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Please hear my:







Your second paragraph ends with you stating that you wanted to share something about your 2nd night of Passover.  I had this sneaky reader's suspicion that the third or fourth or fifth or sixth paragraph might relate directly to the 2nd night of Passover. And I suspect those next four paragraphs might have some actual vague connection to the second night of Passover for you, but then again they might not. Having read them, I am not sure.


But knowing you better than most of your future readers will -- I hung in there and found the appropriate transition to the 2nd night of Passover in the seventh paragraph. And that seventh paragraph was not helping to get to the point you wanted to share, but instead it was describing the scene in a level of detail that one might suspect would only possibly matter to you, the writer.  But I found an exception.  While I am not sure I am any better off at this point to know that Derrick was guarding your flank - at least I am mindful that he may be directly in my way when I go to kick your flank.


I make it my business to be mindful of how people respond to things too -- and so far you have not responded to my last note.


So then your note takes me to Buffet, after a small detour about a person who died that neither you nor I know, but her name sounds like someone at your fucking table -- thanks for sharing that.  I actually think Buffet was on to sort of the yin and yang of things. I too am fearful in a room full of greedy people and get more greedy when there are lots of opportunities around and no one else is being greedy about it.  He may be a crook but I think he was on to a fundamental human trait.  And he has been brilliant in reading people and markets - we both can learn a lot from him. 


What exactly that had to do with your second night of Passover is beyond me -- but at least that was thought provoking.


I would deeply value a very succinct statement of what you think you have to offer - either through insight or expose or both.  Try to keep it to under 30 words and 6th grade proper English.  Should something happen to you, those 30 words might do a lot more to help me find your needles and gems amongst those haystacks of cyberspace words you have written with such great keystroke speed.  I have been reading along for what feels like a year and I know I could not yet write those 30 words for you -- nor describe "it" in any amount of words to anyone else. That's not to suggest you do not have an important message.  It's just to acknowledge your masterful job of disguising it.


Once again -- please remember - I am your friend.



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Kathy and David Danziger; melvin
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Good morning and “Chag Someach” which I translate into G-D wanting to “hug some of us”?


My plan is to fully respond to your email below once I am settled in England, leaving this evening returning to California on the 15th but I did want to share with you elements of last night’s 2nd night Passover.


It was in fact no different to what I have been experiencing each and every day of my life ever since concluding there is a reason why our shit stinks and without boring you with the math and the science since sex is all that the folks want and if that means brownnosing one’s superiors every so often in this “God eat God” [sic] world so what, G-d forbid a superior force were to upset the applecart and dish out the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


My plan before meeting my friend Derrick in half an hour from now in the restaurant of the Hudson Hotel is to post a response to post 4342 on the Yahoo Message board, the last time Me_thinks and I dialogued was back I believe on October 1st 1999 when I forced the hand of the SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] getting the best of the worst to file the class action lawsuit against Perelman and Co with a couple of hour remaining before the statute of limitations was to have run out, post 1441, laying things out “fairly and squarely”.


9 months ago when last in New York I-we expressed reservation about my approach to “solving the problems of the world” possibly being viewed as another “Jew hating Jew” which the media would latch on to as long as it kept selling newspapers while not attacking their constitution.


No one in their “write mind” [sic] other than perhaps my poor poor dog howling his lungs out at the present time when my partner-wife leaves him alone in the beach house, and Pypeetoe is not yet speaking French, would consider me a student of the American Constitution butt I make it my business to watch how people react to things, good




Evil and last night’s placement with me sitting somewhat in the middle of the table did in fact remind me somewhat of the Last Supper, on my immediate right a gentile friend whose brother converted to Judaism on his own accord, on Terry’s left Derrick Beare’s wife followed by their youngest son Joseph, then Derrick guarding my flank, followed by their eldest Jake fully up to speed on things in concert with his first cousin Gabriella whose mother was positioned directly opposite to me asking all the right questions followed by her youngest whose name I don’t recall at the moment followed by Jackie’s husband Pipee who refused to tell me his proper name and next to Pipee was Fred the patriarch of the family and then on my left the matriarch who is a Jewish lady that has spent a lifetime and continues to fight the right fight on behalf of Jewish women around the world, Evelyn Sommers not to be confused with the Evelyn Summer almost the same age mentioned on page 35 of the Metro section of Sunday’s New York Times titled, Taxi Hits Building, Injuring the Driver and Two Passenger, “police identified the passengers as Evelyn Summer, 65, of Ridgewood N.J. and Liz Ledger, 42, of Great Falls.


My purpose at this moment in communicating with you is to get your feedback on my post 1444 later in the day on October 1st 1999 when I quoted Warren Buffet, “We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful."


What the hell was so profound about this big time anything but Jewish crook admitting to being greedy, taking advantage of people when they are down?




Ps – should I be smitten by a plague that leaves me incapacitated or simply falling off the face of the earth, you have my permission to do with all that I have written as you see fit which includes taking it all and tossing it in the wastepaper basket although if you were to choose to make a bonfire so as to keep G-D warm mindful of the pollution then you have my blessing, vanity not worth the paper it is written on.


Ps ICopied are members of my immediate family and trusted fellows.



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