From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 3:07 AM
To: Tony Johnston
Cc: rest including DianaH

; Aaron"BrownNose" Brown

Subject: FW: Next Symposium (:) G ...---... World War IV now fully underway (:)


Tony – always interesting breaking bread with u and your dad.


A little earlier I placed this post on’s The Buck Stops Here lounge, my having spent the past several hours doing what in the past has taken me on average less than 3 minutes a day tu “gauge”, the level of risk in the financial markets today, tu repeat, greater in my opinion, than at any time in U.S. history, the Civil War as your father correctly pointed out had sum purpose other than pure economics, agree?


The fundamentals of this economy so incredibly weak best illustrated in the unwillingness of one fricken single reporter tu engage in an “on the record” dialogue, the likes of Po-li Pollak most unsure about what to do next having realized his pitiful entreaties seeking support from the Standard clan worse than falling on deaf ears have now reached me loud and clear bringing the “death toll” I suspect from degenerative diseases afflicting such poorly conditioned lost souls tu epidemic proportions, his mission a total failure, what I would only do to get his “Brown Fields” attorney girlfriend answering me “square in the eyes”:


Who besides 4 Devin Standard do u think of when feeling pressured to have sex with Pol-li who despite his self proclaimed ‘gift of the gab’ captured live on September 26th 2003, c posts 676 thru 681 on eRaider’s The Buck Stops Here, surprise, surprise he is not as regular on Network TV, do u, ever worry, about him, getting, the runs, when he has u, in, the, missionary position, u surely have better things tu do with your time than be an emissary tu such a lost soul, now down tu begging on all 4s, agree?



Sidebar: Diana your time will come, u just like Professor BrownNose and his wife Deborah Pastor having already written more than they can in this lifetime comfortably chew on.




We can all make mistakes butt who really pays 4 when a child is poorly conditioned, each and every one of us has a stake in what causes sum of us tu vomit, agree?



Tony, u can access the email I sent the author of The Diamond Invention early yesterday by clicking on the “tep” hyperlink below, important to take good care of our PETs as well as our KIDs so that they don’t grow up tu be DIKs although I would be “hard pressed” tu consider Professor Dershowitz of Harvard University as big a dik as The Sperm Donor.


Shortly after I left u all at the Del Mar Plaza well be4 sunset I went by the beach house “tu check” on my wife, Marie, who immediately put me tu work, perhaps thinking the darker it got the safer it would be for the dogs alongside me, agree?


I was exhausted by the time I had cleaned the living room windows and moved pieces of driftwood in to the house large enough tu support the biggest fricken wigwam u could imagine, her 1/32nd Indian blood oozing through like there was no tomorrow, while informing me that early in the morning when dropping off the kids’ schoolbooks at the Sperm Donor’s “Big House”, this out-of-control character was not quite prepared for what came out of his immediate neighbor’s mouth who obviously felt the need tu inform both Dr. Sperm Donor JBS as well as the mother of their too children,


“I wanted to let you know that a neighbor of ours, a doctor, has been charged with patient molestation… has a daughter that visits him blah blah.”


Not tu suggest that the Sperm Donor’s house is the size of the house u c in the foreground of the “heck” hyperlink that Mrs. Heckman seems rather confident will remain her exclusive property when her divorce with Dick Heckman, the founder of U.S. Filter, is made final.


And instead of Marie responding, “We know everything about such matters, blah blah” my incredible wife chose to let Dr. JBS “respond in kind”, which was to say something along the lines of


Well, Danielle doesn’t play with her, blah blah.”


According tu Marie she heard no further enquiry by the Sperm Donor who 4 the 3rd Tuesday in a row was gardening in the front of his house just when her Pathfinder showed up, the Sperm Donor possibly preparing 4 his departure tu Timbuktu, more likely tho, using such occasion to further harass Marie, agree?


Although his on-off again girlfriend, “Ms. Dawn Kilicat” [sic] who works for Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach [MWBHL] as a possible stenographer of sorts apparently made some mumbled comment as Marie ever so carefully backed the Pathfinder away, wanting tu avoid possibly landmines or decoys that could have been set up in all the old stoves and refrigerators that clutter up this “one of kind” abode that could be set off at any moment by simply whispering sumthing in to the ear of someone like neighbor King Golden Jnr Esq. which could cause quite the avalanche, Marie telling the Sperm Donor to say whatever he had to say via email, something he has been quite reluctant to do ever since sending my Marie too rather “telling” emails that has a number of folks “reeling” at this time including his attorney, Mr. George Money Talks Hurst Esq. who could also be laughing all the way to the bank unless he is culpable, negligent or grossly negligent, take your pick!


