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Subject: Next Symposium (:) ...---...The evil of excess OR the evil of access…---...Tu short or not tu short that is the ? of the day...---... (:)


David, on second thoughts, I believe, that one way




The other Rabbi Weiss who married u as well as my sister Kathy-Louise Gevisser must be getting my messages for [4] who could ignore such pressing matters?


U surely not subscribing to [tu] conventional wisdom that black hands can lay white eggs?


Not tu forget that such United Nations political maneuvering still gives our so well informed, well traveled, so incredibly well-schooled rabbi an excuse not tu respond tu me, agree?


Today we woke up to another glorious day in Wonderland, California, the word on the street is that Senator John “Long-John-Catheter” Kerry is the “change” this country is looking 4,


We have nothing to [tu] lose” [sic].


Us so quick tu blame others 4 our shortcomings beginning of course with circumcision, agree?


And then there are the shouts of “Osama” which the United States Olympic Soccer team had tu contend with when playing our Mexican neighbors quite upset about the “unholy alliance” between the Democratic and Republican Party, a “corruption” problem surely no one in their fricken “wright mind” [sic] would dare tu pin on our great President George W. Bush, agree?


So far what do u think, china?


Any guess when the FBI Director will support opening up the epic Grand Jury investigation of all time, “between 10 minutes butt less than 50 years” from now,




Would u prefer tu be more distracted than the folks from the National Association of Broadcasters r tasked with performing each and every moment of the day tu give us your thoughts about the RCMP?


Then “we” moved on tu Martha Stewart, just my wife, Marie Dion Gevisser [Mdg] and I, the two [too] kids with their Sperm Donor this morning.


It is unlikely Mdg will take my last name when she changes her former married name, Stewart, back tu her original name especially should she one day decide tu read one of my missives, I am not exactly certain what the word “missive” actually means but since it seems tu rhyme, at least in my head, I will stick with it unless pointed “otherweiss” [sic]?


And don’t give me any bull about not knowing despite your Harvard education having very likely interfered with your learning that u haven’t yet read the expose on Melvyn Weiss Esq. in the latest Forbes Magazine and while u r at it, do u really believe 4 one fricken moment that Mr. Weiss as punch drunk as he appeared when posting the first of his too posts on March 22nd 2000 wasn’t “out of his mind” and what about his next post that followed sum 3 minutes later, now go ahead and make my day by telling me there is insufficient evidence at this time that this 1,000 pound gorilla didn’t make both those incredibly telling posts, agree?


Yesterday during art class with Sebastian Capella it appears that Mdg expressed herself once again quite eloquently, most of the time unless say distracted by her friend Darlene Katz, a rather beautiful Texas Jewish princess who can in fact add rather well when not beating up on us men, hi Darlene, Marie pretty much sticking tu her knitting producing with each brush stroke better and better masterpieces, and of course she gives Professor Capella all his due as he applies a “highlight”




Too on those occasions when Mdg gets a little to precise, u know of course why Chagall sells so well amongst Jewish people, particularly those not having great sex, he, Chagall, that is, not G-D, painting bright, not very precise, butt very Jewish, agree?


Marie telling, no doubt a stunned class,


“Martha should have stuck tu her recipes… She is going tu get nailed… She should pay… No reason 4 her getting off the hook… People, particularly women should be the most offended, she broke their trust, she went with the MENtality of just making money, money, money… Stupid woman who got caught… She knew exactly what she was doing… A crook is a crook… How can u pity her? Who is paying 4 her insider trades? When last did u get a call from your broker tu sell your stock ahead of time” [sic]?


Pretty impressive, wouldn’t u agree, then again u didn’t have the opportunity of hearing her in Superior Court back on October 24th 2002 during a criminal proceeding while looking each of our adversaries “square in the eyes” at the same time squeezing my left hand so fricken tight letting me know that if I so much as uttered one fricken soliloquy, other than humming tu myself Symbolist White Walls she, being 1/32nd Huron Indian would simply cast a spell on me and I would be done, agree?


And when I told my wife that I was thinking of responding tu your email of December 17th coming sum 14 months tu the day since Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk’s “one of kind” deposition that depicted how easy it is in this day and age tu “co-opt” others in this “God eat God” [sic] world, that your father-in-law, Michael $5 billion Hedge Fund Steinhardt taught Ms. Martha Stewart all “the tricks of the trade” when she was just a simple Wall Street stockbroker tu mention little of my very good friend and client, Mr. Irving Cooper who helped “bankroll” your father-in-law back in 1967 when he was anything butt a neophyte sleazy stock trader, Mdg responded in her dismissive way, “It’s a small world” as she touched up another of terrific paintings, her telling me just be4 leaving our beach house 4 her 3rd class this week with Mr. Capella, not having much of a clue




So it seems in terms of things like who Richard Cooper is let alone what makes Irv Cooper’s son tick,


 “Time tu get going. Is Wind and Sea by the Baskin Robbins in La JollaOkay alligator, c u later… oops, I left my painting, it would have been disastrous… I’m taking my phone [1-858-WIL-NEXT].”


Marie planning on taking our too Canadian friends tu one of the better surfing spots just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from where we live at 227 27th Street, Del Mar, California.


David, I will continue this Next Symposium later, possibly today. No matter what u will be able tu access what more I have tu say by clicking from time tu time on this On 2nd thoughts hyperlink.


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake.  



Ps – Please don’t be offended by my using this communiqué tu check in with Mr. JRK Esq. if we r still on 4 lunch today at Rainwaters in downtown San Diego, and I assume u along with Professor BrownNose r tracking the adventures of Citicorp’s “leveraged buyout arm” commonly known amongst not all that many rather sophisticated investors, as CVC?




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David hi, I am attempting to get hold of Rabbi Weiss’ email account. I understand from our former headmaster Mike Kessel that he was at your wedding to Michael Steinhardt’s daughter.





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here it is

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