From: Gary S. Gevisser
Friday, January 23, 2004 2:53 PM
Cc: rest;
Devin Standard; FBI
Subject: Next Symposium (:) Loyalty (:)


Attention: David Moshal


David – I’m assuming this email address is u, your @themoment recently being returned and the telephone numbers of sum of the “best and brightest” r most likely at the bottom of the oshon along with my previous cell phone?


Nothing like a “short circuit” tu brighten up the day, more than a handful of my files in the last few minutes totally trashed, doubtful tho that anyone “worth their salt” would want tu screw around with me at this time by sending me a virus of any sorts, me-we on a role right now ever so well prepared tu fricken steam roll any testosterone clad character unless of course they were tu provide me with evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt they r as deaf, dumb and blind as say Dr. Sperm Donor JBS who u have not had the privilege of meeting, yet?


I have yet tu c the end of Julius Caesar, the “Et tu brute” required me tu “lip read” Marlon Brando’s lips, while Marie dozed off thinking about exactly fricken what?


Can u imagine what it would be like being a member of our “security detail?


And of course I have forgiven former President George Bush Senior 4 the fib he told when he said, “Read my lips” given the fact that this former WWII fighter-pilot was in sum measure responsible 4 instilling in at least one of his offspring the greatest gift any parent can impart on their young other than a conscience, a sense of humor, best illustrated in George W’s ingenious decision tu hire Mr. ONeil an aluminum company top dog as his first, I believe, Secretary of the Treasury, not that any single fricken cabinet position means diddly at this time other than the head of the National Security Council and how many accolades can we bestow on our absolutely brilliant Minister of Defense, and if our Secretary of Homeland Security has his earpiece turned up,


“Just continue whatever it is u r doing and when the time is right please don’t hesitate tu let us know whether u have caught Ms. Kathryn Murry’s boy-toy, an English illegal alien, whose fist name is Graham, not tu be confused with Durban, South African, born and bred, Graham Kluk, English Graham exclusively in the business of cultivating, harvesting and distributing illegal narcotics over interstate line, Ms. Murry eventually turning in this one of many boy-toys when I assume English Graham in updating his balance sheet, i.e. balancing out his debits and credits, realizing that there is only so much support United States taxpayers are going tu give tu the likes of Warren “BO” Buffet, i.e. the equities markets can be propped up only “so long”, got tired of Ms. Murry’s stink, i.e. her dirt, i.e. the odor coming from his bags of pot not enough tu compensate 4 her baggage, not tu forget the high caliber handgun English Graham used on Ms. Murry’s car windshield although I am almost certain that Ms. Murry mentioned that she believed English Graham was simply finally putting his head tu good use on her Mercedes sports, nothing quite like being a good sport-ing citizen, agree?”


Why, unless we are talking about art, should we leave anything tu the imagination given the incredible amount of rot build up in most of our citizens, bearing in mind that although the Romans morphed into the Roman Catholic Church they did provide us with the building blocks of our current United States Senate, hi Ted Kennedy and hi Senator John Kerry.


Sidebar tu Senator Kerry: Why not do the smart thing and thank me 4 your recent victory, at least thank JRK, agree?


David, I am not certain that our current great President George W. Bush’s father was as qualified as my dad, a fighter-bomber-pilot thanks tu your grandfather, Barney Moshal, “turning a blind eye” a subject I have covered previously, agree?


Clearly u r a breed apart from “David Wolf” [sic] wanting tu be added tu my “delete list”, the possibility existing that David “69” Woolf may be reconsidering, at this time, which is why I will take the liberty of including him on this email along with others on my email list who represent a statistically valid sample of the world’s LITERATE population, just earlier be4 my laptop went all “haywire” I added a hyperlink on top your father’s name who I mentioned in my most recent broadcasted email tu Mr. 69 that had me questioning your role in’s success.


What exactly I said in my previous E-mail this past Wednesday tu Mr. 69 that not only had the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION [FBI] finally “getting with the pogrom” [sic], but more importantly in reducing my SPAM email adding more credibility tu sumthing I have contended going back more than a year ago, that we are on track to being the number one website on the planet.


Not that u should think I now feel the need tu “run off with my G-D” [sic] tu Machu Picchu, yet, certainly not without first fine tuning my pitch, my still waiting 4 Roger Hedgecock the conservative Radio Talk Show Host tu return my Avenger Pitching Wedge, hi Roger W. Robinson, hi Terry Rosenberg, hi Ian Dietcliff, hi Jonathan Beare.


David, not, that u should recognize all of these peoples’ names given the fact that u like all of the very “best and brightest” generally, more so than “on average” know a thing or too about “sticking tu your knitting” which is another of those rather infantile English expressions that keeps the have-nots from getting at the haves, the essence of problem solving requiring “multi-task” oriented skills?


And of course it was just a small faux-paux on the part of our great President George W. Bush when he referred tu us Americans as “the hardest working”, then again I don’t remember him mentioning the word “earth” or “planet” in that context, well aware of how important it is that we start the ball rolling, once again, importing Chinese slave labor, then again such measures already full underway thanks tu the craftiness of folks like Wal-Mart, further evidence of our need tu slim down the number of “phatsos” [sic] who seem more and more tu do nothing butt take up space in our great Capitals, all over the fricken world, agree?


And of course there is no one on this fricken planet more an advocate of the “rule of law” especially the laws we have on the books here in the United States of America which is why I am staying put, right here, in sunny, incredible, southern California.


Please let me know whether u can make it 4 a sundowner one of these evenings, today as good as any, at the present time I am taking my time, typing away here at my friend Jerry’s beach house, mostly looking at the surf which is not all that great although there are a few hard core surfers out there just happy ever so often tu get a terrific wave that pop ups from time tu time, I must tell u tho I really hate these “pop up” advertisements that then advertise how u can get rid of them?


Nothing quite like marriage, tu get, folks thinking oh so much the same, u of course had tu also be wondering about what became of those Jewish Capos lined up so neatly parallel tu the railway tracks so well displayed in the movie The Pianist, quite shameful, agree?




What about their spouses, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents, blah blah who may, just may, me just in the process of gathering evidence, have got a “free pass”, u know enough about the law that the better the evidence the better the proof, ever heard tho, the expression about Holocaust survivors being the “victims” and how their offspring like my very very good buddy Sidney Abelski r the ones who have suffered oh so horribly, agree?


Those deafening silences thanks tu the likes of my step-grandmother Jenny Gevisser now, as may G-D help me, coming very much back tu life.


A U.S. Marine helicopter, no actually it is a TV News helicopter flying immediately above. I will be back.