From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2004 1:05 PM
To: Arthur A. – moderator on the Intersextions lounge of Aaron
Cc: rest including
Cliff Benn, FBI, San Diego Police Department, Po-Li Pollak; Toni Atkins - San Diego City Counsilwoman 3rd District;  William H. Jackson; Bill Doyle; Bill O Reilly; Mweinstein; Vicky L. Schiff
Subject: Next Symposium (:) G (:)



Arthur A – u should be in receipt via the email I sent u yesterday at 12:45 PM PST which is an almost exact copy of posts blah blah along with a preamble which u can c in my next post.


U have surely now worked out at least one thing about me, at this time, and that is my decision to “step on the gas” this email contained in the previous hyperlink which I sent earlier today to a Mr. Ed Epstein the author of The Diamond Invention, my adding just one word “or” at this time, now, I can assure u making its way around the world at “light speed” it being nothing short of a “shot across the bow” tu my adversaries whose numbers relatively speaking are falling precipitously, agree?


Allow me tu enlighten the viewing audience not on my email list who may be simply tuning in to what is happening on this message board, this communication being broadcast tu my email list, content tu

be observers, at this time, check out at sum time A history of time: Classical time.


Sum of my emails tu u folks r now cropping on search engines like which I believe used tu be owned by Digital Equipment Company which brings me to the “blah blah” on the part of tlhe too principals on this website, Professor BrownNose and his current, I imagine lawfully wedded oh so loyal wife, Deborah Pastor who I visualize as this incredibly beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed, highly sexed, long legged, 18-year-old much like my mother’s one model, Penny Coelen, agree?


U can c Penny alongside the DNA rowing boat on page 2 of my website, freezing her butt off, soon after Penny won the Miss World Competition back in 1958, although I cannot be certain of the timing which is why I am asking my one buddy, Cliff Benn who still lives in Durban, South Africa tu forward this communiqué on tu Penny, one of my mother’s many incredible models us contributing to us guys having wet dreams while also finding the time tu have pillow fights, tu mention little of why my adversaries at this time are well advised to stay low




If smart, i.e. have the sense to realize at this time that they are beat “fair and square”, the quicker and better off we will all be tu celebrate New Beginnings as in 5,6,7,8 lets do a Right Angle Rotate, to infinity, agree?


At least agree that each time Deborah Pastor feels compelled tu have sex with BrownNose she thinks like most American Jewish Princesses [JAPs] of none other than the likes of my good friend Michael Grant who is not only big, I mean very very very big, a sense of humor that is likely tu knock the socks off u, bearing in mind that Michael although not the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, yet, has too sets of fingers that are nothing butt music especially tu JAPs, my still not having figured out why exactly the Japanese so deliberate it seems in their attack on Pearl Harbor sumhow painstakingly failed tu hit the oil depots sumthing my father did day and night over the skies of northern Italy while also managing on occasion tu knock the crap out of SS officers with their motorcycle escorts, agree?


This reminds me of the time I took a course in tax at DePaul University in Chicago soon after arriving in this country and the lecturer in doing an excellent job of making fun of the nonsensical U.S. tax laws which go hand-in-hand with the lax tax laws in every country I am aware of including the United States, blasted this Japanese fellow “from a dizzy height”, with


Hey buster, we won the war. If u nips had won today we would be speaking Japanese and I would be up shits creek, agree” [sic]?


This “poor fellow” in making the mistake of putting up his hand tu ask this no nonsense lecturer tu repeat what he had just said collapsed into a heap of tears, barely able, just, like me, understanding so little of the American gibberish being spoken which is why I assume he  always made a point of sitting next tu me, agree?


Now we know the Japanese economy is in a slump and few in their right mind would want tu go and live over there unless of course u happen tu be like the former president of Peru, Mr. “Fumigator” [sic] no doubt, well settled in, thanks in no small measure tu our former disgraced president, Bill “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton, agree?


So where u may ask am I going with all this, well u have heard of the expression, “What goes around comes around”, much like “Prey Switching” were different animal species go “back & forth”, I read recently in the Scientific American, December 1983 edition, about the lynx on the island of Newfoundland switching between the caribou and the snowshoe hare in a 10-year cycle, u no doubt well aware the 6 year insurance cycle so predictable in the past began falling apart in the 1980s right at the time I decided “enough was enough” sold my interest in IMS, moved on to greener pastures and have not looked back until recently in wanting to get my “arms around” the relationship between Quantum mechanics, which u would know is the third component of quantum gravity invented in 1925 by Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger and Einstein’s Special Relativity~General Relativity.


