From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2004 2:15 PM PT
To: Professor
Bryce Dewitt
Cc: rest; FBI;
Paul Baker; Richard Delt;; L. Justice Thalbane
Subject: RE: Quantum Gravity - December 1983 Scientific American



Thank you.


I picked up on the "on" clearly a transposition error.


No Devil Lived On↔No Devil Lived On an expression our 11 year old came up when he was just 10, akin to,


A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaA Man A Plan A Canal Panama.


Yesterday was a very rewarding moment in the history of time, time of course being relative especially since we are quite certain that the universe continues to rapidly expand, my being brought, however, down to earth when Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq. went lame on me.


The previous hyperlink takes you to an email I sent out earlier to Devin Standard who is the executor of my estate and eldest son of Kenneth Standard who is scheduled to be sworn in next month as the next president of the New York State Bar.


At precisely 12:40 PM PST I ended a 26 minute and 26 second phone conversation with Devin, the second one today, the first beginning at 12:09 PM PST lasting all of 3 minutes and 25 seconds.


In Devin’s words,


“I have never heard my father so angry.”


Yesterday at 8:53 PM PST right after I ended a phone call with Kenneth Standard I left a 45 second phone message on Devin’s cell phone. According to Devin he saw my call coming in but was heading out the door driving himself to an emergency room concerned that he was having a heart attack, leaving his wife and 3 kids to fend for themselves in the event a mountain lion were to invade their privacy, blah blah.


Fortunately Devin has a fractured rib which caused the inflammation, such an incredible cry baby is Devin considering of course how much worse the pain feels when having one’s legs chopped off below the knee, although I could certainly empathize, since the pain was probably so acute, a smart thing to go get it all checked out just to make sure he was not in fact having a heart attack, agree?


Interesting that last week during a physical for a life insurance policy Devin “passed with flying colors?


So when he got home at 4 AM CST this morning he didn’t see it as a major priority to call me and wake me up in the deepest sleep, my dog, Pypeetoe, always getting up just be4 sunlight to let me know to prepare for war,,, no actually just another wonderful day to help mend fences, the world having been at war ever since man-women invented weapons of war, agree?


Devin had not yet read the email I sent him earlier.


Naturally I focused on the Chinese sex bit to which he replied something to the effect,


“If I was having sex in my sleep it would have happened decades ago long before meeting my wife, there has been no change in pattern”


Be4 [Before] reminding me, “I cannot laugh because it hurts.”


Devin like my other very good friend Derrick Beare knows how to play the game as well as anyone I know having been raised in a well to do family, getting the formal education nailed down, risen through the ranks of the corporate conglomerates and like Derrick Beare tried his hand at being an entrepreneur knowing the difficulties of keeping one’s head high while those responsible for rigging the system preventing the free flow of capital get rich and richer, agree? Hi Larry.


Just a matter of moments in time when the masses wake up to how those in the “pound seats” are not necessarily any smarter, moreover are a whole lot unhealthy to mention little of being so incredibly unproductive, so obsessed with maintaining the status quo, hell bent on holding on to their ill-gotten gains willing to strike at anyone even a family member should they feel threatened, does the name Joseph ring a bell?


Again, we hear the word “privatization” being banded about in terms of such a move being good for the spread of democracy when it is nothing more than a smokescreen the weapon of choice by Communist Party Chiefs such as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of the law firm of Finkelstein and Krinsk [USA 1-619-238-1333 extension 24], to keep the masses preoccupied with the little things that trip them up like paying their fare for the price of gasoline, agree?


Mr. Debonair JRK u may not know is a major fund raiser for the Democratic Communist Party here in the USA.


I am not only the ultimate insider, I am also the quintessential whistle blower, my partner-wife and I never forgetting for a single moment those friends who stood tall with us back on October 24th 2002 when her former-out-of-control at least twice divorced pathological pathologist husband tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to knock the light out of Marie Dion [Gevisser] and I using his “too” sic biological children as both a shield and a dagger.


Desperate people have been known over the ages to act desperately but every so often one




2 come around who stand up for truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, justice,,, well wait for my next segment to Mr. L. Justice Thabane.  


Perhaps being a mathematician-physicist you would appreciate the timing of the conversation I had with Derrick Beare when he called me at precisely 11:22 AM PST.


Why if one times one is one isn’t two times two two?


Derrick lives in England in a one of a kind spot known as Folly Farm some 9 miles from the center of “Londno” [sic].


So how many calls have you had today lasting 12 minutes and 14 seconds?


U will surely agree that the digits 1214 when added




Multiplied together result in the same number 8, so much like the IN-FINITY, after doing a right angle rotate?