Perhaps as a result of this email Mr. Money Talks will compel his client tu do more in investigating these matters than simply say, “My daughter doesn’t play..--…” although the possibility exists that Ms. Dawn upon entering the law offices of MWBHL walked straight, head up, shoulders back, stomach in, phat buttocks tightened in to Bill Lerach’s office, had Bill toss everything he was working on including a possible green binder out the window where someone like Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. a direct competitor of Bill, like never be4, as Bill and his east coast partner, Melvyn Weiss, “cum tu terms” in their “divorce proceedings”, has a flat bed truck waiting “on call” this how matter orchestrated by my “Special Forces”, agree?


I suspect that the flat bed trailer would be similar to the one King Golden stood on back in 1972 alongside Senator Muskie when this pitiful character began “crying like a baby” and King Golden froze, assets as in intellectual property, is the name of the game these days and I happen to be sitting in the “pound seats”, agree?


Either way, given the fact that according tu Ms. Dawn, MWBHL did a rather dreadful job in her own child custody battles with her former husband, Mr. Money Talks will no doubt move “post haste” to c tu it that this physician charged with “molestation” is not being improperly targeted because as Marie later told our JoNathan, the Sperm Donor’s one biological son that we know of,


There is nothing more wrong than destroying an innocent person’s name, blah blah


4 one cannot rule out that there may be other physicians in this neighbor doctor’s practice who fearing that such an individual might say decide tu become a “turncoat” and “spill the beans” i.e. send fart signals as opposed tu “blowing smoke” on what may be “illegal billing practices” have now conspired with a series of women looped into this endless snake pit resulting in “trumped up charges” much like what very likely befell Ms. Kathryn Murry when the Sperm Donor sought her declaration sum 15 months back getting Ms. Murry to produce a rather “trashy” document signed, however, “under penalty of perjury,” just one of many documents I suggest the authorities in Homeland Security examine “with a fine tooth comb”, agree?


And so be4 we “rush to judgment” it is so important or so it seems to me that we don’t have another case of “mistaken identity” the Sperm Donor back on September 11th 2002 filing in criminal court in downtown San Diego a “false and misleading” complaint also signed “under penalty of perjury” insinuating nothing short of my having “raped” his 13-year-old biological daughter although the word “rape” was never part of the complaint that had the Sperm Donor stating repeatedly however, how I was trying to make “contact” suggesting exactly what?


Like possibly I was taking our Danielle out to buy a sandals, having as good a time with me the second time out as she did the first, G-D forbid?


G-D forbid me from not letting this ball “slip in between the cracks” never should any of us on this whole fricken planet forget the fact that this fricken out-of-control pathologist managed to get a Restraining Order issued against me that put me as well as the children’s’ mother through nothing short of the worst 6 week living hell imaginable tu many, few hopefully experience, less and less likelihood in the future given the advances made in this Digital Age, again and again, nothing but a G-D-Send, time tho, of the essence.


And even when the Sperm Donor was made aware by a Superior Court Judge that by coming forward and supporting me, Marie ran the risk of losing her too children, the Sperm Donor replied,


“U and your bulldog can go eat cake” [sic],


Just one other part of the story our JoNathan was also told about yesterday and why I continue to copy both the San Diego Police Department as well as the FBI on my emails tu mention in passing one of yesterday’s headlines,


British Doctor Who Killed 215 Hangs Himself


Dr. Shipman, a gray-bearded, bespectacled doctor from Hyde, a suburb of Manchester in northern England, was convicted four years ago of murdering 15 of his patients through lethal injection. An official inquiry in 2002, headed by Dame Janet Smith, a High Court judge, found he had actually murdered 215 patients, and possibly as many as 260, over period of 23 years.


The doctor, a married father of four, never admitted his guilt.


"He betrayed their trust in a way and to an extent that I believe is unparalleled in history,"


The inquiry report pointed to loopholes in the law that allowed Dr. Shipman to kills scores of people without suspicion, singled out two Manchester police detectives for bungling the investigation into the doctor and called for reforms in the coroners' office.


Dubbed "Dr. Death" by the press, Dr. Shipman preyed on elderly or middle-aged patients, usually women living alone, who needed checkups or complained of mild ailments.


Once inside their homes, he would administer a deadly injection, usually containing heroin. Dr. Shipman had found ways of stockpiling the drug, either by prescribing it falsely or stealing it from cancer patients.


