From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 3:24 PM
To: Ms. Mariah M. DobranskySpecial Asset representative of Washington Mutual [WAMU]
Cc: Thomas. Stephens (; Lester. Houtz (; Jeff (; Devinq@Nethere. Com (;; Mweinstein (; Mcdermott, David E.; (;;;; Aaron"BrownNose" Brown (; Ghurst (
Subject: RE: Washington Mutual Bank Loan# 701722864


Ms. Dobransky,


Thank you for your missive and be sure tu forward this email on tu your “Data Security” people “post haste.”


And just in case they don’t act appropriately I am taking the liberty of forwarding this email tu a statistically valid representative sampling of the world’s literate population which includes several members of the FBI [Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION].


Naturally, u r not surprised that Mr. Ching Ching has yet tu respond tu my latest missive, u surely noticing on’s The Buck Stops Here, Professor BrownNose, however, choosing tu ignore the rather pressing “pimping” matters I have previously raised, Forbes Magazine u would agree getting as close as it comes tu nailing BrownNose’s handler-s as shareholders continue tu suck on the hind tit, agree?


So welcome tu the latest rendition of the Gong Show and give me and my ever expanding inner circle a nice warm round of applause, no not that fricken slow cricket clap, what do u think this is, Lords?


Earlier today I spoke with Lord Derrick in London, England who I am quite certain has yet read a single communication I have sent over the course of the past 7 odd months since he and my wife with good support from Marie’s daughter while carrying his youngest son Joseph in his arms beat the crap out of us boys, Derrick’s eldest son who u can read about in the previous hyperlink no doubt the next time around will whisper ever so politely in his father’s ear as Chauffer John drives us up through the gates of Folly Farm, “How can we find a way 4 cousin Gary tu GET LOST?”, Jake’s perfection of the Queen’s English enough tu bring my incredible English mother tu tears, agree?


My wife, just a few minutes ago, at exactly 2:47PM PST calling tu let me know that she will be leaving shortly tu visit with her ailing father in Canada, my not forgetful during this sad moment of her former husband, Dr. Sperm Donor Stewart, commenting when hearing several months ago of Mr. Johnny Dion having pains in his back suggesting that tests be done on this man who has been on “borrowed time” nothing short of a lifetime, a perfect specimen 4 the medical establishment tu maintain “at all cost” tu see [c] if this “knocking on death’s door” invalid “might have cancer of the bone” and then what, other than more batteries of tests that keep this one particular “cycle of violence” perpetuating, Godly Doctors who only practice, medicine, u know, have come as close as anyone in perfecting a perpetual money making machine, all, however, on the “backs of the young” the next generation who constantly get told, generation after generation, “U will have u chance tu fcuk up” while many of the offspring, particularly those not raised in “spoiled brat” households take better care of their G-D-Given bodies, agree?


With that said, contained within what u refer tu as “inappropriate emails” are [r] hyperlinks to [tu] communications detailing in no uncertain terms what I believe tu be “clear cut” violations of “church & state”, u by now at least giving sum thought tu what contributes tu the space between our ears becoming a perfect vacuum, much like what we find in “Deep Space” although my sense is that my take on “Dark Matter” is far more tu your liking, pretty amazing isn’t it that the mother of one of my best friends from Carmel College in Durban, South Africa, an ardent Lieberman-Gore supporter was in all likelihood responsible 4 President George W. Bush now cleaning up the mess from 8 years of “communist” rule, agree?




Perhaps better terminology would be “Anti-Trust” violations which I think might fall under the Justice Department such competitive enhancing legislation designed, at least this is my opinion, tu keep the likes of rapacious individuals hiding behind “corporate veils” in nothing short of check, mate?


The $557 check recently handed over by an associate of yours to the school principal of the Del Mar Hills Elementary School just be4 a recital is a matter that u in your infinite wisdom may think is unrelated tu my “delinquency” on the note I have with u folks, agree?


