From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 5:25 PM
To: Larry WinokurBaker Winokur Ryder
Cc: FBI; Senator_Lieberman; Devin Standard; Gsoros; Letters la times, Del Mar Times
Subject: Next Symposium {:} ...Scripts...Senator...Dole...exl abuse...{:}


Larry, the word “co-opted” triggered a number of my nerve cells to unify in such an arrangement that music mushroomed in the immense non-vacuum of space between my ears, anything butt diarrhea, verbal remedies one option 4 saving the world?


Earlier today I got wind by a knowledgeable gentleman that “spam-blocking filters” may be the reason why I am getting so few wanting to be added to my “delete list.


Dr. John Pollard was interviewed back in March




April 1960 by the FBI investigating this couple who had used an antique book store over in England as a front to pass nuclear secrets on to the Soviets at the request of MI6 the CIA, if they existed at that point in history was not involved in this group get together at Cornell University which by the way owns terrific real estate by the Canadian border, in the north west of the North American Continent, what do u think?


Then again a Ms. Ancy who I had committed sending $100 if she received another unsolicited email from sent me this, do u think differently now?


U do agree that,








Neil Graham Gevisser


My decision is final, u along with approximately 1,500 others who in turn can be counted on to forward such a very very important missive on to 10 times that number, just think hydraulics, go ahead sip some of that Vodka, I assume u still have the Vodka account, should click on here for the rest, scroll down to “some time back...




Just wait for my latest prescription geared toward helping mend the world which will in a matter of tTOotTOos be loaded up on to the homepage of the website, simply scroll down to “...less said the better.


Some time back you referred to my communications as a “diatribe” causing me to take the time out of my busy schedule risk life and limb, drive all the way from Del Mar, near the Mexican border, all the way past Los Angeles to the exclusive enclave of Malibu just to sit down with u and explain what I am doing.


Since then I have continued in the same vein producing “work product” that is available via The Internet for the world to see and dissect, the point being the more we know about one another the more likely it is we won’t want to go to war with each other, not necessarily, I agree with u.


No one, in my opinion, can be “an island unto themselves” unless of course their choice is to do exactly, agree?


But then the question we should all ask is how did that person afford to purchase him-herself the Bahamas, agree?


The instant one puts one’s name out there for the world to see whether it be an Internet website, a billboard, any solicitation of any kind one should be subjected to the same level of scrutiny that I have exhibited in going after the worst of the worst on Wall Street, my 1000 batting average of uncovering fraud quite remarkable, agree?


But not necessarily statistically relevant given the fact that I have only lived some 47 odd years, rarely over the course of the past decade plus putting in more than a couple of hours a day “making a living” coloring the hyperlinks the most time consuming, agree?


Then again everything I have been doing is out there for everyone to see and judge for themselves whether I am doing good




Bad, and to be indifferent brings with it all sorts of ailments, agree?


It really does not take much effort to know what I am up to, certainly far less “excretion” [sic] than the grind of traveling on the 405 freeway, 2+ hours in traffic to hang out with you in your neck of the woods when I could have quite easily spent a fraction of the time and energy reaching out to an audience apparently more in tune with the times, agree?


The instant someone counters with your type of response, especially someone as educated as yourself with quite the command of the English language is inaugurating as well as invigorating, i.e. I am well, on track.


For you to dismiss the connections between what I am doing and what is going on in your life, personal and business wise is tantamount to a “death sentence.”


I only wish you and your family and your co-workers well because you now face a much tougher opponent than me at this time although I have no fear not even when it comes to meeting our maker because I know, different to believe, that I have fought the right fight.


Ducking behind screens simply alluding to doing good with your time is beginning to fall on more and more deaf ears as I now put my foot flat to the pedal in exposing the incredible deep rot that allows the likes of you to be pompous




Do u suggest in the future I hang out in say Pompeii?


It does not take much out of your time




A rocket scientist mind to figure out precisely why members of the mainstream media, Professors of the most distinguished universities in the world, renowned intellectuals such as Rabbi Abner Weiss and Rabbi Dennis Prager along with leaders in the business-political world do not want me to present the evidence of malfeasance in my possession to the 2 Grand Juries investigating criminal misconduct by the law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach [MWBHL].


And don’t try and suggest to your underlings such as Paulette Kam who has always been much than a pretty face that such matters are in no way, shape




Form connected to your business-personal lives since such a suggestion will only add to the misery u are only beginning to come to grips with each time u look yourself in the mirror, and that assumes of course u still have a conscience.