According to another article in the same edition of Scientific American, “These astonishing consequences of uniting special relativity and quantum mechanics have been confirmed repeatedly in the past half century. Relativity and quantum theory together yield a theory that is greater than the sum of its parts. The synergistic effect is even more pronounced when gravity is included.”


A decade later in December 1993 I presented Mr. and Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, the last surviving son of the original publishing magnate a paper outlining the causes of the media frenzy going on at the time,


“Management in their attempts to obfuscate non-stellar performance often engage in mergers-divestitures so much so that within a relatively short space of time, not quite equivalent to say bouncing a ball aloft 4 sum 2 seconds, its trajectory of 5 meters rather shallow when space and time are measured in the same units, the 2 seconds equivalent to sum 600 million meters, sufficient tho to confuse the hell out of anyone, making it all butt impossible even for a genius like Arthur A. of wanting to do comparative analysis in a more realistic time frame like a fiscal quarter, and the more synergistic the business units the more amorphous, blah blah” [sic].


So tell me how are u doing with your Pilates?


Please don’t wait 4 me to give u the command to get down on your knees, different to “all 4s” pray to G-D that I am not The Devil, butt go ahead just give me 100 push ups at this time, the great thing about these type of communications is that u can do everything “at will” agree? Hi Mr. Money Talks Hurst Esq., I haven’t forgotten my commitment to give u a follow up to this last E-mail.


Suffice to say the Japanese own sum 60% of the world automobile market which could be set 4 revolutionary changes especially if the world’s population growth starts declining precipitously, i.e. Clinton may end up looking like a hero, other than the fact that he sold our manufacturing base not tu the Japanese butt tu the Chinese, oh shucks, tu mention little of what happens tu a whole number of folks’ business models in such a scenario, the plan Mr. Krinsk Esq. drew up 4 me fairly recently looking more realistic with each tick of the clock, my incapacity tho, back in 1978 tu give this Japanese fellow the same advice constantly offered by my other good friend and neighbor from Durban, South Africa, Mark Oscar Hackner,


“Just accept what they say and never tip more than what will bring on a polite ‘thank you’ blah blah” [sic].  


Oscar, as we called him, was the second son of Gerald Hackner, my mother’s accountant for many years, considered nothing short of “The  financial genius” quite “the lucky guy” before Jonathan Beare moved back to South Africa in the early 90s after first “killing” the Dutch then us “Poor Americans” to welcome in the Black so incredibly “brainne dead” [sic]  ANC Government, Gerald’s eldest son, Sam, not tu be confused with my soon to be ex-neighbor Sammy “Shoe Shine” Haim, or Spin Angular Momentum, is today, I would assume, head of Private Banking for all of Investec one of the few solvent institutions that a guy like Jonathan Beare more likely than not had quite a hand in getting on to the world scene, the Sam Hackners of the world smart enough to have moved into richer soil, not taking himself out of South Africa, yet, but finding the “best and brightest” talent in other parts of the world who know a thing or too about “risk assessment”, who amongst us can forget 1907, agree?


Gravity has not yet taken its toll on your pecks has it, hi Tony Unruh, not that my good friend, an amazing architect who like me has this thing about doing other peoples “homework” played a hand in developing the Unruh Detector




4 for that matter is even related tu William G. Unruh of the University of British Columbia, none of this is intended tu suggest I have even once stepped foot into any of Investec’s offices nor have I bothered determining their credit worthiness, yet, Investec no longer, I would assume, doing much business here in the United States, agree?  


Now just remember 4 a moment that I, a Jew boy, related to 2 Jewish people, neither of them so-called “professionals” i.e. accountant, attorney or doctor, both tho, as close as it gets tu too of the most powerful in the world, at the time, Aristotle Onassis one can only imagine why he would choose my mother Zena RAG Zulman who never even went tu university tu “chaperone” a young teenage male artist who had in my mother’s words,


Less talent than even you my incredible sun” [sic]


In reference of course tu my ability tu draw while it takes a far less “leap of faith” tu come tu grips with why Charles Engelhard would choose my uncle, David Gevisser tu oversee his worldwide estate tu mention little of what exactly Uncle David did 4 Mr. Engelhard during the time period that Mr. Engelhard was “full on” alive, hooked on coke, coca cola at the time was not I believe considered by the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] as a “prescribed drug” not much any of us can say, at this time, in the “I scratch your back, u scratch my back” between Charles  Engelhard and Harry Oppenheimer when lounging about, drinking beer, while turning the spotlights on animals scared fricken shitless, agree?


