From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, May 22, 2004 7:40 AM
Derrick Beare
Cc: rest


D – timing is everything, your call coming through yesterday at 11:22 am and lasting 12 minutes and 14 seconds followed by Devin Standard calling me to let me know that at the time I was speaking with his father the other evening he was experiencing acute pain in his chest causing him to go to the emergency room.


Not the first time such connectivity has occurred in my life and I suspect the same applies to others in tune with the heart beat of the universe but I cannot be certain.


I can only speak for myself and what I am finding is that there is more and more scientific evidence to support the scripture which is rather convoluted given the fact that the religious leadership so corrupted by the ruling elite.


Time is not on the side of the wicked, period.


Wicked like the word “truth” is hard to define but ask a kid about what is right and wrong and their answer will usually be breathtaking.


I am taking a little break before following up with Deborah Sturman and Rabbi Weiss although I hope to first communicate with Mr. L Justice Thalbane, my having put out enough stuff over the “airwaves” during the course of the past week to sink a battleship and then some, the FBI you can bet your bottom dollar not the only government organization watching events on


So much to do with just 24 hours in the day, not really once one has got to the point of not allowing anyone, not a single human being to interfere with one’s sequencing.


To be




Not to be counted as G-D’s law begins to take over is the only question I suspect everyone remaining on this planet will be asking themselves assuming they have got beyond the point of working out why their poo smells,,, sure go ahead and forward this email to Jonathan.


A number of significant “twists” are already underway, not to forget there is connectivity between the metaphysical world and the real world, Marie’s IN-FINITY nailing it.


Time is running out for the Lilly White Wheaty Eating spoiled brats who pride themselves on the occasional success of people of color who in having to play the game exacerbate the problems we all have to deal with when the bubble bursts, not a single human being on this planet, in my opinion, able to debate me using pure logic why the financial markets around the world not just here in the United States have not imploded, yet.


Distraction again is something those who have a good command of mathematics and science having reached the highest levels of spirituality through logical thought processing as opposed to “feeling” don’t find it necessary to have someone repeating the same old boring stuff time and again just as one encounters in organized religion, the same with politics.


I still need to deal with a number of issues while constantly aware of the presence of an Almighty Smart G-D who has gifted me more than I could ever have dreamed possible never once though asking for anything always simply trying to do my best, being rewarded time and again whether it be the negatives who have attempted to attach themselves to me




The positives who have come into my life, the very few that are out there.


Remember 2 negatives make a positive, positive and negative charges propel a number of things, the continuing rapid expansion of the universe has me quite convinced G-D will make his-her presence known to more of us.


Laying of Tefilin were it not for the hypocrisy of so many who follow this ritual on a regular basis can be inspiring but you will notice how quickly we get caught up in the old routines of dog eat dog in this “God eat God” [sic] world the media creating all this hoopla around celebrities who play their own games, everyone thinking that as long as they can fool enough people enough of the time to make for themselves a quick buck here and there such a recording of “fast and loose” will not register with an Almighty Smart G-D, to mention just in passing Patrol Officer Chase who gave us a ticket because our one dog was unleashed was just this week “relieved of his duties,” Chase Brass Industries-Perfect Storm II you can go to the bank will be standard text book reading why not starting today in each and every household as soon as the kids have mastered why two times two isn’t two when one times one is one.


Let me know if there is a banker smart enough to realize I am very bankable even if I have difficulty filling out applications online.


Good Shabas.





Ps – Any thoughts on how many friends, family blah blah have been saving my “on and on and on and on etc” emails when one considers that within 24 hours of me sending out a broadcasted email some 15,000 odd folks receive a copy, sometimes they get as many 10?