Each and every dollar that comes into the doors of Baker Winokur Ryder is touched by the day to day business of MWBHL for their business of going after the most rapacious on Wall Street spelled out in my response to Glenn Shapiro which can be accessed by clicking here, nothing, absolutely nothing moves in our western society without insurance in place, maybe?


Banking and insurance, remember with the Glass Steigal Act being demolished by a bulldozer in the form of Mr. Sandy Weill when he merged Citigroup with Travelers, allows even a nincompoop with the right access to pretty much buy any asset his-her “rich chick” may desire whether it be a rose, a candlestick and why not the British Houses of Parliament, agree?


And if there is a troublemaker who gets in the way, pop, pop, time to bring out the champagne at least from the masses perspective because no longer thanks to this Digital Age can anyone whether it be a rogue café operator




Someone like Ronald Perelman duck and dive, each of us more and more connected as only time passes us by, agree?


Time tho, is relative and the work I have been doing in finding a way to unite each and every one of us examining in the minutest detail the work done by the greatest scientists and mathematicians to have ever stepped foot on to this earth has led me to the conclusion not only does G-D exist but he is very much alive in each one of us, maybe, agree?


No mistake tho, more so in sum than in any others, a mind a terrible thing to lose, go ahead, snooze a little.


My goal is to get everyone to lay out their story and what they would hope to achieve if in fact they were to die the richest person in the grave.


And at the risk of sounding arrogant I am quite certain that I can accomplish that goal given my command and control position of a number of things going on this “dog eat dog” [sic] world.


Why again the powers that be who walk the corridors on behalf of the super elite are doing everything within their power to stop me from presenting irrefutable “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, each and every one of my so-called Perfect Storms very much connected, not really hard to guess, agree?


I pick and choose my targets very carefully, guided though by a very bright shiny light that has burned inside of me from a very early age, having been blessed by 2 incredible parents helping me to fly free and high without the need for hallucinogenics.


Connecting the dots is relatively easy for me at this time although I could do with a very good editor given the fact that I cannot write anywhere near as clearly as I compute, those more familiar with my “work product” some of them now on my target list are hoping that the likes of u so caught up in your own little world will manage to somehow derail me as I hear another train pass us by, so fortunate are some of us to live the “life of Riley” although I could so easily given again my “command and control” position live quite the lifestyle, have a far bigger fleet of airplanes than the likes of Sol Kerzner, move from one hot spot to the next, never passing through customs since I have known again from the youngest of ages how it is that the rich get richer and poor when eventually dirt poor make the rich find even more pay dirt when war breaks out, poems such as Dulce et Decorum est pro patria mori come to mind, the suffering tho, will not continue for very long as those who have accumulated their ill-gotten gains begin to implode.


The deafening silences that u hear coming from those who read my missives including immediate family members is not only heartwarming but inspiring to those not as fortunate as me whose parents abused them in ways as evil as the crimes we see being committed in Iraq these days by forces on both sides, the horrors of having raised our young to be fodder content with a meal ticket are now coming home to roost and responsibility of such pitiful acts when it comes to our Allied fighting forces made up of mostly American young men and women rests entirely with those who failed to speak out when they had the first opportunity, nothing comes more to mind than 2 individuals I have known longer than you.


King Golden Jr. Esq. and Valerie Schulte Esq. are not simply “high powered” Washington based attorneys but what I refer to as the old-time poster boy-girl of the Democratic Communist Party who were raised Roman Catholic, King, perhaps because of his name with more hang-ups than Valerie both tho, perfect targets to be pushed along, stepping up to the plate eventually so “used and abused” that they are now essentially worthless.


My having spelled out in a number of missives how King stood alongside Senator Muskie back in the fall of 1972 when this Democratic Presidential contender broker down in tears when being asked questions about his wifey’s spending habits and King rather than throw himself off the flat bed trailer into the crowds so as to distract the media zooming in, simply froze, literally the Emperor Without Clothes King today more of court jester constantly making jokes about this not altogether joking matter when one considers King Golden Jr. Esq could have changed history, G-d forbid!.


More than a handful of folks believing that Muskie could have ultimately beaten Nixon in the general election that followed, but what King never joked about was how he and Valerie with their intimate knowledge of sexual abuse of young people by Roman Catholic priests could have been brought to the forefront a whole lot sooner, specifically when their hero in the form of Bill Clinton ascended the throne.