Quite a finite set unlike Prime and Perfect Numbers, agree?


Have you read the book 1421 The Year China Discovered America?


Why not think quietly before asking yourself the question,


“How many coincidences does it take be4 it is no longer a coincidence?”


U might agree that G-D is within each one of us, G-D DNA,,, a “Yes”




A “No”




A “Maybe”?


This deposition taken by a “skilled and experienced” attorney in the form of Mr. Debonair JRK who like Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq. received a better than average formal education.


While Mr. Debonair JRK went to Boston College, Mr. Kenneth Standard went to Harvard and I understand from Devin Standard at his father’s graduation ceremony there was another black gentleman present who graduated a quarter century




So before Kenneth Standard who informed Mr. Standard,


“In all the years I attended Harvard Law School not a single person ever said a civil word to me.”


Early this morning after witnessing the birth of hundreds of preying mantises the eldest beginning his-her first meal by chomping off the head of one of the late borns, my reminded of another of my brother’s blank verses




The late worm misses the bird,


I returned to the west coast headquarters of Manager Minute One to find this communiqué from an English mortgage broker,




Your language has caused offence to my lady staff members


I will not pursue your funding application any further


Chris Arnold


So hard to tell friend from foe these days, those who have perfected the art of distraction quite adept at playing the “victim role using unnamed sources to “shoot their poison tipped arrows” wouldn’t you agree?


The “victim role” hyperlink takes you to a more recent communiqué to a former executive of Simon and Schuster who is “kicking my flank” in an attempt to get me to be succinct so that he has a shot at getting me a $10 million book advance, at this time I have yet to find a suitable literary agent, would u be able to help?


So many folks ducking for cover, so forgetful of many things none more important in this “God eat God” [sic] world that I have a rather pitiful looking website remaining on track to be the number one website on the planet.


Moreover, how many folks do you know in this great country of the United States copy the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION on each and every one of my broadcasted missives along with several other law enforcement agencies around the world, suggestive that I must be mad,




Could they be indifferent to the sufferings of their own kind?


So often those “used and abused” getting a double whammy, liking their slave masters, again does the name Patty Hearst ring a bell to mention little of the Patriot Act in many ways similar to the Immorality Act of South Africa that allowed the Nationalist Nazi Party to rule over some 40+ million South Africans of similar color to Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq. with an iron fist 4 sum 40+ years?


Make no mistake Professor I understand perfectly well that I could contact Scientific America but perhaps you might be able to see the method to my madness in contacting you at this incredible moment in the history of time.


Good Day,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake


Ps – I believe Mr. Newel Starks received his Master of Business from the University of Texas.


Should I be successful in finding an attorney with courage to file the Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit [SCAL] against Citigroup it will result in the rapacious becoming increasingly paralyzed, the “turn of events” as the world begins to “twist & rock”, moments away from happening, agree?


Up to each one of us to wake up and see the writing on the wall, be part of the solution




remain in endless cycle of doom in a Dog eat Dog world which has just as E=mc² displays, no beginning, no middle






So much easier to grasp things once one knows that the light speed barrier has already been broken.


Those, however, so caught up in maintaining the status quo thinking that they can outmaneuver what an increasing number of non-brain dead individuals already know is fully underway, is of course problematic, but I am also a problem solver.


Copied on this missive in addition to a statistically valid representative sampling of the world’s literate population is an associate of Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq. from the New York State Bar Association who can be counted on to forward this as well as other relevant communiqués to her next boss given the fact that Mr. Standard’s personal email account that I have appears not to be working quite “wright” [sic], my reminded again of my mentor’s favorite expression,


“Your ‘Yes’ men will kill you”,


Mr. Amos Wright a retired United States Marine and Navy Officer during World War II.


Ps I – Should you not know of someone with a higher education willing to “introduce” me to the prosecutors supposedly seeking a criminal indictment through 2 Grand Juries investigating the law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach as well as assist in getting a SCAL filed against Citigroup, Mr. Newell Starks recently brought out of retirement to engage once again in their standard “management friendly” tactics, such “shareholder hostile” maneuvers once understood by the average Joe and Jane Blow while uplifting will have those responsible for maintaining the status quo imploding, you can always click on to the homepage of to see with your own eyes what is becoming of Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown, no different to what a good number of friends, foes, acquaintances as well as family do on a regular basis each and every day of the year from now until eternity.


U would agree it is not simply the fact that we are living on borrowed time but when you have no logical argument to buttress my point of view the best thing is to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool




speak out and remove all doubt?



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You might contact Scientific American directly.  I know of “on” [sic] other way.

        Sincerely yours,

                            Bryce DeWitt