From: Marie Dion Gevisser

Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 6:39 PM
To: John Ben Stewart
Cc: George G Hurst
Subject: Pageant, Privacy & Parental guidance



John – Simple communication over email sounds to me like a sensible solution to prevent further damage.


Your decision to continue approaching me, harassing me at the kids’ soccer games, in public forums, in front of the kids as if to suggest to both the kids and other parents that everything is “hunky dory” between you and I is not only manipulative but it is quite perplexing for the kids who don’t know the full story, yet.


The incident last evening, walking through the front gate into our private courtyard tells me that you continue to have control issues that you cannot control and that I do not want to deal with anymore.


My decision for you to keep your distance from me although it is not part of the court order is further efforts to keep the peace, for the sake of the children.


Gary had every right to call the police on you. Thank God he has more sense than putting the children in the middle like you do, constantly.


In other words use the mailbox instead of entering our private courtyard.


To facilitate our further communications this is what I want.


1. I want my child support payments automatically deposited into my account the first of the month. I will give you an account of expenses the week before via email. 


2. I do not want phone calls more than once a day with the kids. The choice should be with the kids to call you when needed on days that they spend with me.


With regard to Danielle and the 2003 Nationals Pageant Program I cannot see any redeeming value to it. Quite the contrary I think it is degrading of women, period.


This is a business that is not based on attributes and moral values it is only about money, exploitation of women and stupid people. Danielle has yet to give me one good reason other than having more fun for participating in this pageant.


Considering that she has dropped a grade in Spanish wants tutoring in geometry and complains about the workload in English, as a parent I cannot approve of such a degrading, worthless activity.


On top of the monetary extravagance of such a onetime weekend, it sends a message that money has no value. Or worse, you are trying to buy her off.


The fact that you allow her to think it is something redeeming shows me how little you care about her moral values and how she grows up as a human being.


I have given her my input on the subject and told her that you will make the decision.


Lastly, as discussed in my previous email I will take an extra week with the kids over the summer vacation to compensate for you taking them over spring “brake” [sic] to Italy.