Again, the game of life is like the game of chess getting your opponent to play to your advantage.


I make it my business to surround myself with the best of the best and incredibly it seems I have also encountered time and again the worst of the worst making, however, the best of both.


None of us are perfect but I have slowly but surely been sharpening my weapons nothing worse than a blunt ax as I pitch back and forth between the extremes, decapitations may have worked in the past by those on the left and those on the right one and the same meeting up in the middle making mincemeat time and again of those just wanting to make ends meet, the quintessential paradox?


Mostly the middleclass who have suffered from such shell shocking strategies, today it is mostly the rich and again it’s not class warfare that I am encouraging by questioning the fairness of the tax codes throughout the world that allows the rich to get richer, the poor when eventually dirt poor to be sent in “harms way”, its class welfare I am questioning.


And I am a member of the favored class.


The likes of King Golden Esq. and Valerie Schulte Esq. do not make the same sort of big bucks as the top dogs at MWBHL who see very clearly the writing on the wall, Wall Street moments away from imploding wiping out everyone including the middle and working class and why they must act now




Forever hold their peace, not that anyone should give up the right to bear arms but the first person dumb enough to fire a shot other than in unquestionable defense should be strong up by his-her toes and made to explain how much of a nincompoop he-she must be for not having read my missives, agree?


Scoundrels like MWBHL are waking up very fast to the likes of me who don’t scare easily seeking out greener pastures, moving outside the borders of the United States as well as riding the coattails of the Feds in prosecuting civil cases involving Anti-Trust violations, importers of chemicals in to the United States a very hot item with these “crooks in expensive suits” agree?


Simply coincidental that my uncle David Gevisser was the executor of Charles Englehard’s worldwide estate, Englehard the owner of Englehard Minerals and Chemicals Company, perhaps, just another coincidence that my extraordinary mother was consigliore to Aristotle Onassis who nailed Jackie O, agree?


Oh the angle of the dangle, not to suggest that Aristotle and Jackie were having sex on the island of Skiathos in full view of my other uncle Joe Ash’s villa while Aristotle’s ships ferried Englehard’s chemicals to and fro, how Charles came to control the world supply of platinum, something we should perhaps, ask my cousin Mark Gevisser, David Gevisser’s renowned journalist-author of Thabo Mbeki’s autobiography, sure I think it is okay to ask my gay cousin whether he has at least thought about engaging in autoerotic sex, a subject matter brought to my attention by none other than Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq, so worldly this Democratic Communist Party old time poster-alter-boy.


I must admit the other night both my partner-wife Marie and I ducked, certain that we had hear shots fired.


I will end with facts that are already contained in my “disclosure documents”.


Valerie Schulte Esq. is a senior attorney at the National Association of Broadcasters more responsible for censorship in this country than any other single organization including the FCC, so co-opted are the likes of Valerie that if she were to take a lie detector test she might possibly pass with flying colors, depending of course who was doing the testing and what questions I were to help such experts prepare.


I live each day as tho it were my last, what about u?


Good Day.




Ps – I will continue to copy both Paul Baker and Paulette Kam unless they tell me otherwise in which case I will add them to my “delete list” that number getting awfully close to 24, my not forgetful of that many things including how both u and Paul failed to act responsibly when a former executive of Epilady USA Inc. made certain derogatory comments about me, Craig Shandler of Epilady USA ring a bell?


Ps II – No doubt each of us have to some degree “blackened hands” in this “God eat God” [sic] world but when we make the conscious decision of rubbing that muck about as if it will result in “clean hands” then one begins to tailspin out of control, spin-spineless, u folks the masters of the universe when it comes to spin, agree?


Ps III – Part I of the communiqué to Deborah “Aggressive” Sturman last evening has struck quite the cord. Part II may not be as stiletto-like although one individual who tracks pretty well wrote me, “I remain puzzledbut we shall see for how long, my follow up communiqué to Professor Abner Weiss just around the corner, and remember even if u choose to tell the world “there is no connection between us anymore” there will be no one probably watching you should u decide to use someone else’s computer to click on “...less said the better” on the homepage of the website, other than of course G-D, agree?


