From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004 9:24 AM
To: John Pollard (
Cc: rest; GS
Subject: G-D=DNA


John – a lot happening these days, our first meeting and then this Revolution of Biology.


Please provide me with the details of your findings in the “flock” plant, science taking a while longer to catch up using the same articulation as that in your April 17th email to me to watch the 54 minutes of breathtaking experience although I thought it went on for longer, remembering this would be my second chemistry tutorial, my copying GS on this missive just in case a firefly sending me Morse code signals were to interrupt my wave patterns sending me into a tailspin leaving it up to you guys-gals and of course there is Marie and AG to complete that which will in my opinion have this world spinning once again in the “write direction” [non-sic].


And please don’t assume that because I happened back in the early 1980s to be on the “cutting edge” when scientists first began looking at the commercialization of luciferin-luciferous the enzymes from fireflies used to measure the amount of bacteria in different “bodies of water” with the help of highly sensitive photometers that I can grasp all the elements, more importantly explain it all in a way that someone with a 5th grade education and no more than 90 IQ can understand, my quite certain that we can begin to raise the average IQ by paying better attention to our surroundings to mention the quantum leap that will emerge once the scientific community release the findings that those of us with “less intelligence” are more susceptible to degenerative diseases, rerouting the critical resources to our youth which along with the free flow of capital coming from the shutting down of the world’s stock markets will sort out pretty much our biggest problems, nothing again saying it better in mathematical terms than Marie’s infinity sign within the circle.


I.e., Help, help, help.


There are times when less said is better but please don’t spare any words in describing all your “findings” from the moment you first starting working out that G-D is DNA.


Thanks once again.