Upon the death of a patient, the doctor easily persuaded bereaved relatives that no autopsies were needed, offering ready explanations for their sudden demise. Many of the victims were cremated, along with all evidence of Dr. Shipman's wrongdoing.


The sheer number of people he killed, and the simple, nonviolent way he killed them, shocked and horrified people in Britain, and made headlines for months.


Dr. Shipman's trial judge, Justice Forbes, described his crimes as "wicked, wicked."


"I have little doubt that each of your victims smiled and thanked you as she submitted to your deadly administrations," he said, after Dr. Shipman's conviction.


The quiet, respected doctor was caught only after Kathleen Grundy, the daughter of his last victim, challenged a will left by her mother. The revised will stated that all the money in the estate be left to Dr. Shipman. Her body was exhumed and doctors found traces of heroin in her remains.


Dr. Shipman had a fondness for heroin. He abused a heroin-like drug in the 1970's, when he was already a practicing doctor. He was convicted of writing himself prescriptions, was fined and fired from his job.


After a spell in drug rehabilitation, he resurfaced in 1977, when he began practicing medicine in Hyde.


The relatives of Dr. Shipman's many victims said in news reports today that they felt cheated, calling Dr. Shipman's suicide an easy way out. They also expressed remorse over the fact that the deaths will never be explained.


Judges and prosecutors have speculated that Dr. Shipman had a desire to play God. Dame Janet said he may have been "addicted to killing."


Dr. Shipman's lawyer, Giovanni di Stefano, told The Evening Standard of London that prison officials failed to safeguard his client. "The fact that he had done this is an outrage and the fault lies entirely, absolutely with the authorities."


In 2003, 94 prisoners out of a population of 70,000 committed suicide in prison, according to the Prison Reform Trust...


Tony, your grandfather, Percy H. Johnston not doubt a most trusted banker who didn’t it seems have the opportunity of letting his formal education interfere with his learning is someone I look forward to conversing with soon, life-death, nothing more than twisted circles,

The Meek

With Teeth



The Earth.


Time 4 folks to shape up




Ship out, i.e. to chew on thoughts ever so carefully and only speak if willing to put the words down on paper “otherweiss” [sic] toss the thoughts in the wastepaper basket.


Be good





Ps – Sum folks, especially those who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning have a little difficulty following the gist of every one of my Perfect Storms although if they bothered to look beyond the edge of their noses, bearing in mind that I have a rather long nose, not quite tho, as long as Pypeetoe’s, they would c if nothing else how I have managed to hold “in check” the likes of Melvyn Weiss Esq. considered along with his west coast partner, Bill Lerach Esq. the most rapacious of SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] as well as sum of their “pray” [sic] their deafening silences as I begin heckling them tu Timbuktu, can now be seen quite clearly on websites such as, their The Buck Stops Here message board, again, my well aware that suicide is not only against man’s law but very much against “the will” of the most loving Almighty G-D,


Although not everyone in the world gets caught up in the shenanigans of Wall Street, there isn’t anyone, however, on this fricken planet including the Devil who as your father stated, “Anyone with a bad haircut”, most folks decent just trying to just make ends meet but when one starts down the path of accumulating things particularly so-called speculative real estate one begins tu join forces with “The Devil” a subject matter I will probably explore in more detail in my next communiqué with Mr. Mark Weinstein Esq. a former prosecutor having turned in his attorney’s license, one of the first steps in the road to “hell” but no where near as important as steps 2, 3, and 4.


Which is why even the most competent architects like my good friend Tony Unruh should be paying very very very careful attention to my Perfect Storm III that began in earnest around October 24th 2001 although sum might point tu this High Leverage document I prepared dated October 23rd 2001 as the day I began tu make “my case” picking up steam in earnest on January 3rd 2002 when I made it patently clear tu Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff of the Wetherly Capital Group that I would turn her and her co-managing partner’s world “upside down, inside out and round and about, blah blah” [sic] tu mention little of Dan Weinstein being a central figure in Democratic Party politics, his one benefactor Ron Burkle quite the powerhouse money broker, thanks in no small measure to Dan Weinstein’s contacts with labor union chiefs, nothing quite as good an “opening liner” as letting folks know that u not only have the “goods” on your benefactors, Mr. Burkle plowing sum $2 million in “seed capital” in the WCG, the rest coming from another not altogether disinterested real estate group, Arden Realty not exactly the smallest Real Estate Investment Trust [REIT] on the New York Stock Exchange tu mention just in passing the first time I met with Dan Weinstein he had moments earlier come out of a meeting of the all omnipotent California Coastal Commission his designated position, “alternate.”