And it doesn’t seem to me like you are choosing to throw out a whole lot of big words like, “presumptuous... or conviction... unabating and obtuse ...” rather than shape up and debate me on the subject, “G-D does NOT exist” that touches on stuff like “design everywhere” giving our intellectual elite such a hard time as they now go “back and forth” thinking about all the coincidences in their lives, then again one does first need to be able to think logically, agree?


Ps IV – What one fails to say is as important as what one says




Implies, my style of doing things, picking and choosing is akin to how we all evolved, again E=mc² spells out pretty much everything and nothing for those who make the conscious decision not to read the writing on the wall, blackboards may soon become fashionable in each of our homes as those in tune begin to work out how poorly schooled are the youth who are all our futures, it taking tho a village to raise the children given the realities that even home schooled kids are so often being poorly coached by “educated dik-s” [sic], does the name Hilary and Bill ring a bell?


Ps V – The “c” hyperlink takes u to an article in today NY Times, The Globe is growing darker, no different to what is taking place in the cosmos, the Red Shift making it patently clear that from our perspective the universe as we know it is expanding at an accelerating rate, us able to see back as far as some 300,000 years after the Big Bang, i.e. the night sky is getting darker with each tick of the clock, now our daylight is getting dimmer, the relationship between the cosmos which is a perfect vacuum where the speed of light few would argue is a constant at 300,000 kilometers per second and here within SpaceShip earth which is a non-vacuum allowing sound as we know it to travel, the Doppler Effect a mirror image one might argue of the Red Shift, everything connected in a variety of ways not to forget that which exists at the subatomic level, the discovery of Quantum Physics-Quantum Mechanics requires that we go “forward and in reverse”, mistakes part of an overall plan, a subject matter I have been writing about ad-nausea, the “dimmer switch” central to it all, that which goes around comes around, understanding the relationship of things and how each of us evolved, most would agree today that it is not so much a “tree of life” but something more closely resembling a bush, my having written about such matters well before last years devastating 100 mile wall of fire, taking the Bush Administration [see Perfect Storm 6] to see the writing on the wall, agree?


Ps VI - Until such time as the Jewish people come to grips with the true cause of the Holocaust, our failure to band together into a cohesive unit, each one of us taking care of the next, one cannot expect the Gentile world to keep opening their pocket books, many of these folk more evolved but suffering horribly themselves particularly the Roman Catholics, their clergy so corrupted, tracing their lineage back to the Romans only embracing Christianity so as to stem the tides of change, hence the need to go back to the drawing board, G-D who art in heaven, hell here on earth, just for the time being, In the beginning...


Ps VII – Perhaps a way for us to reconnect again is for u to have one of your celebrity clients, say Ben Affleck who I saw not that long ago on Larry “Alien” King Live seemingly with nothing much to say being given say these too scripts pertaining to Aspartame and for Mr. Affleck to look original and not so full, of himself, when looking this CNN incredibly poor representative of most Jewish people I hang out with, in the eye and to say the following


“Tell me Larry, remember I just have this chin surrounded by a face that is getting fatter with each breath that I take my so tired of blood and over priced bubble gum, mom, most of all the nonsense fed to me by my publicist beginning to affect my brain which is within moments of becoming a perfect vacuum environment leading to others more in tune sparking up, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost within a non-vacuum environment such as SpaceShip earth, action-reaction, the final thought before I implode, willing if on the dole to beg Senator Bob Dole for some of his private stash of Viagra, so inflated am I from looking at myself in the mirror reading obviously out of context some of the stuff put out by this Gevisser character that I may in fact be G-d, why in heavens name would any insurance carrier especially one such as AIG [American Insurance Group] which has all these interconnecting companies both within the concubines of the United States, just checking Larry that u have not died and gone to hell for all the nonsense u have spilled out to the world folks in the 3rd world looking at all the great things we have here in the United States saying to themselves that if all Americans are as dimwitted as Larry King of CNN why couldn’t we who have not inhaled as much Aspartame as say Larry Winokur




Paul Baker




Paulette Kam not be entitled to our own BMW, single detached house surrounded by a neatly painted white picket fence, horses stampeding about, swimming pool with walls scrubbed bright by the underlings in the communist controlled State of California yet to figure out how the far left and far right are in this constant “war dance”, as goes California so goes the rest of the world, east-west-east, the Chinese u know Larry discovered America in 1421 quite an amazing number fitting in so well with the IN-FINITY logo created by the partner-wife of this character Gevisser also known as The Rattlesnake, agree?


