From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2004 1:36 PM
Jerry Spiers
Cc: Rupa Wasi;; Po-Li; San Diego FBI
Subject: Next Symposium
J Made Service,,,, geared toward driving the men of the house stark crazy mad...---... J


Jerry – I am assuming u have got over the trauma of dot’s lover having “shot blanks” and that the next “go around” she will not be all that fricken selective in this “God eat God” [sic] world, the line between the dogs and the bitches getting so incredibly blurry?


Getting down tu business, we have a Canadian friend staying with us who has experience in landscaping, different tu yardwork, English being his “mother-tongue”.


If u know of any way tu keep him busy bearing in mind he has his housing all provided for, please let me know ASAP.






Ps – u may know of sum “rich chicks” who want a hard-working 20 year old kid around, bearing in mind that Brian and his friend, Steve whose first language is French, are quite the very good-looking-rugged type guys that u don’t really find in these “spoiled brat” parts, all their body parts in particular their brains quite sumthing tu behold, not tu forget that be4 cycling from Vancouver all the way through Washington State and a day or too into Oregon where their bashed up bicycles were stolen leaving them with just their surfboards and wits tu survive, neither of them worse 4 wear having covered sum 800 miles in 10 days with PVC piping holding up the surfboards not interfering much with “slip-stream” effect, not tu forget Steve’s Swiss mother having provided them with “ready tu eat” food packages requiring simply the addition of hot water, they had planned tu walk all the way to “Puerto Viagra” [sic] and back.


Both Marie and I looking forward tu my cousin Dr. Barry Molk visiting with us again, u can access that communiqué between my “one of a kind” cousin and me back on November 8th 2002 by clicking on the “hot” hyperlink above, and don’t worry about my very good friend Guy Friedman arriving with a handful of his buddies from Flotilla 13 looking 4 beach accommodation, Marie just getting back from art class with Sebastian Capella complaining about her “aches and pains”, tu mention just in passing u not having tu worry about these former members of the most elite of the Israeli Special forces trying tu “twist your arm” my using this missive, however, tu put law enforcement on notice that having placed another hyperlink on the Nextraterrestrial website’s pdf file directory at exactly 1:56 PM EST, I have a number of “turkeys”, the likes of Mark Weinstein, Dan Weinstein, VickyStickySchiff, Ron Burkle, never ever tu forget Michael Steinhardt




The Sperm Donor et al including the Lazarus clan of Durban North, South Africa and their pitiful band of supporters cooking “red hot” at this time, tu mention in passing who should be tasked at this time in “carrying the football” in to the Oval Office preparing our great President 4 the “smoking gun evidence” relating to Citicorp’s “wrongdoing” that will in short order be placed on a variety of websites including this Yahoo message board, more and more folks aware that when I mean business I mean business, putting tu an end once and for all the bullshit that has the most rapacious enjoying the “spoils of war” while the momworker63s, the widows, orphans and pensioners get it “up the shorts”, quite sumthing a bee giving up its abdomen in trying tu teach us the “has-ids” of modern day warfare, which is all about keeping the have-nots from getting at the haves, information being the prized resource that has kept the most wretched human beings, the least productive of society in the “pound seats”, my now quite ready willing and able, no strike that, quite incredibly eager tu take on those who dare at this point in time tu “step out of line”?


And may G-d help anyone should my incredible mother Zena Gevisser join in on this “one of a kind” crusade, just the thought of such a prospect scaring the living daylights out of the Democratic Party Communists so well illustrated in the Washington Bunch, a couple of them having already met this ingenious mother of mine although that was when she had all pistons firing, even if possibly 90% senile my willing tu bet this so well equipped mother having been touched so well by those that came be4, particularly her incredible paternal grandmother, could still assuming all my limbs along with my eyes and tongue were cut out, read anyone in any courtroom anywhere in the world nothing short of the “riot act” her command of the English language best illustrated in her ability not tu “speed read” but tu “scan” documents quicker than the fastest scanning machines currently on the market, while providing capsulated summaries well illustrated in her best ever “blank verse.”  


Now of course I recognize the difficulty in dealing with the men of the houses should Brian hang out here a while longer be4 joining Marie and I on our next trip tu Peru, but perhaps if we have Marie paint him up in squares and rectangles much like the snake we saw on TV last night it will help in the camouflage, my now making my partners at Rupa Wasi located at the base of Machu Picchu aware of our plans hoping tu arrive in Agua Calientes the first or second week in April during spring break including having them show Brian who has quite the culinary training already tu get more specialized in 5 star vegetarian cuisine provided at our “one of a kind” Condor Houses which he can then put tu good use at our Ccrest Café where he plans tu assist during this coming summer.