There r many paths I could have chosen in my life butt sumhow I kept making the right choices never once as best I recall allowing myself tu become a “slave to money” or perhaps worse a slave to anyone, butt of course should my wife force me as part of my “sex slave” responsibilities tu don a chain with matching leather straps how could I resist someone a whole lot better in shape than me, at this time, agree?


I am tho catching up fast, my plans 4 later today involve a 10 kilometer run, followed by a 1 kilometer swim and if I have the energy remaining tu pump up the back tire in Marie’s rusted bicycle, the salt air sumhow no able tu dilute the dry up salt water from all the sprockets while testing out certain theories that pop into my head more so these days than ever be4, not sparing a thought on replacing the punctured tire on my own bicycle, point being who knows what shape I will be in one week from now, no doubt my one attorney-colleague Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. smiling from ear to ear as he reads this email thinking possibly to himself that the odds of me surviving another week are probably no better than the odds of his wife, whose code name is Campbell Soup, reading one of or more of my recent emails, filing 4 an annulment of their marriage, and as co-executor of my estate by aligning himself with Marie in “holy matrimony” between the too of them they will be able to outmuscle the other co-executor Mr. Devin Standard who instead of calling on the likes of his father Mr. Devin Standard, the President of the New York Bar Association choosing instead tu draw on the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, agree?


For the life of me I haven’t been able to figure out why someone like Reg Parks, a former Mr. Universe, a good number of folks agreeing that Reg was nothing short of a “mentor” to Arnold when he left Austria-Germany 4 South Africa wouldn’t have suggested that Arnold cut his surname right down the middle, agree?


South Africa at the time was very much in the hands of nothing short of Neo Nazis given quite a hand by a whole number of folks but none more so in my opinion than the Oppenheimer family who did exactly what during World War II to prevent the Hitler from acquiring “diamonds in the rough”?


Mr. Krinsk has a habit of informing me that each time he and Campbell Soup make love he makes a point of renewing his marriage vows, kinda like an evergreen agreement which ties into a number of things I am thinking about at this time, less said the better, why dwell on greener pastures, agree?


The first commandment sticking with me from the earliest of age, the need to go “back & forth” most helpful in coming to grips with meaningful things such as the meaning of life, my wife’s will, accessible in the “will” hyperlink contained in the Dr. Shipman story, was witnessed on January 3rd 2002, the day in which Vivendi, the French water conglomerate, began a 280 day precipitous $63 odd billion stock decline my choosing despite as certain as any one human being could know that such a decline was inevitable, to stay on the sidelines, aware that 4 every dollar made, a momworker63, widow, widower, orphan, pensioner, ill-informed person, idiot, moron et al loses a dollar, so much so that instead of having a “modest” net worth that still probably places me in the top half of one percent of the richest people in the United States, I could have made sum $4 to $5 billion by leveraging not even 50% of my net worth, buying puts on Vivendi and its sister company Vivendi Environmental and doubling up bearing in mind that even if I were tu have eventually lost all the profit plus my investment it is doubtful that I couldn’t make it as beggar, the competition in this category is looking pretty strong, and should President Bush extend the amount of time Canadian citizens can visit with us then I may very well have been forced assuming I couldn’t liquidate the rest of my assets to “make peace with my mother” dispensing with all plans to publish my book Manager Minute One which I consider to be more valuable than the entire market capitalization of every fricken publicly traded company, at least here in the United States, again just my opinion.


Might I add, had I engaged in such a “put” strategy which for those in the audience not familiar with Wall Street lingo all geared toward making these yoyos come across as being smart when in fact they are all nothing more than snake oil salesmen-women, is selling stocks with the expectation that their price will fall and when it does you make a killing having risked relatively little, essentially borrowing monies using the stock as collateral and if in fact u r “the bank” and/or u have say a consortium of banks “line, hooked & stinkweed” [sic] then in all likelihood u could in a worst case scenario come away “owning the bank”, matters I will be discussing at length in another Next Symposium, those tho, knowing a little bit more than the “lingo” know exactly where I am heading at this time, and why our great President George W. Bush should give sum serious thought tu continuing tu do exactly what he is doing, listening ever so carefully to the beat of the universe, agree?


Nothing quite like being able to play the game of chess, to repeat, like the game of life, having your opponent play to your advantage, without attracting the attention of any single fricken regulator here in the United States or say a place like Luxemburg, agree?


I am starting tu get a little tired, mostly thinking about all my commitments that really only begin around lunchtime my assuming that Mr. Krinsk Esq. is looking forward to our Chicken Pot Pie lunch at Rainwaters as much as me, and if u r in the neighborhood come on down and don’t hesitate to bring your dad as well, the tab will be on me, unless of course Jeffrey insists otherwise, wise it seems to have his partner Howard Finkelstein Esq. a former United States Attorney join in with the celebrations, agree?