U know being so smart, on track with the inner-workings of the universe, I meant within the “confines” not “conquests” of the United States of America as well as Hank having a whole bunch of reinsurance companies offshore, to mention little of Maurice Hank Greenberg’s 2 sons so strategically positioned in the event the most rapacious man on the planet in the form of Warren “BO” Buffet were to think of grabbing the world’s entire insurance market, somehow, not exactly old man Hank, would be remiss in placing the business of insuring SD Searle, the manufacturer of Aspartame leaving not exactly chomp change on the table, u know what I mean jellybean?


Larry, we can take a commercial break, word has it from Marie Dion the partner-wife of the Rattlesnake that we are all missing out by being indoors and not at the beach, the time in Del Mar, California 4:55PM PST [4-13-04].


... Good to see u at least attempting to do your Pilates, stretching your toes...


So Larry, can u imagine the profits AIG left on the table to be chewed on by someone like Warren Buffet by not insuring Aspartame since this drug began flooding the market back in the mid 1980s when this Gevisser-Rattlesnake  character was just taking the “helm” at Insurance Marketing Services, the largest for profit marketing-publishing in the insurance industry?


Could now old man Hank hell bent on cashing out hiring a Merrill Lyncher to do his dirty work, but back then in the prime of his life, a complete nincompoop to have left such an incredible amount of cash flow out there for everyone to see, not each and every shareholder of AIG that concerned about placing certain limits on those joining our military being able to recall how much Aspartame they inhale on a daily basis, agree?


Bear in mind, not lets not talk about that yoyo from Bear Sterns soon after 911 and his crocodile tears, that by just being the “lead underwriter” not altogether different between say Mrs. Jeffrey R. Krinsk who is the lead plaintiff in a Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit [SCAL] against Verizon, the telecommunications giant, Hank could have passed off most of the risk to other carriers far less visible especially those backed by foreign governments, the same folks today involved in the privatization of national resources, selling off prime assets to those such as Gevisser’s uncle, David Gevisser, the quasi-heir to multi-billionaire Charles Engelhard, who understand the workings of how the real world works, the smart money sitting on the sidelines waiting to gobble up once again the hidden treasures, controlling the world supply of platinum one way to go, as the desperate pay any price in search of a safe haven, willing to play the game, tolerate Capos within their midst for the price of so-called freedom, agree?


Would like me to repeat all that?


We pay a very high price for cheery consensus which is why Mr. King I have decided to do something good with the little time I have remaining and become a spokesperson for the truth beginning with calling upon our legislators to begin an inquiry NOT into why Maurice Hank Greenberg made the smart as well as ethically right decision to pass on insuring Aspartame but how we can very possibly trace the indifference of our troops, the young mostly good men and women defending democracy all over the world, to a drug that appears to have dramatic negative effects on at least short term memory and then Larry,,, please don’t let this cause u to lose sleep, now surely is not the time to fall asleep, remember this show is beamed live to all 4 corners of the planet, I would like u to join me, after reading Part 1 of The Rattlesnake’s missive to Deborah Sturman back on May 12th 2004, in ferreting out why Professors Price of John Hopkins University and Kelly of Scripps Research in La Jolla, California have been so remiss in not getting out the very good news that shows there is a statistically relevant correlation between those with “less intelligence” such as yourself and The Rattlesnake and those susceptible to degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons, agree?


U though r capable of understanding that the long term effects of such disclosures put not only Price and Kelly out of business but when this first leg of the 4 legged stool is ripped away, i.e. such revelations mean the end of the pharmaceutical conglomerates, teeing up the remaining 3 out of control industries, namely, the insurance, real estate and clothing industries to implode in short order, freeing up much needed capital for entrepreneurs, not that u Larry wouldn’t be able to survive on your incredible good looks,,, here take a breath test.


Naturally someone such as yourself would be considered clearly an exception to the rule of those amongst us swimming afoul in our own DNA, agree?


In which case would it be okay with u if we began performing right now this very minute a frontal lobotomy on u, Dr. John “The Sperm Donor” Stewart is over here in the wings so capable is this pathologist from Sharp Memorial Hospital located in San Diego that his hospital’s medical malpractice insurance carrier company have given the okay for The Sperm Donor to proceed without the need for an anesthetic, my sense is that, although I do not have a medical certificate, a prerequisite in demonstrating possibly that my formal education has interfered with my learning, that u r feeling quite paralyzed at this point, agree?




