From: Gary S. Gevisser
Friday, February 06, 2004 6:01 PM
To: Mr.
Tom Brecht – General Manager of Brecht Motors, Escondido, California. – Dealers in BMW Mini Cooper S+++
Cc:rest including Roger W. Robinson; Mark Weinstein Esq; San Diego FBI; Detective
Jeffrey W. SteeleSan Diego Police Department.

Subject: Next Symposium J “…---…Heads Up…---…Is there anything else we can help u with Mr. Rattlesnake?...---…Trashing our great President…---…Kerry…---…over my dead body…---…deposition time just beginning…---….Shock waves down the spin…---,,,Clinton…---…”


Dear Mr. Brecht,


Just moments ago I arrived back in Del Marsafe & sound” after a week’s sabbatical cruising occasionally in my Mini Cooper S up in the mountains above San Diego, the time now 4:54PM PST, the sun still pretty high up, the temperature gauge in the car which is parked in the shade last reading 61 degrees although with the sun blasting in I would say it is closer to 80 degrees, my having sealed up the back window as best I could with transparent plastic as I headed yesterday toward Julian 4 sum apple pie, my dog Pypeetoe who you [u] see [c] in the S hyperlinks just resting no doubt be4 I complete this email which I guess should take me about an hour and a half, Pypeetoe  will need some [sum] attention which could delay this introductory communiqué.


This email could perhaps take significantly less time since I will be “cutting & pasting” from other documents and emails previously sent over the past 4 odd years.


As I entered El Cajon the first major town west of the wretched Indian gaming casinos I came across the license plates of a vehicle that said words tu the effect, The more u hate me the better I feel.


Thought u might be interested, as in “tit for tat” u know of course one of the best quotes coming out of the mouth of the last surviving son of the original William Randolph Hearst was, Tits and ass when William Randolph Hearst VI would commented on what the vast majority of people want out of their TVs, other than of course the distraction needed when the only other option is having sex with their partner-s which of course can bring on a Tylenol moment and if that isn’t enough tu dissuade the beast, man




Woman, hard tu tell one from the other these days, agree, then there is always the finger down the throat routine,


And if u feel like vomiting, may I suggest u contact Mr. Mark Weinstein who is copied on this email, Mark being a former prosecutor before [be4] working out the finer kinks of what it takes tu die the richest person in the grave, hi Mark.


The first time I took this “one of a kind” car up to [tu] Los Angeles where my first stop off was a Starbucks just up the street from my “one of a kind” 6 unit condominium project on Stanford Street, a 60s version of the Mini Cooper drove up and parked right opposite tu me, see [c] first S hyperlink, my asking the gentleman if he would reverse his vehicle so that I could get this terrific shot, agree?


So what do u think should be the opening bid by Citicorp Credit Card on and while u are [r] pondering this question could u have any explanation why Roger Hedgecock the so-called conservative Radio Talk Show host former big time lefty, has held on tu my Avenger Pitching Wedge golf club that I used tu “transport” my “god” [sic], back and forth, in February-March 2002, bypassing all security checkpoints both at Los Angeles International Airport as well as Houston International Airport on my “one of a kind” trip tu Peru, never saying tu the authorities, so easily distracted by my good looking dog-bitch, my being forced tu have this “one of a kind” 4 legged creature “fixed”, much more than,


“No I don’t have any papers confirming Pypeetoe is a guide-dog but if u look at his Gucci harness on the tag u will c inscribed GMG which stands 4 the Gevisser-Miller-Group not tu be confused with the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies started by my grandfather Israel “Issy” Gevisser at the turn of the last century his nephew, my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser, himself an Orthodox Jewish person possibly more so than any human being on this planet responsible 4 Mr. Charles Engelhard being such a scoundrel other than of course the poor conditioning he received from his parents, Mr. Engelhard considered by many including my mother who most would agree is head and shoulders smarter than uncle David as the most powerful business person in the world if not the richest, agree?


U know of course Charles Engelhard the principal of Engelhard Chemical and Supply Company was the ‘control person’ i.e. controlled amongst many things the world supply of platinum bearing in mind that my mother’s client Aristotle Onassis who banged the First Lady of the United States not necessarily as many times [X] as her deceased husband, John Kennedy, felt up starlets as he took baths taking the pressure of his poor back, the excuses men will come up with so as not tu perform their master-slave functions quite pitiful, agree?


Not tu forget that so far in this dialogue we have only been discussing 4 all intent and purposes ‘businessmen’ so tu make this more meaningful please interrupt me at any point, u well aware of my wife, Marie Dion, the ‘beefed up’, i.e. fashion plate, reincarnation of my incredible mother, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman, pointing out,


‘When the dialogue becomes two [too] monologues it is the beginning of the end’



At sum point should u get bored I will get into why I consider my mother the most powerful business person in the world, that is be4 she started tu go senile back in December 2001, just a month or so ago when I made her aware that I was writing a ‘Tell All” book titled, Manager Minute One that has its roots on this train ride we took back in December 1967 from Zurich, Switzerland tu Kitzbuel, Austria, not tu forget the other inscription on Pypeetoe’s tag, ‘Site Hound’ [sic] which u can c, here, use my magnifying glass, much like what many of us suspect the great master painters of the passed millennium used tu examine their subjects’ private parts be4 then using mirrors tu facilitate their drawings, agree?


U have read, I assume, Howard Stern’s book Private Parts, and u know all about the trip I took with too left of left wing radicals a decade plus ago tu the border town of Tijuana right next door tu San Diego that had these too yoyos crawling like kids in a sandbox, on their hands and knees in one of those filthy Roman Catholic Church’s catering tu keeping the masses groveling like these too pitiful characters suddenly finding religion once again having missed incarceration by nothing short of a hair as I read to my heart’s content a book that could become standard reading in every head, starting right now in telling our kids the truth, the problems of the world having nothing tu do with race, color or religion simply poor parental religious teaching, the need tu empower the kids tu parent the parents who need the most help so that they don’t grow up like King Golden Jnr. Esq. and Valerie Schulte Esq. tu become nothing short of a ‘dik’?


interesting wouldn’t u agree, how so many folks in paintings appear left handed, u no doubt wondering as I do whether people u shake hands with have after going tu the toilet washed their hands 4 20 seconds as prescribed by Marie Dion, her ex-husband The Sperm Donor will shortly become oh so incredibly compliant, each and every moment as the clock ticks on the number of strokes he and the ever dwindling number of my adversaries, relatively speaking, experience going through [thru] the roof,  agree?


U not foolish enough [enuf] tu think, that I would deprive my Sight Hound from seeing the sights of Machu Picchu, so shameful u would agree that not only was I forced tu have his balls chopped off butt can u imagine what The Sperm Donor will do when he finds out that I fed them tu Cranky the Australian bird which we rescued out of his pigsty of a house, agree?


U realize at this time how much better off things would be 4 the environment if we continued this intriguing conversation on board the aircraft since I could swear I hear the engines of the jet starting up, never tu use bad language, expose a breast or too unless looking 4 ratings, agree?


The truth u know is sumthing we all tend tu postpone while saying idiotic things like ‘I love my kids, period’ altho sumX replacing the word ‘period’ with the word, ‘unconditionally’ while always at least lipsinking following these meaningless ‘makes me a co-dependant feel good about making my offspring at least equally co-dependant’ words, ‘butt not all that much 4 they’re selfish little brats’?


dNA’ [sic] and why we hear so often these days the old farts express themselves so eloquently as in


“When they were young I just wanted tu eat them up and when they got older I only wish I had the balls tu do so’ [sic], agree?


So what do u think of human sterilization, and please think of contributing at least one dollar tu each time u stroke my pretty dog who u would agree has silk like skin almost as pleasant tu touch as my Marie who if u let me pass thru without going thru the metal detectors I will bring with me on my next go around, my plan is tu c if she will make it thru Dead Woman’s Pass on the 4 day hike along the ancient Inka trails on our way tu Machu Picchu without being ‘blown away’, sex u know during the 3 nights when one’s tent is pitched at a 90 degree angle requiring a number of adjustments, agree?


I do, however, expect the sun tu rise at exactly 63 degrees from where we will be standing once we reach the top of Machu Picchu, Okey-dokes?


And later assuming Pypeetoe gets tu travel first class on the return leg of the trip without me having tu pay not even a single dime u know of course there really isn’t an insurance company on the planet worth at this time so much as an American dime, agree?


Of course it should go without me having tu spell it out that Tippytoe the name given tu my dog by Mr. JRK Esq. must have his own fully reclining seat, I will tho bring along his down comforter, the possibility existing that I could get all caught up writing my book not wanting tu forget all that transpired back in December of last year as I purchased our “one of a kind” final resting spot in Minehead, England, resulting in Pypeetoe and I being sumwhat delayed on the return leg, my promising tu bring back photos of my ‘dog left’ drives atop Machu Picchu, returning however, on March 17th 2001 so as tu celebrate with my Marie my 23rd anniversary since arriving in this great country, the United States of America” [sic].


So u c Mr. Brecht I would have tu adjust my script when dealing with the authorities in other countries that I visited, remembering that although I only went tu Peru on that trip returning in time if my Marie hadn’t “otherweiss” [sic] been engaged in conversation with Ms. Katherine “Stinky Watch List” Murry tu have been able tu c the live show A Man 4 All Seasons playing on Coronado Island across the bay from San Diego, there is a world of difference between the folks in Lima, Peru’s capital than those out in the jungles, Lima just one of the many “Black Holes” courtesy of the “Clinton-Bore” [sic] Administration although they would attempt tu blame the horrors and persecutions that went on during Mr. “Fumigator’s” [sic] reign on prior United States Administrations, over my dead body is all I can say, wouldn’t u agree Mrs. Teresa Kerry, no fricken way is anyone going tu ever again buy their way into our White House, agree?


And should u, Mr. Brecht, want tu know more about such things including what very likely contributed tu the premature death of Charles “Coca-cola addicted” Englehard




Why my incredible mother didn’t address in her best-seller Cinderella story, The Winking Cat, why sumone who controlled the world shipping lanes more so than anyone in the history of our species would choose someone as ingenious as my mother to “hand held” a would be artist who showed zero artistic talent but heap loads of perseverance much like Hitler, then by the time u have finished this missive I can all butt guarantee u will know exactly how u can order your own copy of my book Manager Minute One that will be personally autographed, agree?


If not by me then by at least one member of my inner circle my assuming








My dwindling number of adversaries don’t collaborate tu such a degree that would have each and every one of us being taken out in say one bomb blast although if u were tu say get us tu line up much the way the Jewish Capos executed so incredibly well in keeping the trains to places like Auschwitz rolling along allowing the SS tu synchronize their watches then u might think one bullet coming from the type of gun used by Flotilla 13 commandos, the most elite of Israel’s Special Forces would be suffice, agree?


U of course r well aware of how Mr. Melvyn Weiss Esq. of the 2,000 pound gorilla law firm of “Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Leroach” [sic] made his point so very well when getting German Industry in cahoots with the German Government tu fork over sum $4 odd billion dollars in exchange 4 the work performed during WWII by our slave brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles blah blah the best of the best u would agree not kowtowing tu the authorities, their remains however with each and every one of us, 4 the simple reason we know from Newton’s first principal that 4 every action there is an equal and opposite reaction nothing is gained nor is anything lost in a non-vacuum environment such as SpaceShip earth, agree?


Their ashes feeding the trees which produce the oxygen that allow the likes of me tu breath so effortlessly as we go about not slamming our fricken watches on board room tables as Melvyn “Wiseass” Weiss Esq. so eloquently demonstrated, my now demanding a complete and thorough accounting of such monies including exactly how much ended up in Mr. Weiss’ coffers, agree?


My soon showing how the “World’s books get balanced”, immorality having no color, very much “black and white”, best illustrated in perhaps the most hideous act ever enacted in modern day times, the Immorality Act of the South African Apartheid regime resonating in many a head including those mostly brain dead South African buddies of mine, like never be4, agree?


Coffers, not tu be confused with the word, “Kaffirs” which if u don’t already know it’s meaning will become part of our everyday vocabulary much like it was during the time I was raised in South Africa during the Nationalist Nazi Party’s reign over sum 40+ years, their “iron fist” policies beginning in 1948, the same year the State of Israel was founded very much in line with their heroes from Nazi Germany, thanks in no small measure tu my Jewish brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles, blah blah who failed tu stand tall and dismiss using “superior and overwhelming forces” the power of the pen more threatening than ever be4, beginning with the Jewish Capos in our midst be4 moving on tu the more hypocritical the most fricken hypocritical family ever tu have emerged in modern day times non other than the Oppenheimer family of South Africa whose day of reckoning is now just beginning, agree?


I am still waiting tu hear back from Ms. Susan Bailey about her and her boy-toy purchasing my one remaining property in the United States of America, Susan just possibly a little distracted by my use of hyperlinks which I will keep tu a minimum given the limited time available 4 such missives, not tu suggest that Susan’s brother-in-law who I believe is still the Chief Investment Officer of CalPERS would have her ignore me, agree?


Let me know what u think, when u cum [come] across my eldest brother’s blank verse about Mr. Ghandi and his connection with the one side of our family, the Ashes, ok?


Surely I am not boring u tu sleep?



A death doesn’t make a winter,

But, it can chill a summer.


C page 36 of Neil Gevisser’s Cunning Linguist.


I was thinking of hanging our American flag at our rock house in Pine Creek, California upside down, what do u think?


If u happen tu have gas, go ahead, and fart, remembering as my eldest brother once told me, “A fart is nothing butt airborne particles of feces” [sic], i.e. take care of your surroundings, remembering again Newton’s principle that 4 every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained nor is anything lost, unless of course one is in the vicinity of sumone farting and your mind becomes exposed tu toxins, agree?


Remember the space between one’s ears, G-D having gifted the vast majority of the people I have met on my brief stay on this planet too ears and one mouth that we should listen twice as hard as we vomit out nonsense, is not a perfect vacuum such as exists in Deep Space, that is until such time as we lose our minds altogether


Or it gets filled up with cuc, agree?


Rot, u would agree begins from the “waste” [sic] up, hot air rising, cold air much like we find in Deep Space dropping, the Fish Rots From The Head Down, best expressed in Greek, T0 PSAR VROMAI APO TO KEFALI KAI DATO, agree?


I am still while being ever so mindful of the incredible good that exists most people I know r hard working, honest, just trying tu make ends meet, no more than a paycheck or too from being out on the street, looking forward to our first snow fall trying as best that can be expected from a Lilly-White-Wheaty-Eating schoolboy from Carmel College, Durban, South Africa tu keep the rock cabin, also known as Stonehenge II, warm given my failure tu cover the chopped wood protecting it from the rain, the furnaces, however, fully fired up.


Had I possibly befriended the Lazarus clan from Durban North, South Africa, a little more it is possible that Norman Lazarus would have arranged for one his Non-Ferrous Metal [NFM] company employees, perhaps Tim Hannum to not only stoke up the furnaces when needed butt also help clean out the too chimneys while “standing guard” making certain that no one steals that which doesn’t belong tu them, agree?


Time as u well know waits 4 no man-woman unlike money which one can always make especially if willing to “skirt the law” even violate both criminal as well as civil statutes, even more so if one has been so “fortunate” tu have built up enuf of a “war chest” agree?


Admit, u






Your spouse-significant other-travel companion blah blah just love my master-slave-painter’s expression,


When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the endMarie Dion Gevisser


Does it bother u as much as it bothers me seeing men with breasts, bigger, than those belonging tu, my wife, Mdg?


I could cut very quickly to the chase in terms of my beef, with your organization butt then again I have an ever expanding audience tu attend tu who r more up tu speed in matters that concern each and every one of us that I have been addressing 4 sum time now, these folks, those responsible 4 keeping my website www. NexTraTerresTrial .com on track tu be the number one website on the planet understanding full well that in order tu be effective, help the masses overcome their resignation assuming they r able tu overcome the denial stage of seeing [cing] in “black and white” how incredibly rigged the world’s financial markets have become the result of each successive generation having “mortgaged our children’s future” not simply as Mr. Don “Maple leaf figurehead idiot” Bauder states in this week’s San Diego Reader, “We Have Mortgaged Our Future”, I am compelled tu help offer sum measurable relief, comic relief, an essential element of our constitution, not tu be confused with the United States Constitution very much under attack, agree?


Not everyone perhaps as quite aware as me and an ever growing number of people in our inner circle that the children of the world r all our futures, there sufficient resources available at least 4 the next hundred years




So 4 those of us at least in the privileged classes tu go on partying ad-infinitum, agree?


So then u would agree with how important it is that this “gravy train” doesn’t come to a screeching halt beginning with the need 4 u tu train all members of your staff, repeating after me, in a nutshell,




I know very little about u other than your name I was given by the receptionist at Brecht Automotive who answered the phone whereas u have the ability by clicking on the previous hyperlink which takes u tu an ad I ran in one national newspaper in South Africa in the late 1980s tu know pretty much everything about me, at least in terms of the thing I hold most dear, us born with a name but woe be tu any one whether it be a misbehaving toilet washer




King-pin Mafia Don such as Ron Burkle who screws with my reputation which will remain in tact with the help of an Almighty G-D until I take my last breath of air, nothing quite like a breath of fresh air tu cleanse the soul never forgetting those ashes, agree?


Ron Burkle so smart, u think, tu hire Bill “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton the instant this not-disgraced-enuf former President of the so-called “Free World” vacated the White House along with his “phatso” [sic] wife with everything short of the kitchen sink, trace elements of his sperm very possibly still remaining despite the current great President and his wife doing their level best tu remove this atrocious individual and his Hollywood friends’ semen off the wallpaper in the Lincoln Bedroom, doubtful Hilary would have allowed Bill tu squirt his load in the privacy of their bedroom, agree?


Can u imagine Hilary fitting in tu the space beneath the desk in the Oval Office, and why Clinton didn’t simply tell the truth as tu why he needed a smaller “phatso” [sic] who just happened tu be Jewish willing tu go on all 4s tu pleasure this poor poor lost soul would have had all of us including former U.S. Marine and Navy Officer Amos Wright collapsing intu a heap of tears, agree?


So why do u think it is that so many of the younger generation who with each tick of the clock inherit more of each successive generation’s debt become so deaf even when surrounded by level headedness so well demonstrated by President George W. Bush and his incredible wife, few if any of them can forget not just that wimp Clinton pointing his smelly cum-covered index finger, his anger written all over his diminutive penis that anyone would dare question what he does in his “play time” albeit managing tu conduct in accordance with the principals of “WORK HARD PLAY HARD CUMS FREEDOM” conversations with politicians and lobbyists while getting blow jobs from a Jewish intern who should have been raised better tu question things like the long term effects of inhaling Aspartame laced candy washed down with a McDonald’s cheese coated hamburger




Too that once filtered through Clinton’s organs such as the liver even if functioning perfectly still have trace elements of toxins emerging in the urine which comes out at the head of the penis, agree?


Few men I know of when washing their hands even 4 20 seconds after going tu the bathroom remember tu unwrap their “shalom” [sic], first as Dan Weinstein will tell u, from out of their ear, then back over their shoulder, around their waist, back thru the bellybutton be4 applying boiling hot water properly soaped up, agree?


Don’t u just hate these monotonous responses all geared toward perpetuating the dreams of Hitler’s Goebels whose command of the airwaves continues in the form of the National Association of Broadcasters [BAN] [sic], a left of left wing highly educated bunch of radicals who obviously did far to much LSD during the 1960s, hi again, Valerie Schulte Esq.


It was in fact  my mother who came up with the headline, A Name From Here You Can Trust Over There, Zena RAG Zulman, again, a “one of a kind” incredible mother who got a lot of assistance along the way beginning with her grandmother, who as a child was the sole family survivor of a pogrom which had her witnessing the slaughter of her immediate family, Mrs. Badash later raised in a tiny village in “White Russia” called Poinsk which is where David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister grew up.


Killing the messenger in this day and age rather infantile, agree?


The Digital Age, possibly the last G-D-Send be4 another “pattern” emerges, General Patton not the first tu believe he was reincarnated, this Poinsk, according tu my mother, should not be confused with a much larger town in Poland of the same name, there being, however, no record of whether my great grandmother when later living in Israel ever engaged in much




Any conversation with this great modern day leader who professed that “The Children of Israel be a light unto the nations”, quite an interesting word this “light” never ever ever tu forget how The Sperm Donor using his too biological children as “shields” tried to knock the light out of me and my beloved, Marie Dion, the incredible mother of their too gifted children, each one no more special, however, than anyone




Anything with DNA, the need tu tread ever so carefully so critical at this time, u “fully onboard” realizing that there really is not much of a difference between a TKO [Technical Knock Out] and a KO certainly when dealing with sumone’s reputation?


If not now then whey? If I am only 4 myself who am I? If I am not 4 myself who is 4 me?


Tu repeat, 4 every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained nor is anything lost, even one’s 4skin feeding the worms that release oxygen from the inner bowls of the earth in concert no doubt with the trees, getting lost these days even in a thick forest chopping down trees in this Digital Age a pretty pitiful excuse, Marie Dion Gevisser [Mdg] getting her first speeding ticket this past Tuesday as she exited the art studio of Sebastian Capella, her moving violation, doing sum 45 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, agree?


Now just think about the “forces at play” when holding back an SUV such as a Nissan Pathfinder even if she were tu be turned around having sex in the back seat traveling sum 15 miles over the speed limit, agree?


And one assumes that there is sufficient breaking pad on all 4 wheels even with the break warning light now on along with the gravitational pull of the earth tu stop in time should a dog decide as mine did yesterday tu cross a busy street in pursuit of a chipmunk, most I would think agreeing the G forces remaining constant even if Mdg were tu be simply daydreaming of having sex, behind the wheel of this chunk of metal capable of doing as much damage as say the tank we saw in Tiananmen Square back in the spring of 1989, agree?


Altho that one individual made quite a difference in galvanizing public opinion, much like J.P Morgan accomplished back in 1907 when the fundamentals of the U.S. economy were significantly worse than in 1929, 1907, in my opinion, a whole lot better than the state of our economy today despite the trains still running pretty much running on time and sales of Mini Cooper S at an all-time high, agree?


Now lets just say Mdg was breaking the law by a factor of say 10, her speed at the moment of detection close tu say 450 MPH about the breakpoint speed of the fighter-bomber planes that my incredible father Bernard Nathan Gevisser flew over enemy territory during sum 71 operations knocking the crap out of the Nazi bastards, on his 60th operation pulling up sum “50ft to 100ft” [sic] above the houses, the explosions from his own bombs KO his entire electrical system tu mention little of the difficulty making it back tu base with one’s tail plane all shot up tu mention in passing not having a “slave” tu pump down the wheels after what was not exactly a day in the water park as say at “Annehowser” [sic] Bush stadium across from the quarry at the border between San Diego, USA and Mexico, where dead bodies often appeared out of “know where” [sic], hi Paul Borden, president of HomeFed, hi Huewell Howzer, hi Newell Starks.


My having yet tu hear, however, Mdg so much as fart, my hearing tho not quite as good as say members of your front office staff who no doubt can be called on as witnesses tu regurgitate, if need be, perhaps not as well as me, each and every syllable I used in making my points when picking up my car the last time I visited your squeaky clean showrooms, no doubt more of the colored “slaves” sweating away in the back?


My thinking that if I were Governor of the 6th largest economy in the world not only would I allow dogs properly trained tu run free and leash first of all white collar criminals beginning with our most educated criminals who thumb their nose at The Constitution suggesting that because “It was all about fingering Jewish female interns while sucking on cigars laced with their cum 4 their buddies such as Vernon Jordon tu sniff on the golf course, Clinton using his other hand tu adjust the phone from time tu time from one ear tu the next his cum ending up on a blue dress “jew tu” [sic] his so poor aim intended 4 spots on his desk tu be applied when signing legislation selling off our manufacturing base, nothing like speaking with his Chinese “care givers” thinking it would be ok tu lie under oath






Sign a declaration “under penalty of perjury,”


I would ask as part of the referendum whether once we r able tu detect who has the most toxic farts tu pass a law that would result ultimately in prison time 4 repeat offenders those guilty of such moving violations, agree?


And then as goes California so goes the rest of the world, us first tho having tu do a bit of housecleaning be4 telling the rest of the world tu mind their business, agree?


Did u






Any member of your immediate family ever attend the Zena Gevisser Charm School, what about Arnold Schwartz when he spent quite sum time in South Africa be4 becoming a Hummer salesman which I guess came after he felt up Joe “Communist” Kennedy’s relative, agree?


U would agree it quite sumthing that a left of left left wing radical such as King Golden Jnr. Esq who stood alongside Senator Muskie during the 1972 Democratic Party primaries in the freezing cold, King concerned no doubt that if he acted crazy and threw himself into the crowd as the Senator began tu cry about his wife’s poor spending habits, he, King, that is, might feel sumwhat inadequate when felt up by the crowd on worshipers, the size of his “Jesus” the name I think given tu his penis when he was a Roman Catholic alter boy, would be not only good buddies with Mr. Conservative Roger Hedgecock who I provided upon my return from Peru the first time in 2002 the “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party,


Butt, more importantly, bosom buddies, King, that is, with former NSC operative Mr. Roger W. Robinson who appeared going on a 4tnight ago on 60 Minutes trashing our great President George W. Bush-Cheney, agree?


U Mr. Brecht would agree that the gravitational pull in a nose dive not really impacted by the blasts of anti-aircraft fire having much of a “drag effect” on either Spitfires whose wings were mostly wood and Kittyhawks which is what my incredible father flew most of the time in “hot spots” over Northern Italy, certainly such “hiccups” didn’t have my father feeling he had enough time to light up a fag, agree?




Down a shot or too of J&B whiskey, my just thinking about beginning another communiqué tu the current operator of our Ccrest Café in Minehead, England who may have received an email from me this past Wednesday in error.


Then consider 4 the moment that my father and others well schooled in dive bombing runs was only say traveling at 300 KPH [Kilometer Per Hour] at the time they would “apply the breaks”, i.e. pull back on the lever, u aware that oftenX the target zone was covered by dust created from previous bomb bursts tu mention in passing how the Nazis often set up decoys knowing full well what would attract the “lights” [sic] of people like my incredible father, and then multiply that number by another 10 taking the speed that Mdg would have been clocked at by this ever diligent patrol officer tu a whopping 3,000 KPH unlikely u would c my incredible wife downing a McDonald’s whopper, certainly if she notices in her rear, view, mirror, the patrol officer with lights flashing her smart enough to realize that even with her good looks and quite the French accent having ketchup all over her face as she applies the brakes tu slow down would not help even if I were tu show up in court alongside, agree?


Now then multiply this 3,000 KPH by another factor of 10, my thinking at this time of the O’Reilly show on Fox TV, since in mathematics when talking about “factors” one is generally speaking in terms of “squares” which r not part of this equation, yet.


So now we have Mdg traveling at sum 30,000 KPH there of course being no time 4 tears her windshield u would agree totally obliterated the cold air not only drying up the tears in her eyes but I think it would be fair tu assume there remained little trace of sleep her being accused of sleeping at the wheel unlikely although I would begin my arguments by suggesting that she was possibly “sleep deprived” then again on Monday night there were only a hand-ful of interruptions during the night, agree?


Butt, now if u r thinking, “Son of a bitch” what is the meaning of all this, may I suggest u get on your hands and knees and begin first by thanking the Almighty G-D to have empowered the likes of Bernard Nathan Gevisser tu have given your as well as my forefathers the biggest fricken “kick up the arse” during WWII, it very possible that your relatives just like mine where either asleep at the wheel,




Were not cowardly enough to kowtow tu the Jewish Capos installed by the Nazi SS so as tu limit the amount of Jewish blood spilling on tu their spotless uniforms, i.e. our relatives never survived the Holocaust, as in kaput, now in the hands of a very loving but very thoughtful Almighty G-D, Jewish people generally replacing the “O” in “DOG” [sic] with a dash, agree?


Now, bear with me, just a little more multiplication and then we will be done with the first stage of my explaining tu u and the ever increasing number of folks tuned in the


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe.


So, take Mdg, not as u wife, I assume u r satisfied with whoever it is that accompanies u tu bed, doing sum 30,000 KPH in a 30 MPH speed zone and multiply by another 10 arriving at 300,000 KPH and then 4 Marie tu approach the speed of light multiplying this 300,000 KPH by sum 3,600, give or take 1.08 billion KPH, i.e. sum 300,000 Kilometers Per Second, leaving Mdg with few options other than tu kick in her “afterburners”, agree?


In other words, Professors Joe Grundfest and Bernie Black would have tu bring out more than the Stanford University rowing team be4 we can begin tu appreciate the complexities tu mention in passing the preciseness of General Relativity [GR] which has us multiplying the speed of light by itself, i.e. squaring off, agree?


And please don’t think I am looking tu bait u into a fist fight, contact Mr. George Money Talks Hurst Esq. if that option is even entering your brain, remembering light as in sound is measured in waves, sum of us more sensitized than others given the non-vacuum of space that remains between our ears, allowing each and every one of us tu feel the “Hand of G-D” constantly touching, a mind a terrible thing tu lose, agree?


And so why anyone would even dream of fooling with such ingenuity given E=mc squared’s “standing” in the scientific community would seem absolutely nuts, agree?


Then again few if any astrophysicists can really explain precisely what happens at the point that we reach the speed of light where everything should cum tu a standstill, perhaps why Einstein better than most became so anti-nuclear his understanding perhaps better than most tu use his words, “The mind of G-D”, GR, again being so incredible precise that this genius of a man would have nothing to do with Quantum Mechanics where there is only such things as increased probabilities, by going “reverse & forwards” mindful of nothing retaining its structure when being “divided” other than a Right Angled Triangle, certainty, however, being taken out of the equation, the most certain equation,




So it seems tu me being Pythagoras’ x squared + y squared = z squared, the building block created by the very first scientist who in taking 4 the very frist time mysticism and superstition out of the equation very likely never bothered with stuff like trying tu figure out the square root of negative one which of course must exist one just needs tu examine the ingredients of artificial light there being a number of “errors” in mathematics beginning with 2 multiplied by 2 not equaling too when one multiplied by one is 1, complicating matters is when testosterone clad folks, i.e. mostly men




Women in “sheep’s clothing” start throwing in “alphas” into the equation and please don’t think I have an override deal going with Alf Romeo automobiles or Afro glycerin hair products 4 Blacks, Blacks well aware already they r the “Chosen Race” bearing in mind that Jesus Christ whatever one may think of this “superstar” was like most Jewish people of his generation in all likelihood as Black as the Ace of Spades, armed with a very Jewish crooked nose and I would “has-id” a guess rather big lips, just like my good friend Michael Grant, agree?


So incredibly boring can mathematics be when taught without geometry their being shape-structure everywhere one simply needing a “value system” which combined with “chroma” make 4 sum incredible “color wheel” as in “G-d who art in heaven” the 3 necessary elements tu a color painting being shape, value and chroma, shape we can all pretty much understand, those of us with IQs over say 85, value, the varying contrasts of light




Shades of grey which remain constant throughout and chroma, the brightness of the colors, black and white having no color, the more one moves away from such thresholds the more one brings out the brightness of the color wheel, agree?


Nature has a way of “mixing and matching” quite difficult tu reproduce on canvas and why the importance that each and every one of us finds ourselves teachers properly “grounded” in all the disciplines that makes us all so smart their being in my estimation no more than 24, maybe 25 points of intelligence that separate the smartest of us from the dumbest at birth, Einstein no doubt well equipped, ever so smart to have made the most of Mr. Grossman’s mathematics, his “poor conditioning” however, in my opinion, preventing him due to his need 4 the spotlight, in embracing not simply Quantum Mechanics but the work of the handful of great scientists such as Pythagoras and Newton who came be4, tu mention in passing how much quicker we would have arrived at this “cross roads” in time had there been more women such as Margaret Wertheim and my wife sumhow attracted tu the importance of being ever so precise, mathematics without a doubt despite its glitches the most precise of languages, agree?


Mr. Brecht, u should sumtime give sum thought to running such an ad as A Name From Here You Can Trust Over There in say Germany and c whether u get as good a response as I did, so much so that the South African Secret Police known as BOSS [Bureau Of State Security] decided tu pay me a visit at my rather plush offices located at 100 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 which u can c at the bottom of the ad, my throwing in the zip code just in case sum folks may wish tu send letters of support, their currency also welcomed at this time although I would prefer gold nuggets, 99.99% pure, ok?


Then again we could soon be in the gold refining business and even if your valuables r only say 14 carat gold as opposed to 24 carat I would gladly accept so long as u continue spreading the word ad-infinitum, agree?


Ad-Infinitum is the name of a marketing-graphic design firm just a hop-jump-and-a-skip from this address that I helped finance at around the same time I ran that ad which attracted in my opinion a statistically valid representative sampling of South Africa’s literate population, individuals from all racial and socio-economic groups, sum former employees of our family business, the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies who had managed tu save an American dime or too looking 4 the day when they could trust sumone other than themselves, my Lilly-white skin not being frowned upon by anyone including multi-billionaires, agree?


Never tu forget that my home town of Durban, South Africa housed many a very wealthy Indian family who never forgot the good work of both my parents as well as both sets of grandparents, my maternal grandfather having arrived in South Africa in 1947 a “cash millionaire” and despite knowing that the “Indian was civilized while the European ran around in rags” ended up being taken 4 sumwhat of a ride by one group of Indians when, however, the “chips were down” another set of Indians also of the Muslim faith rose tu the occasion standing solidly behind my too incredible parents best illustrated, however, in their trust of their youngest son, who they had no reason other than my good name “tu trust all the way tu the bank” which is why when people like Merrick Wolman the nephew of the white gangster Mr. Sol “Gambling Czar” Kernser and Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss talk about being under the “watchful eye” of BOSS I can all but laugh, a crying shame these morons r not long enough in the tooth tu recognize that such display by the Nazi Secret Police ruling South Africa with an “iron first” 4 sum 40+ years was tantamount tu nothing short of a “license tu steal”, agree?


In the Jewish faith the destruction of a person’s good name is tantamount tu “murder” and what is it when u steal the dreams of your young, when u place them in harms way




When u simply “turn a blind eye” tu mischief within your own sphere of influence, influence peddling cuming in all shapes and sizes, protection money in no way diminishing conventional wisdom, black hands capable of laying white eggs, the likes of Hitler, the genius that he was, having got a number of things right, much like my dog, Pypeetoe who didn’t commit any crime himself, Pypeetoe just one inch to big at birth, so he wasn’t the perfect show size, forced tu have his balls chopped off, the canine society not wanting him tu reproduce, sad 4 Pypeetoe because he is so pretty, agree?


Hitler also went after the wrong group, instead of limiting his organization tu criminals he should have focused on the criminals, agree?


One must be so careful when “cutting & pasting”, it ok if one is say a master-painter like Sebastian Capella and know the “tricks of the trade” that come from many years of schooling, never, however, forgetting the “Professor” in him when it came time tu making a living, Sebastian Capella just one of 71 students from perhaps the finest art university in the world able tu make a living, the words “tu teach” coming from the word “Professor” and when one begins “making a living” forgetting the importance of teaching, one loses the “Professor” all from within granted to each one of us at birth, each one of us pretty much “OK” from the start, quite a meaningful word this abbreviation of “Okay”, never tu forget that the English language was ripped out of the Latin, Latin like Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic, a very spiritual language, again none quite as precise as mathematics, the need, however, tu go “back and forth” needing no more than a very basic grasp of mathematical principles and perhaps no more than 3 minutes tutoring in Hebrew assuming u have never even laid eyes on a single Hebrew letter, in fact the less formal education one has the easier it would be 4 sumone such as myself tu explain the UFO, my most blessed,




So it seems tu me, not having let my formal education interfere with my learning, allowing me at this time tu teach those truly interested in getting at the truth, another rather important word in our vocabulary, getting less and less difficult 4 people tu define these days thanks perhaps in sum small measure tu these Next Symposiums, agree?


And it is just a matter of time be4 we can learn tu “trust” one another again, the instant the likes of Mathew Margo Esq. of 60 Minutes decides tu “get with the program” it being no more than 7 days when each and everyone of us would own the world insurance market and from there tu infinity, agree?


Naturally, I would suggest tu members of our board that they allow the likes of Warren “BO” Buffet tu retire quietly tu his home in Omaha, Nebraska, where he can live out the rest of his life in the same comfort he experiences today, no less, certainly no more given the fact that he won’t have tu work another day, the information I have at my fingertips enough tu sink a whole lot more than a fricken Titanic which is just part of the reason 4 the deafening silences amongst our so-called members of the “free press”, agree?


The principals of that “one of a kind” Ad-Infinitum organization having now moved on tu “greener pastures” the world of soccer very much their domain as in, Ad-infinitum merging with that at one time owned the exclusive world wide rights to, FIFA being the world governing body of soccer, receiving sumthing like 77 million hits on the day of the last World Cup soccer finals.


Back in 1998 during the opening match in the previous World Cup held in France I had the opportunity tu sit in front of the CEO and co-founder of who had arranged too tickets 4 me allowing me tu bring along a gentle-man although a senior security member of the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] Andre Dion had not managed to secure 4 himself such sought after tickets.


There is, however, no place on this planet I am aware of that requires as many tickets as Peru, agree?


So u r wondering where I am going with all this, chronology so very important in laying out my pieces in this chess game of chess games that combines all that I know including the need tu carry a very big stick tu gently prod the prodders tu do the right thing, hi Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff et al.


Copied on this communiqué is a statistically valid representative sampling of the world’s literate population which includes Ms. Diana Henriques of the New York Times who u can c from the previous hyperlink knows sumthing about me, impressed enough with my credentials a few years back when I was visiting Andre Dion’s parents in Montreal tu arrange a phone call with Professor Joe Grundfest of Stanford University, Professor Grundfest a former Chairman of the SEC [Securities Exchange Commission], hi again Professor, hi Arthur A. of


No where in that opinion given by Judge Jack Weinstein, one of the most famous Federal judges in the United States of America including territories such as Puerto Rico, is there any mention of Subway sandwich shops,




Nor 4 that matter the founder and CEO of Subway, Fred Deluca, who beginning on New Years Eve 1996 taught me a number of things about things my mother began tutoring me in earnest again, back in December 1967 on this train ride from Zurich, Switzerland to Kitzbuel, Austria, my deciding last night tu have another crack at Professor Rabbi Dennis Prager’s book, Why The Jews? opening up this 238 page book tu page 191 cing under the section titled, A SOLUTION TO ANTI-SEMITISM the following:


“Butt if the goal is to put an end to antisemitism, then Jews must also attempt to influence the moral values of non-Jews so that no aspect of Judaism any longer threatens the non-Jews’ values. If the Holocaust taught anything, it is that in order to prevent another one, the Jews have no choice but to influence their neighbors’ moral values” [sic].


Mr. Brecht, u must understand that I am typing rather fast and mistakes can happen but I would be willing tu bet one single United States dollar that the only spelling error above is contained in the first “butt” in the indented section above.


U no doubt would agree the most likely candidate responsible 4 breaking the back window of my Mini Cooper S was one of those crack-cocaine addicts who like tu hang out at the end of 27th Street right next tu our pal Rock’s house, 27th Street in the flats of Del Mar, a dead end street, agree?


So where do u think I am headed next, folks like Diana Henriques now “hunkering down”, this famous author and top notch New York Times business journalist along with a good number of folks u c in the cc section of this E-mail tu Jeff Rabin of the Los Angeles Times knowing full well the risks one takes when choosing tu ignore the rattle of The Rattlesnake and if u don’t believe me why not email Ms. Henriques at either one of the email addresses u c in the cc section while I now begin enjoying the sunset, tomorrow morning I will be gathering rocks tu build a retaining wall 4 when my wife returns, Mdg, at this time fully up tu speed on my weaknesses.


Point being that if anyone decides tu chop off my “stick-like” legs as she mockingly refers tu them, she may after calling in the cavalry, quietly applaud, i.e. use tons of dynamite and make it look like I had possibly called u in looking 4 gold buried say 300 meters beneath each of our residences, agree?


So how is your dictation at this time, u certainly not running around in circles hoping if u catch your tail the Good Lord will return u as our Pypeetoe, not that I am looking 4 a typist job although as u can c on’s The Buck Stops Here TCO is looking 4 a job, agree?


Just a matter of time be4 this communiqué appears on that website, that illustrious group of nincompoops of course have the right tu ban me which would be nothing short of a “declaration of War” WWIV, however, fully underway and the folks and their 1,000 pound gorilla in the form of Melvyn Weiss Esq. having been bitten time and again by me The Rattlesnake r in the final throes of a merciless death, death u know, from a rattlesnake is slow, 30 minutes or less, assuming one doesn’t have anti-venom on hand, as was correctly pointed out by someone paying very careful attention tu what  I have tu say.


U must also appreciate that time is not only relative in the same way from our perspective the universe is expanding at an increasing rate, the evidence getting stronger it is very likely contracting at an accelerating rate from another perspective, one must tho, have sumwhat of an affinity in interpreting patterns tu understand what I mean, jellybean?




Do u prefer knuts?


Butt, more importantly, as things speed up so does time when compared to sumthing that is stationary, slow down, just jump into your Lear Jet and travel around the world with an atomic clock, be sure tho, tu let the FAA know what u r up tu and u will c what I mean, bearing in mind tu always keep either tu the left




Tu the right while paying attention tu such things as my prescient timing the folks from the Wetherly Capital Group [WCG] who masterminded and executed almost tu perfection the hijacking of the California Gubernatorial elections held on November 8th 2002 still reeling from my having called on January 3rd 2002 the precipitous decline in the stock price of the French water-amusement conglomerate Vivendi, their and their sister company Vivendi Environmental going on tu lose over a period of sum 280 odd days sum $63 billion in market capitalization beginning on the very day my wife, Marie Dion, had her will witnessed by our attorney neighbor Mr. Jim McFarland, such analytical stuff very much par 4 the course in terms of my “risk assessment” business, agree?


And if u r wondering after cing all the evidence of how I could in fact be one of the richest if not the richest person in the world at this precise moment in time, why the markets have not imploded, yet, my only answer is that besides 4 being human, my weaknesses readily apparent, there being, however, not a single human being “worth their salt” on this entire fricken planet who can explain better than me, why the financial markets have not imploded, yet, again, why there is such deafening silences from the peanut gallery, Hi Kimberly Hunt, hi Dan Cohen, et al.


No need 4 u tu agree on everything altho I must say I prefer tu debate with folks who have “skin in the game” as opposed tu folks like Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq. who today having finally decided tu join the “rat race” may in fact have more than a “pot tu piss in” and of course he has sum rather rich and powerful friends on both sides of the isle who would just love tu c him make “mincemeat” out me “The Bloody Jew” and tu them I say, them including Ron Burkle, Bill Clinton, Roger W. Robinson, Roger Hedgecock et al, “Lets get it on!.”


What u, Mr. Brecht, nor anyone else can deny, as much as u may wish tu ignore me, better yet fight me and I will respond not very kindly, well, however, within the law, as I “twist” u et al all the way tu Timbuktu and back again and again, never tu forget that supposedly Jewish prick George Soros or Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman or G-D forbid, The Sperm Donor and Ms. Kathryn “Stink Bomb” Murry is that we r all very much on “borrowed time”, agree?


Tu mention, again, just in passing my right tu counter sue, bringing with it my right tu send out interrogatories and tu then depose u et al and every single member of your staff who may have sumthing tu say, the best intelligence, however, often garnered prior tu the filing of a lawsuit sumthing I am rather well versed with, agree?


The possibility existing of course that I may not be the very first person annoyed with u folks particularly your annoying phone calls during dinner, “… Is there anything else I can help u with, Mr. Rattlesnake” my insisting at X that your brain dead muffins, I am a little hungry at this time, refer tu me by this pseudo name given tu me by my incredibly loving wife, who I am compelled tu make love tu even when we r apart 4 30 seconds or less, agree?


Another point being that there may be as u read this communiqué one or more “stay at home” spouses-lovers of employees of yours with time on their hands bored with the nonsense broadcast by the TV Networks including Fox TV, wanting tu “lend me a helping hand” remembering there is this Aussie who I believe still owns a good chunk of our American airwaves tu mention again just in passing I would still like tu know exactly how much stock, if any, Rupert Murdoch owns in SporTVision, u know the folks who place that yellow line across your TV screen letting u know how far tu go be4 reaching the next 10 yard line in American Football, 4 sum reason my emails tu my pal Bill Squadron the president of SporTVision now being returned?


Mr. Squadron be4 becoming an entrepreneur used tu work as an attorney 4 Fox Television where this technology was first put tu test in ice-hockey games, that last hyperlink showing u a photo of the electronic hockey puck used during the 1997 Stanley Cup playoffs gifted tu me by Bill at the time we worked together on the SmartBall project aimed at digitizing the entire field of play, Bill’s father being Rupert Murdoch’s personal attorney 4 sum 30+ years, just a piece of history sum folks may find interesting, agree?


Pitiful that the head of the anti-Defamation League Mr. Fox is so incredibly ill-equipped tu dress down more appropriately that so poorly bred Aussie actor Mel Gibson, in time, perhaps Mr. Fox will call on my services, wouldn’t u agree Mr. William H. Jackson Esq.?


A day doesn’t go by when I fail tu send shock waves down the spine of Mr. Jackson Esq. the current attorney 4 the WCG who I can all butt guarantee u will soon be replaced as the “lead combatant” despite his incredible looks and quite the physique according tu his one client, Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff who apparently has her juicing, the runner that she is, mostly, however, when her co-managing director Mr. Dan Weinstein supposedly happy married places in her words, “his dirty paws on my shoulders” [sic], agree?


In the event I don’t get back tu u directly today be4 the beginning of the Sabbath u can access what more I have tu say by clicking on this “Heads Up” hyperlink, from time tu time.


Suffice tu say at this time when u read the feature story in the March 1998 edition of Fortune Magazine the title on the front cover, The Biggest Problem in Franchising, u will have an even better sense of what I might next have tu say, this article saying pretty much everything about Fred “Mensa” DeLuca other than the fact that my name is not mentioned in Richard Behar’s “one of a kind” expose on the excesses of the Clinton-Gore administration, agree?


Naturally, u rnot surprised that Al Gore son “must” according tu The San Diego Union-Tribune “finish drug counseling” as part of a “pretrial diversion program”, a new phrase tu add tu my vocabulary adding further weight I suspect tu what my one pal Alan Landry who also went tu Andover University along with Al Gore of their being a kid now in an insane asylum who told stories that reached the press of how this “insane” person, also from Andover, different, however, tu Alan’s classmate who referred tu Alan Landry as the “second smartest person in the world”, used tu supply our former Vice-president with illegal narcotics, agree?


Tu think these hypocrites would try and make fun of our great President George W. Bush who in my opinion partied exactly right based on the X, he now showing not only true grit but must at the same time be having the greatest sex with his incredible wife, our First Lady, as George W. cs all the humor in the pitiful performance of the main stream press, hi Leslie “Genia” [sic] Stahl of 60 Minutes, agree?


And why not examine in detail momworker63’s plea 4 help on 6-11-1999 that caused me tu put my “foot flat tu the mettle” resulting in a “one of a kind” SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit] being filed within a matter of a couple of hours




So prior tu the statute of limitations running out, helping bring tu justice one of the worst if not the worst scoundrel in modern day Wall Street history, Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman of Revlon Corporation not necessarily as corrupt, however, as Joe Kennedy responsible it seems for being the first Wall Streeter by way of bootlegger buying 4 his son the United States Presidency, quite different to what happened on November 8th 2000 when the likes of me with no connection whatsoever to the Bush family were more likely than not, thanks in no small measure tu my “kinkship” [sic] with Mr. Deluca, responsible 4 our great “one of a kind” President George W. Bush now seated in the most important position on the planet executing flawlessly, in my opinion, both domestic as well as international policy, given the incredible mess “we” inherited by allowing such “out of control” megalomaniacs such as Bill and Hilary “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton tu occupy the White House 4 sum 8 horrific years, bearing in mind as well that I voted 4 Mr. Clinton, nothing to do with his symmetrical face




Being as certain as one human being could be that his administration, the first of the baby boom generation, would begin immediately investigating the excesses and corruption within the Roman Catholic Church, hi again King Golden Jnr. Esq., Hi Ms. Valerie Schulte, hi Roger Hedgecock and hi tu u, Roger W. Robinson, our mutual pal King Golden Jnr. Esq. having got at least one thing right in recent X, suggesting that u, more than anyone else, other them him, of course, had me the most tu fear, as King Golden Jnr. Esq. encouraged his neighbor The Sperm Donor tu throw those “poison tipped arrows” my way, agree?


Fear me not as much as the Devil within, who relishes most of all misery, hell as u well know here, alive only on in a non-vacuum environment such as planet earth where ATP the essential building blocks of life as we know it can only survive and remember all of us in the know know full well that with the expanding universe there is unlikely tu be more than “a hope in hell” of us finding other life forms, the dimming night skies saying pretty much everything, agree?


Unless of course one truly believes in G-D, agree?


Knowing, a far cry, from believing comes from having a very finely tuned mind and may I suggest u now counter my “opening move” by journeying tu Wivesliscombe, England and checking in with my incredible mother in terms of the “superior and overwhelming forces” u all now face as I head further up intu the hills of Colorado visiting with my other very important friend and co-executor of my estate, Mr. Devin Standard,


“Good Luck” is all I can say having now just made my opening move tu debate all u fricken intellectual midgets on both the far far left and the far far right who meet up directly time and again as the world spins-spineless creatures that u r, agree?


Yes, my decision tu vote 4 Clinton was primarily because George W. Bush’s father had lied when he said, “Read my lips no new taxes” even though I was well aware of the fact that in breaking his word Mr. Bush Senior was going against not simply the grain of his constituency but more importantly such increased taxes were going to hit him, part of the privileged class where most folks in this “me, me and me” society seem tu feel the pinch the most, agree?


Not tu suggest that u, Mr. Brecht, try and get your hands on an Epilady although getting practice with such a device developed by men tu inflict pain on women may prepare u well 4 what’s up ahead, their being, however, as best I recall in addition tu the verbiage, “No Pain No Gain” a warning label on this contraption which my wife continues to use on a regular basis, tu approach your bikini line ever so cautiously, agree?


And while u r at it c if u can reduce the interest I am currently paying on my automobile loan without me having tu put my signature tu one single fricken document, my more than willing, able and ready tu sign a declaration, however, “under penalty of perjury” leading tu a class-action lawsuit of epic proportions, agree?


Take care, and make certain that Lilly-white-wheaty-eating testosterone clad fellow u have working the front office assuming he hasn’t had a stroke, possibly under the care of the Sperm Donor at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego stays like everyone else in my “cross hairs” a good 150 yards from any of our residences including Ccrest in Minehead, England.


Good Day,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake



Ps – My hope is tu get out sumtime next week after my “hard labor” routine an email to Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. as well as reply tu Margaret Moore’s latest “peace initiative” and of course my estimating at this time there is about 35 minutes of typing left in terms of what I have tu say tu u, bearing in mind that in a day or too I will be back in Del Mar and should u not get with the program, just think sandwich boards held up by good looking women like my mother’s Miss World u c in the “fully onboard” hyperlink, and of course I know it gets a little chilly even in Del Mar, California, u don’t think I need a prep course in terms of what will get folks tu sound their horns, men so incredibly predictable and always horny, those of us healthy that is, who know most of all what really attracts the likes of our First Lady so incredibly wonderful and serene and ever so green these days up here where the firemen and firewomen drew the line in the sand saving not just our incredible home away from home but all of our neighbors’ homes including the home of this one attorney who I continue tu believe is the youngest managing partner of the most distinguished law firm in San Diego who thought pretty good things about Mr. King Golden Jnr. until I seated him down in one of our “too of a kind” yellow plastic chairs briefing him on matters including the United States Constitution that tu the best of my knowledge provides protections 4 all North Americans including French Canadians who have so-called “green cards”, the instant the right tu speak the truth while not inciting a riot is revoked will be the day I will either become a tax paying Canadian




Just get on my wave-ski and head west,




Just head on over tu Machu Picchu Peru where I would expect our Condor Houses tu be nearing completion, tu mention just in passing one last time that a day doesn’t go by when I forget tu smile when thinking about the “yellow stickys” which Mr. William H. Jackson Esq. attached




Possibly had one of his assistants attach to a Settlement Agreement he first faxed tu me on April 3rd 2002 making a change or too, however, in the final version which I received the very next day, April 4th, via FedEX, this so pitiful Mr. Jackson Esq. a graduate of Stanford University Law School possibly taught by Professor Bernie Black, still, incredibly, I believe, representing the WCG, perhaps each and every day getting down on his hands and knees along with Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff and the WCG’s other co-managing director, Mr. Dan Weinstein, also possibly Dick Ziman and his too lieutenants from Arden Realty, even very possibly Ron Burkle as well as Bill “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton, all praying in unison, rocking back and forth, then lying prostrate, hi Senator Kerry, then spread eagle, my now thinking of the American Gold Eagle going up in value,  that they might get sum relief should the statute of limitations run out on my claims against these yoyos, no limits tu how far I will go ripping tu shreds those Emperors without clothes who usurp their limited authority, agree?




Of course I get hit behind, by say a Mack Truck, final point being u along with all of them would become “prime suspects” if so much, tu repeat, a freckle on me




My loved ones were tu sumhow discolor, my cing the movie Indochine last night quite sumthing the French French who start so many things that us Americans then have tu clean up, agree?


And, naturally, I feel anything but yellow, my wife, now keeping her distance going on 4 days helping c tu it that I develop balls of steel there being method tu each of our madness, agree?


Nothing quite like having no distractions coming from telephones, TVs, sounds of motor cars, motorcycles, whether they be angry people blowing their horns




Just simply getting a kick out of their exhausts backfiring, agree?


Being so caught up in G-D-Nature I am able to type away pretty much effortlessly at sum 150 words a minute and why not begin what remains of this exhausting exercise routine giving me right this very instant another 500 pushups followed by 250 sit-ups, remembering tu breath in to the count of 5 all thru the nose and out to the count of 5 all thru the nose, again and again, remembering always when in the Pilates bicycle maneuver tu stretch your toes, now click on tu this website, footsak and read about how effective I am when and when I feel the need tu cut tu the Chase, Footsak as u know is South African slang 4…


Not tu forget that as I end my week’s sabbatical my plan is tu provide proof tu everyone with Intelligent Quotients of 85 and above that in addition tu mathematically proving “The Hand-Mind of G-D” very much in existence, that the Almighty Lord is only interested in us doing good, while stretching our minds tu the limit, getting rid of once and 4 all over-controlling individuals, men, the most rapacious, the exceptions proving the rule being Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff and Ms. Martha Stewart, I will “artfully” show that G-D-Nature is part of our DNA, by applying the lessons learned from Pythagoras as in x+y=z and 1+2+3+4=10, Perfect Numbers certainly as important as Prime, in combination with Quantum Gravity-Physics-Mechanics that which goes “forwards” must work equally as well in “reverse” coming up with all the relevant “differences” which we should all embrace, all linked tu Albert Einstein’s ingenious alpha-numeric equation e=mc, agree?


My leaving out the “squares” so as tu save time, and spare me a dime would u and call Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq., 1-619-238-1333 who should have returned at this time from Tampa Florida, and no I am not going tu request u pick up a box of Tampax although I cannot speak 4 Mr. JRK, agree?


And remember when calling after hours between 5:00PM PST and 5:15PM PST, Tuesday thru Wednesday, 52 weeks per year, punch in extension 24, and if my good friend Jeffrey 4 any reason isn’t available then just let him know that I will in my “D-anger” email tu him which I estimate will take me no longer than 35 minutes, also let him know there is another email tu be titled “Beware of still water” of similar length which will lay out in even more detail than my communiqués tu Mr. Bill Doyle Esq. of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach my proposed SCAL against Citicorp, my intention is tu elucidate why it is in Jeffrey’s “best interest” tu get more into the habit of paying sum $40 per pound 4 Porterhouse steak including tax and tip when feeding my “one of a kind” SIG [Super Italian Greyhound] who over the course of the past 4 odd days and 3 nights has covered I would estimate sum 72 kilometers, bearing in mind when coming across rattlesnakes it is quite difficult tu gauge the territory he covers when leaping say 5 meters, 4 example purposes only, staying aloft for too seconds; his “up-and-down” motion in certain ways, bearing in mind again that in Quantum Mechanics there is no such thing as certainties only probabilities, reveals the curvature of spacetime near the surface of the earth and when one converts those too seconds into mezters by multiplying them by the speed of light, his trajectory becomes an exceedingly shallow arc 600 million meters long and 5 meter high, agree?


My just remembering be4 getting into more that I have in store 4 u that despite Sunmed’s success in curtailing fraudulent “slip and fall” claims in places like K-Mart and Wal-Mart this “one of a kind” location, i.e. Puerto Rico still being the place to get “rich quick”, hi Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown tu mention just in passing how much do u think Bill “Wallpaper-Kitchen” Clinton’s business partner Ron Burkle who provided sum $2 million odd of seed capital tu the WCG in what can be best described as a “quid pro quo” knows about “Queueing Theory”, probably more than me, agree? 


By the way, Sunmed is the company mentioned in Judge Jack Weinstein decision in overturning a landmark multi-million jury award, hi Mr. Kurtenbach, hi the rest of u yoyos who thought u could capitalize on our “work product” while ignoring those “stubborn facts.”


Mr. Brecht, don’t forget tu also let me know if u r interested in purchasing in advance copies of my book Manager Minute One, and if so how many, contributions can also be made via


Why not call my mother, her number is UK-44-1-984-6-24088 and c if anyone other than David Berman has called seeking sanctuary.