Butt, I am prepared tu bet “my bottom line dollar” that by the time this matter is “put tu bed” more than a handful of other parents and kids attending public schools financed by taxpayers such as myself and members of the Justice Department and those tasked with “law enforcement”, u have of course heard of the all omnipotent California Coastal Commission, protecting the masses, that is law enforcement, not this “rigged assembly” of political cronies, from an “unruly” bunch of folks who think that they can play one day “good cop” and then the next “bad cop” enuf so that at the “end of the day” they become so “shell shocked” by the shenanigans such that once the “denial” stage is over it is just a matter of time be4 the “resignation” stage sets in where the attitude becomes one of “Lets make hay while the sun shines” i.e. Lets jump on the bandwagon while the going is good and grab as much as we can, blah blah?


And I say tu u and them, I am now setting the stage tu c tu it that the likes of Washington Mutual r placed on the “first stage out of town”, period.


U may be a little “tu short” [sic] in the tooth tu remember Pete Townsend, doubtful u saw him throw Jerry Rubin off the stage at Woodstock, but prepare yourself, your Data Security Department as well as your bank-loads of attorneys 4 what I have in store 4 u all should u go so far as tu further violate the law which is not tu suggest that Mr. Vincent Hinojosa III.




Ms. Francis, the principal of the Del Mar Hills Elementary School, did anything wrong, I simply want an investigation started as tu whether there was in fact a “competitive bidding environment” as what us “serfers” would expect in a so-called Democratic environment that granted WAMU the opportunity tu sell its fukukta services in an attempt tu win over the hearts, minds and souls of the innocent not quite as sophisticated as me tu respond tu fast balls thrown at




Near head, and I know your bleeding heart goes out tu poor, poor, Gary, agree?


Good Day


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake



Ps – I think this missive spells out very clearly why I am a little to long in the tooth tu engage in phone conversations with the likes of u, agree?


Please continue to communicate with me in this fashion, recognizing that I remain rather “well healed” willing tu spend my last penny, if necessary, defending the likes of the children from the clutches of the rapacious, agree?


U will by the time I am finished and done with u and your organization remember, in addition tu reviewing the court records down at the criminal courthouse in San Diego in so far as what happens tu those who usurp their limited authority, that the youth of the world r all our futures, tu be protected at all cost, that the problems of the world have nothing tu do with race, color or religion, simply poor parental religious teaching, my having earlier today left a message with Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. tu keep checking his voicemail located at USA-1-619-238-1333 extension 24 reminding this “one of a kindSCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigator] that the “top dogs” of the likes of WAMU and Citicorp r more than cashiers-tellers on Lexington Avenue in New York City, my “opening hand” setting a “floor price” of $100 billion entitling the first “bottom fisher” tu take a “shot” at Citicorp I can assure u being taking very seriously by Mr. Thomas Stephens Esq. et al of Barlit-Beck, Citicorp’s finest “hostile takeover” attorneys, agree?


Such wimps, the Chief Executive Officers [CEOs], not my “good fiend” [sic] Thomas Stephens, so well described in this “Alarming decline” article, so willing, however, tu take the “flak” while being fed nothing short of peanuts, nothing worse than being sumone else’s lacky unless of course u just happen tu have an acquired taste 4 chewing on crap while spitting out nails, u of course know full well the English expression used tu describe the most rapacious who “chew on wire and spit out nails” so u think this is one hell of a high-wire act?


Certainly, u know of course what happens when u feed people peanuts, my wanting tu replace monkeys in zoos with the most rapacious white-collar criminals who I think can be taught tu pick up their own “S H 1 T”, hi Merrick Wolman, hi Solly “Gambling Czar” Kersner, bearing in mind one of the very best deals I helped facilitate was one involving AFCO Premium Financing where our insurance marketing-publishing group took a fee of 8/10ths of 1 percent of the billions of dollars we helped generate that kept my “employer” out of bankruptcy, my thinking at this time of sending an email tu a Dr. Jonathan Beare who may still want sum folks tu believe I am “unemployable”.