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Wednesday, May 12, 2004 8:24 PM
Cc: Paul Baker; Paulette Kam
Subject: RE: Mini Cooper S - VIN # 735 - GSG's telephone number
USA 1-858-735-6398 [1-UKU-SEL-NEXT]


i will not exchange insults. you are presumptuous to suggest my life is without cause or conviction. you should only know the depth and breadth of my interests in contributing to this world. i find your unabating and obtuse emails an annoyance, and despite the origins of our friendship, there is no connection between us anymore and i do not wish to be co-opted into your email list any longer. i know you will respect this with no further insults. 



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Larry Winokur
Devin Standard
Subject: RE: Mini Cooper S - VIN # 735 - GSG's telephone number
USA 1-858-735-6398 [1-UKU-SEL-NEXT]

I was just out the door and I heard 2 pings coming from the computer, just 2 out of some 1500 odd people responding, the first was from my buddy Tony Unruh,


Have you considered looking into Complaints on the internet about Minis. I had a friend get a brand new bmw 745 because she discovered a wrongful death suit because the car cut out on a freeway and she had  the same problem..


Larry, relax will u?


U r a king today without much of a care in the world, why aren’t u enjoying your retirement and thinking about doing more than simply taking up space, space on my websites will come at a premium and I could see u adding tremendous value assuming of course u have your lifesavings tied up in the stock and real estate market, a big no, no.


I thought at a minimum u would put me in touch with a talent agent wanting to make some big bucks, my dog worth as much as any one of your celeb clients, again that is just my opinion.


Now on the point of my being mad, how many within your inner circle of pseudo intellectuals can fashion a single argument to refute just one of the many points I am making, including those contained in my last “diatribe” to my friend Deborah Sturman who was the catalyst in getting the $4 billion out of the remnants of the Nazi War Machine for us Jewish slaves.


Listen up, I also married a gentile and there is nothing sadistic in the way we have sex, at least I am not complaining and Marie Dion I can assure u wears the pants, rarely though does she walk around with clothes on-off, whose to say who is mad in this “dog eat dog” [sic] world, such “inciteful” [sic] stuff in the missive to Deborah Sturman which not only contained a question for you personally but given the number of communists operating in this country hell bent on keeping the masses hooked on entitlement programs surely it would seem totally MAD to keep copying members of law enforcement including the FBI which u should know stands for Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION.


I will delete u from my email list and as promised I will not add u to my “delete list” but don’t forget to bear in mind when u click on your crap hyperlink how deafeningly silent Sol “Capo Di Capi” Kerzner’s nephew became when I hit him with my knuckleball.


So tell me, how your baseball? How are Jo and the kids doing? Just a question of time before they start going to my website which remains on track to be the number one website on the planet.





Ps – would u have any leads-gossip about RonaldThe Finagle KingPerelman having messed up a hotel room in Beverly Hills, something about a whole lot of poo left behind causing the cleaning crew to call in some serious “has-id” [sic] waste disposal experts, my thinking was that if there was a scintilla of truth to this you would have got wind of it, what about Paul or Paula?


Ps ! – what value would u place on my partner-wife’s IN-FINITY sign within the circle that u can c on the homepage of the


Ps II – Would u be interested in investing in our athletic clothing line that has ingenious statements such


“When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end” [sic]


Ps III – What about a literary agent for my book Manager Minute One?


Ps IV - I am copying Devin Standard the executor of my estate on this email just in the event I do in fact only return at the time of presidential elections so that he can make certain my programmers follow through on us limiting the amount of leverage we are getting from your “nonsense-nuisance


Ps V – Thinking of healthy mind-healthy body black men, u remember Michael Grant,,, well I got a call from him yesterday which u can read about in the previous hyperlink. I think there is a good possibility he will become one of these days the heavyweight champion of the world, let me know.





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Wednesday, May 12, 2004 3:14 PM
Subject: RE: Mini Cooper S - VIN # 735 - GSG's telephone number
USA 1-858-735-6398 [1-UKU-SEL-NEXT]


why do you keep sending this crap to me. are you mad??



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Y Smith;
Cc:; Devin Standard;; Letters washinton post
Subject: FW: Mini Cooper S - VIN # 735 - GSG's telephone number USA 1-858-735-6398 [1-UKU-SEL-NEXT]

Attention: Mr. Bryan Vadles - Project Manager for BMW Mini Cooper Roadside Service c/o of Steve Sanchez.