Fortunately-unfortunately Pypeetoe is sleeping with Marie tonight, the too of them having quite the relationship, my just mentioning her name has what I thought was my dog going absolutely nuts, the thought of putting in one of those miniature cameras that along with all the other security arrangements would blend in rather seamlessly, not beyond the realm of my imagination, agree?


My now relying on Niki the 100% wolf and his best buddy Elk a 120 pound Elk Hound to protect me which is enough to keep me awake all night thinking of the best case scenario such as if Ron Burkle in calling up his hounds having naturally cut a deal with the Sperm Donor et al arrive en masse at The Cave which is never locked perhaps why Sammy “Shoe Shine” Haim who lives above rarely leaves other than I suspect to check out the “wild game” over at the Plaza, pitiful tu c someone with such potential resort tu buying a big screen TV 4 entertainment, agree?


And after Niki and Elk make mincemeat out of these bedfellows, Elk alone could bring down an antelope while Niki given the fact that he has killed off all the free roaming cats in the neighborhood could then if I don’t feed him enuf anytime between the next “10 minutes butt less than 50 yearsNiki could still be hungry enough to chew right through Elk’s skull in a flash, the point being that I could end up being sued not by Burkle and Co for the horrible death that would come tu their stooges but what the caregiver of Elk and Niki would do tu me in my failure tu test the meat before feeding one particle to these prized dogs, agree?


Quite amazing that still not one member of the mainstream media has taken on Warren “BO” Buffet for his unadulterated nonsense before proceeding and getting a “bailout” from taxpayers that set the ball in motion for why if I so chose, with just a handful of assistance from sum very trusted friends, I-We could own the world insurance market in 7 days


Or less, agree?  


U don’t have to agree with everything I say but you should feel good enough about what I am doing, my willing to risk it all in the name of love and peace, while I could so easily be living the “life of Riley” along with my incredible wife tucked away in several remaining Garden of Edens butt 4 what purpose, especially when I have all the proof that any halfway logically minded person would require that not only does G-D exist butt he watches each and every one of our moves, and just one of the reasons us guys always need to be in shape, nothing quite as boring as having sex with someone who does all the work, unless of course u r a porcupine, agree?


The need to be mindful of others, especially their so-called “right to privacy” meaning absolutely diddly at this time when one considers 4 just a moment who on this fricken planet amongst us so fricken upwardly mobile can look ourselves in the mirror and say honestly,


“I have now gone back to examine a number of things The Rattlesnake has been saying these past 4 odd years and when I look at my business model and see exactly who my customers are whether they be home owners, medical patients, blah blah including thousands upon thousands of animals locked up in cages in places like Brazil where the folks only want ‘pure breeds’ while not believing in euthanasia, I can now while continuing tu look in the mirror placing my right hand in front of me without anyone else around say without cracking a smile, perhaps making just a little fart,


‘I swear to me Almighty God butt for the grace of this world all being about me, me, me I c no reason why I should waste my time in getting involved in The Rattlesnake’s crusade even if The Rattlesnake has positioned his Special Forces so well that in the event say a pitcher from the major leagues hell bent on squeezing out one more hurrah from the crowd at Yankee Stadium throws an incredibly wild pitch that gets lodged in a sputnik that then latches on to an asteroid traveling at sumwhere in the order of 12 times the speed of light, takes it time in making a slingshot around the moon wanting to c if any Essakows have taken refuge in one of the craters, hi Jeff, hi Roy, before plummeting back to earth where it skims along the oshon smacking The Rattlesnake square in the back of his head just as he is about to take off on the biggest wave imaginable…---… where was I?   


Wouldn’t you agree, notwithstanding conventional acceptance of relative morality, it is time to discard the old premise, i.e. conventional wisdom that black hands can lay white eggs.




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To: Arthur A. – moderator on the Intersextions lounge of Aaron
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Cliff Benn, FBI, San Diego Police Department, Po-Li Pollak; Toni Atkins - San Diego City Counsilwoman 3rd District;  William H. Jackson; Bill Doyle; Bill O Reilly; Mweinstein; Vicky L. Schiff
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Arthur A – u should be in receipt via the email I sent u yesterday at 12:45 PM PST which is an almost exact copy of posts blah blah along with a preamble which u can c in my next post.


U have surely now worked out at least one thing about me, at this time, and that is my decision to “step on the gas”…