Hi Nicholas Oppenheimer, hi Tony Tillim, [Tony Tillim a relation of mine who plays on Sir Ernest Oppenheimer’s “spoiled rotten” grandson’s cricket team].


I am looking soon 4 the commercial that will line up coca leave chewing Swiss-Peruvians like my pal Rafa opposite those drinking diet sodas that contain Aspartame, and seeing which group best recalls what took place in the spring of 1999 at gathering of the top 100 CFOs [Chief Financial Officers] in Phoenix, Arizona, not tu be confused with my


Unified Theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe.


The in thing today amongst the more upwardly mobile such as superstar Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. and less mindful fellows like Bill Doyle Esq. of MWBHL, hi Bill, is following the movement of chemicals around the world, and no surprise that Engelhard Chemical & Supply Company would show up on my “radar” screen, once again, as in “circles within circles” nothing quite adding up or so it seems, less and less, less said the better assuming u have nothing tu say, particularly now as the award monies from SCALs dry up, i.e. insurance carriers those specializing in Directors & Officers Liability insurance simply “dragging their feet” nothing quite like looking to be the “lender of last resort” who sumhow manages tu get governments all around the world tu ante “in time of need”, at sum point with everyone “bailing out” and with so little space between us thanks in no small measure to the corrupt California Coastal Commission, hi Dan Weinstein, when the planecrashes and burns” we will have nothing short of a domino effect, not that I own stock in Domino Pizza my reminded tho, at this time of a meeting I once attended at 1 Wall Street in late 1989 or possibly early 1990 with one of the 20 odd attorneys representing a consortium of bankers whose loan was now “under water” attorneys passing me a note scribbled on a yellow writing pad that read,


Money or indictment!


resulted in me telling my client, Mr. Solly Krok,


Solly, listen tu me know, I think you have ample evidence of lender liability, more importantly while King Golden Jnr. Esq. 4 sum pitiful reason felt the need tu explain tu these yoyos how I might save the day given my ‘wor.dly experience’ may I suggest u tell this ‘lead banker’ tu take his $25 million note that his clients were ever so eager to lend without doing the least bit amount of Jew diligence, obviously so fascinated tu c which of your daughters was the most willing tu use the Epilady woman’s shaver on the bikini line, and along with his intimidation script, stuff them both in one phat pipe mixed in with sum Durban Poison which is what I assume Mr. Golden is growing in his back yard in Del Mar, California, agree?


And while u r at why not suggest that this phatso invite Bill ‘Kitchen-Wallpaper’ Clinton tu enjoy the fruits of Peruvian farmer’s efforts, the possibility exists that Mr. Golden may not have produced A-grade DP, without our disgraced former President having tu inhale it like there is no tomorrow, never tu forget how were it not 4 JAP Monica Lewinski holding onto tu Clinton’s semen this disgusting human being who pointed his fishy smelly index finger reciting old Baptist with a whole lot of Roman Catholic scripture thrown in 4 good measure, ‘That dirty disgusting Jewish rich chick with that so phat ass, blah blah’ would have got away with nothing short of “murder”, destroying an “innocent” person’s reputation as evil as it gets, agree?


Now Solly be4 I get back tu the main point of this “time out” remember the pizza has not yet arrived, and please don’t think of jumping out the window, no need 4 such desperate moves, I will let Valerie Schulte Esq. an attorney at the National Association of Broadcasters [NAB] describe tu u what she told me took place when the bankers came after her friend Ted Turner; there be no doubt, Clinton and the likes of his left-right buddy Vernon Jordon had quite a laugh over such stinky matters as they hit golf balls shouting “4 play” perhaps having got hold of my eldest brothers second poetry book, Cunning Linguist, turning to page 37,



4am play


Devil is not I can assure having any hand tu play in man-woman behaving badly.


