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I think u r finally beginning to understand why I love u so much, agree?


And lets assume 4 argument sake that u r Larry Winokur of the “Pubic” [sic] Relations firm of Baker Winokur Ryder [BWR], hopefully the big Kahane who bought you out perhaps thinking of letting you enjoy a sundowner this evening doesn’t put you on to short a leash.


And don’t think I say these heartfelt words just because I came across this article about BWR’s involvement in a $50 million lawsuit,


DARE's [Drug Abuse Resistance Education] Beverly Hills public relations firm, Baker Winokur Ryder, issued a statement announcing the suit before Rolling Stone or its lawyers had any idea they were being sued, prompting several people close to the suit to believe DARE's move was more of a publicity stunt than a serious legal action. Twenty-four hours after the Baker, Winokur statement, Rolling Stone's lawyers said Rolling Stone had not yet been served with legal papers of any kind.


My partner-wife just this very moment, 4:36PM PST calling out from the beach house in her terrific French Canadian accent, “Time to go to the beach”, Marie Dion and I having a rather worthwhile conversation a little earlier over here in the headquarters of MM1, remember she not only jumped a couple of classes due to her command of mathematics but has far more superior formal “higher” business education than this mostly “home schooled” nutty guy orbiting a parallel universe




tTOo, wouldn’t u agree?



Pretty interesting stuff alleged by Glass, the Rolling Stone journalist who I don’t believe is related to Gary “Stink” Glass, accusing DARE of engaging,


“in criminal acts and was operated as a criminal enterprise... DARE supporters slashed scientists' tires, made threatening middle-of-the-night calls and used other strong-arm tactics to suppress damaging research about the organization.”


The E-mail I sent earlier to a Bavarian Motor Works customer service employee that replaces the E-mail I previously sent u that appeared overnight on the homepage of when u scroll down to “...less said the better”, seems to resonate with a number of people who have been somewhat puzzled by my style of writing, one individual on my email list which to remind you is a statistically valid representative sampling of the world’s literate population, pleading that I front him the monies to engage Dmitry Sklyarov to decrypt the text.


Now pretty please, don’t get the DARE folks to mess with me otherwise not only will I place a permanent spot on the homepage just in your honor I will get my cartoonist to show you, Paul and Paulette running around in circles each one of you pointing fingers at the next I will leave it up to viewers to decide on what should appear in the text, eventually turning it into a video along the lines of the “bull” when clicking on to the IN-FINITY-INFINITE PERFECTIONS logo, to the point that as the circle gets tighter and tighter eventually u all explode, a sic idea?


And the rest of us are then left to make up our own minds about these yoyo clients of yours many of whom can barely read their lines,,,,lies, lies, eventually the “fast and loose” games all catch up, there being quite the methodology to my so-called “madness” that has someone such as yourself responding so appropriately given the rather “hurried” nature of your previous missive which to remind you again, read as follows.


i will not exchange insults. you are presumptuous to suggest my life is without cause or conviction. you should only know the depth and breadth of my interests in contributing to this world. i find your unabating and obtuse emails an annoyance, and despite the origins of our friendship, there is no connection between us anymore and i do not wish to be co-opted into your email list any longer. i know you will respect this with no further insults


So do yourself a favor after reading my latest missive to Professor Susan Brenner letting me know if there is anything else troubling you, ok?


May I suggest u go back and read the script I prepared for Ben Affleck and when the Jewish Sabbath is over, take an aspirin just before going to bed just to be sure in the event G-D decides to listen to cries your cries for help u r rested enough in the morning to respond emailing back what u think is a fair percentage for Ben.


And if for whatever reason u remain thinking inside the box, don’t bother calling our boxer friend Michael Grant just speeeeeeeed dial your doctor brother who I surmise would get quite a kick out of this banter, a mosquito just had the nerve to try and bite me, now where was I.


U finally though showing your sense of humor which is a good thing, better though were u to get with the program and spread the word that it is just a matter of moments in the space of time when I will be connection up all the dots, although “connecting the boxes” is a better way to describe the templates I am preparing to help those who cannot afford high-priced consultants, attorneys, bankers, accountants etcetera etcetera wanting to avoid the lawsuit route where they can find themselves very much caught in the middle between the “deals within deals” and “deals behind closed doors”, the most incredible breath of fresh air came in through the window right in front of me facing the oshon, now our JoNathan who has spent the afternoon in the surf with his buddy Daniel asking for a sleepover.


Remember Larry Winokur I am the ultimate insider, and don’t forget when doing your Pilates and sure it is okay to eat your wheaties as long as you don’t indulge in anything other than great sex with your partner-wife is that it’s not class warfare that I am encouraging by questioning the fairness of the tax codes throughout the world that allows the rich to get richer, the poor when eventually dirt poor to be sent in “harms way”, its class welfare I am questioning.


And I am a member of the favored class.






Ps – u may have noticed that Robert McGinnis Esq. of Luce Forward, blah blah, perhaps the most prestigious Lilly White Wheaty Eating white shoes law firm here in San Diego is seriously rethinking about being added to the “delete list”, when his firm completes the “conflict test” he may have no choice but suffer the humiliation, agree?




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please tell me you are all not as nutty as the guy sending these missives. i cannot imagine anyone else in his parallel universe in orbit with him.



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Larry, the word...