My expertise in such “haircut-gorilla-marketing” matters in no small measure brought about by having “run into” Mr. Newell Starks, the current chairman of one of Citicorp’s “fronting companies”, Newell a few years back going through one of those “life changing” experiences which included restructuring every major bone in his face, tu think he might have tu go thru that whole incredibly painful experience again should he decide tu get into one of those protective witness programs that I assume remains “big business” my reminded at this time that I need tu update the latest round of my postings on the Yahoo Revlon message board, not tu be “put off” by the lack of “interaction” at this time bearing in mind that I was the first person on the planet tu announce sum 8 hours ahead of the main stream media the SCAL that was filed by Mr. JRK Esq. with less than a couple of hours be4 the statue of limitations was tu have run out, Enough is Enough, agree?


If u would be so gracious, please cut me a “byte of slack” [sic] since it has been a while since I was so “intimately” involved in “workouts” having tho, in the interests of “full disclosure” worked a decade




So ago with the best of the best in this category, Stutman Treister probably a name not all that familiar tu u?


Butt should my message get out in terms of the extent of the rigged real estate market I would bet u my second tu last bottom dollar your in house corporate counsel will be calling along the likes of this “one of a kind” bankruptcy law firm also used by the Citicorp Vulture Corporation in finding ways tu put off the inevitable?


Most adults at this time, especially those with ever expanding deficit needs, r not in the least bit interested in hearing the truth and why I have decided tu use the likes of u tu get my “GET LOST” message out, bearing in mind that the instant u




Anyone else were tu institute legal proceedings of any sort against me, regardless of their merits, I will respond in kind, and again check with my mother Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman in terms of how appropriate I can be in pretty much any setting, I assume u know how tu hold a knife and fork according tu the Queen’s English style?


My extraordinary mother, never, not once, tu my knowledge, a “pig at the trough” mostly ticked off at this time not because I chose not tu become an attorney but having told my uncle David Gevisser and Charles Engelhard’s attorneys on Bush Street in San Francisco tu go take a “flying dump” when these “one of a kind” very very very “private banking” attorneys offered me a “rainmaking deal of a lifetime” along with the “best seat in the house” knowing full well I had no intentions of furthering my formal education, at a time in my life when I watched each and every penny ever so carefully, no different tu now, agree?


My having every reason under the sun tu believe that everyone u know will get quite the kick out of the interrogatories tu mention little of how u et al will look during the taped depositions, the likes of Mr. Graham Kluk a little “pisher” i.e. little shit, in the scheme of things tu be taken no more lightly than Mr. Ron Burkle, our former President Bill “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton’s business partner, whose “fronting organization” the Wetherly Capital Group were responsible 4 masterminding and executing almost tu perfection the hi-jacking of the California Gubernatorial elections held on November 8th, 2002, and 4 your added enjoyment take a look at the hyperlink I just placed over the word “Special” above and below, not tu forget the posting I placed up yesterday on my pdf file directory that now has Mr. Mark Weinstein Esq. a former prosecutor taking center stage, agree?


U c it is a little hard 4 anyone who has been in my shoes tu scare very easily, more importantly I have the goods not only tu sink the likes of u granted nothing short of “licenses tu kill” your “licenses tu steal” going tu be so well covered in my best selling book Manager Minute One just a matter of hours be4 appearing all over The Internet, more importantly, my command of the “tides”, an ability tu go “back and forth” with the ease of a Heron, not tu be confused with my wife who is 1/32nd Huron Indian, doubtful wouldn’t u agree that she could become entitled tu an Indian Gambling license, making it rather easy tu understand things such as “mood swings” and what it takes tu bring about paradigm shifts, the need 4 change everywhere




So it seems tu me, ordinary folks getting so incredibly tired of continuously “sucking on the hind titlashing out even when the likes of me r trying tu help, agree?


Surely u have noticed the evolutionary changes, beginning with the movement of the breasts from the rear towards the outer 4arms, agree?


I will be “out of touch” 4 the next several days so go ahead and do whatever u feel is appropriate including bringing out your biggest fricken guns, agree?


And while doing me a favor, please send a very clear message tu the rest of my supporters never tu forget my ever dwindling number of adversaries, again, relatively speaking, that no matter how we may disagree with many of the rules on the books we are a people of laws, mindful of G-d’s first commandment,


I am the Lord thy G-D that delivered thee out of Egypt out of the house of slavery, never tu return” [sic].


My hearing last night on the History Channel about a law in Israel that makes it illegal tu dig 4 artifacts while allowing the retail trade, a wholesale disregard not simply of what it means tu “Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, such contradictory laws non-existent apparently in every Arab country other than Lebanon, contributes in my estimation tu a “brain dead”, i.e. dummying down of society that allowed many of my crooked Jewish “brothers and sisters” tu find a safe haven in the Land of Milk and Honey, time and again, today tho if one has stolen enough say from an impoverished country like Lesotho which is “c deprived” even the British appear tu be willing tu turn a “blind eye” agree?


How much more clear cut would u like me tu be at this time, and don’t bother telling me, just go ahead and give Mr. JRK Esq. as much of an earful as u so desire bearing in mind, won’t u, that this sweetheart of a SCAL doesn’t have it nearly as bad a time with his wife as this one shopper my wife and I heard about yesterday afternoon who waited 4 her husband tu die be4 seeing it as appropriate buying each and every season sum 2,500 [two thousand five hundred] pairs of shoes?


Naturally, u could understand my disappointment in hearing this was not Ms. Teresa Heinz the wife of horny Senator John “Catheter” Kerry, the disappointment, however, of the owner of this one shop in Del Mar where my wife likes tu shop whose business fell off sum 50% quite heartfelt as a result of this not exactly “one of a kind” shopper deciding tu “high tail it out of town”, her closet while containing $1725 alligator shoes, the current price $3,500, I understand big enough 4 Campbell Soup, the code name 4 Mrs. Krinsk, tu rent at this time, as her “color coded” shoe collection continues tu multiply, agree?


Nothing quite like being able tu sit around the dining table with your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren telling them all about the “landmark” role u played in getting our great President George W. Bush tu suspend trading of the stock markets, once and 4 all, AGREE.




-----Original Message-----
From: Dobransky, Mariah A. []
Tuesday, February 17, 2004 11:22 AM
Cc: Mcdermott, David E.
Washington Mutual Bank Loan# 701722864
Importance: High


Dear Mr. Gevisser-

A Delinquency Notice was sent to you on February 3, 2004 which detailed delinquent payments and other amounts due for this loan since December, 2003. The deadline for reinstatement of these defaulted amounts expired on February 13, 2004.  I have attached the delinquency notice as a .PDF file for your reference.

<<701722864.Delinq_notice _NOI_.pdf>>

Also- I received several non-related and inappropriate emails from [Gary S. Gevisser] over the weekend in which I forwarded to our Data Security to review, these included:

2/14/04 titled “NS

2/15/04 titled “Fw: NS

2/15/04 titled “Next Symposium—[inappropriate description-intentionally deleted]”

2/16/04 titled “RE: Absence

While these emails appear to evidence your receipt of the Bank’s correspondence of February 3, 2004 they appear to contain nothing applicable to the circumstances of this loan and its default.

It is imperative that you contact me in regards to your delinquent account in order to forego further collection activity and it’s associated costs and possible negative credit reporting impact. Washington Mutual Bank intends to turn this matter over to counsel and to Trustee (on the Deed of Trust) by Thursday, February 19, 2004.

I am available at (714) 428-4823 or by facsimile (714) 428-4904.

Mariah Dobransky

Washington Mutual Bank

Special Assets