From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, February 11, 2004 2:27 PM
To: Ms. Dobransky – WAMU

Cc: rest
Subject: Next Symposium (:)...---... Loan # 701722864...---...What it takes tu get a Grand Jury investigation started, within the next 24? (:)


Dear Ms. Dobransky,


I am in receipt of your certified letter dated February 3rd 2004 suggesting in no uncertain terms that I get “current” with my mortgage payments on my property located at 1431 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, CA 92014, so how long a rope do u want me tu give u et al?


As a result of my efforts geared toward, “solving the problems of the wor.d” [sic], you [u] now in receipt of at least my last too missives, I have been sumwhat remiss in keeping up with certain obligations, bearing in mind, however, that I have been a pretty good customer of Washington Mutual and its predecessor “kowtowing” organization whose name escapes me at this time going back I believe as far as February 1987 when I bought this “one of a kind” property, agree?


First let me bring u up to [tu] speed on how these “chess games” otherwise known as Perfect Storms are [r] being played, every so often I go back and add a hyperlink




Two [too] tu a previous communiqué also known as a Next Symposium, a good example being the E-mail I sent out last evening tu Mr. Graham Kluk another Durban, South Africa, Carmel College alumni who lived a hop-jump-and-a-skip from my family’s last resting spot on Bowes Lyon Avenue just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from the University of Natal, South Africa that mostly catered tu brain-dead Lilly-White-Wheaty-Eating-Nanny-spoiled-dead-beat Jewish whiners such as myself, hi again Jonathan Beare, hi Mark Weinstein and of course hi tu u Mr. Dan Weinstein et al?


Sidebar to Dan Weinstein: Dan, u will of course be under no obligation tu let me know when u r about tu be interviewed by the FBI and please don’t forget tu let them know how it came about that your attorney, Stanford Law School graduate, Mr. William H. Jackson Esq. was mislead by exactly who in your organization when this fricken idiot sent me a Settlement Agreement on April 3rd-4th 2002 with all these wonderfully colored yellow stickys requiring so many fricken times [x] for [4] me tu write down my “John Hancock”, so where is Roger Hedgecock when I need him,




So poorly misinformed Mr. Jackson Esq. about those matters of critical importance discussed in the office next door tu your one handler, Mr. Dick Ziman, Chairman of the Board of Arden Realty, this memo prepared by exactly who in the Wetherly Capital Group organization that was responsible 4 masterminding and executing tu almost perfection the hijacking of the California Gubernatorial elections held back on November 8th 2002?


Yes, “aND” [sic], nothing like “smoking gun evidence”, i.e. documentation prepared on February 8th 2002, sum 3 weeks after my so-called, “bad behavior” that had me still down as a member of the CAP [California Agricultural Partners], by non other than the top “lap dogs”?


So right this very minute Mr. Dan Weinstein, give me 1,000 pushups followed by sum 5,000 sit-ups, no u idiot, u first need tu breath at least one time, tu the count of 5 all thru the nose and exhale at least one time again all thru the nose be4 u and your other nincompoop co-managing director, Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff get into the Pilates bicycle maneuver,


And be ever so very careful with your next move, remembering tu be ever so polite when feeling the need tu fart, not tu forget that besides 4 an Almighty G-D watching each and everyone one of our moves if there is so much as freckle being discolored on any one single member of my inner circle u can bet your bottom dollar none of u r capable of imagining the hell that will still await u here on earth “weigh” [sic] be4 u meet our incredible maker, agree?


Ms. Dobransky, I am having quite sum difficulty with your name but don’t let that distract u from my rather impressive “track record, u wouldn’t happen tu know who Larry Hack is, what about David Berman who received the last missive, u noticing of course that whenever I add anything tu what has been previously sent I highlight the letter-s in green, agree?


My decision at this time tu open up “another front” against Citicorp geared toward exposing not simply how the rich get richer employing old-time tax avoidance schemes such as “Dutch sandwichesbut far more importantly how the very best deals never make it tu Wall Street eventually of course the masses end up paying 4 the indulgences, the privilege the super rich would say they “deserve” 4 not being complete idiots allowing tho, this “Heads I win Tails U lose” Casino MENtality tu have continued unabated 4 sum, what 200 years while the likes of u, while able tu talk and chew gum at the same time, so dam efficient at using the mail service tu send the likes of me “registered letters” making it look tu average Joe Blow citizen that “rules and regulations” r adhered tu, “up and down the line”, u now wondering, “What in heaven’s name is going on?


Yes Ms. D, go take a very careful look at the E-mail I sent the folks at Fox TV back on July 23rd, 2002, who so many it seems think “R on the cutting edge” telling it just the way it is”, wouldn’t u agree?


What I can assure u, however, is that once our great President does the smart thing and suspends the trading of shares of public companies it will open up streams of not only capital 4 small businesses but more importantly, new ideas that will turn your fricken gravy train “upside down” and “inside out” and by the time I am done with the likes of u and Mr. Hinojosa III, u may even decide tu cut down on your coffee, agree?


U wouldn’t happen tu have your own private stash of our family’s Gipsy Tea and Coffee handy at this time?


Now of course, u should, not, start off doing 10,000 pushups, blah blah if in fact u consider today, like I do, the last day of my life, living each and every moment at this time as though it were my very last, my now needing tu speed things up just a wee bit in the event Mr. JRK Esq. and I r tu meet 4 lunch say at 2:30PM PST, just a half hour from now, an associate of Mr. Tim White Esq. who u probably don’t know just calling tu follow up on sum business I have with Mr. White Esq. who although he says he has gone tu live in Australia, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this wonderful kid has decided tu take a slow boat tu china?


How r u feeling, bearing in mind we have a number of physicians in our family including Dr. Barry Molk who is very possibly either number one or number too in terms of the best cardiologists in the world and I would very much like Dr. Tierstein who apparently is ranked “In the top 3 in the world” tu argue this point with me, Dr. Tierstein the first time we all “broke bread” at Matre D. a restaurant in La Jolla where tu the best of my knowledge Mr. JRK’s partner, former U.S. Attorney, Howard Finkelstein Esq. remains on the “banned” list, my incredible wife without lifting either her knife




Fork made nothing short of “mincemeat” out of Mr. JRK’s very good friend Dr. Tierstein who will never forget this red feathered hat until of course such time as he to becomes “senile”, agree?


And of course Mr. JRK Esq. is going tu be only tu happy tu purchase at least one 48 ounce Porterhouse steak, sum $40 odd dollars a pound, 4 my Pypeetoe who has his head resting on my foot as the too of us along with Maggie, our chocolate lab, stretched out a little further on the carpet in our upstairs bedroom, all of us enjoying this incredible weather, my thinking that if Mr. JRK Esq. cannot make it today then I will spend the rest of the day surfing the waves on my waveski with our too Canadian friends, r u in?


U don’t think I would take u 4 a fool, surely u have heard about this Jewish South African, Eldred Savell, who after misappropriating the public trust hitched a ride on a plane tu Beersheba in Israel where he is apparently still driving Egged Buses taking folks 4 a ride, my hoping that the Good Lord hasn’t already sent out a line, grabbing him, hook line and sinker, Mr. Savell now joining the likes of Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus, Martin “Lump face” Sternberg, and former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, Larry “Toothless Tiger” Lawrence as a cancerous enzyme working its way up the colon of pitiful Pol-li Pollak, hi Poli, when next do u want tu have a conference call with our mutual buddy Mr. Devin Standard?


Ms. D., u naturally agree we r all basically Jewish, even the Evangelical Christians such as Morley Safer of CBS’ 60 Minutes, since Jesus Christ was born a Jew, lived the life prescribed by the Old Testament, died like the former Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Rabin, not by sum crazy Arab but rather by one of his Christian brothers, u agree at least that Jesus Christ not only probably got buried according tu Jewish custom butt in all likelihood he never uttered the words, “Jesus Christ”




How about, “Christ Almighty”, certainly u would agree he was very probably as black as the “Ace of Spades”, had possibly butt not necessarily as long a hooked nose as me, and very likely had fuller lips than what u see [c] depicted in any single fricken Roman Catholic Church on this entire fricken planet agree?


By the way, my records show the last payment I made was back on 12/12/03 in the amount of $2,465.62. Please confirm if this is correct.


Suffice tu say I am in the process of finding an alternative source to refinance my loan with WAMU, i.e. tell u tu take your fukukta loan and shove it up where the sun don’t shine, agree?


Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe the outstanding balance is around $340K, that the property is still worth according tu my one “china” sum $1.8 million which doesn’t necessarily reflect the fact that I have gone through the process of converting the units intu condominiums, i.e. They have been TORCA-d which u can read all about by clicking on here,


Nor would I be happy if sumone were tu torch the building which of course would be one way of getting too of my tenants tu respond “in kind” letting me know what they recall of our agreement when renting tu them their “one of a kind” units, particularly Ms. Psychologist Erma in unit #3, a good friend of Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss’ second wife as in


What do you remember when you sought sanctuary at 1431 Stanford Street to mention little of your read of the Ten Commandments that requires no commentary especially from a Rabbi such as Rabbi Weiss who communicates with the likes of Merrick Wolman who I had heard from folks who I considered highly reliable sources, were vocal supporters of the Nationalist Nazi Party aka National Party of South Africa, the illegitimate “iron first” rulers for sum 40+ years, blah blah” [sic].


Not tu forget that unit #3 was good enough tu help Mr. Derrick Beare attract sum of the best looking women on the planet, my sister Kathy-Louise-Gevisser-Danziger tu the best of my knowledge not once being compensated by Mr. Derrick Beare 4 policing what at times was incredibly raucous behavior by these fricken well-healed women, all of them, in my opinion, at least 18 years of age, none I recall over 21?


And of course it was quite a job when u consider how Mr. Derrick Beare when traveling around the fricken world, with lots of encouragement from me of course, would expose himself, regularly, and now u want tu know the truth about my sex life




How about just why exactly the Mexicans hate us Americans so much, not even bothering tu distinguish between French-Canadians and us inbreeds?


Your records, Ms. D. should also reflect the email I received from Mr. Greg Newman also of WAMU back on May 8th 2002 informing me that I “should receive a loan application tomorrow via Fed -X from our Manhattan Beach office, blah blah.”


Mr. Newman along with a statistically valid representative sampling of the world’s population is copied on this communiqué, a different audience, however, tu those copied on my E-mail the other evening tu Mr. Tom Brecht of Brecht BMW located in Escondido, California, who I have yet tu hear from, surprise, surprise?


Depending on my target audience I sometimes [sumX] spell things out a little differently,


And of course there is nothing tu stop u from doing more research on me as tu whether or not I am a “good credit risk” by going on to any one of the search engines where when u type in my name u will come across a “hand-full” [sic]




More of my emails that folks unbeknown tu me have placed so strategically, it seems, contributing in no small measure tu my one website remaining on track tu be the number one website on the planet although a number of us knew back in the fall of 1999 that I was on tu a “good thing” based on the reaction I was getting from my first of sum 100 odd websites currently in various stages of construction from the bottom up, including none other than Mr. Newell Starks the current Chairman of the Board of one of Citicorp’s “fronting companies”, hi Tom Stephens, hi Lester Houtz and yes hi Newell. pretty much spells out how just one person with a command of one




tTOo things, mostly a good grasp in searching out the truth has not only managed tu hold the most rapacious white collar criminals including “out of control” attorneys in check, more importantly to those feeling so “disenfranchised” tu effectuate positive change without having tu go the lawsuit route, Perfect Storm II the proving grounds of such an incredibly uplifting experience, the Revlon Make Up Chart, which at one point the only item appearing on this “one of a kind” website showing how when need be with input coming from my incredible mother as well as step-father and quite the artist 4 a wife I can “get by” quite easily with “less said the better”, agree?


Butt of course there comes a point in time given the out of control greed that is pervasive throughout our culture which seems tu have no boundaries, at least at this point in time, when one does need tu “kick butt” and right now u can bet your and organization’s bottom dollar, i.e. u bottom line will soon reflect a number of things perhaps even a name change, i.e. I intend tu enter into fierce competition with u et al in bringing about a paradigm shift in the way u folks do business, agree?


Well don’t take my word on it just take a careful look at my previous missives, do u like the word




Would u choose sumthing more expressive than “missive”, my assuming u r watching your expletives at this time, and going forward, and backwards, now I realize is not the time tu get into a tutorial on Quantum Mechanics, how about Quantum Physics?


There are though a number of subjects pertinent tu your organization none more so important than how it came tu pass that Vincent Hinojosa III of your Del Mar branch located on Via Del La Valle sumhow managed tu gain access to the “hearts and minds” of the parents and kids of the Del Mar Hills Elementary School, a public school, mind u, brought about by u folks apparently agreeing tu donate one measly $1 4 every bank account opened at Washington Mutual, my not quite certain whether Mr. Hinojosa III stipulated clearly as he handed over the check tu Mrs. Francis the school principal whether the $557 reflected each and every bank account opened just in his branch as well as every other fricken one of your branches spread throughout the United States of America, spelling out precisely how this competitive bidding process first came about, agree?


Wouldn’t u also agree, being a tax paying citizen yourself that there should be at a minimum an enquiry as tu how come Mr. Hinjosa III happened tu be so incredibly “lucky”




Perhaps, a better word would be “privileged” tu have been given such a “one of a kind” opportunity tu “hook” parents and kids alike on your seemingly anti-competitive trade practices, agree?


Naturally, I am copying a member




Too of the United States Justice Department who may feel that the San Diego School body superintendent is simply overburdened, getting, possibly, reelected, what do u think?


Moreover, on a lighter note I received in the mail this weekend from one member of our viewing audience 7 pages ripped out of the February 16th edition of Forbes Magazine that has on its front cover one of the very best pictures I have ever seen of Mr. Melvyn Weiss Esq. of the 2,000 pound gorilla law firm of “Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Leroach” [sic], it very possible that Melvyn “mweissman” Weiss has not only a bigger nose than me but if u can believe it, he could, there is a Lord, be a whole lot uglier, although given the angle of the photo it is possible that there is sumwhat of a 4shortening effect going on, tu mention just in passing the smaller print headline above “THE CLASS ACTION KING” being,








Just minutes be4 opening this package full of lots of other “goodies” I had been making excuses tu my wife’s 11 year old kid, JoNathan, why I continue tu be delayed in getting my book, Manager Minute One, out on the bookshelves so that it can compete with the likes of Peter Elkind’s “one of a kind” nonsense best seller, “The smartest Guys in the room”, hi Peter.


Not tu forget that our neighbor Steve is supposed tu appear on the Opray Winfrey Show peddling his “one of a kind” diet cola, no strike that, “one of a kind” same old bullshit diet book, no strike that, “one of a kind” best-seller that I have yet tu read and u can bet your next bottom dollar if it is as great as Steve’s wife Patti who is 57 years young then rest assured I will promote the hell out of it.


Now may I suggest u turn your attention tu how I have managed tu paralyze once again another of my not so innocent “victims” the boys and gals from in the midst of death defying tail spin that I can assure u is not “endless”, death as u know from a Rattlesnake is slow, 30 minutes or less, assuming of course u don’t have the exact dosage of anti-venom handy.


Now be4 responding may I suggest u get down this very instant on your fricken hands and knees and give me how about 5 pushups followed by 2.5 sit-ups remembering please, tu breath in tu the count of 5, each breath taken in and out also tu the count of 5 should be thru the nose, my also telling our JoNathan about this movie I saw recently while alone at our rock cabin about these too British explorers during the mid 1800s searching 4 the source of the Nile and how despite the close kinship of these individuals deception had set in, specifically the blonde-haired chap’s brother having bought into “the end justifies the means” resulting in the blonde believing his dark-haired very good friend was a scoundrel, the blonde eventually committing suicide while sum 12 years later the truth being revealed that he had in fact found the source of river Nile, JoNathan commenting when I told him the British had named the lake, Lake Victoria, I assume after Queen Victoria,


That would be like me going into my friend Connor’s house and naming his couch JoNathan?


Quite a perceptive lad this 11-year-old who I have painstakingly helped nurture along with his “one of a kind” mother, his biological father, who more than just a handful of folks around the world now also refer tu as The Sperm Donor having done his level best tu make “our” boy and his elder sister nothing short of “co-dependants”, agree?


U would agree it is up tu each one of us tu empower the kids tu parent the parents who need the most help, most of them a bunch of fricken “dik-s”, in time I suspect your grasp of Quantum Mechanics will improve just like others perhaps more tuned in, although I cannot be presumptuous in thinking that u r not one of those persons responsible 4 us getting well in excess of 1 million hits per day on the website, agree?


By the way I never mentioned tu JoNathan that The Sperm Donor’s current “on-off” girlfriend, Ms. Dawn “Kilicat” [sic] continues tu work 4 Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach, the photo of Bill Lerach Esq. in this Forbes edition on page 84 again one of the very best photos I have ever seen of this 1,000 pound hair dude gorilla, Bill Lerach Esq. and Melvyn Weiss Esq. u must surely have read in the main stream press in the middle of one of the most bitter “gets” i.e. divorces imaginable my having brought tu Bill Lerach’s attention a number of things possibly not helping matters much, including the distinct possibility that Mr. Lerach Esq was not “Jewly” [sic] informed by his east coast “partner in crime” Mr. Melvyn Weiss Esq. that he Melvyn Weiss Esq.  had the likes of Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown doing nothing short of “pimping” on behalf of Mr. Weiss Esq. in anticipating of the upcoming “Battle of Titans” all tu be aired on at least one of our myriad of websites, Mr. Weiss’ too mutterings on March 22nd 2000 which u can access in the “mweissman” hyperlink in previous missives, coming just 3 minutes apart, the first at 10:31PM EST and the other 10:34PM EST possibly at sum point part of an expanded Grand Jury investigation, that could have tie-ins with the too meetings that took place on




Around December 28th 2001 both involving the former Governor of California, Gray “Ho Chi Min” Davis,


And, of course u may think I would have more credibility if I simply cut out the “name calling” butt then again I know a thing




Too about keeping the masses attention while having at least as good a grasp of what keeps the printing presses moving, agree?


And so if u feel the need tu fart, at any time, go ahead, remember tho, that a fart is nothing short, have u ever tried blowing a ram’s horn out of your arse?


Nor is it anything less, than a vowel movement from one’s rear end in addition tu such airborne particles of feces being possibly toxic, most of all tu those not altogether midget sized such as myself, agree?


So u c the virtues of being a midget, agree?


Furthermore, u folks helped finance our rock cabin in the mountains above San Diego making I should add quite a bundle in the process tu mention little of u continuing tu charge my wife’s and my one bank account despite the loan being paid off in full including prepayment penalties, so what’s up doc?


Finally be4 responding, in kind, my giving sum very careful thought tu u having one more opportunity tu refinance my property without me willing tu give u more than my word that I will repay any and all amounts owed within the next 3 years, perhaps a whole lot sooner, the second suggestion is that u read very very very carefully that deposition taken by a very “skilled and experienced” attorney in the form of SCAL Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. bearing in mind that while poking fun at this senior executive of Revlon Corporation who was being “held out tu dry” by Revlon’s attorneys so very obviously “conflicted out” helping tho demonstrate tu the world not only how easy it is tu be “co-opted” in this “its all about me me and eme world” [sic] butt one’s transparency eventually surfaces when laboriously approaching things from the Bottom Up?


My assuming u have pondered in sum depth why it is that water, which most scientists would agree is fireproof is made up of too highly volatile gases, again I am just preparing the next generation of SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] 4 what I c appearing on the horizon, my prescient timing all part of years spent fine tuning my “risk assessment” business helping the likes of Mr. JRK as well as Messrs. Weiss and Lerach how tu respond tu fast balls thrown at




Near head, be4 I got wind, naturally, that Weiss and Lerach hadn’t learned their lessons after paying sum $50 million in a “personal injury” lawsuit, settling be4 the punitive damages stages of the trial, so pitifully scared of paying a pitiful $150 million were these yoyos tu be found guilty of “malicious fraud”, they like any bully can be brought down with a stiff, one, arm, tackle, agree?


And of course there is no guarantee that if they got their dirty hands on me they would be so kind as tu leave me with one arm, agree?


No doubt while Mr. JRK Esq. was having fun with “Mr. Goodday” of Revlon, his “backyard” rendering doing nothing short of “breaking the ice” as my good friend Jeffrey then began tu pick away at this nincompoop’s brain, an ice-pick comes tu mind much like what I saw in this movie as this blonde hammered away at his brain thru his one ear in search of a desert bug that had crept in while he was sound asleep, ugh is all I can think at this time, which of course reminds me once again of Fred Deluca and one of his most memorable missives he sent me back in 1997, agree?


I tried reaching Mr. JRK on his cell phone this past Saturday while he was out with his dog resting his incredible mind 4 the week ahead my figuring that he will take the suggestion I first left with wife whose code name is Campbell Soup, be4 I attempted disturbing his peace, very possibly at the time finding refuge at the military cemetery near his one of a kind home where my very very very best friend Anne L. Miller now rests, Ms. Miller, in my opinion, having been reincarnated in a number of people who have recently emerged “out of know-where” [non-sic].


Quite a truly wonderful day today, quite extraordinary times [X] we all now live in, more and more of us no longer being under the weather as Mr. JRK Esq. was on October 17th 2002 during that 9+ hour deposition, so many more of us folks in rather good control of our faculties?


Me counting on the likes of u and every one copied on this email tu make certain that nothing goes wrong with any of my remaining properties, tu mention little of my loved one’s who like each and every one of us r in “G-D’s hands”, the Almighty G-D looking tu each and every one of us tu do the “right thing”, which includes not being stupid, looking left and right when crossing the street, taking care of household appliances that could prove dangerous, break pads so very important, my still needing tu take care of a couple of chores having tho accomplished this weekend getting the straps, tu hang, the ever expanding number of surfboards-surfskis that keep showing up at our beach house, our JoNathan using part of his savings tu design 4 himself a “one of kind” surfboard that no doubt will “blend in” well with my wife’s recent fashion creations, all part of the GrubbyGrub and concept I had approached the principal of the Del Mar Hills Elementary School, Ms. Francis who instead of embracing such a revolutionary concept that would have in addition tu stimulating the minds of the kids from “The Bottom Up”, decided tu go tu war with me by calling The Sperm Donor and the rest is history, in the making, quite wonderful this Digital Age in keeping things in their rightful perspective, just a question of time be4 a Grand Jury is convened tu investigate the Hot Water Wars, hi Seth Lubove, hi Ron Burkle, hi Bill “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton who u will recall when hired had one watchdog group who I have never heard of crying “foul”.


Hang TEN as we now pick up steam, us having all the necessary solutions at this time tu get this planet back “on track” without so much as one single able bodied person being out of work, agree?


Good Day & take very good care.


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake


Ps – u will notice that I have members of law enforcement copied on sum of my emails at this time and they will also notice on the opposite page tu William Baldwin’s editorial to look 4 Diamonds “In the rough”, the need tu watch out 4 those Oppenheimer folks, like the Durban North, South Africa Lazarus clan having a tendency tu take the law just like the Sperm Donor and the folks from the Wetherly Capital Groupinto their own hands”, just a matter of 7 days or less once the word gets out when each and every one of us trying tu do the right thing will own the world insurance market, so long, Warren “BO” Buffet.


Not tu forget Mr. Baldwin stating,


“Lawyers 1, Consumers 0 Do you have a Citibank credit card?... At least the plaintiffs are getting cash, of a sort. Often the huge victory trumpeted by the lawyers involves tampax coupons from the company that did wrong. Generally speaking, the lawyers are unwilling to take tampax coupons as their fee” [sic]. 


Please make very careful note of the hyperlink placed ever so carefully over the word “trumpeted” in the paragraph above; Trumpeter is a company falling under the umbrella of the Sterling Holding Company, again a “fronting” company whose Chairman of the Board, Mr. Newell Starks, is well known tu me as well as others intimately familiar with the inner workings of the financial markets, Sterling Holding Company’s “control person” none other Citicorp Ventures Corporation [CVC], CVC a “management friendly” entity of Citicorp, i.e. CVC is “shareholder hostile.”


This past week I found sitting in the leg room of the backseats of my Mini Cooper S a number of documents that had fallen out of a file I had left in the back area of the car be4 the back window was smashed.


When exactly these rather important fell out is anyone’s guess, most likely at the time the file itself was taken, my not having tied in a neat bow the ribbon straps, the “thief” either the “vandal-s” who broke the window without the car’s rather sensitive alarm system being triggered




Possibly sumone just passing by wanting tu create “misery” 4 me, no doubt not thinking 4 a moment that should the Internal Revenue Service decide tu audit my 2000 tax return tu mention little of my 2001, 2002 and 2003 which I have yet tu file, I now have a “golden opportunity” tu “plea bargain” all the way tu owning Fort Knox, agree?


Missouri is what now comes tu mind which is where I believe is the spot The Sperm Donor would best look forward tu receiving a heroes welcome assuming of course the folks back there still embrace bigots, agree?


There being, however, little likelihood of The Sperm Donor




Ms. “Kilicat”, yet tu be married, being responsible 4 this “faux paux” which 4 all I know could very well have been “An Act of G-d” and of course both my wife and I can vouch 4 the whereabouts of both our dogs.


What I can tell u is that if these documents had not fallen out of this file they could have been lost 4ever, my having completely forgotten about several of them none more so important than the “Bridge-Acquistion” document u et al can peruse at your pleasure, the level of detail I can assure u not a figment of my “well-soiled” fertile imagination, and one, my mind perfectly fine, the authorities should examine in the minutest detail, bearing in mind once again the following:


On October 17th, 2002 the very day that Mr. JRK got a little lost making his way tu that very very very important deposition that resulted immediately thereafter with Mr. Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman pursuing quite aggressively “Settlement Proceedings”, hi all u fricken attorneys from “Scadden Apes” [sic], the stock price of Stratos Lightwave which was the target of the “hostile takeover” by Citicorp, reached a low of 24 U.S. cents, u know of course that the earth rotates sum 24 degrees off the vertical axis 5




So basis points, agree?


Perhaps more important tu the Feds is that “During the fall of 2001” Mr. Newell Starks and James W. McGinley, the Chief Executive Officer of Stratos Lighwave,


briefly discussed a potential combination of the two companies. This discussion was preliminary in nature, and neither company analyzed a potential combination or took steps to explore the possibility of a transaction”.


C page 28 of The Proposed Merger between Sterling Holding Company and Stratos Lightwave.



PPs – when I first read this headline in the news the other day I first read, “Kerry Says He Won't Make Dukatis' Mistake.” There r of course still out there a number of folks who would like tu have duck-tape placed over my mouth butt then again such numbers r decreasing exponentially, again relatively speaking, with each “spin” of the earth, word now traveling thanks again tu the Digital Age at light speed, quite extraordinarily fast, that word “extraordinary” one of Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff’s favorite words and why I implore her one final time tu do the smart thing,


“… as emissary to lost souls and disturbed spirits feel free tu contact Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk, and don’t even think to yourself that he is sum kind of jerk, who will act as a conduit to put you in touch with capable counsel…”


PPs – Ms. D, What do u think of Michael Steinhardt deciding tu get intu the business of farming “lamas”?