pushing it” still in the best of moods earlier while doing the windows declaring 4 all the fricken neighbors tu hear,


“I need an extension tu my squigy…---… I need a good man. Any offers? They can respond through your website, u can weed out the fakes and flakes.”







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Wednesday, January 21, 2004 9:05 PM
Subject: RE: Next Symposium (:) "FAMILIES BREED CONTEMPT" [SIC OR NON-SIC]? (:) Seacrest=Ccrest




For the record I am a little older than the members of what you call the "Youth Gang"