By the time this lead attorney gets home and reads what I have tu say about him on the website the size of his penis I can guarantee u will be less than Mr. Jordon’s who how can we forget, like Ms. Martha Stewart going all the way back to 1996, hi Christopher Byron, was also a director of Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman’s Revlon Corporation


And of course this is the only way people like u and me become “stinking rich” the likes of Charles “Rapacious” Engelhard, anything butt Jewish, recognizing a weakness inherent in all lost souls, bullies getting help from all quarters, the animal kingdom has its way of culling the herd, homosexuality just one way, so it seems, at last count, of the 10 male Gevisser boys of my generation, 4, I believe, r gay.


Ban who” [sic].



Arthur A., u have heard of the expression “Birds of feather flock together” which is perhaps why I chose another path tu reach the “promised land” my having worked out a number of things when first walking up and down the olive groves of Samos

, one of the green islands, the home of Pythagoras the very first scientist who like me believed in reincarnation, the too of us sharing a number of things in common, good looking women included, my never being afraid tu express myself when the time calls 4 it, the likes of Mr. King Golden Jnr Esq. quite taken by my recent shall we say “boldness”, willing tu take it “on the chin” at the same time knowing that just one punch from even a lightweight such as myself could mean “lights out” my preparing ever so carefully 4 this “God & pony show” geared to getting the out-of-control tu “sit still” while the rest drop their pants, lay real low letting the rapacious monsters out there just get a whiff of what’s in store if they don’t behave themselves, fate, very much built into each of our DNA, G-D tho is DNA, a good name like a mind a terrible thing tu lose, the shifts in the sand speaking volumes at this time, the decision to go into Iraq perhaps preordained, time tho waits 4 no man, my now taking “advance orders” on my book Manager Minute One.


So how many r u in 4?


Which brings me tu the question u folks are currently “groping” [sic] with, my not only prescient timing in calling both “winners” and “losers” but how u r going tu manage ignoring me given sum of the rather credible people out there who will vouch 4 me tu mention just in passing once again how many of u have played a pivotal role in getting a landmark multi-million dollar award overturned in any courtroom let alone someone as famous as Judge Jack Weinstein, hi Diana Henriques,




4 that matter getting a rather important SCAL filed within hours of the statute of limitations running out albeit your one benefactor’s firm, Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach the 2,000 pound gorilla law firm not having the intestinal fortitude tu take on “one of their own”, Melvyn Weiss Esq. and Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman anything butt Jewish, at least that is my opinion,


And my opinion, Mr. Arthur A., counts in many quarters around the globe, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists even Bubba’s in United States Federal and State penitentiaries beginning tu show a whole lot more support than what any of u wimps can imagine, yet.


Thank G-D is all I can say at this time 4 our great President, George W. Bush who in my opinion genuinely cares about the common man, he would really show his true colors, he and his wife quite the smart team, by suspending trading of the stock markets, once and 4 all, tu repeat the fundamentals of our economy are a whole lot worse than in 1929 when J.P. Morgan wasn’t around tu save the day as he was in 1907 when things were even worse, never tu forget, however, the great advances that have been made in the sciences including sum other good stuff that took place sum 57 years later when Russian physicist Andrei Sakharov,


“Proposed that gravitation may be a purely quantum phenomenon, arising from vacuum energy, and suggested that Newton’s constant, G, or equivalently the stiffness of space-time, may be computable from first principles. The proposal faces several difficulties. First, it requires that gravity be replaced, as a fundamental field, by some ‘grand unified gauge field’ suggested by the known elementary particles. Here a fundamental mass must be introduced so that an absolute scale of units is still obtained; hence one fundamental constant is replaced by another.”


Time tu rethink E=mc² when viewed in a non-vacuum environment such as within SpaceShip earth, agree?


I will assume for the time being until such time as u reveal more about yourself that the “A” stands 4 anus, agree?


So with all that, next appearing on The Buck Stops Here is the preamble tu what I sent u in posts 171 and 172, u know of course that 72 is the number of names 4 G-D according to the Kabala and that my father flew sum 71 operations over rather hostile territory in Northern Italy knocking the crap out of the Nazi bastards be4  returning tu South Africa tu be with his dying mother, Katie Gevisser, now figure out using the Goodbye Beat hyperlink how much longer we can survive on “borrowed time”




Simply stick your finger in your anus butt don’t bother letting me know how much it tastes like your breath, at this time, agree?


Make no mistake, there is more in stor. 4 u and others a whole lot richer and much much more sophisticated, never tu forget,


I detest equally those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.


Take very good care.


Good Day,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake.