From: Gary S. Gevisser
Thursday, October 16, 2003 11:32 AM
To: 'Glenn Shapiro'
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Subject: RE: Please Sir Can I have Sum More! - Time 4 a "clean sweep."



Glen, 4 sumone who has done so well “sticking to his knitting” I am not all that surprised that u remain so worldly, the tin-gold leaf goblet u c in the previous hyperlink a gift to my paternal grandfather after 60 years of dedicated service, 10 years later he really got it in the shorts, my gaining sum benefit, however, in always reaching out, 4 the long end of the stick, knowing as certain as any single-married person can be that the world is endless, the numeral 4 as I have mentioned be4, the halfway point toward infinity and with just a Right Angle rotate the numeral 8 becomes the infinity sign.


I think I need to get tu know your wife a little better; on the other hand, the last time we all were together she had me lend u a hand cutting the lawn.


My artist “Grossmant-mathmetician-1/64th” [sic] Indian wife woke up yesterday morning at our cabin in the mountains above San Diego where we have yet to c the local fox, took a look at me, in the nude, starting laughing.


Finally commenting sumthing about my “stick”, sized legs tu mention little of my getting side-tracked on my last motorcycle ride up to Pine Creek taking the Grossmont College turnoff, wondering why Mr. Grossman hid so much in the shadow of Einstein to mention little at this time of Special Relativity-Quantum Physics being “inversely” related to Pythagoras, the square of the hypotenuse equal to the difference in the squares of the opposite too sides or sumthing along those #s.


My fixation at this time on sticking to my commitment to dialogue with my wife beyond, “When the dialogue becomes two monologues it is the beginning of the end” this coming Wednesday, assisting completion of her “Spirituality” work-of-art, sumthing she has no interest in at this time, that will help the likes of Ms. Nancy, a first rate teacher and recovering attorney at one of the local elementary schools begin meaningful discussions with students of all ages, 3 thru 103, tu think both differently and smartly on subjects such as the difference between “luck” and “fate”, my Mini Cooper S being the 103rd Mini sold at a local dealership,


The Meek

With Teeth



The Earth.


This morning we arose early my monologue beginning with giving Marie a lesson in “Contract Painting 101” why only those who play it “fast & loose” feel the need to distinguish between “business & personal” a subject matter I shall devote a paragraph or too in Manager Minute One.


Suffice to say, my next email today, assuming I don’t find anything as interesting as your email below, will be to a former partner of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach who first engaged me at a significantly reduced rate than what Dan Weinstein first paid me to assist in “damage control” when the likes of Jeff Rabin first came snooping.


It will be strictly business, and personal, causing a significantly increasing number of people to question less my “craziness”, nothing like waking up one morning to the crisp mountain air and then the next to the freshness of an ocean swept wind.


The “Indian” hyperlink above may in fact be a violation of the Los Angeles Times copyright and to the editor of the Los Angeles Times tu mention little of the publishers, I say to them as well as Jeff Rabin, hi Jeff,


“Hang loose a while be4 deciding to throw me your best shot, and of course u should work on your shot putting, not that u will have to resort to shop lifting in order to make ends as the pending cash crisis catches u et al in the behind.”


To mention just in passing 2 points of interest, at least tu me, the first how the likes of Professor Klein of Stanford University, hi professor, grew so incredibly silent unless of course he got buried deep, not doubt in his own dudu while excavating, G-D only knows for what, G-D forbid anyone within the MOB crowd including the editors of the Los Angeles Times acknowledging a Star of David possibly embedded in the Blombos Rock.


And second, the 6 X the name “Weinstein” appears in Jeff Rabin’s article of February 7th 2002, again Daniel Weinstein no more related to Mark Weinstein, hi Mark, than u or I and so what Mr. Rabin do u make of Mr. Dan Weinstein being oh so knowledgeable on real estate matters to have landed himself a seat on the omnipotent California Coastal Commission, blah blah?


Yet, 4 sum reason Mr. Rabin, like the rest of the media including folks like Peter Bloch of Penthouse Magazine, hi Peter, r doing nothing short of “ducking & diving” and why the need to keep those responsible for “bloody mutinys” on a short leash not that it is necessary I repeat the need to let the dogs run without leashes and to place wrongdoers on leashes, the worst to be deposited in places like the San Diego zoo having local school kids go on retreats, which brings me to 2 more points, the need to investigate further the drawbacks of Aspartame as well as what I believe to be clear cut mathematical proof that the less intelligent amongst us are without a shadow of a doubt more susceptible to degenerative diseases like Parkinsons, have u read



On the



in BED?


Which brings me finally to the E-mail my wife sent to her former husband last evening, essentially a verbatim repeat of what she had told me to write down the night before as she not only prepared another gourmet meal of voicht, forced, as a result of Dr. JBS’ pitiful act earlier in the evening that could have had him led away in handcuffs in front of his children were it not 4 me acting so incredibly “stable” especially considering his previous illegal acts to mention lying under oath, “under penalty of perjury”, my Marie spelling out to “their” 11-year-old Jonathan, why his mother didn’t want his biological father on her premises that,


Destroying someone’s reputation is one of the worst acts one person can commit against another


never tu forget that Marie while just a few years younger than JoNathan felt the need to lie during confession,


I hit my sister, lied to my mother”


than cum across as “sinless” to a parish priest sumhow able to give advice on matters as important as sex, while living the life of a celeb-rity monk, thinking himself to be somehow cerebral, a law only introduced into the Roman Catholic Church sum 1,000 years ago to prevent dishonest clergy from bequeathing “ill-gotten” estates to their family.


It is now going on 11:30AM PST, gold down a dollar 4 the day, doubtful with all the other things going on today including buying too mountain bicycles blah blah I will be able to get out this morning the email to Kirk Hulet Esq. but I include him as well as Professor Grundfest of Stanford University the former chairman of the SEC giving them et al a “heads up” in terms of what to expect next from me The Rattlesnake.


The sooner one of these rather gentlemanly characters gets with the program, Kirk in particular to the best of knowledge only saying very good things about me albeit my socking it to his former law firm with a bill that led to this check, relatively miniscule, butt carrying quite a punch, bringing our great president George W. Bush up tu speed on really what is going on in terms of the “risk markets” particularly the stock and insurance markets, the quicker the recovery from the upcoming depression, a business cycle never, in my opinion, ever experienced in perhaps the past 77,000 years, more or less, take your pick.


Which reminds of the difficulty faced by the likes of Kirk Hulet who have no way of independently identifying breaches of fiduciary duty, specifically duties of care and loyalty unless it is brought to his attention by a knowledgeable and capable shareholder that believes he-she has been victimized, my need still, tu follow up with Mr. Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister of Finance but not be4 lining up the likes of Ivan Oshry et al.










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I think these Wolmans in CT have different first names but I really am not sure.  But I was surprised to see two local boys get such a big deal -- and I suspect there is more to it than originally met my eyes.  All this occurred some 8 years ago as they were first developing the second Indian casino -- the first being the largest casino in the world - Foxwoods.



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And from where I sit having just got back from another setting sun in southern California I am sumwhat surprised to hear that “our” buddy, Solly Kerzner, would have either Hilton or Merrick Wolman, his two male nephews I know of that go by the last name Wolman, in any way, shape or form involved with his business activities, that news is perhaps to us “insiders” more odd than too local contractors teaming up with the offspring of Jewish people escaping pogroms, at a minimum, condoned by the Russian Czars, although I must place a caveat that I have no knowledge of Solly’s parents, grandparents or others responsible for his poor schooling having actually dined with any Czar.


You may have come across my recent communications with Merrick Wolman but I happen to know his elder brother Hilton a whole lot better, having spent most if not of Hilton’s honeymoon in Cape Town with him and his wife whose name I forget.




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In my old little corner of the world -- SE Connecticut - Solly Kertzner and two of the Wolman boys teamed up to develop the Mohegan Sun Casino.  I suspect that relationship fits into your story rather neatly.  It was always odd to understand how two local contractors teamed up with an international gambling czar. 


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